Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Your striving must measure up, beloved.

Christ-victory is the standard, O beloved.  And my legions come in this hour for the binding of the doldrums and the darkness and for the death of that spirit of anti-Christ-victory.  Therefore, beloved, we have taken the command of the Messenger and the lightbearers and we are implementing the judgment of those who would extinguish the flame of Cosmic Christ illumination in the earth....
Many have wagged their tongues and have said, “Why do so many leave this activity?”  It is because, beloved, Mighty Victory and his legions have booted them out! [10-sec. applause]  And it is no fault of the gracious Messengers, for they have received one and all according to their commission--and, I tell you [that they have done so] with not a single complaint or sigh but in the full recognition that this was the job to be done.
Therefore, you have seen the karma they--they as a conspiracy and as a hierarchy of fallen ones--have made by sending their representatives here to cause or attempt to cause all manner of havoc, not only through these lawsuits, beloved, but through the taking of the time and the energy of the Messengers and the chelas in their argumentation, in their human reasoning, in their accusation, in their gossip, in their complaining and in their criticism, condemnation and judgment of the lightbearers or those who are in the leadership of the activity.
Beloved, they have been a burden upon the activity.  And Saint Germain himself has groaned for the day when the lightbearers comprising this organization would raise the sufficient light that no longer would there be the necessity indeed to receive them and give them any quarter whatsoever. Beloved ones, I tell you for Saint Germain and in his name and in the full power of Mighty Victory, this day is come!  [32-sec. applause]
Therefore, beloved, be seated as I explain to you that it is indeed a fact that your calls must be given daily in salutation of the mighty cherubim who keep the way of the Tree of Life, who guard not only the East Gate but every gate of the 360 degrees of the physical, mental, astral and etheric octaves of the matter planes which you must occupy at that Royal Teton Ranch....
This Messenger is a chela. This chela has set the standard of being a chela of El Morya and Mighty Victory.  You can do no less.  You may not find another example. You may not find a lesser course.  Your striving must measure up, beloved.  This Messenger has not had me to demonstrate to you this effort and this walk of life.  She has done so, so that in her absence you might know what is the correct standard and what is the requirement of the Master of Darjeeling.     
                           -Mighty Victory:          7-20-1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles    
-unita ground squirrels of Yellowstone

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