Monday, June 5, 2017

Terrorism is not a failure of security; black brotherhoods

7-15-16    It is not a failure of security.  We can deploy all the troops we want and it won’t solve anything.  Some have accused the French authorities of letting their guard down after the Euros (world soccer 2016 championship finals held at Paris); that’s nonsense.  To imagine the security apparatus would lapse into such complacency during a period of unprecedented threat--and unprecedented scrutiny--is absurd.
In fact, what we ask of them is impossible....people can now be radicalised through social media and online interactions that governments are not--and will never be--equipped to handle.
You can’t disrupt a network that was barely a network to begin with and you can’t break up a conspiracy of one.  There will never be enough police to stop every runaway truck or every gunman in an airport, or nightclub, or stadium.   (Is this article an argument for massive state robotic control?  Maybe not, author continues with:) ...No terrorist represents the values of all Muslims, of course, but we have allowed hardline Islamism to permeate our communities and mobilise the vulnerable.
16.  Of no great merit are those who cannot distinguish the swallow from the vulture.  But of what merit are those who believe that by plucking the eagle's wing they can turn it into a helpless duck?  Beware of hypocrites, especially those immersed in greed--those cunning ones who stir their "spiritual" stew.  The manifestation of the inviolability of universal laws flashes like a sword.  There is no spot for the hypocrite to lay his head.  The teacher who has not assimilated the Indications of the Teaching is like an ass under a too-heavy load of grain.  Likewise the fisherman who has prepared his baskets for fish he cannot catch is like a fox outside a well-locked chicken coop.    -Morya:  Agni Yoga 1929
243.  a simple truthful attitude assists in cognizing the actual rhythms of the cosmos.  It is easy to substitute greed for cosmic rhythm, but the bond with Hierarchy leads to realization of truth.  Experience in the beautiful keeps one within the bounds of authenticity.  When the earthly world is so rich, when the subtle world is still richer, when the fiery world is so majestic, then experience in the beautiful is needed.  Only acuteness of observation helps to affirm beauty.  It is a mistake to think that transitory methods of art can create a single basis for judgment.  Actually, only the power of observation which nourishes the third eye provides a firm foundation for creativeness that is suitable also in the subtle world.     -M:  Fiery World 1933
581.  A mother told her son about a great saint, "Even the grain of sand beneath his foot becomes great.”  It came to pass that this saint passed through the village.  The boy followed his footsteps, took up a pinch of dust therefrom, sewed it in a bag and wore it around his neck.  And as he recited his lessons in school he always held this relic in his hand.  The boy was filled thereby with such inspiration that his answers were always remarkable.  One day when leaving the school his teacher praised him and asked what he always held in his hand.  The boy replied, "Earth from beneath the feet of the saint who passed through our village."  The teacher commented, "This hallowed earth serves you better than gold."  A neighboring shopkeeper, hearing this, said to himself, "What a stupid boy to take only a pinch of this golden earth!  I will await the passing of the holy man and collect all the earth from where he trod.  Thus I can obtain the most profitable merchandise."  And the shopkeeper waited in vain for the coming of the saint, but he never came. Greed is not akin to the fiery world.      -M:  Fiery World 1933
571. The black lodge has the sole aim of harming our works and disrupting the planet….Among the dark suggestions passion and greed will be apparent; out of them is born the very lowest treachery.      -M:  Fiery World 1935
45.  Do not think that after millions of years of existence humanity has accepted the foundation of Be-ness.  No indeed, it is now with shelves breaking under the weight of masses of books that greed and illusion ensnare humanity!  We are concerned that people should understand the illusion of earthly conditions….Not one of the Teachers has ever proclaimed egotism and greed for mankind.  It is not from light that such vipers are born.  Black brotherhoods exist where the teaching of the infamous processes of destruction, decay and disunity are propagated.    
-Morya:  Supermundane 1, 1938   (portrait by Schmiechen, 1884)
-chakras purified, balanced, aligned, polarized and cloaked in violet forgiveness flame

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