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Do not any longer stay in the recalcitrance of a waywardness

    Beloved hearts, the mantle given to me for this Stump (across the land) which I have placed upon the Messenger has been the very dispensation to galvanize lightbearers.   May this Word continue through you.  May you also understand the message that is the stepping-stones of life whereby those lost in a dead doctrine may be the quickened who come first to the understanding of eternal Life and then to its love and then to its manifestation by that courage and honor of the heart….
  Do not any longer stay in the recalcitrance of a waywardness and the stiff-necked generation of old.  Let all these things pass.  I send my flame to the very hearts of those laggard evolutions in the Middle East who have held back the full price of glory.  I send legions and the solar ring of seraphim in this hour to encircle those nations, to intensify the sacred fire, to give all the opportunity then to beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruninghooks.
   Beloved ones, let there be war no more!   And let this be the conclusion of this Summit seminar.  Let it be the conclusion of all hearts in the earth to bind these fallen angels by the power of the dynamic decree to Archangel Michael and his rosary said daily.   For the declaration of peace on earth must be reinforced by the sacred Word which is the sword of the Word.  It is the living Word that cometh out of the mouth of the Messengers of God.  And you are indeed emissaries representing the Godhead, and you must send forth that Word daily.  For those who desire war for their own evil designs, beloved hearts, will not say die, will not recant, will not turn back except the light move en force!…You can place your very bodies on the line of Darkness, and you can absorb and swallow up that Darkness as you are engulfed in the living presence of the seraphim of God.

-Saint Germain:  11-17-1985 at NYC via Messenger of the Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet

a Uighur woman in the Netherlands

12-14-19   Earlier this week a Uighur woman in the Netherlands told a Dutch daily, de Volkskrant, that she was the source of the documents published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.  The woman, Asiye Abdulaheb, said that after she posted one page on social media in June, Chinese state agents sent her death threats and tried to recruit her ex-husband to spy on her.
  The leaked documents lay out the Chinese government’s deliberate strategy to lock up ethnic minorities even before they commit a crime and to rewire their thoughts and the language they speak.  They reveal that facilities Beijing calls “vocational training schools” are forced ideological and behavioral re-education centers run in secret.
  The papers also show how Beijing is pioneering a new form of social control using data and artificial intelligence.  Drawing on data collected by mass surveillance technology, computers issued the names of tens of thousands of people for interrogation or detention in just one week.
   "I thought that this thing has to be made public,” she said.  “The Chinese police would definitely find us.  The people in Dubai had told my ex-husband ‘We know about all your matters.  We have a lot of people in the Netherlands.’”
photo by Aurélie Geurts

  Ms. Abdulaheb said she had worked in government offices in Xinjiang, a vast northwestern region of China where the official crackdown on Muslims has taken place but declined to go into detail.   

opioid pharmaceuticals gone worldwide

10-10-2017   Over a 40-year career  Philadelphia attorney Daniel Berger has obtained millions in settlements for investors and consumers hurt by a rogues’ gallery of corporate wrongdoers, from Exxon to R.J. Reynolds Tobacco. But when it comes to what America’s prescription drug makers have done to drive one of the ghastliest addiction crises in the country’s history, he confesses amazement.
“I used to think that there was nothing more reprehensible than what the tobacco industry did in suppressing what it knew about the adverse effects of an addictive and dangerous product,” says Berger.  “But I was wrong.  The drug makers are worse than Big Tobacco.”
12-18-2016     When Purdue launched OxyContin in the U.S. in 1996, the company ran similar training seminars for specialists …. Several thousand of these specialists signed on to the Purdue “speakers bureau,” which paid them to make speeches about opioids at medical conferences and at hospitals….
 “Any side effect is reversible when treatment is discontinued, and there is no permanent damage to the body,” Cole told a 2014 conference of pain specialists in Veracruz, Mexico, according to an account of the presentation published on Mexican health websites….In recent years Cole moved to the company’s international operation in a consulting role he described in an online resume as a “pain ambassador,” teaching the use of opioids to doctors in Colombia, Brazil, South Korea, the Philippines, China and Singapore….
  Stefano Berterame, an officer of the U.N.-affiliated International Narcotics Control Board in Vienna, works to increase access to opioids in countries with shortages.  He said most of the global problem could be solved with “very cheap morphine” but that selling it held little allure for multinational drug companies. …  
  Around the world Mundipharma companies cite statistics suggesting there is a great unmet need for their products.   Opening an office in Mexico in 2014, Mundipharma officials declared that 28 million citizens were suffering from chronic pain.  In Brazil the company cited a figure of 80 million.  In Colombia last year, a company news release said 47% of the population — about 22 million people — were afflicted by “this silent epidemic…..
  Mundipharma is not alone in seeking new markets for opioids outside American borders.  In the last year two other manufacturers, Teva and Grunenthal, each bought drug companies in Mexico…. 
 “But many studies have shown that it’s almost impossible for those with chronic or severe pain to become addicted to narcotics, as long as the drug is used for pain relief,” Lee Jong-ho told the Korea Herald.   Lee could not be reached for comment.
Willem Scholten, a retired World Health Organization official Mundipharma has paid to speak at medical conferences, said President Obama, public health officials and the media have “exaggerated” the U.S. prescription opioid crisis.  The surge in addiction and death was largely due to recreational abuse, he said.
  “The problem is a lot of crime,” Scholten, a Dutch pharmacist, said in an interview.  “If [other countries] make good regulations, they won’t have similar problems.”   He said that “there is hardly any evidence” that pain patients abuse medications.  Sharon Walsh, a University of Kentucky addiction expert who advises the FDA on risks from pain drugs, called the assertions “completely untrue.  That is exactly the same thing they were teaching U.S. physicians when they launched OxyContin in this country,” said Walsh, who runs the university’s Center on Drug and Alcohol Research….
   Mundipharma expanded first in Asia, then Latin America and then the Middle East and Africa, ultimately having a presence in 122 developing markets….
  Across Europe people with prescriptions were eight times as likely to abuse the drugs.  “They are potentially at the precipice of a major public health problem if prescribing increases,” Scott Novak, a scientist at the nonprofit RTI International in North Carolina, said in an interview.
  In the Mundipharma’s Cyprus office, managing director, Menicos M. Petrou, called OxyContin “an excellent product” and said he had been honored to meet members of the Sackler family during visits to a factory on the island.  “If people misuse drugs, most of the time there is little a pharmaceutical company can do,” he said.

Boxes of OxyContin tablets sold in China sit on a table in southern China's Hunan province on Sept. 24, 2019.

Friday, December 13, 2019

everyone who seeks to the best of his ability to purify himself

  From the heart of the Sun I AM come into your midst this day with a specific purpose at hand.  I come to break the tyranny of the human consciousness of self-love and dual vision.  I come to quicken the all-seeing Eye of God in the foreheads of all mankind that they might return to the Edenic consciousness that comes forth from the Tree of Life....
  What is selfishness, beloved hearts?  It is attachment to the person, to the ego, to its history, to its likes and dislikes.  And therefore the answer lies in nonattachment, in desirelessness.  Take your cloaks, your conscious­ness of the human, your two-eyed vision–take it from you this hour; put it aside.  That is how you put aside selfishness.  Do not act out of sympathy for your wants and the desires of the little self.  Act out of compassion for the soul that yearns to breathe free; act out of compassion for the God within you.  Set the God free; set the Christ free within you; release into the fire now all momentums of personal attachment.  Be neither attached to your own human self or to the human selves of others and you will know a freedom, a dominion and a power that can come to you in no other way....
  I carry a flaming sword of the emerald ray like unto the sword that was placed eastward in Eden to keep the way of the Tree of Life.  This is the sword that you may also invoke; and my legions shall place it before the third eye to protect the coming and the going of the thoughts of God’s consciousness as they spiral into your mind, are adorned by your love and sent back to Him.
  See that you do not descend, for it is more difficult to rise from the pit than to remain at the heights of the mountaintop.  Do not go down into the valleys of the world or be tempted by its follies, its astral allure.  It holds nothing–no promise whatsoever–but only desolation, decay and death.  How strange that the forces of night make death so glamorous as to intrigue millions in the maya of the human consciousness.  They toil in their death-making and they know not that they are dying—they know that they are already dead.
  So goes the world.  And if you would build a brighter tomorrow, you must be against the tide of the world.  Do you think that is easy?  It is only difficult if you regard it as a human task, if you regard it as a sacrifice.  But with the Whole-Eye vision of God seeing yourself as the Christ, what is that to thee?  There is no pull, there is nothing there.  The world holds nothing for you, and therefore you rise and you go against the entire tide of human creation.  It is almost effortless because you are buoyed up by the legions of light, the entire hosts of heaven and the victorious ones who have gone before.    
-Elohim Cyclopea:  1-1-1972 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Mark Prophet
To Those Who Would Pursue the Infinite Joys of True Seeing:
  The vastness of the universe is in reality contained within the fabric of the true Self, all things being an extension of that Self in its unifying magnificence.  What folly it is for men to allow themselves to suppose that they are separate from God and from one another and therefore capable of being defrauded by the universe of any grace of the Godhead!
  In dealing with embodied mankind it is easier to illustrate the great hidden realities of life by using form concepts which are plainly visible to their eyes.  In contrast with the archetypes of truth which place patterns of divine wholeness before the evolving consciousness of mankind the thought and feeling creations coming forth from humanity today are charged with suspicion, hatred, greed and their momentums of pleasure-seeking, and they are directly involved with the traps of separation spawned by the carnal mind.  These creations, which are disgorged upon the mental and feeling belts from the undisciplined activities of the masses, perpetuate in the collective subconscious of the race the illusion that man exists outside his Creator and independently of his fellowman.
When the individual first experiences the awakening of the soul the quest for reality that his soul directs carries him through the channels of time and space and those experiences which are calculated to give him a greater vision of that which he really is.  Watching with tender regard the heavenly hosts fully understand the difficulty mankind encounter as they seek to arrange the many facets of life into a comprehensive whole; for they know that the structuring of their individual identity is perhaps the hardest task mankind will ever face.
  The Master Jesus’ statement “He that findeth his life shall lose it:  and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it” provides the solution to not one but many of life’s problems. Unfortunately individuals think that this saying relates solely to the personality of Jesus without understanding that losing one’s life “for my sake” is accomplished as one relinquishes the human mold for the divine pattern of the Christ. Throughout his work Jesus emphasized the need to forsake all for the oneness of God and man and those unifying principles of Heaven which are to be found in the very breath of God, in the movement of the wind in the leafy branches, and in the omnipresence of His Spirit in all of nature.
  What a pity that mankind engage in sense meanderings without perceiving the stability and direction of the universal plan!  But everyone who seeks to the best of his ability to purify himself, clothed with humility and imbued with love for the universe, receives in himself that recompense which is the true vision of God for all mankind and for the universe at large.
  Actually the universe in all of its vastness is a giant bubble of God’s light energy congealed in time and space for the fulfilling of the functional aspects of man’s being that flow across the diode of consciousness.  It is apparent from the differing visions men share of the same comprehensible whole that the power of their vision requires stabilizing.  This is best achieved through the agency of the Holy Spirit and through the everyone who seeks to the best of his ability to purify himself everyone who seeks to the best of his ability to purify himself ascended master consciousness to which in the past many embodied men and women have risen by their attunement with the real Self.
  It is God’s gift to man in the regency of his own blessed Christhood that sanctifies in him and in all of his faculties the strengthening bonds of Life that free him to do the Father’s work.  He who said “My Father worketh hitherto, and I work” intended all to receive the gift of his Christ-identity in the full range of its healing power and infinite joy.  Man, body-bound and tethered to a world order that is the product of the human intellect, is a limited manifestation of God.  Seen through the single-eyed vision of the Christ that integrates all things into the oneness of Selfhood man finds that he shares the joys of the Creator as he becomes a co-creator, and that he is involved in the rites of creation and the drama of being not only through the Presence of God in nature but through the penetrating power of the Christ in the realm of his own mind and spirit.
  The establishment in man of the divine flow is a thrust of that power which was revealed to Moses as the “I AM that I AM.”  When viewed by the finite mind this power becomes a weight of oppression simply because that mind has not understood who and what is real.  It is this false vision that corrupts the thinking processes and makes men to fear that in seeking God or the heavenly hosts who inhabit the “invisible realm” they may lose out on temporal pleasures.  Let me assure all that it is the Father’s good pleasure not only to give mankind the kingdom but also to increase the scope of his happiness and blessedness thereby.
  Those who have perverted God’s purposes the most are those who have misunderstood the approach to God. Seeing the pathway to God as a burden they have called it religion; but they have failed to apprehend that the function of true religion is to provide the means whereby the soul of man becomes wedded to the Spirit of God. Needless to say, true religion is the only doorway by which the eyes of man can be opened, by which he can increase the power both of the mind and of his appreciation of life. Only when the seemingly endless struggle about religion is ended will mankind be able to enter into that joyful peace, that inner knowing which comes from true seeing which was the original intent of God for every man.
  From the level of the Elohim I have expressed some thoughts based upon divine logic together with those concepts whereby man can obtain greater understanding and thus greater freedom.  Becoming a little child in consciousness man obtains the resurrection of the Universal Christ which permeates every area of his life.  Divinest of blessings, I AM   
                                   Cyclopea  Pearls of Wisdom 13:27

fentanyl news

8-4-19    According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, almost 80 percent of fentanyl seized in 2017 was interdicted at U.S. Postal Service and express consignment carrier facilities, having been shipped in small quantities from China….
  According to Homeland Security, more fentanyl in larger volumes is seized at land crossings, but the fentanyl seized from mail and express consignment carrier facilities is far more potent with purities of over 90 percent versus Mexico-sourced fentanyl that is often diluted to less than 10 percent….
  China has grown to become the largest mass producer of generic drugs and pharmaceutical ingredients in the world with over 5,000 pharmaceutical manufacturers.  Upwards of 90 percent of the active pharmaceutical ingredients used in U.S. production of finished dosage forms of medical pharmaceuticals is imported from just two countries:  India and China….
  With just a little over 2,000 inspectors Chinese authorities have little hope of effectively overseeing legal compliance, let alone spotting even a fraction of criminal activity.expand into more markets in the U.S., is very inexpensive, and, in contrast to behavior during the cocaine epidemic, evidence suggests that people won’t quit the substance after finding out how dangerous it is…. the ominous specter of a business model that has room to grow:  easy, dispersed global production and low-cost shipping. …
  A recent study observes that young adults are significantly raising their intake of stimulants and opioids, often while binge drinking.8  Polysubstance use is our new normal.  This is in part why many experts stress the importance of starting prevention efforts early in life, preferably before the age of 12.9  We have to hope that a trend among the young10 to reject all tobacco, alcohol, and illicit substances grows and that some of our prevention, early intervention, enforcement, and other responses work.  The current evidence is a dire warning, a brutal prediction of a drug epidemic building on epidemics of the past, and coming suffering on a massively expanded scale.  However you characterize the current
fentanyl crisis, as a poison control problem or natural disaster or astoundingly bad drug epidemic, it’s one of the worst the country has ever experienced.
3-29-19   it is so far unclear why these groups have suddenly been singled out and given the status of potentially morphing into “cartels.” These are unsophisticated gangs made up of very young members engaging in petty crimes, and their future impact remains uncertain.
  One possibility is that these delinquent groups merge together in order to survive potential threats presented by more powerful criminal organizations operating in Mexico City, as well as the pressure of being targeted by security forces.
  These gangs appear to have a lot in common already. Members come from poorer neighborhoods with violent backgrounds, and the groups carry out the same types of low-profile criminal activities. It would make sense for them to join forces.
  Such has been the case in central Guanajuato state. Formed in 2017 after the Jalisco Cartel — New Generation (Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación – CJNG) expanded into the area in order to take advantage of fuel theft, the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel banded together with other groups to fight back and has now emerged as a major criminal player in the area.
  The other option is for these gangs to align themselves with more established criminal organizations operating in the capital, such as the Tláhuac Cartel or Unión de Tepito. This would allow the gangs to become part of more sophisticated criminal activities and could in turn strengthen the status and power of existing groups, ultimately posing a bigger threat to the city’s security situation.
  However, it seems unlikely that such organizations are looking to add younger, violent members into their ranks, actions which would undoubtedly sound the alarm for authorities.
9-3-19   I received responses and soon began getting up at 4 am to chat with salespeople finishing up their workdays in cities like Shenzhen or Wuhan. Sitting before my laptop in the dark, Earl Grey mug warming my fingers, I took on the persona of “Johnny Webster,” a 20-something bro who looked like he’d be into mind expansion and had an avatar picture to match.
I asked them about the chemicals and the pricing, and they responded in pretty good English. “How much amount do you need?” asked a salesman named Jackie Jiang working for a Wuhan company called Health222chem, after I said I was interested in a drug called BUC-3. This was an obscure opioid; the company sold it because it had similar effects to fentanyl, but was still legal in China.   “100g BUC-3 $900. We accept Bitcoin.”  I also spoke with owners of black- and gray-market chemical companies, some of whom said they’d be willing to show me their labs.   Soon I began connecting with translators and planning my trip.
This was starting to get real . I took comfort in the fact that guns are uncommon in China and these operations are not run by cartels or gangs but rather businesspeople focused solely on making money.  -Ben Westhoff
  An accused fentanyl producer arrested by Mexican authorities earlier this year owns and operates several chemical companies, an investigation by Sayari has found.  These companies could be channels for importing illegal fentanyl precursors into Mexico or diverting legal precursor chemicals into clandestine labs.
  This case highlights the importance of conducting due diligence to identify the shareholders and officers of a potential customer.  Effective use of public records in this case reveals these companies’ links to the manufacture of illicit drugs. Catching this risk early could help chemical companies avoid having their products diverted to illicit uses.
  In June, Mexican law enforcement officials, in coordination with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, arrested Mexican national used the warehouse as a clandestine laboratory to produce fentanyl.
Jose Guadalupe Almaguer Herrera and seized a warehouse just outside the northern industrial city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.  Following the arrest, Mexican authorities alleged that Almaguer Herrera
  Media reporting has highlighted that Almaguer Herrera is a chemist and the owner of a chemical company located in the outskirts of Monterrey, Ampex Chemicals, S.A. de C.V.  Mexican corporate records accessed through Sayari Search reveal that Almaguer Herrera is also a shareholder of at least four other chemical companies:
— Quantyka S.A. de C.V. (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico)
— Analytyka de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico)
— Procesos Quimicos Especializados, S.A. de C.V. (García, Nuevo Leon, Mexico)
— Comercializadora Don Peto, S.A. de C.V. (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico)
  All but one of the companies, Quantyka, are located near Monterrey.
Almaguer Herrera is a 50 percent shareholder of all four companies.  He also serves as the administrator for Quantyka, Analytyka de Mexico, and Comercializadora Don Peto.
12-10-19    "Nationwide it is likely that a dozen Purdue Pharma (Connecticut-based, markets and sells OxyContin)  patients die of overdoses every day," the group of non-consenting states wrote.  "Unless effective measures are taken, thousands of Purdue patients will die of overdoses during this case."
  In September, Purdue filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in New York and announced that it had agreed to a roughly $10 billion settlement with 24 state attorneys general. Healey, who filed the first state lawsuit against individual members of the company's controlling Sackler family, opposed any settlement that does not require the Sacklers to forfeit some of the profits they counted from the sale of opioids and has formally opposed the bankruptcy petition.
Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey

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U.S. capital--the lifeline of the Chinese Communist Party

  12-12-2019 interview on video:
Roger Robinon:  “But they can live with that because ZTE (ban) was reversed.  They’re planning to reverse Huawei (ban).  They’re trying to get even Megvii off of the (banned) entity list—artificial intelligence.  So they can work it.  I’ll tell you what they can’t afford to see the light of day:  the money, the US capital markets.  Because that’s where they live or die.”

Roger Robinon:  “Do we really believe that if they (American investors) knew that their investment dollars were going into the perpetrators of these abuses that are threatening the lives of not just their families, but their communities, their cities, their states, their country, I think they’d be outraged.  Now how many of them are there?  150 million are holding “bad actor” Chinese stocks and bonds today.  Millions and scores of millions more are holding Russian sanctioned companies and sovereign bonds.  CalPERS owns $460 million, I believe, in Russian sovereign bonds.  Well wait a minute.  What’s a sovereign bond?  It’s ‘I the Russian government give you a piece of paper with a maturity date and an interest rate on it and you give me scores of millions of dollars or more.’  And what do I (Putin or CCP) do with that money?  Well, it’s discretionary cash.  I could do anything I want with it.   I can undermine further Eastern Ukraine.  I can build up my military presence in Syria.  I can fund that latest supersonic cruise missile (that is) nuclear-tipped.  I can build that new generation ballistic missile submarine.”

The ladder is a symbol of man’s potential

533.  Let us not rely upon the thought that nothing will overtake us.  Such a conviction has a double-edged meaning.  It is good to feel one's foundations, but each ignoring of the forces of the enemy is also unwise.  It is better to assume that the enemy will approach and that fearlessness will sustain us in full strength.       
                                         -Morya:  Fiery World  1933
Beloved Followers of Truth,
  There is a seeming conflict between that which is taught in the East and that which is taught in the West.  And in all conflicts whether real or imagined there are destructive manifestations.  Yet any instruction that is valid provides the natural conferment upon man of greater spiritual grace, of a higher measure of internal peace, and of that spiritual progress which signifies the consummation of acts of measured purpose.
  It is my desire to call to the attention of mankind what may be termed the drift of circumstances in their lives.  Those who think that events occur by chance should pause to consider the spiritual gain that can be made by all who are interested in the evolution of the soul through the implementation of God-direction from higher levels, or at least of that direction which comes from the exercise of the highest impetus of the mind.  Remember that inherent within all--though it be overlaid with the mire of sense consciousness--is the seed which God implanted within the soul.  And from that seed comes the supreme ordering of man’s life.  The man of happenstance who permits anything to happen in his life for the sake of experience, without attempting to direct the flow of events according to the higher direction of the Christ mind or even the discrimination of his own better judgment, may find himself standing still rather than moving forward in the will of God.
  In matters of initiation only the few in each age are able to receive the best gifts conferred by the Brotherhood; only the few actually make contact with Our realm.  The very thought that We do not exist, as long as it is held, has a tendency to annihilate Our influence in the world of the individual who holds it.  As it was said of old, without faith it is impossible to please God.  The consecration of one’s personal faith to cooperation with the heavenly hosts, as an activity of communing with the saints, is an initiatic step that raises the disciple ever higher in the bestowal of the grace of God.  And his life is beatified in many ways as he integrates his consciousness with the true culture of the Spirit which unfolds from the divine seed germinating within his being.
  Unfortunately men often do not recognize the presence of the divine seed in their life.  And only through recognition--the recognition of the germinal power of the light--can the cultivation of spiritual qualities begin which leads, from glory unto glory, to those progressive changes that form a ladder of light within oneself.  The ladder is a symbol of man’s potential, and the climbing of the ladder--the measured rising of the soul through those initiations which can come to all.
  In reaching out to mankind through the veils of obscurity that they have spun with their thought and feeling processes I continue in the name of the Brotherhood to pursue the awakening of men to the great potential that lies within them.  If not within themselves, then within whom?  Many are willing to consider great possibilities for others, but they deny them for themselves.  They do not realize that self-depreciation is a subtle tool of darkness that prevents them from accepting from the hand of God those magnificent concepts of self-appreciation which produce the uplifting changes after which their souls truly hunger.
  It is not enough for men and women to simply ask in prayer; they must learn to act as though they had already received.  Remembering the promise of the Lord “Before they call I will answer,” they must learn that the alchemy of self-transformation can produce in their lives through the childlike attitude of expectancy the manifestation of the Spirit of cosmic unity.  For to expect an answer from God is part of the ancient system of alchemy, the practice of which would greatly benefit modern man.
  It is a mistake for a man to pray for that which he ought not.  Heaven is not blind, neither is divine justice.  Yet the trust of God in the man whom He created is such that in conferring upon him the gift of freewill the Lord agreed to honor his creations and his covenants.  If man makes a mistake and prays for that which he ought not, he still has in the alchemy of his own freewill the power to manifest whatsoever he will.  Nevertheless those manifestations which are not the will of God eventually show forth his wrong decisions–just as those which are the will of God show forth his right decisions.
  All should therefore pray first for the guidance of Heaven that they may ask correctly and receive according to the higher plan.  And what a mistake man makes, placing the souls of many in peril, when he fails to do this very thing–to ask for divine intercession in the form of divine direction preceding his prayers for the fulfillment of his desires.
 Wrong prayers--the invocation of that which is undesirable for oneself or others--may take the form of witchcraft or black magic.  To ask God for wisdom, so beautifully phrased in the prayer of the Master Jesus “Not my will, but Thine be done,” is not a fatalistic attitude, for there are more choices in the will of God than man is aware of.  Out of the reservoir of God’s supreme knowledge and by His guidance man is able to select those noble ideas which fulfill the desire of both man and God and bring forth a uniform concept--a concept of you and I (u-n-i meaning you and God).
  While one with God is a majority the individual must not usurp his authority by invoking that which may grieve another part of life.  That union of spiritual consecration between God and man which always produces the answers to prayer correctly and speedily cannot fail to take into account the universal harmony of the brotherhood of man.  What benefits one must ultimately benefit all, for the divine plan for one must necessarily include the divine plan for all.
  In writing down for you these seemingly simple ideas, O men and women of the twentieth century, it is my desire even as it is the desire of those who work with me to reach those who hunger and thirst after righteousness.  That they might be filled is Our prayer.  The simple, childlike faith We confer upon you now is an offering of great value, and this you can appreciate if you will review the mistakes of those who do not possess it.  As it has been said, more things are wrought by prayer--the prayer of absolute faith in the goodness of the will of God--than this world dreams of.
  Now I would make known to you the operation of certain laws which may at first seem strange.  Because man has freewill and somewhat to say concerning the manifestation in his world, through prayer he can invoke both good and evil, for prayer is a two-edged sword.  Therefore unless it be a conscious blending with the will of God and the desire for individual fulfillment in divine destiny it may become through impure motivation and a subconscious willing the means to implement the plans of men rather than the plan of God.  This often comes about through the misuse of freewill when men fail to begin and end their communiqués with the Deity with the words of Jesus “Not my will, but Thine be done.”
  Retaining in consciousness the image of the desired object man releases into this desire image--whether perfect or imperfect--the energy he receives from God in answer to his calls.  And when his desires are thus fulfilled he says “My prayers were answered; it must have been the will of God.”  This, beloved ones, is wishful thinking.  The fact is that his prayers were answered because they were the will of man; and right or wrong the great Law honors that will.  Only thus can man learn the responsibilities of being a co-creator with God.
  To each one is given a divine plan.  That plan is perfect and complete.  To call for the fulfillment of that plan is the best and safest means of bringing all to a higher measure of grace through the manifestation of the abundant Life.  Remember, O hearts of mankind, that each message from Us is a penetration through the veil and that there are many people whom We seek to contact and many whom We do. There are times when the blessing of a simple thought is to be desired; then again a more complex statement of the Law may be required in order to convey a higher truth.  Inasmuch as there are many positioned upon the ladder of life both above and below each soul you should understand Our universal message as one that is destined sooner or later to reach all.  There are different points that must be stressed in different ways that the measure of grace and sense of reality which We would convey might bring to each one the genuine fruits of the Spirit.
  It is wise that men should be unafraid to be reborn.  When the Master said to Nicodemus “Ye must be born again” it was a statement of universal healing.  For in man’s daily rebirths into the higher way the heart and mind are illumined, and the pages of the days record step by step that hopeful emergence into light which removes the sting of death and darkness.
  Unto all I confer the hope of initiation as a goal worthy to be sought.  For as man becomes more and more one with God through Christ and solar awareness the flame of the everlasting Son burns more brightly within him.  He follows the threads of Self in that rightful dual sense that pays homage to the perfection of God right while recognizing the imperfections of man that can and shall be overcome.   Being unafraid to accept the framework of change, man welcomes the acceptance of change in his own life--a change from a minor glory unto a major one.  By your faith you shall be made whole.
   Devoted to the unfoldment of the Light of the Eternal One, in the name of the living Christ I AM
                                           Maitreya:        Pearls of Wisdom 15:10
-Queen of Light by Sindelar

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

meet Xiang Xin and his wife Kung Ching

  Xiang Xin and his wife, Kung Ching, who are the executive director and alternate director respectively of the Hong-based company China Innovation Investment Ltd (CIIL), were stopped at Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei on Nov. 24 as the two tried to leave the country….Kung herself also worked for the China Defense Science and Technology Information Center, which is under the science and technology committee for the Central Military Commission.
11-26-19  Xiang would provide “intelligence” reports to the PLA General Staff Department about individuals in Hong Kong who may have made comments critical of the Chinese regime or on other topics deemed sensitive by the Party, Wang said….
  Speaking to Vision Times, Wang said that the majority of  infiltration activities in Taiwan were carried out by Xiang’s wife, Kung Ching.  Wang said many of Taiwan’s elite were in their pocket, including the head of a local daily newspaper, the head of a university, the general manager of a cultural center, several politicians and gang leaders….
  Overseas Chinese donations also went to pro-Beijing candidates, said Wang.  More than 20 million yuan (about $2.8 million) went to Han Kuo-yu, who won a local election to become the mayor of the southern Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung.
Han is now running for President as the KMT candidate.   
-Wang Liqiang, a former Chinese spy, has defected to Australia
11-29-19    Now the China Defence Universities Tracker website records in unprecedented detail how more and more Chinese universities are becoming integrated with China’s military apparatus, security agencies and nuclear weapons program….Our research has found at least 14 joint labs or partnerships these conglomerates have established with universities in the UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Australia.   These joint labs host Chinese missile and military aviation experts and in the case of the University of Technology Sydney’s partnership have been linked to surveillance systems.

For years the banking sector was gold mine for Russian FSB/KGB and their pals

  For years the banking sector was a gold mine for the security
services, combining huge, often-illicit flows of cash with plenty of
leeway for officials to either turn the screws or look the other way.
The numbers are big even by oil-rich Russian standards.
Regulators—including the central bank—say managers stole some
7 trillion rubles ($110 billion) in assets from their banks in the past
decade, and the central bank has spent more than 5 trillion rubles
on bailouts or to pay off depositors at those that didn’t survive,
according to Fitch Ratings....
  Failing banks could be kept afloat to continue illicit operations.
Some saw their good assets stripped out and replaced with junk
before regulators closed in. Once a bank failed, corrupt officials
could rig the cleanup process to divert any remaining valuables to
their allies at knockdown prices. “The bank purge has given this
army of corrupt officials a new tool: taking banks apart,” says
Alexander Sharkevich, a former senior official at the Interior
Ministry responsible for financial crimes. “It’s created a massive
feeding trough.”

We shall override delusion.

  The soft petals of God’s love surround the fabric of the mind and the fragrance is ensouled by the beauty of the divine heart.  We bring you greetings from Shamballa and the Spirit of the Prince of Peace.  Ours is awareness of his mission, of the eternal vigil for the earth; for the heart of the enlightened ones solemnly gathers together in that holy conclave that, bestowing budding divinity upon a child, gives to him the mantle-flame of a future regeneration.
  The hand of God is the hand of peace, and the hand of His peace provides celestial security to terrestrial natives who long to behold Our abode—Shamballa and the Marble Bridge.  Shamballa, mystic city of fair radiance!  Shamballa, queen of the cities of the earth!  In our hearts dwells that cool flame of peace, that cool white flame of peace, that soft flower radiance that bestows the caress of God upon the beloved.  And who is not the beloved?  Each pebble, each grain of sand or celestial orb—He loveth all.  He giveth to all the fruit of striving, the wisdom flame and the tenderness of His care.
  My brethren assembled now from Our sister star Venus—hail to thee, Sanat Kumara, Rex, Lord of the World, Rex, Lord of Creation!  Hail to thee, Sanat Kumara, thou Regent Father; beloved and most precious Lanto and Confucius; the great cosmic emissaries from starry bands and from the Great Central Sun Magnet!  We raise up and exalt once again the memory of the Prince of Peace and the blessed babe of the New Year—the little pure one who comes to man without spot and blemish, the fair and blessed textured parchment upon which is to be written the fate of mankind….
   You may then call throughout this year for wisdom and sanity and balance to appear in the hearts of the leaders of the world, and this is what is needed.  For many of the people themselves long for peace, but their leaders push them toward the brink of destructivity.
-Gautama Buddha, Lord of the World:  1-1-1969 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Mark Prophet
  We shall override delusion.  Truth shall prevail.  The forces of light shall march.  The real needs of man shall be met.  The pledges of heaven are the reaffirmation of the original cosmic intent of the Father of all life.  If the lash of human chaos were permitted unbridled rein, what would occur to the civilizations of the world?  Men have nurtured culture for generations, and they have sought through religion and science to find a way to peace and the abundant life….
  “Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, so do ye also unto them.”  Whosoever shall break this law, whosoever shall continue to act according to selfish and greedy intents shall find that the activity of the soul of God, the vital life force within himself, shall activate the domain of conscience—if not the conscience of the individual which may well be hardened against truth, then the conscience of the race, if not the human, then the divine.  You can expect this coming year and forever after until the end of the cycle the stepping up of karmic awareness, of an understanding among men of the law of compensation….
  The solar rings are being activated to beam forth to the Earth even through the physical Sun a new outpouring of infinite grace.  The effect of the step-up in the radiation patterns of Our Sun to the planets of this system will be to shorten the days of man’s travail if he will but accept the offered gift.  When limitation is cast aside and the limitless light of God is perceived then intelligence is no longer tethered to the old matrices of human reason but creates instead new patterns of expansion that lead to the abundant life….
Receive the ray of hope again:
I, Vesta, drop the mantle flame,
The power to raise,
New hope acclaim.
In cosmic union men shall rise,
The power of heaven will open eyes
And blind shall see
And man shall be
The kindred of reality.
The Banner of the Mother of the World
Is unfurled,
And the children of God
Called manchildren
Shall come forth;
And the meek shall inherit the Earth, 
And darkness shall go and light shall flow 
And truth be revered here below.  For this year 
and all to come I speak from out this blessed Sun.
            Devotedly, your Sun Mother
                               Vesta:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:1
  Beloved ones, why do you think that the world is so intent upon the denial of God?   Why do you think that the world is so intent upon disproving universal reality right in the face of all natural manifestations and life’s wondrous patterns?  You must learn to rely upon cosmic law and upon inner strength rather than permit yourselves to be withdrawn from the power of cosmic reason.  Again and again the wisdom of the world has stimulated the human ego in its desire to be thought wise as individuals have patted themselves and one another on the back for their achievements in the realm of human thought.   

                     -Goddess of Liberty:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:2
Exemplifying 8 rays of light, from 12:00 clockwise: 
 yellow, ruby, pink, violet, purple/gold, green, blue, white

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

there must be a corresponding release into the flame of all darkness

  Yet the possession of freewill does not in itself assure humanity that their assumptions made on the basis of their freewill are correct.  Freewill is but an open door.  Through this door humanity may walk and choose their dwellingplace on the other side.  If that dwellingplace be a mansion of light, well and good.  If it be a hovel of darkness, how pitiful.  Life is opportunity, and freewill is the gift of opportunity to all, but the use you make of it will always be yours to determine.
There are many forces that seek to prevent the students from assimilating the depth of wisdom in Our releases.  But there is one power that can release you from them all, and that is the power of your own mighty I AM God Presence who, when called into action, always obtains the victory….
  How thankful mankind should be that the guardian spirits of the race, the ascended masters, are preparing new and beautiful releases to make the instruction of the seven holy weeks preceding the advent of Christmas most vital and informative.  For these spirits possess within themselves the power to change the mortal consciousness as it hearkens to the noontide sense of freedom and hope that diligently leads all to the feet of their own God-reality.   -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom  12:45
  No greater disservice has been done to the Deity than the denial of His intent for the ages.  It is unfortunate and, I might add, most inappropriate that human beings have also maligned His offspring, even those in the ascended state, when these have desired only to grasp the highest principles, to convey them to men and to improve the lot of all people.      -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:44
  The coercions of the world have exactly the power humanity gives to them.  Is it not written in the sacred scriptures that God will suffer man to be tempted above that he is able but will with every temptation also make a way of escape?    -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:27
  How empty is the heart that knows not the Presence of God.  How empty is the world that knows not the indwelling light….
  Schism after schism is perpetrated by the denizens of the night, and this division is repeated again and again as the perversion of cosmic fission, the fission whereby God becomes man and man becomes God in the movement—unifying, then drawing apart, then merging.  This is the movement of the wave upon the shores of life.  This is the blending of spirals of the consciousness of God so that man might know what it is to love and to be loved.
  In the heart there is a chamber.  And within that chamber man withdraws to be, to be there where the replica of the chamber within the fiery core is portrayed, is manifest.  You cannot meditate upon that which you are not, you cannot become that which you are not.  Therefore God has placed within you archetypal patterns of Himself and even the very pattern of the center of the Sun.  Because that chamber is a living reality within you you can think upon the Sun and the Sun behind the Sun, and you can be there.  You can be aware of the love which Alpha and Omega share.
To train the senses to be still, to enjoy the golden silence is to prepare for the entering in to that chamber that is inside of the fiery core.  When you enter that secret place of the Most High even within yourself you feel as though you are standing in a great cathedral.  And so the Gothic architecture of earlier centuries showed the awareness of the soul of its secret habitation in the cathedral of the heart.  By the geometry of God-design spirals rise and flames sweep upward in movements, in formations that are the fohatic emanations of the Central Sun.  This is Life.  This is the seat and origin of the threefold flame….
  The heart must be guarded from the chaos of a dying world.  The heart must be guarded by meditation upon the sweetness of life.  You must defend the precincts of the heart as you would a child in an incubator.   You must be careful of that which you allow to penetrate the heart, to enter the senses, to pound and beat upon the shores of life.
  Withdraw then from those teeming energies and those tensions, and let the heart be free.  Beware the jagged rhythms of the fallen ones who seek to popularize that which they call music, that which they call harmony.  How can they create harmony when they are inharmonious?  How can they put forth ripples upon the cosmos when their own worlds are jagged, distorted, fractionalized fragments of the darkness from which they came?  
  There ought to be laws against the defamation of the heart. In Our octave no such manifestation would be allowed.  Make no mistake, precious hearts:  the fallen ones know the science of the heart!  They know the influence and the radiation of God’s heart upon man as the heart of man merges with the heart of God.  They know well that to destroy the rhythm of the heart and its flow with cosmic fire is to initiate a death spiral in man….
  And of all of the needs which I perceive in your forcefield and in your aura [the greatest need that I perceive] is this:  that the heart be suspended in a sphere of love that is the peace of the heart.  Of all of the subjects and all of the matters of world import and world crisis I deem the guarding of the heart of the initiates, of a planet, of nature to be paramount at this moment.
  Place your attention upon my purple fiery heart.  Understand that I am known for that symbol of the purple heart because in that purple configuration of molecular light is the essence that I have drawn from God’s own heart in order to create a focus even in the Cave of Symbols of God’s own purple fiery heart.  This I have done because I have seen that the nation that has a healthy heart is the nation that will rise, whose people will rise, whose culture will rise.
America once had a healthy heart, but her heart is ailing, for it has turned to hardness, to self-condemnation, to ways that are not of the light.  America, you can be the heart of the Earth!
  Now I initiate spirals of spheres of love.  These are for the dissolution of all that causes the tremor of the heart, the irregular heartbeat, the skipping of the heartbeat and all forms of physical manifestation in a nation once proud of her heritage….
The Prince of Peace stands with me to impart the peace that passeth understanding….
  The breath of Spirit fills the heart, giving it life and form.  And when that Spirit is denied by outer man the inner man withdraws.  And by and by that which you call death ensues because there is a collapse of the inner chamber of the heart.  Therefore those who deny God are already dead but they know it not, and yet the soul is alive forevermore.  [21-second pause]  I seal the sphere of love in a ring of whitefire, and I restore the rhythm of Life.  To maintain that rhythm you must guard --guard the consciousness day and night.  Do not partake of the fruits of inharmony else you will lose the gift, the proffered gift of my heart.   
-Saint Germain: 4-13-1974 at Los Angeles via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet
  As I welcome you into the flame I must speak the warning that those who would enter this flame must take care lest the fires of transmutation--as they purge the consciousness of all limitation--should produce that exposure which is the manifestation of an egocentric, ego-centered consciousness that presents a one-sided view of life, of the Teaching and of the Messengers.
  Therefore to come into the flame of freedom and to be a bearer of the torch of liberty in this age requires a certain awareness on the part of every Keeper of the Flame.  It is an awareness that in order to have and to retain this most priceless gift of the freedom of the Holy Spirit you must be willing to put down the carnal mind with all of its temptations, with all of its expressions and with all of its fierceness of Antichrist, of the Fallen One himself* who can only enter into the company of saints through those who have not surrendered the carnal mind….And so you see, coming nigh the flame means that that flame will separate and purge the gold from the dross, will ensconce the Christ-flame and expand it.  Therefore if you would call for the expansion of the Christ-flame, then remember that in its expansion there must be a corresponding release into the flame of all darkness else there will be a house divided against itself that cannot stand….
   I come then to say that if We are to expand that flame of freedom for the victory of Mighty Victory, of souls of light and of a planetary home, We must have the assurance of the sacred trust of hearts united in the whitefire core….When you analyze the world situation and world consciousness you will understand that there are very few to whom the masters can go with an appeal for devotion and for service….We must consider and bring to your attention therefore that if the body of light-servers now connected with this ascended master movement (which is destined to cover the Earth) fail to cooperate and fail through the temptation of division and of criticism, condemnation and judgment, then We shall pay the price!…Do you understand that the cosmic bank for the planet Earth could go bankrupt if those to whom the loans have been given do not use those loans to multiply the substance of light that they have been given?…  
  For you must see that in the reasoning of the carnal mind once the victory of the light is admitted then the dark ones have nothing more to lose, for they have already lost!  And therefore they will stop at nothing to destroy this movement, this organization, this Messenger and her family.
  Considering that they must go, and go down to defeat, they are determined to take the children of the light with them!  Do you understand then that their gambling with that last substance that is theirs is to them much easier?  Therefore they will give that energy, they will be more daring, and their confrontations and their condemnations will be more blatant.  And so you must beware.  For the only way that any organization can crumble is from within.
  You are invincible as long as you stand in the flame of freedom and in the light of cosmic honor!  You are invincible as long as you are one!  You are invincible as long as you see and behold the Christ in one another!
  Do you understand?  Do I make myself clear?  [3-second pause] I desire an answer from you.  Do I make myself clear?  [“Yes!”]      
(by Sindelar)
                  -Saint Germain:  10-12-1974 at Los Angeles via Messenger ECP
*When a fallen one is bound and taken to the Court of the Sacred Fire the next ranking false hierarch assumes his office and title.  Lucifer and Satan are the original names of these two antichrists.  Their underlings go by these names and use them as titles.   Thus we must still anticipate the initiations of “Lucifer” and “Satan” handed down through their lieutenants, who invoke their mantles, even though they have ceased to exist.  The “seed,” i.e., consciousness, of Lucifer and Satan remains a force to be dealt with by the lightbearers so long as there are those on the left-handed path who embody and propagate it