Saturday, June 30, 2018

the chela that is becoming Maitreya

These things I command you, that ye love one another.
If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you….
Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.
But all these things will they do unto you for my name’s sake, because they know not him that sent me.
If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin: but now they have no cloak for their sin.
He that hateth me hateth my Father also. If I had not done among them the works which none other man did, they had not had sin: but now have they both seen and hated both me and my Father.
But this cometh to pass, that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law, They hated me without a cause.
-John 15:11, 12, 14-25

     Hail, O initiates of Maitreya!  Hail, O legions of the flame!  I come in the great light of illumination and the great frequency of the wisdom of the mind of God.  I come, entering now into the consciousness of the peoples of Earth.  I come in the flaming presence of the Lord God.
  I come now into the crown chakras of the children of the Sun. I come to initiate you out of the light of your own inner attainment, for if ye are the salt of the earth and ye are, then that salt is the measure of light and of attainment.  If the salt has lost its savor, then I say, you have lost the light of your attainment and it remains latent within the great Causal Body of the universe, the collective awareness of the Universal Christ, but you are without access to it.
  May you understand how the salt may have lost its savor.  It is when in past ages over the millennia you have garnered unto yourselves great light and then become satisfied, in a quiescent state, in the earth and therefore become a perversion of the great light of the Buddha.
  The Buddha is not sleeping.  The Buddha is in the active rest of the wholeness of Alpha and Omega whereby the whirling consciousness of the mind of God is ever present, keeping the vigil of the flame of life in earth and in heaven.  Some have come then to idolatry in the schools of Buddhism.  You, my chelas, who come to be taught of Maitreya must come to know first and foremost that the great realization of the mind of God must be an active peace.
  That active peace is the peace of the sword.  The peace of the sword is therefore the sacred Word, but the sacred Word must first be spoken in the heart.  Thus there is an outer stillness and an outer silence while the soul goes within, into the secret chamber of the heart there to commune with a Buddha, there to commune with Maitreya, there to know the Word because the Word is first whispered as the soundless sound within the ear.
Then it echoes within the vastness of consciousness and then it becomes the firing within of the Great Spirit.  Then when the hour is come for the soul to manifest Thy kingdom on earth as it is in heaven then the spoken Word in earth becomes the great power to implement peace.
  I AM Maitreya—I stand in the Great Hall of China, I stand now within the Senate of the United States of America, I stand in the Oval Office, I stand in the offices of the heads of state of all nations.b I AM the initiator of the souls of Earth and her evolutions.  I say to you:  our dedication of this planetary sphere is unto the Guru-chela relationship which comes now in this age with the coming light of Buddha and the Mother, with the coming of the great Gurus, the Ascended Masters and their embodied representative.  I issue the judgment of the Lord Jesus Christ unto the nations.  For the hour of the judgment is come and as it pertains to the light of the path of initiation so it is spoken by the Lord God that those who would save the earth, those who would rule in the footstool kingdom must come now and bend the knee before the Hierarch of the Aquarian age, the Ascended Master Saint Germain, confessing that the Lord Christ is indeed come in the flesh within him and within his embodied Messenger.
  Therefore because that incarnation of the Word is intact on Terra there is hope, there is opportunity, and every chela of the Word incarnate is a follower of the Lamb.  Every chela who is a part of the great body, mind, soul and heart of that Lamb therefore receives the sponsorship of the Four and Twenty Elders for the implementation of the ten-year plan of the Buddha and the plan of the age.  My beloved, I bring to you a great burden of light, accelerating now as a mighty golden-white sphere of initiation. The hour of the judgment is come and the judgment is the hour of initiation.
  Therefore I say to you as I said in Eden unto the twinflames appointed by God to be an example of the path, I say to you as I spoke it again in the inner retreats of Atlantis, in the vastness of the Himalayan caves, I say it unto you as it has been said in all previous civilizations of planetary systems:  Those who would bring an evolution into a golden age must bring their individual consciousness into the golden age of the crown chakra.  They must then learn to raise up the Mother-light and to know that unless the heart is set aright with the heart of the Cosmic Christ and the one whom he has anointed as Hierarch of the two-thousand-year cycle that one cannot have the All-power of God to move the mountains of adversity, to challenge the fallen ones and to set free the captives--the captives of maya, the captives of duality.
  Our religion is the Law of the One.  The religion of two or more is a religion of idolatry.  Let there be no idolatry here; let only the oneness of God as the single person of God in the fullness of the Trinity within you be that reality.  My beloved, whenever there are two then there is idolatry.  Ponder upon this great mystery of the Holy Grail, for the very nature of a mystery is that it may be spoken on one arm of the cross and then upon the other arm of the cross.  And the dividing of the way of Alpha and Omega is the perception and resolution of the truth of the great mystery within the center of the cosmic cross of whitefire.  This is how you arrive at the dissertations of the Buddhas and the teachings, for out of the statement of Alpha and Omega, out of the right and the left, the resolution of truth is come.  Out of the One the many, yet the many are the One. Therefore perceive the One in the many.
  Perceive the one light of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.  Conceive of the Holy Spirit in every Ascended Master, yet one Spirit; perceive the Son in every Son of God, yet one Son.  Perceive the Father, infinitely manifest in every electron as a Law of universal energy, yet always one Father, Son, Holy Spirit—only one expression of the One.   Understand this science.  The simple perception of this science and this mystery of the Cosmic Christ--its contemplation even for a moment—will be the healing and alignment of worlds beyond worlds.  Therefore cosmic consciousness of the Law of God, endowed by wisdom and by love, is the liberation of your soul.  Not the repetition of these words as intellectual concept but the entering in to the Word itself as the energy of a cosmos.  Feel the quivering of the Creation in the Creator and know not a duality but a oneness.
  I AM that being within you but you have not known me as yourself, therefore you perceive me as speaking unto you.  When you see me as I AM you will see yourself as I AM and then you will know the Law of the One.  This is why I have come from out the great Great Central Sun to teach at Summit University, because the Guru-chela relationship is intact and I cannot be except where there is the flow from hierarchy unto hierarchy as a great chain upon the Christmas tree.  Link by link the adornment of the Tree of Life is a rising caduceus composed of each individual’s own caduceus.  There is one singular caduceus universally in the cosmos and if ye would be of that one, then drink of my cup. Drink ye all of it, for I am the same, the one, the Universal Christ individualized in Krishna, in Lord Jesus.
  Let all argumentation cease, for each Son of God is supreme and absolute unto himself when that Son of God is the light emanation of God.  Are there a million billion sunbeams or but one?  Almighty God, let Thy Oneness be within these halls where I stand, for Oneness itself is the judgment of all idolatry.  Oneness consumes all unlike itself.  I come then for the transfer of this cosmic consciousness.  Do not wonder why or question how the disciplines come to you who are privileged to know me in this flesh.  Do not cross the line then to become the Guru when you are the chela.  Understand that the Guru will no longer explain why this circle of lightbearers must be intact for the holding of a great chalice of light unto the earth.
  The Word of the Lords of Karma unto you is that if this nation under God is to be saved, it will be saved only by those who have the contact under God with Saint Germain, with the Cosmic Christ, with every ascended master who is both one and a part of every other ascended master.  We are One and we will not be divided by any mechanization of religion or manipulation of the souls of the people into compartments of consciousness.
  We are One, our message is one, our Messenger is one, and that victory is your own.  Therefore we look to these and these alone to occupy positions in the economy, in government and in education that will set the policy of the Great White Brotherhood in the physical plane.
  Beloved ones, I come to you with the Truth spoken by Almighty God this day.  God the Father has said unto me:  “Maitreya, go forth and mediate on behalf of these souls.  Tell them that there be many well-meaning souls on earth who have seen a portion of the truth, but the fallen ones have amassed their anti-power, anti-wisdom, anti-love.  They have imitated the disciplines of Serapis Bey, they have imitated the culture of Paul the Venetian, they have imitated the science of Hilarion, the have imitated the ritual and the transmutation and the freedom of Saint Germain, they have imitated the God-government of El Morya, they have imitated the wisdom of the sages Lanto and Confucius, they have imitated the purity of the Mother, they have imitated the way of service of Nada.
  “They have set up their welfare systems as an imitation of the path of Christ unto service.  They have set up their priesthood in imitation of the Priesthood of Melchizedek.  They have imitated all things, they have organized, they have put together vast powers and wealth to sustain their imitation of cosmic abundance and supply.  In every area of the manifold works of my seven sons, the Chohans of the Rays, they have attempted and indeed created their counterfeit society.  Therefore go forth, Maitreya.  Tell the souls of light that if they are to succeed in overthrowing all of this pollution of the light of Omega, all of this pollution in the matter sphere, all of this perversion of  Mater-realization then they must have the all-power, the all-wisdom and the all-love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost dwelling within them.  Only reality, the reality of God, can overthrow the counterfeit.
  “Therefore take note that those who see the error of the fallen ones and who speak of it, who isolate it, who point it out yet have not the path of initiation under the Gurus of the age, they will not have the power to enter into the temple, into the Great Hall of China, into the Senate, into the House of Representatives, into the office of the presidents of the nations to challenge the fallen ones and their amalgamation of power and their rationale.  Therefore speak unto them, Maitreya.  Speak as I have spoken, for the Lord God has need of one thing, and that is true and faithful disciples of Christ who will endure all things unto the end.  For by enduring hatred and persecution they then become the fiery vortex of Myself.
  “As I abide in the Central Sun I will abide within their hearts as that all-consuming fire; and only those who have the tie to the chain of Being will sustain, will withstand, will turn back, will withhold and will be on the line of the sacred fire.  Then, O my son, give them my comfort, for they will feel desolate in the awareness of the handful of chelas who are truly the chelas of the Great White Brotherhood upon earth.  Tell them of the Holy Spirit and of the Comfort-flame.  Tell them that they must go forth and cut free souls of light whom I have planted as seed in the earth. Good seed, seed that will respond, seed that will understand by great enlightenment, the great Word of the Cosmic Christ that I have placed within you, my Son Maitreya.”
  Thus I have come forth in that great high light of the mind of Alpha. I have come forth in the purity of Omega given unto me. The purity I hold in my cup is sufficient, O my chelas, to wash, to wash, to wash the Mater-body of the earth, to cleanse it of the foul and unclean spirits that have invaded the domain of the Chohans of the Seven Rays.  I call you, souls of light.  This is the cycle of the turning.  This is the moment, the turning-point of life when God will invest the All-power of heaven and earth within the chela who espouses the will of God and understands that the one who will save the earth is the One God.  No outer person, outer mind, outer self no matter what the human qualifications can bring to bear upon the world today even one movement, one turning of energy without the presence of light and the vast chain that is ensouled by every Ascended Master, Archangel, angel, Cosmic Being.  Of all this power you are a part when you walk in the name of the Lord, and none of this is unto you if you cannot confess that he is come in the flesh.
  Study the mysteries of the Word incarnate.  Study the mysteries of the Holy Grail.  Be willing then to be that manifestation, for the hour is coming when souls of light must recognize that in the night, in the light, in the Omega, in the Alpha there is a keeping of the vigil, there is a keeping of the flame.  In the matter sphere our Messenger keeps the flame of light as spiritual teaching, as the exposure, the unveiling of good and evil.  And all chelas of Maitreya, of Saint Germain and of the Chohans have the obligation then to translate that vigil from the Spirit sphere of matter into the matter sphere of matter, thence to go forth from Camelot—north, south, east, and west.
  Beloved ones, Alpha has told me that the extension of chelaship unto the nations who would be free is the only hope.  This is your challenge.  This must be your pursuit:  to  present the vigil of the flame of sacred fire and to translate it unto the evolutions of Earth in your chosen field.
  Beloved ones, you have heard this Teaching.  Hear it now as the formal announcement of the Cosmic Christ:  If you would be the instrument of the salvation of the Earth, you cannot have a mere smattering of the Teaching and a few decrees and then hurry about in the business world, imagining that you do God service.
You must come for the empowerment of your flame and of your temple.  You must rearrange yourself and be inconvenienced if you would have the power of God.  Therefore does Alpha say: “Cease to look without this company for saviors in the economy, in government, in education, in science or in the entire system of welfare in the community.  Cease to look to those who say the right words, who are the good people of the Earth but who do not have the tie to the All-power of God through the chain of the great Gurus of the age.”
  Beloved ones, you must understand that the good people of Earth have been crying out in outrage against the seed of the wicked even though they have not known of that seed for hundreds of thousands of years.  The ones who have spoken to you—wonderful souls—have sounded the warning.  But those who have conquered have been those who have been willing to become the Christ by the path of initiation.  Therefore if you wait for saviors who do not come in the name of the Lord-Saint Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Gautama Buddha with the exclusion of none, you will be waiting for a salvation that will not come.
  And so I say, in the name of my Father Gautama:  Awake!  Awake!  Cease the idolatry that looks without, outside of yourself. There is the sleep, the sleep of meditation, imitating the great statues of the Buddha, not knowing of the cosmos inside of that statue of the Lord of the World which is teeming with life in action, with cosmic consciousness, with God-government and all that is required.
  O beloved, God! God! God in you is the key.  Now cease to look to God in another, for you cannot control the freewill of another. You can never be dependent upon the actions of another from moment unto moment, but you can depend upon God.  And the God incarnate who is most dependable is the God who has become the chela and the chela who has become the God by the Law of the One, who has rested his life upon trust in the Messenger—the Guru beyond the Guru—and therefore has the open flow of a fountain of life.  Trust is the beginning of the path, trust is the beginning of the path.
  Trust is the beginning of the path.  And this nation of “In God We Trust” is a nation that can only survive under the great Gurus, the Ascended Masters.  Learn the lesson well.  Come to be tutored by the Guru Mother.  Come then to receive an understanding of what must be added unto the initiations of your soul as preparation in the universities of the Spirit and the universities of the world.  Understand that as the extension of God, complete and whole in love, you will overcome.  Unless you become that extensio, mere words, mere repetition, mere giving of books will not be your salvation.  Beloved ones, God has decided to save the Earth through His instrument—you are that instrument.  I AM that instrument.  You cannot account for any other instrument save the one who is the cross of whitefire where you are.
  I press upon you now the ultimate sense of responsibility to be God in the highest order, in the highest sense of the word.   Beloved ones, I cherish the souls of light who have gone forth nation to nation, not knowing they have gone in my name yet giving the purity of the message.  Let us pray unto our Father that at inner levels they shall be united and they shall have the whole armor of the Teaching and the sword of the right use of the I AM THAT I AM.  Let us pray that the children of God will swiftly elect to be made sons of God by belief on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and the inevitability of the incarnate Word in themselves. He has the power to make of you sons of God which means Christs of God, the Christ incarnate.  Beloved ones, not one individual, whether to the right or to the left of the human consciousness who is without that awareness has the power to sustain a flame that will consume darkness.
  Let us speak then for a moment of the understanding of the scriptures spoken to you.  They are not the oft-repeated scriptures; they are repeated only by the initiates.  The human hatred of the Christ can only be understood by the one who is standing in the seat of authority, who stands in that position of light.  That one who is in the great threefold flame knows the vibration of hatred that comes upon those who would be Christs and are Christs.  This hatred then is from all anti-God manifestation in matter, all perversion of Mother and within Mother,  all the elements of the consciousness of God--Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Mother.   Understand then that when the Lord Christ and I promise to you persecution we promise to deliver to you the momentum of planetary karma that must pass into the flame where God is.  God is where the Guru is, God is where the chela is.  And in all other people He remains dormant in the Great Causal Body and sealed as a flickering candle upon the heart, with only sufficient light to sustain the propagation of the individual race of mankind.
  Understand then that persecution comes with all of its intensity only where God is.  Inasmuch as persecution cannot pass into the great planes of Spirit, into the great throne room of Alpha and Omega it comes then when Alpha and Omega embody as the Word incarnate within the embodied Guru and the embodied chelas.  Understand this great mystery:  this is where God becomes vulnerable and God must make Himself vulnerable.  He must give opportunity to all evolutions to express their freewill towards Him without violating the great sphere of energy.  Hence, the purpose of the incarnate Word is always for the judgment of those who have abused that Word.  Cast out of heaven then they abide in the earth plane.  They dwell there, and there is where the judgment shall be.
  Ponder then,the meaning of being God where you are.  Ponder the understanding that only he who knows the Law of the One, who knows he is God, who knows he is God because he is a link in the chain of the Great White Brotherhood--only that one can stand before Pilate and be the truth even while Pilate questions “What is truth?” because there is no truth within him.  Therefore he himself is judged as the anti-God in the presence of God.
  We begin the most serious preparation of our chelas that has ever been attempted since the sinking of Atlantis.  We begin with intensity and a discipline that is for those who understand that the age hangs in the balance—the balance of the decision of the individual chela.  We begin a discipline meet for the armies of the Faithful and True.  We will not withhold that intensity and we will not stand for those in our midst who simper and whimper and complain of the intensity of the cause.
  The fallen ones who imitate the path of initiation have their disciplined armies, their disciplined students, those who understand terrorism and the tactics of terror, agitation and propaganda and all of the cunning lies they cause to enter into the marts of ideas.  They then become the ones who “excel” in discipline.  We will not have it.  Serapis Bey has come to inaugurate a feast of light to plant a flame of purity and a love of discipline within you.
  If you would save the Earth from the third cataclysm and America from the third vision (given to George Washington) understand that this is the hour to realize that all sacrifices that have gone before will come to naught unless your own sacrifice becomes the capstone in the great pyramid of America and the building of Western civilization.  Let the indulgent ones leave!  Let the half-hearted ones leave!  Let those who pick apart, criticize and gossip about our Messengers and our chelas leave. We are not interested in numbers.  We are interested in the single-minded son of God who knows that God in him is sufficient unto the hour.  There are places for those who desire a softer way, diffused, where they do not see reality because they have not yet determined to put on their spectacles and leave them on to see what is light, what is darkness, to see the hummingbird, the dove and the spume of the salt of the sea.
  I AM Maitreya.  I come in a great sphere of light.  I come because you have welcomed me . I come because you have made the trek to be a part of a circle of fire.  And you who have come to warm yourselves have found it not so warm here at Camelot.  There is the point, for you must understand that the only fire that can warm you is the fire in your own heart, banked by love and virtue and service.  O beloved ones, a few physical hardships teach the soul a multitude of truths.
  My beloved, this is an hour of decision . You may have heard the Teaching for many years, you may be lulled by the music and the voice of the Teaching, but this is no ordinary communication.  It is the pressing down upon you of the great mind of God and a realism with which many of the lightbearers have not been able to deal, even in recent months.  It is a realism conveyed to me by the Council of the Royal Teton, the Darjeeling Council, your Messenger Lanello—all  the way back to Alpha.  It is the reality of the present amalgamation of forces and powers in the systems of these governments.  The conspiracy is well on its way, beloved.  It is directed against the soul of the individual who has determined to become God.
  Now then we will see that no matter how great the mountain of darkness that mountain can be leveled by the voice of Elohim! Elohim! Elohim!  As the seven Builders of Form created form so they can uncreate that form.  They can withdraw the light from that form in an instant.  So the energy locked into world conquest and world dominion can be withdrawn in a moment.  Why does God wait?  He waits for God in the chela to be ready.  With the withdrawal of the power that has built the vain systems of the earth a collapse can come, a great collapse, a great cataclysm in the social order.  And God desires that God shall survive in the earth in His people.  I warn you then of your dalliance, allowing yourselves to be tied to systems that are internally self-destructive because they are built upon a foundation of hatred of the Guru, hatred of the Mother, hatred of Maitreya.
  Do you wonder why I am the Buddha who has been coming?  I have been coming, yet not manifest in the earth because of the hatred of me as the person of Maitreya ever since the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, ever since the judgment of Cain and the judgment of the Serpent.  In the children of God there is a resentment of the Guru who has withdrawn his power and his light.  And because now some have consumed that resentment and that ignorance of the Guru and his Law I have come.  I have become that one in matter as I have always been in Spirit.  Did you think that it was a process of evolution and that Maitreya had not yet passed his initiations? 
  Well, my beloved, it is Maitreya in the chela—the chela who is becoming Maitreya—who must pass the initiations that we passed long ago and have held in the vastness of our cosmic consciousness.  Do not limit the coming of the Buddhas.  Do not attempt to intellectualize their path.  You do not know the vastness of our Being.  Therefore be content to ponder the vastness of your own.  You do not know the vastness of the being of the twinflames of our Messengers. Therefore be not concerned, for everyone who comes to earth must have a human vehicle as you yourselves have.
  We will not allow the criticism of your human vehicle as long as you do not allow the criticism of our own, for we stand in defense of our chelas.  Our chelas are ourself, there is no separation.  There is no lesser love, there is no lesser consideration.
  When you enter the path you are one of us and we do not judge by levels of karma but by levels of commitment.  If your untransmuted karma is great, we behold your causal body, we behold present effort.  We give total opportunity for the soul to prove herself today where she failed yesterday.
  Can you do any less for those who represent us and who have been faithful year after year, aeon upon aeon?  Therefore do not question our judgment when we assign chelas a work in the work of God.  We come, we see, we are the conquerors of human creation; we invite you to conquer with us. We show you how; we place in your hand not only a sword but a plow.  We show you how to plow a deep furrow in the human consciousness, how to plant the seed of the Cosmic Christ.  We show you how to whirl that sling and slay the Goliaths of the age.  They are many. 
  With what tutoring did David come?  He came with an anointing and it was sufficient.  He came with a light and a determination to bow before the Lord God and to serve Him and Him alone.  Therefore I say, fear not.  Do not think that Maitreya is unreasonable.  Maitreya presents the Truth.  You will go forth, for I will ordain you, two by two, and you will bring in the souls who have the inner as well as the outer attainment to go straight to the top of the nations of the Earth and  reverse the tide.  But you must be wide awake and aware and understand that our Saint Stephen of the hour will live and not die, will receive those stones and make of them tomes of wisdom to throw back to the Pharisees, the Sadducees and the people--the wisdom to confound them.
  Make of those stones bread of life unto the multitudes.  Make of those stones coals of fire flung into the very midst of those in their secret chambers who are plotting even now the death of the lightbearers.  They have no power to destroy the Word, for the Word lives in you.  Make of those stones the hurling of the whirling centers of the seven chakras.  Hurl those spheres of light as you stand in the great rainbow of the Mighty Elohim and see how God in you will create and re-create an Earth and her evolutions.  This is the opportunity.  This is the option of the hour. The only one who can make certain the prophecy is you.
     -Maitryea:  December 31, 1978, at Camelot, Los Angeles via Messenger ECP
     As the musical sounds of devotions of India sound forth and fill the air with the vibration of the Word I am come; I, Maitreya, receive the devotions of the pure in heart.
  I receive the devotions, the very distillations of a soul’s offering unto the Most High God.  I was there when Cain made his offering unto the Lord, when Abel made his offering unto the Lord, and the acceptability of the offering is in the purity of the devotion.
  This day, many devotions rise as incense from the temples, the mosques, the churches and the sanctuaries of earth.  As the incense bears the fragrance of its source so the prayers of men, women and children bear the vibration, the very odor or the fragrance as the case may be of the motive of the heart in prayer.
Some pray to be thought well of men.  Some pray that they might receive power and use it against one another, and some pray for the very union of the soul with God that it might be a gift upon the altar of humanity for the salvation of souls.   
  Some desire reunion simply to experience the bliss of reunion. Others see reunion as the means to an end and that end, that goal of life is the establishment once again of God-consciousness on earth.  Thus let men examine the motives of their own heart first and let the Lord Christ come into the heart this day!  Let the heart become the threshing-floor and let there be a separation of the chaff and the wheat.  Let the separation be so that the purification of the body of God might make a more perfect instrument.
  When men have examined their heart’s motives, when they have found there the flaws of inordinate desire and the actual attempt to use the light of God to cover their own sins, to cover their own darkness let them pray that the Lord God will come and extract the splinters.  These splinters are not of God but of the Satans who walked the earth, the fallen ones who came as the Watchers of old to mingle their seed with the daughters of men and thereby to produce the offspring that were known as giants in those days.  These giants came forth out of the fallen power of fallen angels united then with that which was mere mortality.  The attempt of Lucifer and the fallen ones to blend the seed of God with the seed of mortals and to thereby seize a light that they no longer had has produced a race of people on earth this day who must always come closer to the light to continue to cover themselves with a veil of light whereas inwardly they are ravening wolves.  Inwardly they rebelled against the Law of God, but they continually seek to hide their origin and their destiny.
  Once again the Ascended Master Enoch walks through the highways of America.  He walks midst the children of the light.  He comes, “the seventh from Adam,” the son of the mother and the father of the children of the light of Abraham.  Enoch stood in the Presence of [God] in the earth.  He had cosmic consciousness. He ascended through the planes of heaven and they registered as a great cosmic chord of cosmic consciousness within his seven chakras of being.  Therefore he was able to stand and behold the visions of God, of heaven and earth and all that they contained of Light and Darkness and of the challenge of Light by Darkness in the original rebellion.
  Therefore he left a record, a record for the sons and daughters of God concerning the intrusion of the seed of the wicked as splinters in the body of God and their attempt to intrude splinters within the souls of lightbearers that have become flaws in the diamond of the heart of our devotees.  We come to extract the splinters by the surgery of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Cosmic Christ and your own Christ Self, the surgery to remove the seeds of rebellion and disobedience and disorder and chaos and even the challenging of the Lord God Himself.
  Let those then who take their oaths with the fallen ones and swear by the Lord God Almighty and by His name to destroy His children know that in the hour of the denial of the flame of God, God so denies their own flame.  Let those who walk in the imitation of the Watchers and the Satans know that they will be judged with their seed. Let those who walk in the imitation of the Christed ones, the anointed ones, also know that they will be judged with the anointed ones.  And let the children of the light whose soul-light has been compromised listen well, for the teaching of the great Teacher is nigh . The Ascended Master Enoch comes to give to you the understanding of your own cosmogenesis, your own history, your own evolution of light and also of Armageddon that has been waged since the hour of the casting out of the fallen ones from the heavens into the earth.
See then that you heed the mighty Word of Enoch and that you receive the impetus of the warning of one who descended from Adam, who bore that mantle and who stands in the very midst of the children of God once again to summon them back to the highest mountain, back to the very places of light, back to that peak, that awareness, that oneness, that Mount Zion where the children of God were gathered and from whence some of the children of God descended—not to partake of Christ’s Communion cup but to commune in the cups of the fallen ones and to drink with them the blood of the martyrs.
  I AM Maitreya.  I come also then with a mighty action of transmutation.  For these splinters shall be removed by the gift of healing, by the great agency of healing, the Holy Ghost in the Lord Jesus Christ within you.  And it shall come by the great gift of miracles signifying the hour of transmutation, the dissolving by the universal solvent—the violet transmuting flame itself—of the infiltration and penetration of the very auras of the lightbearers by the odor of the impure motive of the heart of the seed of the fallen ones.  Let clarity, the crystal clarity of Truth, come forth.  Let each soul of light who yearns for oneness realize that even as there has been an invasion of this solar system by those of evil intent from other systems of worlds so there is an invasion of the body of earth, the astral sheath of the earth and even of your own temple, of energies that are not your own.  They have remained with you for thousands of years, causing therefore great grief and striving within your being against an adversary you have not understood, whose face and name you have forgotten yet whose face and name you once saw clearly.
  In the hour of confusion, in the hour of the intensification of illusion,the attempt of the fallen ones is to confuse truth and error, light and darkness and to create a blending to confute the Word of God and to confuse the little children.  Clearly it is the Word of God delivered unto the Messengers of Truth that once again is a mighty sword separating light and darkness within you so that you can recognize a healthy cell from a diseased cell, treat the one and invigorate the other.  Beloved ones, to give more energy to the diseased cell in some cases will cause the disease to grow, to increase. Therefore often the withdrawal of the light from the diseased cell—diseased because it has been in rebellion against the light—is the great mercy of God on behalf of the healthy cell which must now have free/living/moving access to the light of God, unhampered by the burdensome cells that encroach upon the flame of the living.
  Thus dying, being born, the resurrection, the miracle of spring— the great miracle of Eastertide is the new birth.  Therefore with the coming of the new birth certain cells within consciousness pass through the degeneration spiral unto death, unto cancellation, unto annihilation.  That energy is recycled through the Great Central Sun so that the cell that is alive because the threefold flame is the energy of that cell can increase, can multiply, can propagate and create year upon year more beauty, more light and a greater fulfillment of the incarnate Word.
  Elemental life is dedicated to the new birth in the floral offerings of spring, in the great green of the science of healing that you see emerging upon the hillsides.  O blessed ones of the sacred fire, when the great Gurus return to the scene of the activities of their chelas there is an alchemy that must take place, a transmutation. Those who are of the light must come up higher, those who are not must realize their accountability for their darkness.
  As Mother Mary said “You cannot trifle with the Word.”  No, not with the message, no, not with the Messenger of Truth, for ye are all messengers of Truth even as the light of Truth is the Christ Self within you.  Either we create a platform for Truth, its accessibility, its acceptability or we do not.  But we do not create a platform where individuals may come in and challenge that Word—the very sacred fire that is the open fount of Life, flowing and nourishing the whole body of God worlds without end.  Therefore he who challenges one position in the Order of Hierarchy challenges all, even as he who breaks one point of the Law is guilty of breaking the whole Law.  Our Camelot is the Mystery School that opens its doors once again to the great challenges and testings of the Garden of Eden, closed thousands upon thousands of years ago.
  The opening of these doors is the opening of the great inner temples of the Great White Brotherhood to souls of light upon earth. Never in all eternity has the Lord God allowed the great Circle of Eden to be violated by the rebellious ones and therefore He will not allow it in this age.  The way of the Tree of Life is the assignment unto the Messenger and chelas of the ascended masters that makes this activity unique among all others upon earth.  Although many [activities] have benign services and even some measure of our sponsorship it is given to this one to open the way of the Mystery School with its initiations, its rigors, its demands for an unquenchable love of God to be flowing in the heart.
  That heart in you is the Sacred Heart of Jesus; it is the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  As you meditate upon these hearts, think then upon the great truth that every ascended master, every saint, every angel contains the mighty momentum of the Sacred Heart brimming with the very body and blood of Christ.  Why, in the very contemplation of that light if you would only touch the essence of the Word I give, your souls might soar into samadhi!
  I come to make plain the Truth.  I come to show you that if the gift of miracles delivered by the Holy Ghost were not necessary, it would not be given, it would not be ordained by God.  Miracles are the alchemy of the violet ray of the seventh age, miracles are the gift of Saint Germain.  The momentum of violet light within you is your ability to magnetize the energy of transmutation.  A miracle, beloved ones, is sudden transmutation.  Sudden transmutation takes place because someone in the universe has garnered enough light, enough violet flame, to inject such a momentum, such a potion of energy that the action of that violet flame causes instantaneous change in the etheric plane, the mental plane, the emotional plane and the physical plane.
  Therefore to be the instrument of this great light you must have an equivalency of that light in your chakras and in your aura.  For as you know even the great miracle healing drugs can produce death when too great a quantity is used where there is not a corresponding balance within the body temple.  Therefore that which is healthful in some doses becomes lethal in others.  So it is with the violet flame.    
  When you evoke the violet flame from God you are the Omega polarity of that violet flame and you are given the Alpha polarity of that which you already contain.  When Alpha and Omega converge within you as the plus and the minus of the seventh ray there is acceleration.  And with each invocation of the violet flame there is always an increase through your individual Christ consciousness that accrues to the momentum of the Omega energy you are building in your chakras.  Therefore when you invoke the violet flame today you receive the matched energy of Alpha.  When that matched energy descends and you meditate upon the great love of the seventh ray there is a burst of energy that is the Cosmic Christ consciousness within you, and your Omega reserve increases.
  Then the next round of evocation of the light of God produces another accelerated spiral, a greater momentum of the light of Alpha until you become a whirling sun-center of violet flame, a Central Sun Magnet verily whirling and attracting the momentum of violet flame in your own causal body of light.     
  Your first initiation in the violet flame is to magnetize, to pull down from your causal body the great momentum of freedom your soul has won through aeons and aeons of service to the Ancient of Days who is the great carrier of the light of freedom unto the universes.  Thus when you draw down your momentum of the violet flame from your causal body instantaneously you are able to manifest the miracle of the Spirit-body of your life, which in turn increases once again the violet flame you carry in your aura.  The goal of the exercise, you see, is to make you a balanced figure-eight flow so that ultimately the momentum of freedom of your causal body is in perpetual flow, perpetual motion over the figure-eight spiral.  Then you see, the great flow of that single band of violet flame makes you a carrier of the miracle of the Holy Ghost.
  The miracle gift of healing from the Maha Chohan gives to you the award that then enables you to draw down the great momentum of violet flame from the Ascended Masters’ Causal Bodies, from the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, from Alpha and Omega, the very Selfhood of God.
  Understand that as you come together, even in the cold and early hours of the morning you are giving the application that is opening the way for your individual freedom and all that you desire to do for those who are the sinful, sick and diseased cells in the body of God.  This miracle is necessary for the dissolving of the energies that the fallen ones have attempted to insert within the solar system, within the body of the earth, within the astral plane and within your very own physical temples, even within the motive of the heart.  It takes an intense action of the violet light and it takes a persistent year-by-year action of the violet light.
  The question that then arises, beloved ones, is what of those souls who are of God and yet who respond to the discordant chords of rebellion within themselves?  Those who originate in God’s light, who are the children of the light who respond to the seeds of Lucifer within them need the miracle dissolving action of the violet flame.  Yet by the very presence of those seeds of rebellion within them they do not endure, they do not persist in giving the dynamic decrees that would ultimately cause the dissolution of the momentums within them.  Therefore many have left and gone their way because they were not content, having sown within themselves the seeds of discontent.  They were not content to tarry with the Lord, to tarry with the Guru, to tarry with the Lord Christ and to receive that miracle—not by sudden transmutation but by gradual transmutation.
  It is to the children of the light that I direct your attention, counselors, teachers, representatives of Truth, you who have a greater vision than they because you have persisted not necessarily forever and a day but for a number of years in this very process.  When you encountered the momentum of deception within you and saw that momentum of rebellion you hung on, knowing that the light of the ascended masters was greater than your own.  You were willing to trust and you therefore became a focus of trust in the Guru-chela relationship.  When your power was not great enough to defeat the Adversary within you you had the power of the Great White Brotherhood suddenly infuse your temple with light, for this is the service of the Guru.
  Although your own momentum of the violet flame was not enough for the transmutation of that energy,the forcefields within you were set aside by the intercession of angels and seraphim and cherubim whose faces you did not see but who stood with you, guarding the temple of being because you kept the faith! Therefore without faith it is impossible to please God and to return to the dimension of harmony and alignment with your inner Self.
  Some children of the light could not tarry.  They could not stand the discomfort of the Adversary within the midst of their very own chakras, their very own subconscious.  It is to these that we direct our attention and we say to the body of light upon earth:  You who have seen beyond the hour of intense temptation, you who have won your certain victory and you who are set on the path come what may, you are the ones who must apply yourselves to an acceleration of the violet flame.
  Then when you go forth two by two across the face of the earth and you see the eyes of a child of God peering at you from behind all the effluvia of the world, you will be able to deliver the goods, as they say.  You will be able to deliver a momentum of violet flame from the very heart of Saint Germain and the Causal Bodies of the Ascended Masters as well as your own causal body of light.
  And that sudden intense transfer of light is the very meaning of the presence of the Messenger in your midst, for it is often the only action of the Law that will save a soul.  Thus has God ordained His offices in Hierarchy.  Each of His apostles and ministers and disciples and chelas carries an increment of light that is a sufficient Grace unto their individual assignment in the Order of Hierarchy.  Now let your love increase as you behold those in need of the great miracle of Saint Germain’s violet flame. Let your love be the manifest action of giving those dynamic decrees as though you meant it and as though the world depended upon it.
  Wake up, I say!  Wake up, O children of God who have gone astray!  Wake up now and know that all of your criticism, condemnation and judgment, all of your gossip, all of your backsliding and all of your suspicions regarding the Messenger or the chelas or the organization deprive you of communion with the great Hierarchy just beyond the veil.  The veil is so thin, my beloved, it is a wonder you do not feel the great heat of the sacred fire literally lapping at your heart and your chakras, ready to enter when you reenter into that blessed communion of the body and blood of God.  My beloved, understand that the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit have to do with a similar acceleration of the light of the seven rays within you and ultimately with the action of Alpha and Omega in the whitefire core of Being.
  As you garner the momentum of the blue ray so will you build a magnet in your aura to magnetize the great light of your causal body.  The blue power of God that then descends is for the exorcism of demons and discarnates by the authority of the Word, by the power of God.  And that same sword of Kali, that same blue energy establishes God-government and realigns the nations of the Earth under the flame of the government of Alpha and Omega.
  Therefore you who have made your invocations to Mighty Astrea are building a great Central Sun Magnet in your own heartflame of the white light of purity and of the blue ray.  Thus the twofold action of Serapis and Morya comes more and more into your grasp and you must begin to exercise the authority commensurate with the light you evoke from God.
  See then how the gift of healing which is the counterpart of the gift of miracles is also necessary to heal the consciousness of the children of God.  The children of God must be healed of the vibration of rebellion—I say, healed!   And I say, you must be the instruments of God’s healing, for God is the only healer.  Pursue the gift of healing!  Understand that it consists of Truth—Truth that is defended, that is spoken, unto which you witness.  Truth is the purity of the all-eeing Eye of God that casts out first your own self-deception, your inability to see life and to understand what is happening in the earth.
  Truth is a mighty flame.  It becomes the servant of those who serve it, even as the fiery salamanders are the servants of those who serve the sacred fire . If you would have Truth serve you, if you would earn the great gift of healing as a divine art you must understand that there can be no compromise with Truth, for the Truth that makes you free is a science and the Science of God is heavy with the power of God.
  Look at the science of energy as you survey the mountains—the fire in the heart of the mountains, the fire in the heart of the molecules of the sea and the air and the stars.  Why, the universe is literally brimming with energy to which mankind has little or no access because they have not passed the initiations of the great Tree of Life or of the Mystery School.  Our Circle of Fire is a circle of fire and it remains a circle of fire!  Our purpose is set, our purpose is to publish the Teaching to be partaken of morsel by morsel as crumbs from the Masters’ table by the children of God upon earth.
  Each morsel that they eat as the published Word—a book or a tape or a decree or a poem or a song—becomes the body and blood of Christ that accelerates their own auric forcefield just a little bit more.  Thus each time they partake of a morsel they can contain more light until they may make the decision to step once again into the circle of fire where the great intensity of the Lord God is dispensed unto the chelas of this age.
  Therefore the casting of the bread upon the waters is the casting of the bread of the Garden of Eden, the very initiations of Maitreya out upon the whole earth.  Each book becomes a sword dividing the way of light and darkness, demanding a choice.  And with the choice is the judgment.  The book is the very Person of myself; the tape is the Person of the ascended master speaking. Wherever they fall as manna upon the children of Israel that manna becomes the catalyst to leaven the body of God.  Morsel by morsel they approach the living flame.  Some may not arrive in this life, some may not see the Promised Land and some may not regain entrance to the temples of Lemuria, but because you have kept the flame they will be a little bit closer.  They will have advanced on the spiral of life.
  They will have advanced and therefore in succeeding lifetimes they will come to the place where they dare to walk in the footsteps of the avatars who went before them.  This is not the work of a day or a decade, it is the work of the millennia!   Millennia are lost by the rebellion of the one and the few and they must be regained step by step and spiral by spiral.  If it could be otherwise, I assure you that the Lord God would have provided the means.  But He has not, because of the power of the great energy to create, preserve or destroy life.
  Let God-consciousness increase within you.  Let the seriousness of the relationship to the ascended masters be upon you.  Let your awareness of this reality make you willing to defend the honor that is even now Excalibur held by El Morya within your midst, that mighty sword ‘gainst which the Sun of Helios and Vesta reflects the blinding light.
  The blinding light is the energy of your very own being.  So the sword Excalibur represents honor--honor that will not be silenced, that will not be turned back or put down.  Those who would carry the sword in Morya’s name must be willing to uphold the reality of the Guru-chela relationship in an hour when it is threatened by the very ones whom I, Maitreya, cast out of the Garden of Eden.  Thousands upon thousands were cast out of the early Mystery School.  Even as God cast them out of heaven so the rebellious ones were cast out of Lemuria until their rebellion was so great that God withdrew the entire platform itself and allowed the Mystery School to ascend into the etheric plane where only the elect might enter.
  Those very ones cast out of that relationship of love are the ones who persecute the lightbearers today.  I say, They shall not pass!  They shall not cross the circle of fire!  They shall not put down the great light of the Teaching as long as there is one chela upon earth who is Father, Son and Holy Ghost incarnate.  How many of you can claim that attainment this moment?
  If you cannot, then it is a goal you can achieve not because of yourself but because God has ordained it and because you attain it by the Grace of the Eternal Guru who lives within you, your own beloved Christ Self.  Seek then the attainment of the mighty flow of God and hear me as I speak the message that Kuthumi desires to deliver to you and Djwal Kul and even El Morya as they continue to unveil the most profound and scientific studies of the human aura become the divine aura.  Hear then the great mystery of the cycling of the rings of your causal body.  How many figure-eight flows are contained within you?  Do you know, O chela, how many cycles of that great mystical figure-eight sign are passing through you in this hour?
  You visualize one, and within that one are a million times one, as each and every unique frequency of your causal body passes over another pattern, another design, of the figure-eight.  O the science of God, the immensity of that science!
  The fallen ones who went out in defiance from the very throne of Alpha and Omega came to the earth.  They gave to the children of men the secrets of God whereby the children of men began to practice their manipulations and their sorceries on elemental life, their imprisonment of elemental life and their creations, horrendous creations that were a desecration of God.  You see, in their vengeance against God the fallen ones said “We will whisper the mysteries into the ears of mortals and the mortals will then abuse the mysteries.  They will sin against God and then they will bear the karma of that sin”-- always calculating to have another bear the burden of their disobedience.  And so the children of men gathered in their covens, in their rituals in imitation of the great solar rings and the great rituals of the mighty seraphim.
  Therefore God withdrew from the earth and I withdrew from Eden and from giving the mysteries lest they be passed on to those who had not the commitment of the inner flame.  But the pulsation and the transfer of the mind of God have never been withdrawn from the son and daughter of God.  It has been spoken in a whisper in the secret chamber of the heart, and only souls who entered that secret chamber in meditation received the holy oil of initiation and of the inner teaching.   
  The fallen ones sought to subvert the very mystery of creation itself by their insubordination, but God knew from the beginning that He had not entrusted His ultimate secrets unto those who might yet turn against the light.  Thus you come to understand why the mysteries we deliver are kernels of light that must be warmed by an accelerated devotion to the threefold flame so that the shell of the kernel might be broken and the soul eat of the meat of the Word contained within.  Our emphasis upon devotion, upon the dynamic decrees and upon the simple truths is our understanding that we  bring to you, bringing you to the communion of your own heart where the mysteries revealed remain sealed within your soul, sometimes even sealed from your outer mind.  Even while your inner soul is evolving and transcending and attaining heights of cosmic consciousness the outer mind remains seemingly simple, perhaps as rough-hewn and uneducated as were the great fishermen and the others whom Christ called to be his disciples.
  So God protects the mystery of the Holy Grail.  Even as His face was veiled in the Holy of holies so the veiling of the mysteries is a protection unto all life, the life that is God.  Many of you contain inner mysteries which in their outworking in your life produce a magnificent service.  Understand that God holds each chela in the hollow of His hand.  By your faithfulness your attainment is won in an inner sense even while sometimes you wonder about your outward appearance and seeming lack of outer knowledge. 
  God has sealed you in a mystery and the Great White Brotherhood tenderly cares for the sheep of the Great Shepherd. That you might pass through the door of the ascension and open that door wider for the evolutions of light is our prayer. I, Maitreya, come.  The cornucopia God has given to me is so full of the fruits of the Spirit I desire to deliver to you that I would tarry with you the afternoon if it were possible for you to endure so much light.  Because the great Law will not allow it I will therefore come to the seminar and deliver to you for a weekend the musings of my heart.
  I call the faithful to be initiated, to come to Camelot, to come to the Mystery School of Eden and then to unite in the one mighty flame of the Cosmic Christ, the acceleration of the wisdom of the mind of God, to unite in the great energy of the second ray of wisdom and to feel that ray of light in all of its transforming, radiating spirals of light.  I come to prepare your temples for the greater light of the resurrection of your memory of God.  I come then to anoint you and I come this day to Summit University to also announce the implementation of your greater integration—Spirit, matter, Alpha and Omega—which can only be accomplished by your entering in to a sacred labor through the Holy Ghost.
  You have heard the Law of the Father and the wisdom of the Son. I call you then to an active interpenetration with the Holy Ghost.  I call you to service within our Community of the Holy Spirit.  This week then,we shall implement the divine plan of God whereby you take your place side by side with chelas who are chelas because they are God in action, because they are implementing the Word in a service that instantaneously blesses every part of life.  The very service of this Community to the body of God upon earth is a miracle in itself.  When you think of even the delivery of the weekly Pearls of Wisdom you see the instantaneous transmutation of the gift of miracles that occurs as a sphere of light is deposited in the heart of all who read those Pearls.   In some it is the judgment of impure motive; in others it is the judgment of purity of heart and a resurrection unto eternal Life.
  I stand in the nation America, and Enoch walks to expose the true and the false teachers and to restore this nation to sanity, to health, cell by cell.  Let our chelas continue to be an infusion, a veritable transfusion of the blood and the body of the Lord Christ, for the holding of the balance in an hour of transition.
I AM Maitreya:  They shall not pass!  
 :2-4-1979 at Camelot, Los Angeles via the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Guru Ma
-Amitabha Buddha, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978

By Law I must determine whether you are worthy to stand in the presence of your own Christ Self

       Hail, O infinite fire of love!  I send love arcing from the plane of reality where I am into the valleys and the mists of maya where you seem to be but are not.  I reveal my face, face-to-face; I am the lover of your soul.  I am the Beloved, drawing you nearer and nearer to the goal of life that is love.  When you see me face-to-face you remember the ancient mysteries and the Ancient of Days. Suddenly you remember your origin and the vastness of the void of reality which contains the stars, the deities—angles of God’s consciousness.  Immediately you leave all and run for the Sun, you run into the arms of the Sun and you keep on running and keep on running.  You run home to love.
  This is why God does not reveal Himself fully, wholly day by day. So many would abandon the cares, the karma of this world and the duty to be the dharma and the duty to open the way for all beings to live.  Therefore the veil covers the reality of who you are so that the spirals of life may continue and God may realize Himself as God even here below.
  I AM the love magnet, drawing untold evolutions to the love-magnet center of life.  I come to initiate your soul by love.  I give to you then the token of my heartflame whereby you are seized as by Cupid’s arrow, enamored of God, in love with God and in search of only one embrace, the divine embrace, the everlasting embrace whereby you no longer alone are all One.  Nevermore to go out but only to Be, to atone for all life, to bring love, to excel in love, exceed in love, expand in love and thereby realize the discipline that is required of the overcomer on the path.  Yes, I am the coming Buddha who has come.  I have released my spiral in this age and it is a wide spiral of love.  I have surrounded you and every soul of light with a spiral that has become a geometric swaddling garment, a fohatic light for the all to become the One within you.
  Blessed hearts, the path of initiation is only that you might put on increment by increment the garment of the Lord and therefore retain identity.  If God were to bestow upon you the sacred-fire mystery all at once, you would become the self that was dissolved in the Self; and only God without the individualization of your flame would remain.  But you become Hierarchy, you become the keystone when you agree to pass, line upon line, through initiations of the sacred fire.  I come then for the transfer of the light of my heart.  This night it is simply an intensification of God as love in your heart—a love for the Person of God, the personal manifestation of God that dwells concomitantly with the Eternal Spirit.  To be in love with a Person of God is to be assimilated by that Person and therefore to become that one—simple mystery of the Buddhic path, simple mystery of the light.  But I am Maitreya, I am the initiator of the love spiral.
  Now perceive the bowl of your consciousness hewn out of natural wood.  Now see as I pour the elixir of love into the wooden bowl. Have you thought of yourself as the begging bowl?  Have you thought of the carrying of the begging bowl as initiation on the path, the key to the realization that man is a beggar before God and when he ceases to be ashamed of that truth he will ask and receive the elixir of love?
  In the secondary manifestation the monk with the begging bowl must learn the perfection of indifference, for some deposit love in the bowl and others hatred.  They despise and reject the Christ in the one who comes—therefore they renounce the position of God in themselves and the opportunity of God to give unto God the fullness of the requirement of the hour.
  Blessed ones, in this cycle of the coming Buddha who has come, all life on earth receives initiation hour by hour, day by day; until my coming in the flame of the Cosmic Christ for this age it was only those who would seek and find the Guru.  Now with the acceleration and compelling of the Law and the compelling of Earth’s evolutions into oneness with that Law none are exempt.  Lo, the day is at hand and every lifestream must give accounting to the Guru Maitreya whether to enter the mainstream of initiation of life or to be found high and dry upon the shore without identification with the movement of God.  
  I pray then that you will pray that every form of life on Earth might reach for the next rung and the next rhythm in the movement of consciousness.  I ask you to pray for the deliverance of souls, for their salvation through Jesus Christ, through Gautama Buddha, through the I AM THAT I AM, through the message of God unto Mohammed, through the sayings of Confucius, Zarathustra, Melchizedek, Lao Tzu—all who have carried the flame of Mother East and West.  I ask you to pray that the deliverance of souls come quickly and that the manifestation of God-consciousness on earth be the fulfillment of the realization of love and only love.         
  Hear the bubbling, crystal waters of the elixir of love that I pour carefully into your bowl.  Your soul extends to me with outstretched hands the wooden bowl of life.  I pour into this hemisphere of self and I say to self, Drink ye all of it.   Drink of the elixir of love and let love be the fullness of the message of the sacred heart, intensifying and burning within your heart—burning and expanding until you yourself are consumed by all-consuming love and in that consummation realize the Self in higher and higher spirals of Being.  Love does not leave you where it finds you.  Though you may be devastated by love, yet love in stripping you of the guises and disguises of the former self does propel you to a higher realm of consciousness where you are the lover, the beloved, the soul fused in the One. 
  I come then to initiate you in the love ray, with Paul the Venetian, Chamuel and Charity, Heros and Amora and all the Buddhas of infinite Love.  I come that you might seek God as the Divine Lover of your soul, that you might seek me as the personification of that Lover, that you might realize yourself as Mother and in your meditation flow in and out of Maitreya as the stream seeking the vortex of light that is the ascension flame, seeking and finding the fulfillment of the soul and the Self by the spiral of the ascension that is the quintessence of God’s love for all life.
  The ascension, my beloved, is the consummation of our love. And in this marriage of your soul unto me, unto God, know the eternal bliss and the entering in to the Home, the sacred OM.  I am Maitreya, sustaining the floodtide of love.  As you think upon me visualize the moment of my coming.  With your wooden begging bowl held out to me your soul has the opportunity of the soul to make the transition from beggar to prince and so to know yourself and reign in life as the beloved son, the beloved daughter.
  Beloved ones, meditate upon the movement of the flow of the bubbling elixir of Life as it fills the wooden bowl of consciousness. See me as I am depicted before you in the ancient statue that bears my name and my flame and my Electronic Presence. Visualize the coming Buddha coming into your life, always with the initiation of love.  Drink in love, be filled with love and sustain the love we share in the very midst of the hatred that sets itself against the fulfillment of love in the age of Aquarius.
  Now then by the love I impart be the focalpoint for the transmutation, the consuming of war that comes from hatred, prejudice that comes from hatred, anti-Christ, anti-God that is the hatred of the Self—self-annihilation, the hatred of the little child, the unborn, the Mother and the Father and the Spirit.  Blessed ones, the annihilation of the Person of God is the ultimate hatred of the Fallen One, for the Fallen One’s sin is to refuse to bend the knee and to confess the name of the Cosmic Christ in Maitreya, in Jesus, in Krishna, in Christos, in your eternal Christ Self.   
  Therefore understand that the lie of the denial of the personification of God originated in the pride of the Evildoer who would not worship the Son of God but made himself equal with God, who would give homage to God only on the basis of a pride-filled equality almost as a patrimony, as a condescension.  Blessed ones, he who does not recognize the holy child as God and worship the God within the child denies the Lord God Himself. Which of you would acknowledge anyone who denied your offspring while saluting you?         
  Your offspring is yourself.  The Eternal Christ, incarnate as the Word in many sons and daughters, is the Self of God.  Those who know not the Christ are as pagans, as idolaters, and they cut themselves off from the Eternal One.  By that denial of the love of the only begotten Son and the love of God for the soul of humanity in sending that Son they have therefore lost contact with the threefold flame of their own divinity which contains Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  I AM Maitreya, I stand before you in the fullness of my stature. As I confirm myself to your inner eye as the personification of God I open the door for you to stand upon the platform of life as the personification of the Christ and to be the open door for that self-same realization in all humanity.  Therefore I must declare myself the Person of God else deny forevermore your capacity to be the Son.
  I have shared my communion cup of love.  I have filled your beggar’s bowl, therefore you are no longer the beggar in life but the inheritor, the joint heir with the Universal Christ.  Expand your Christ Self-awareness from the point of the heart to the point of Jesus Christ to the point of Gautama Buddha and know me as I AM--the initiator of all levels and planes of Christ consciousness.
  I call then unto the twelve tribes of Israel.  I send the lifeline of the pure Son of God and I say to all:  Worship the Son, for only by worshipping the Son can you become the Son.  This is the eternal message sent from the Father which I confirm to your soul with the nearness of His heartbeat and His very breath.  I AM in you
Maitreya, the Coming Buddha who has come to call you home to love.      12-3-1977 at San Francisco via Messenger ECP
God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods.
How long will ye judge unjustly and accept the persons of the wicked?  Selah.
Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.
Deliver the poor and needy:  rid them out of the hand of the wicked.
They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course.
I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.
But ye shall die like men and fall like one of the princes.
Arise, O God, judge the earth:  for thou shalt inherit all nations.       -Psalm 82

      Children of my heart, I come in the love of the Cosmic Christ for your souls and for your souls’ advancement on the path of initiation.  You see, in the very nucleus of God-consciousness of the Cosmic Christ is the seed-awareness of every living soul, and within that seed is the deep desiring of God for the return of the soul who has gone out of the way of wholeness.  Therefore we do contain the intensity of God’s desiring for initiation, for by testing and then adding unto the soul the increment of light because of the victorious passing of the test an increment of our consciousness is added unto the soul whereby that soul may increase its awareness of the desire that God contains for the soul.
  Do you see, beloved ones?  One must contain within one‘s self an element of that seed in order to have even the desire for initiation. You must be of God and of that Cosmic Christ, then that seed within your soul responds to the desiring of God.  Within the seed is the memory, the ancient memory recorded there of the origin of being in God.  Only through that memory can the Lord God transmit the desire.
  Beloved ones, did you know that the fallen ones who moved against the souls of light on this planet know that locked within the memory of the seed of every soul is the God-consciousness of the inner experience in the Beginning with Alpha and Omega? Therefore do you know, beloved ones, that these fallen ones have determined to destroy the soul’s desiring for God?  For by this, they contrive to take from the path millions who are held in the balance in this hour.  How have they determined to do this?
  You need but look around you.  They have created, East and West, a civilization based on the desire for myriad things--circumstances, powers, controls, entertainments, conquests. Beloved ones, the forcefields of desire and the desiring of the human consciousness are as legions of demons.
  You have heard of the erasing of the memory of the brain by the process of lobotomy.  What have the fallen ones further determined to do?  To destroy within the very brain itself (the physical brain, the physical mechanism that is the instrument of the mind of God through the crown and the third-eye chakra) the ability for it to hold and to make contact with the memory that is stored and locked in the seed of the soul.  They cannot destroy that nucleus of light except the individual surrender his soul unto the fallen ones by agreeing in the way with the Adversary through sympathy or rebellion.  But as you see, many souls have not rebelled against God nor are they sympathetic to evil, therefore tampering with the soul will not work upon them.
  And so the children and the youth are the innocent victims who receive the greatest onslaught of the tampering with the brain cells through that which has come forth out of the pit—the rock music, the drug culture, the misuse of sexual energies.  More than that, beloved ones, by tampering with and manipulating the DNA chain the fallen ones have determined that generations in the not too far distant future will be born without the cells within the brain that are the necessary contact with the chakras and soul (solar energies).  The proposition on the council tables of the False Hierarchy in this very era is to determine by outer and inner programming that the outer person will no longer have contact with the inner person.  They desire that the glorious temple of the four lower bodies made by the Lord God should no longer be an instrument for the sensitivity of the soul to penetrate other octaves, and therefore they have planned a robot race.
  Though the children of the light are not of the origin of the fallen ones if the fallen ones can successfully cut off the individual’s contact with his own solar awareness through the soul chakra, with his own heartflame through the heart chakra, with mind of God through the crown and with all levels of His mighty consciousness, then they will have individuals who have the momentum of light and of karma and of evolution cut off from the land of the living, from the realm of First Cause.
  You have heard what I would consider eerie descriptions of beings from outer space manning flying saucers resembling half-animal, half-human grotesque forms and colors, resembling not in any way the divine manifestation of the son or the daughter of God.  Beloved ones, throughout the vastness of the matter cosmos the experimentation with the seed of life and with the egg of Omega has been, I tell you, beyond your comprehension.  Many of these flying saucers are manned by what you would term a slave race, a robot race, and they are programmed from various quarters and segments of the galaxy.  Some are entirely manmade and some are the remaining vestiges of evolutions that have been deprogrammed and separated scientifically from their inner contact with God.  Thus they are portrayed as having no feelings, no sense of longing or devotion for the family.
  The false hierarchy’s concept of discipline and attainment is the altogether scientific mind that is not considerate of any of the conditions of the human being, the human soul, the human evolution with its joys, its sorrows and its ability to cry, to sing, to experience pain and to experience the transmutation of pain into the bliss of God.  Beloved ones, our Messenger may not be here nor may you when these expressions are ultimately intended to be rampant upon the planetary body.  Thus I release my Word as a portion of sacred scripture for the Aquarian age that you and your offspring and generations to come may read avidly and righteously out of the very Book of Life whence these truths are taken.  Our warning of the madness of the mad scientists is not only for the future, it also concerns the past, as they have manipulated energy for the sinking of continents and the distortion of life on Lemuria and Atlantis.
  Those who would be initiates of the sacred fire in the age of Aquarius must come to know the vastness of the mind of the Cosmic Christ that contains, as the Mediator of a cosmos, the complete awareness and record of all experiments ever made by souls of God with the uses of the energies of the Christ and of the sacred fire.  Therefore approach the mind of the Cosmic Christ with the sense that you, the living soul, will put on the mantle of responsibility to stand with your own beloved Christ Self and the Christ Selves of Earth’s evolutions to bear the responsibility of dealing with and grappling with the individuals who have been planning not only the conquest of this world but of many worlds for centuries upon centuries.  They have manipulated their own karma, reincarnating again and again with one another of like frequency, cloning themselves, reproducing themselves, creating manifestations in the test tube that can be controlled for their purposes.
  If then the fallen ones, usurping the mind of Christ, plan not for decades but for centuries, would it not be wise on the part of the avant-garde of light of Earth’s evolutions to also plan for the centuries—to plan for the hour when the souls of the children of God will study every word and measured beat of that which has come forth in this dispensation and two-thousand-year cycle?  Beloved ones, whether in the defense of America or of the millions of souls destined to ascend from the planetary body you must think in terms of decades, centuries and millennia.
  Let us then see how children of God and sons and daughters working with the angels may also evolve a plan and set in motion those safety measures from the great causal body of the Great Divine Director, safeguards that will put electrodes of the Cosmic Christ in the way of evildoers.  You have heard the reading of Psalm 82.  I selected that psalm so you would understand that David and those who were a part of the setting forth of the psalms knew well that an ancient seed of darkness moved among mankind whom they referred to as “the wicked.”  This seed of darkness, committed unto the destruction of souls from its very inception, cannot be considered equal in any way to the children of God.
  Perhaps it is in style not to accuse or expose or reveal truth and error.  Well, beloved ones, I would not exactly say that the Cosmic Christ is in vogue on earth today.  They who desire to be popular are not so quick to point the finger or to isolate those who have embodied evil.  They prefer rather to indicate that all individuals are sincere, well motivated and somehow by the accident of mathematics or luck or astrology some men’s works result in failure and evil, others in victory and God-Good.
  Well, as you know, there is no accident in cosmos.  That which is within the individual is that which expresses—“Ye shall know them by their fruits.”  Climb then the highest mountain where from that vantage-point you will see the several evolutions upon earth and you will understand that he who seeks the attainment of the Cosmic Christ must not fear, as John the Baptist did not fear, as Jesus Christ did not fear, to point the finger of the Lord’s judgment at those who are usurping the very life of the souls of God in science, in misuses of nuclear energy, in laboratory experiments, beloved ones, that go all the way from the manipulation of the very coil of life itself in the DNA chain to experiments on newborn babies and avatars.
  Let those who would have my initiation surrender now the desire for popularity.  You will never be able to amass both souls of light and souls of darkness around you and have them agree with you and praise your offering.  So you might as well choose the sort of soul with whom you will frequent this Earth.  When you compromise you will be found in the midst of the congregation of the compromisers.  You will have their plaudits for a while, but when you are without compromise and you dip into the purity of the light and expose those who misuse the Law and the government and supply and abundance of God, those who abuse the farmer, laborer, working man and woman (those who build America by the sweat of the brow and labor of their bodies), when you find them abused by the false shepherds fear not.
  Do you remember that it was indeed John the Baptist who accused the then ruling member of Rome of immorality within his marriage?  Outspoken, forthright, came John the Baptist, telling him it was not lawful for him to be married in the condition in which he was married.  Beloved ones, this cost John his head but not his soul, not his ascension, not his integrity, not his honor.
  You have heard a notable one in your midst accuse the American people of being afraid to die for a cause.  Peculiar is it not,when history has shown again and again that those who fear to defend their freedom and their path of initiation will lose their life, as Jesus said.
  What then is the initiation of the Cosmic Christ?  It is directly— the direct line between you and the position you seek—the position of the power of the Godhead, the wisdom and the love to walk the earth wearing the robe of the prophets, the messengers, the teachers, using that robe to cleave asunder the real from the unreal, to be the manifestation of the judgment and to care for the children of God who are not yet mature enough to understand this very simple condition of an evolution of light and an evolution of darkness dwelling side by side, having similar appearances, yet their works do go before them.
  It requires the maturity to accept the consequences of such an understanding of life.  When you admit that individuals have free will and may therefore embody evil the consequences are, beloved ones, that you must choose.  You must choose to be either the one or the other and proceed without compromise to protect the little ones who know not the difference.  This is why we have given specific teachings to you through our Messenger in this very conference, although you may not have understood why.  Beloved ones, you cannot fight and win the battle of Armageddon if you do not know your enemy.  It is as simple as that.      
  It is not enough to know the enemy, you must know the strategies of that enemy.  I have given you just one of the false hierarchy’s strategies:  its attempt to destroy the cell-memory of the brain.  Many of you know that in the psychiatric hospitals of the Soviet Union brain operations or the taking-in of certain chemicals by the patients are designed to and have indeed accomplished this very thing—making souls of great light mere vegetables in a given lifetime.  This then is not as far removed as you might think.  There are many ways of manipulating a light generation away from the desire for God.  If in contrast you look to the seed of the wicked, you will find this singular character trait:  the total and absolute absence of desire for reunion with God.  This desire is not something that can be transplanted by mechanical or surgical means.  It is the original seed of God with which He has endowed the soul; and because that seed is in the soul the Lord God Himself knows that the soul can and shall return according to the exercise of freewill.
  Very immediate then upon the agenda of the sons and daughters of God pursuing the initiations of Maitreya is to remove from the children of God all that tampers with their individual freewill, such as the hypnosis of mass media, misuse of the educational institutions to program little children and older children as well as university students as though they were robots.
  Beloved ones, God Almighty has fed into the soul and the chakras and spheres of being His own designs of a cosmic geometry.  In the sense of the Godhead then you the offspring of the Most High are indeed programmed, but this is the programming of the Cosmic Christ whereby in every cell there is a memory, a desire, an order, a universe and a programming for the very life of that cell of what it must accomplish within a given organ of the body.  Therefore when you see before you beauty or you see the illustrations that the Mother prepares for your meditation, when you recite the Word of God do not let the fallen ones come in with their projections that say “You are being programmed.  Beware!  You are receiving hypnosis now.”    
  Beloved ones, understand that the method of the Ascended Masters and the Cosmic Christ is to give you in your full conscious mind the opportunity to choose and to select what you will deposit within your temple.  After all each time you think, move, act or meditate it is not necessary for you to engage in the original creative act of the cosmos.  Some things bear repetition by the very ritual and movement of energy from the center of the atom to the periphery.  This is not rote, it is a cosmic ritual of the seventh age—always the ritual of Father, Son and Holy Spirit and of the Cosmic Virgin.
  You will notice that the fallen ones never taunt you with their message “You are being programmed like a robot” when you are before the television screen, when you are in motion-picture theaters or when you are reading the daily papers.  All is silent, for now they are the ones who are doing the programming and they are frightened when they see that through your own Christ potential you become selective.  Your mind can discern and discriminate and therefore you accept and you reject, you receive and you say “I will not enter.”  This intelligent receiving of the energies of a universe is as it is intended.   Beloved ones, your advertising is filled with subliminal energies, designs of pornography, designs to create a desire in you for a product, and on and on.  So you see it is not quite cricket, as they say, for the fallen ones to be free to program the children of God.  Yet when the Cosmic Christ appears with his legions to assist the poor children of Helios and Vesta to restore the imagination of the heart and mind and the very brain itself that has been tampered with by the taking in of drugs then they declare that it is not lawful.  Beloved ones, we do come; we come with a great gift.  We see how even the very beating of the rock music upon these delicate membranes of your being has caused you to be less and less receptive to the delicate sendings of the Cosmic Christ to your soul.
  And so we come with beauty, we come with nourishment, we come with thoughtforms, we come with the statues that we have brought to our altar through many of your own hands so that you may gaze upon these archetypes of your internal reality.  In gazing upon them you transfer to millions and millions of cells the image of the Buddha.  Do you know the transformation of consciousness that occurred even this morning through the ritual of going over the images of the Buddha and the Mother again and again?  Why in each and every one of you that polarity, that figure-eight flow is now established.   It is written in your etheric body and even in your physical cells so that when you take in nourishment and food and air and sunshine the nutrients of life coming into your temple now flow after that basic matrix.  This is programming not by rote but by conscious cooperation of your soul with your Christ mind. Likewise when you decree the same word several times, many times it makes a deeper and deeper impression of sacred-fire living letters in your four lower bodies, impressing upon your being the worded mantras of the ascended masters.
  While you are engaged in daily duties and other affairs there is the natural breathing in and out of the Holy Spirit that passes through these beautiful matrices you have lovingly, consciously, freely deposited in your superconscious, waking conscious and subconscious mind.  And because energy flows through you as a giant Niagara Falls twenty-four hours a day, because you have created so many of these perfect thoughtforms we can release great light to you which passes through you and then blesses the earth with the very fragrance that emits from these inner designs.
  Many of the recordings made upon your bodies through the decrees are microscopic in size yet they fulfill the function of transmitting God’s light and energy to hold the balance for the earth.  This is why we have recommended that mothers with child do not look upon the television set, take in the substance of the media or partake of discordant art forms.  During the period of gestation there is the multiplication of the mother’s ability to take in and pass on to the forming child the light-energy-consciousness that is around her.  This ability as all abilities and talents is not one of discrimination.  The talent is given; the individual by free will must discriminate in its use.  Therefore the mother becomes a giant receiving station for the sendings of the Elohim and the Archangels.  Now you see, the fallen ones have determined that mothers will not spend five minutes in meditation daily or even throughout the period of their pregnancy, and by creating all manner and manifestation of outer forcefields they have diverted their attention.  Therefore they have succeeded in using this most amazing forcefield of the computer of the mind of God to transfer to the incoming child not the harmony of inner spheres but the degradation of outer spheres.  Thus these little children are born, born more and more to be a part of the degeneration spiral of Earth and her evolutions that we are witnessing today.
  The fallen ones who move among the children of God upon earth have taken their training at inner levels from the archdeceivers of mankind.  In the same way as your souls journey to the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood those who are committed to the path of ambition and pride journey to other retreats on the astral plane.  Meeting individuals there who pose as the most advanced adepts on the path they truly are convinced at inner levels that they are working with the elite of Earth’s evolutions who are descended even from Almighty God Himself.  The False Hierarchy has an entire evolution—all the way back to the one who sits on the throne of the impostor of the Almighty One, the counterfeit throne of God.  So the souls who are duped are souls who have not a sincere and pure desire for reunion with God.  Nevertheless they seem sincere in their activities; and those who train them give them to understand by a very distorted means what are the goals of life upon earth and how they [the trainers] are concerned for the greatest good, the greatest happiness and the greatest expansion of Earth’s people.
  When you consider this you must be aware of the fact that among spiritual groups and religious teachings there is a danger for individuals who have not left off or transmuted the desire for ambition (the desire for success through pride) to come into a circle of devotees and by imitation present a counterfeit path, a counterfeit initiation, a counterfeit manifestation of how the soul leaves the body temple and enters into the etheric octave.
Movements have in actuality promised soul travel to their devotees.  They have invented names of masters and contacts on earth.  Many books and organizations in North and South America, in Europe and even in Africa have purported to represent the Brotherhood of Light.
  Beloved ones, you can see that the False Hierarchy behind them is complete and by their misuse of the energy of the chakras they too may create a simulation of vibration and all that which appears to be real and is not.  Now when children of the light do not have a direct experience with the Holy Spirit, with the Lord Christ, with their own I AM Presence because they have placed other gods before these they have not therefore reached a level of discrimination.
  Let them come and sit at the feet of the ascended masters.  Let them set aside all goals of self-aggrandizement—the very subtle desires whereby those on the psychic path or the so-called spiritual path see themselves as being above others and therefore able by their so-called powers to command respect.  These powers range all the way from phenomena to actual healings to that which even appears to be the raising of the dead.  This has been done by the fallen ones by mechanical means and even by the misuse of the energies of the chakras.  Beloved ones, some of you have no idea of the path you walk and the path that you shall walk when you determine to become a disciple of the Cosmic Christ.  I come before you with utter love not to shock or frighten you but to tell you that when you plead with me from your heart for initiation, that initiation must first be your encounter with the one who is my counterfeit. 
  By Law I must determine whether you are worthy to stand in the presence of your own Christ Self and the level of scintillating light and cosmic consciousness that the Lord God has given to me.  These counterfeits are numerous, so I say to you, initiation is not the mere touching of your chakras for the passing of a current of energy.  It is sending you forth as though blindfolded, saying “Now, find your way back to me by vibration.  Meditate until you feel my presence as a pulsating cosmic love-wisdom and then direct your course to me though you see me not.”
  I can guarantee that that course will then be fraught with those who take you this way and that way into primrose paths, justified by the fact that they are constructive and serve some human good, some lesser purpose.  Therefore they say “Why not combine them with the search for Maitreya inasmuch as Maitreya is so far away?”  And you reply “Since it is unlikely that I will find him today or tomorrow or the next day I will engage myself in this or that.”   So you become entangled in the marshes, the lowlands, the deepest valleys and even the sublevels of the earth in the canyons of the astral plane, thinking you do God service.
  I come then on the wake of the wave of light released in the dictations that have been given by our Brotherhood from this platform—dispensations of a thrust for purity and wisdom and love, dispensations whereby the teaching has gone forth on the mantle of responsibility.  Inasmuch as Alpha and Omega have communicated their simple word to you through the beloved God of Freedom we are counting upon this body of lightbearers to secure the future of freedom on earth.  I AM come.  I come because I know well that to accomplish the task in Saint Germain’s name, in the name of the innocent souls of the innocent victims you must have Cosmic Christ initiation.
  I say to you also that if you did not need the Messenger, the Messenger would not be here.  Quite simply it is a fact understood by the Brotherhood that you have many hurdles to jump before you have the full Christ-discrimination that will enable you to understand the difference between a bearer of light and one who is of the seed of the wicked.  Therefore bypass not the counsel of the Messenger.  Do not fancy that in merely writing letters and communications to us and burning them you will have the full manifestation in this octave of the deliberations of the Christ mind through the Messenger.
  It is well then for you to understand that we are of the same being and consciousness, level upon level upon level even as you see the mandalas of the Buddhas as they come in every level of Cosmic Consciousness.  So then as I am in Spirit, so I am in matter.  And therefore if you would have my counsel in matter and if the problem is pressing and if it is a matter concerning life and death and the path of your soul and decisions you must make, do not allow the demons to tell you “Mother is too busy, she will not hear from me, she will not read my letters, she does not have time to answer me.  Beloved ones, this only necessitates a very large circumventing of the return and the answer to your request. For by and by we must create the circumstances where the Messenger comes to you,many times regretfully, after it is too late and you have made decisions that have taken you far afield from the concentrated initiations of your life.
 Of course then there are those chelas who fill their houses with focuses and photographs because these enable them to enter into a fanciful relationship with our Brotherhood; for,you know as we have said, pictures do not talk back.  Then you may imagine any response you desire from the ascended masters.  Well, beloved ones, our embodied Guru is one who talks back to you.  And you must have the courage to hear that Word, else dwell forevermore in the twilight area of the coward in fear and trembling yet never knowing in actuality what is the Word of the Lord unto your soul.
  Well, that is a decision that must be made, and a number have made it– the decision whether or not to be a part of our circle of community, whether or not to be tied to one who will talk back to you and decipher for you the levels of your consciousness, or to be outside of the circle, to read the books, take the teachings, do what you will with them and chart for yourself a zigzag course.  If you could only see yourself in perspective, you who have desired to become a law unto yourself in your ship at sea, I would like to show you where you have gone without the polestar, without the real and genuine tie.  Your zigzag course has led you nowhere, even as the children of Israel wandered in that wilderness forty years when it would have required not even the fullness of a year to pass through.  It was because of their rejection of the Guru in embodiment.  And the rejection of the Guru came because of the manifestation of discord, bickering, complaining, lamenting, always wanting something more, something better—never being satisfied.  No, not with the daily manna that fell from the heavens as the mighty Teaching of God as nourishment for the soul, as food for the body.  No, not being content with the miracles, the parting of the Red Sea, the writing of the Tablets of the Law, the confounding of the Egyptians and all that transpired even before the court of Pharaoh. Was this enough?  Nay, I tell you, for the rebellious ones it was not enough.  They continued to complain and to complain and to complain, and so they charted what might be considered from our point of view to be an amusing course.
  One day you will sit with me as I am the captain of a mighty ship, a sailing vessel in which I take you on journeys of the soul.  I will show you our charts and many layers of charts and then you will be shown by me the charting of your own course without the intercession of our Brotherhood. You will be amazed, beloved ones, to look at the track of your life for many, many incarnations. Some of you, believe it or not, have never even left port.  You have zigzagged back and forth within the distance of a few knots, yet it has taken perhaps thousands of years.  But somehow in the smallness and the smugness of the human mind you have stood proudly at the helm of your vessel, considering that you were traversing miles and miles of a journey so utterly important unto the destiny of the planetary evolution.
  We have seen enough Walter Mittys on the path, we have seen the deluded ones filled with fantasy.  We have seen the more malicious ones who have determined at all cost to control the Messenger, to seize the light but never to bend the knee before the Law of Love.  They take the path for their own way—it is always tragic.  Beloved ones, there is a certain sickness, a certain insanity, a certain condition of psychology that I would point out to you who serve as counselors and ministers--that of individuals who have compromised their souls.  Somehow a blind spot is within them whereby they never truly understand that the hour comes when by their denial of the Christ they are cut off from accessing the energy of our Brotherhood through the Messenger because they have rejected the path of initiation.  And they remain deluded with their quotations of scripture that the mercy of God endures forever.
  Without the discipline of the Law of the Christ this disease cannot be cured.  It demands a shock that is the very jogging of the cells of the brain and of the body, shocking those cells from their rebellious patterns and bringing them back into alignment with the will of God.  Because their minds are crazed and full of self-pity and a sense of injustice they become angry and intensely malicious when they may no longer drink freely of the milk from the breast of the Mother.  Beloved ones, we must cut off the flow of light by the very mercy of the Law so that they no longer misqualify the great quantities of light that are available to chelas who are tied to the chain of Hierarchy.  This is the mercy of the Law, but that mercy is rejected by the fallen ones. They have another mercy and their mercy is called sympathy.  Their sympathy for themselves makes them fail to see that the compassion of God acts in the defense of the soul against this wretched carnal-mindedness that breeds disease.  That disease, known as the cancer of the soul and of the astral body, can and does spread among the children of God by the example of the fallen ones who, by their revenge and their resentment, move in echelons especially in the entertainment industry so that they may parade themselves before the children of God and by the flow of their attention usurp their light.
  As the children of God give the fallen ones their attention, over the return flow comes the out-of-rhythm cycles of their rebellion, their self-pity and a lifestyle that is incompatible with a Christed one.  All of this feeds subconsciously into the souls of lightbearers while they are having an evening of enjoyment applauding their favorite stars.  They surely become those stars, even as you can surely become the Buddha and the Mother by equal, if not shorter, attention spans.
  The quality and ability known as the plasticity of the soul and being itself, the ability to take on and assimilate the object of one’s affection is the very means whereby God becomes God within you. We cannot—we dare not—cut off this talent, this ability.  For you see, though it might protect this generation from the fallen ones it would also successfully exclude them from the light emanations of our offering—our humble offering of the spoken and the written Word and the Teaching of the new age.
  Now you see, beloved ones, how the poor and the needy and the fatherless must be fed and cared for by you.  Not simply by social welfare programs but by the much greater need then to program all of society to reflect the blueprints of the etheric cities.  They must be protected by setting up forcefields of prayer, by the energies of Archangel Michael and by the perpetual prayer invoked by you to protect their chakras and their souls.
  When the vibration of the seed of the wicked contains within it the desire for self-annihilation—the death wish in psychological terms—that desire momentum is transmitted to all who are a part of an interchange with such an individual.  Beware then of those who have that death wish, the inverted desire that becomes the desire for self-annihilation.  Beloved ones, you all understand the meaning of the Self to include every self of God. That meaning is also contained in the energy within the seed of the wicked. Therefore listen well as I explain that the desire for self-annihilation is not fulfilled within the wicked but is fulfilled by the destruction of other selves; therefore the death wish is transferred.  And because in the death process the energy of life is released from the matrix, as when a flower dies and the light goes back to God, so whenever there is the death of a soul of light there is a release of a tremendous amount of energy.
  This desire for self-annihilation, the death wish, is always projected upon those who have the greatest light, and when they die the one containing the death wish will assimilate that energy to perpetuate that same death desire.  This is the insanity of insane minds.  All who have betrayed the Lord Christ are considered insane, having the communicable illness of rebellion. Therefore we send our legions to protect the Christ consciousness upon earth.
  When a soul or a body is in the process of dissolution, decay and death and when that individual has been a part of the light in some form in this or previous incarnations then during the period of the degeneration spiral a great deal of light is released from those cells, from that body temple.  That light would naturally flow back to the Great Central Sun if it were not for the fact that those who are a part of these death cycles take that energy and use it over and over again.  It should be compared, beloved ones, to partaking of the very sewer of life and passing it through the body many times over.
  When energy passes through a body or passes through chakras (because it passes through something that is not moving) there is the sensation of friction between the movement of energy and the chakra or vehicle that remains still.  This release of energy as sensation is used to heighten sexual experience, the pleasure cult, drug experiences and all forms of hallucination that come from the unreal world.  Let me state this again:  when there is the death of souls of light because they have rebelled against God, because they have been corrupted by rebellion, the process of decay is by definition a process of releasing energy.  The energy released is itself misqualified energy which is regurgitated and re-assimilated as it passes through many times.  As it passes through it may then take on the simulation of life and its many processes.  Therefore an entire evolution on the planetary body is a part of the spirals of death in this very hour and these individuals are having a heyday of enjoyment.  They seem to experience life intensely and richly and they are motivated by intense sexual desire and the need for sensual experience.
  This is because they are in the very process of losing their soul sensitivities and contact with life.  And to keep their grasp on life they must create and re-create, day by day, activities that are degenerate and immoral.  This, beloved ones, becomes the cult of death—the cult of sweet death—whereby individuals enjoy the very last dregs of misqualified energy unto the hour of the death of the body and the death of the soul.
  Now when children of the light who are daily giving all of their energy to God in service, in joy, in singing and in all the things that are a part of reality come and observe the fun and games and activities of those individuals who are already in unreality, if they are not taught by their parents to understand what is happening, they will be lured into parties, into taking drugs, into taking alcohol and massive amounts of sugar and unreal chemical foods.
So the children of light go the way of a death generation simply because fathers and mothers do not have the courage to extend discipline which indeed may make them unpopular with their offspring but which will incur to them forever and forever the gratitude of the souls of their children who after maturity will realize that they have been spared the deceptions of this age.
  I encourage you then to meditate deeply upon the great sphere of my cosmic consciousness, to penetrate the deeper mysteries of life and not to be satisfied with surface appearances.  Beneath the surface, beloved ones, there are causes behind effects and other effects with causes behind them—almost a chain of causation and the effects of causes that are karmic chains moving through the entire mass consciousness.  Motives must be studied—not the smiles but the motives.  Discern motivation by the light of purity and then come to understand how you may well defend millions of souls in this age who would, if they were left alone and not tampered with, go straight to the throne of the Cosmic Christ.  I am waiting to receive them, beloved ones.  Go and find them. Take them by the hand and bring them to my fount of verlasting Life.  In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit I open the way of initiation for all who make known to me in this hour that they are desirous of this path even in the face of the information I have given.
  The opening of the way is at hand.  Let the wary, the courageous and the soul filled with love fear not to step upon the threshold and pass through from glory unto glory.  Amen.      
        (Order of Rigden Gyepo by Nicholas Roerich, 1933)         -Maitreya:  7-2-1978 at Camelot, Los Angeles via Messenger E C Prophet