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Putin uses all the Communist techniques, honors the arch-Communists and plays the part of one, year after year.

  Vladimir Putin began his rule in December 1999 by unveiling a memorial plaque to Yuri Andropov, who as Soviet ambassador to Budapest oversaw the invasion of Hungary in 1956, and who as chairman of the KGB, established the Fifth Directorate, which was tasked with suppressing dissent and expanded the practice of “punitive psychiatry” whereby dissidents were committed to mental asylums….Putin described the peaceful dissolution of the USSR as “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.”  The retuned symbols of Soviet rule were quickly followed by Soviet-like methods of keeping a grip on society, from state control of television to the elimination of electoral competition….
  Another reminder of this came with the recent decision of the Zamoskvoretsky district court prohibiting a referendum on the removal of the statue of Vladimir Lenin from Kaluzhskaya Square in downtown Moscow….The rehabilitation and preservation of Soviet symbols is a deliberate policy choice of Putin’s regime.
12-7-2018   Russia has signed billions of dollars worth of investment deals in Venezuela, the South American country's President Nicolas Maduro announced on Thursday after a three-day visit to Moscow….In a Twitter post on Thursday, Maduro announced that Russia had signed investment deals worth more than $6 billion dollars in Venezuela’s oil and gold sectors.
  The Venezuelan (Marxist) President also said that a deal had been signed for Russian exports of wheat to the South American country.


Xinjiang/East Turkestan overview

  While East Turkestan which is roughly the size of Iran possesses huge reserves of natural gas, oil, gold, uranium, coal and other minerals, the living standard of Uighurs is one of the lowest in China.  The Uighur population in East Turkestan, which was nearly 90 percent in 1949, is now only 45 percent, while the Chinese population grew disproportionately due to state-sponsored mass settlement from around six  percent in 1953 to the current 40 percent (excluding the Chinese military, seasonal workers and floating population).  Many Uighurs believe Chinese are already a majority since Beijing continues to encourage their settlement….
  What is more, China tested 45 nuclear devices, both under and above ground, between 1964 and 1996 in East Turkestan, polluting air, water, land and slowly killing both people and livestock due to the effects of radiation.
11-28-18     Agents of the Russian Empire and later the Soviet Union were particularly aggressive in their attempts to assert control over the resource wealth of Xinjiang in the first half of the 20th century.  Soviet investments in surveys, extraction and processing equipment and transport infrastructure at a handful of sites in northern Xinjiang helped create a blueprint for state investment and economic planning that has been carefully followed by multiple generations of Chinese planners.
  The most recent campaign, undertaken by Chinese planners over the past two decades and which has culminated with the BRI, has helped steer a steady flow of the region’s petroleum and natural gas to industrial centers in central and eastern China.  But the growing wave of Chinese capital has also helped create stark economic inequalities in Xinjiang.  The gap between north and south, indigenous Turkic-Muslim Uighurs and immigrant Han, has helped exacerbate ethno-cultural tensions in the region.  Eager to protect their growing investment in an integrated Central Asian production region, Chinese officials have constructed a new network of government-operated detention centers that today imprison up to one million Turkic Muslims….
  Facing financial and political challenges that would continue well after the collapse of the Qing dynasty and the establishment of the Chinese Republic in 1912, officials in Beijing did little to stem the tide of foreign explorers in Xinjiang.  Benefitting from easy overland connections that bound Russian Central Asia to this province of China, explorers from Russia and later the Soviet Union flooded the region and confirmed long-whispered rumors about gold nuggets as big as a pigeon egg and patches of steppe where bubbling crude collected in sticky black pools….

Debbie Newell
-The Trans-Caspian, Trans-Siberian, and Turkestan-Siberia (Turk-Sib) rail lines.
 The Chinese government, which was facing its own challenges farther east, didn’t offer much support.   So in 1934 officials in Xinjiang reached out to their deep-pocketed neighbors to the west for support.   In a series of agreements with the Soviet Union, Xinjiang officials swapped favorable trade policies and access to the province’s tungsten, beryllium and petroleum for Soviet loans, military support and access to an on-going supply of manufactured goods.
  Eager to stake a lasting claim to the resources needed to meet ambitious industrialization targets in the 1930s, Soviet planners invested heavily in a handful of sites in northern Xinjiang located close to major border crossings, including petroleum at Dushanzi, tungsten and tin at Bortala in western Xinjiang, and beryllium and other rare non-ferrous metals at Koktokay in the far north in the Altay Mountains…. After nearly a decade the relationship between Xinjiang and Soviet Union collapsed in 1942 following the German invasion of Russia and a commensurate slow-down in Soviet aid to the province.  Eager to roll back the Soviet position in Xinjiang and orient it more clearly to the east, officials in the capital of Dihua (present-day Urumqi) invited Chinese planners to tour the region in 1942.  But the material presence of the Soviet highway networks, drilling rigs and refining operations had a power that continued to resonate.      
  Chinese Communist Party (C.C.P.) in 1949 was able to extend direct political control over Xinjiang, but the resonances of the Soviet legacy continued.  Soviet technicians, geologists and engineers, many of whom had more than a decade of experience in Xinjiang, continued to play a critical role in petroleum and nonferrous metal production operations in the region.      Eager to quickly ramp up production of petroleum and other resources needed by the People’s Republic, Xinjiang’s new communist leaders adhered to the larger blueprints identified by Soviet planners in the 1930s and 1940s.  Soviet personnel and plans continued to shape operations even after the deterioration of Sino-Soviet relations in the late 1950s.  Relations collapsed in 1960….The closure abruptly severed the infrastructural connections that had helped create a unified, Central Asian production region.
  Growing fears about a border clash, alongside the discovery of new resource production sites in Manchuria, helped orient C.C.P. planning away from Xinjiang.  After completing the Lanzhou-Xinjiang railway which connected Xinjiang to China’s national rail network in 1962, Chinese planners scaled back their ambitions and shelved various plans for the construction of a comprehensive infrastructural and extraction network in China’s far west. Instead throughout the Mao era and well into the post-1978 Reform Period, they largely followed Soviet blueprints and reinforced the investments in roads, refineries, pipelines and extractive operations first made by the Soviet Union in the 1930s and 1940s.
  China’s demand for petroleum and petroleum products has increased steadily since the 1990s. And this growing demand has helped expand the map of oil fields in Xinjiang being prioritized by the state….

Debbie Newell
-Oil pipelines connecting Xinjiang to Eastern China and Eurasia. Source:  PetroChina.
  The oil refinery of Dushanzi, which was constructed with Soviet capital in 1939, is now at the center of an expanding pipeline network that draws in raw crude from not only Xinjiang but also from fields located across the border in Kazakhstan.  The pipelines which are kept full by a series of agreements signed between China and the government of Kazakhstan in the early 2000s resemble the earlier agreements signed by Xinjiang and the Soviet Union, but in reverse:  offering Chinese loans in exchange for shipments of raw crude extracted from the Kashagan oil field in Kazakhstan.  Today Dushanzi is a critical node in China’s larger fossil fuel infrastructure, as it draws in petroleum from across Central Asia and redirects it via pipeline to industrial centers in eastern and central China.
  The flood of state investment into Dushanzi and other resource-production sites in northern Xinjiang has helped exacerbate ethno-cultural tensions between indigenous Turkic-Muslim Uighurs and Han Chinese.  The state investments and the high-wage employment opportunities that these operations bring with them have helped create and exacerbate stark socio-economic inequalities in Xinjiang…The Xinjiang south, on the other hand, is home to counties that rank among China’s poorest. While the increasing demands for petroleum have led to a growth in oil and natural gas operations in the south, these operations, which rely heavily on immigrant Han labor and remain largely closed off from surrounding communities, have almost certainly done little to alleviate the problems of inequality….
 A group of C.C.P. planners in the early 2000s recognized the negative impact of the unequal distribution of state resources in Xinjiang and its role in fomenting unrest.  In addition to a series of aggressive “strike hard” campaigns that sought to root out Uighur separatism, beginning in 2001 with the Great Open the West Campaign (Xibu Dakaifa), Party leaders implemented policies in Xinjiang that sought to spread state investment more widely…. The apparent failure of the strategy of redistributing state investment to ease ethno-cultural tension has empowered Party hardliners, who have long been critical of the policy.  For them Xinjiang’s so-called “ethnic problem” is, at its core, a cultural problem of separatism and religious radicalism that cannot be resolved through economic means.  In seeking to eradicate separatist sentiments that could potentially threaten Chinese control over the resources present in Xinjiang and also threaten the whole edifice of Xi Jinping’s Silk Road Economic Belt, government officials have sought to redirect state investment toward an unprecedented surveillance and assimilationist campaign in the region.  The effort employs a state-of-the-art surveillance regime that closely monitors the movements and communication of Uighurs and other Turkic Muslims, and also regulates clothing, the sale and consumption of alcohol and tobacco and the practice of Islam.  Even more troublingly, these campaigns have paralleled the construction of a growing network of “reeducation centers” and the indefinite detention of perhaps up to one million Turkic Muslims who have been identified as being insufficiently loyal to the Chinese Communist Party and a threat to the region’s so-called “ethnic harmony and social stability.”
  As part of the media campaign surrounding the Silk Road Economic Belt, China’s leaders are now advancing a mythical vision of a silk road defined by “peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit.”   
-J. Kinzley
9 July 2002    Pro-Tibet activists accused oil giants [Shell, ExxonMobil, & Russia's Gazprom] last week of exploiting lands they said were under Chinese occupation, by agreeing to help build a $20 billion gas pipeline in China's Muslim-majority region of Xinjiang.  Royal Dutch/Shell Group, the lead partner in the consortium of three oil majors, responded that the project would bring jobs and cash to some of China's poorest areas and help clean up smoggy coastal cities.

you become knowers, intelligent of the Word

-eye chakra

  The karma of the neglect of the people of America--North and South America--the karma of their self-indulgence and sensuality is now wreaked upon them through the infiltration of their society of Serpent and his seed.  And as in the days of old, the Lord allows the outworking of the Law of the people’s karma through the enemy.  And the karma itself is the neglect of the duty to stand upon the watch.     
        -Messenger ECP before fthe ollowing a dictation by Elohim of emerald ray:

  Therefore know, O children of the Sun, sons and daughters of the God Star Sirius, know that the fallen ones who separated out of the company of the Lord’s hosts did go forth to nullify those centers of light.  And therefore they are called “the Watchers,” for their original assignment was to keep the flame of the immaculate concept for all life.
Therefore know that they have set up in the matter sphere their stations--in the very centers of Soviet espionage activities, in their centers throughout the world, in their embassies and wherever they have deemed it essential to their total worldwide awareness of the activities of the bearers of light!…
  Realize that the beholding of the Mighty I AM Presence is the greatest scientific achievement of all time that goes beyond all other discoveries that have ever been made, that will ever be made, or that are now even functioning in the highest technology of space travel!…Therefore realize that to the sons of God is given the technique.  And it cannot be stolen, it cannot be imitated, it cannot be mechanized because it proceeds out of the fount of the threefold flame within your heart!  And without that flame and without the path of righteousness and without the living tie to the living Guru, Sanat Kumara, there is no effectiveness in the use of the science of the spoken Word.
  They cannot, with all of their technology, set forth the antithesis of the use of the science of the Word.  No amount of computers, no amount of intelligence, no amount of files will yield them dominion over your Mighty I AM Presence!
  I tell you, if you will contemplate the tapping of the energy of the core of the planet as able to sustain the entire world (and it can), you must contemplate that the greater power of your own Mighty I AM Presence multiplies the power of the heart of the Earth by infinite numbers, incalculable numbers, in this sphere—that you have a direct sine wave to the Mighty I AM Presence to draw forth and tap all energy you require for the victory of the Earth!
  Your Mighty I AM Presence is able to deliver, through your heart and the science of the spoken Word, that which is needed to expose! and remove from North America every agent of the dark ones, every agent of the Soviet Union, every agent of the capitalist conspiracy….
  Why are the people caught in the drag and the net of the fallen ones?”  I will tell you!  It is because when you offer the dynamic decree you must be absolutely concentrated in the point of the vision of that for which you call.  And it is the mind coupled with the heart—the clear mind, the clear-seeing eye and the fervent heart of absolute love and reverence for life.  This arcing in your being of the center of the crown, the center of the third eye and of the throat chakra and of the heart must be synchronized….
  Let us no longer be naïve. The forces are bent on absolute world control and the destruction of the world soul!  They even plan not to destroy the physical fields or the physical people, but they desire to destroy their souls!  And this is their goal!…
  Only those who are balanced, sane, and in the center of the cosmic cross of whitefire can experience the all-power and, in the very same instant, function as so-called normal human beings.  That is why the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood may not be misused or perverted by the ego-centered individuals, the fallen angels, the serpents who bring with them their roving bands of demons and, immediately upon contact with this Law, proclaim:  “I am God!”…
  I tell you, so entrenched is darkness in North America alone that you and I could almost weep! for the state of the land and weep the more because the people themselves do not know just how much their nation has been taken over.
  Do you know that these fallen ones are so insecure in the cosmos without the Mighty I AM Presence that they actually believe that by the amassing of information on everything--satellite information, information on technology, computers, weapon systems and the entire defense complex--that only in that immersion in information will they be able to conquer the body of light?  Well, I tell you, they may march only so far with their information.  What they lack is the ability to transcend their own spiral.  And all of the intelligence of the entire world will not afford them the means to the victory….
  I tell you, beloved hearts, by way of your own personal self-assessment, that the fire you kindle in the giving of your dynamic decrees has brought about more to stay the hand of the fallen ones than any other effort on the planetary body--bar none!  You must, once and for all, come into the sense of co-measurement of the power of the Word through you! and become more scientific in the use of your seven centers which are the all-powerful, all-knowing forcefields of God.  You may envy the science of the fallen ones, but God has given to you the entire science contained within your own body temple, if you will but use that vehicle….
  The Permanent Atom of Being is a mighty generator of Life.  Let us then pursue the vision and know that the time is come for the fulfillment of the prophecy, made by Habakkuk, that the vision is sent.  And it surely has come.  And it is spoken, and you are hearing it.  And therefore you become knowers, intelligent of the Word.  And the vision must be first and foremost of your Mighty I AM Presence.  For when your eyes are locked in the gaze of your I AM Presence and none other, then, you see, there is the current that descends….
  Beloved hearts, it takes an immense effort to be a son of God, to be a co-creator with Him.  And when you do not make the effort the alternative is to become mechanization man--to become mechanized and therefore to respond to the commands of another who has set himself up as the impostor of your Christ Self and the impostor of your I AM Presence!…
  You must have a breakthrough, beloved hearts, by your own God-determination!  You must throw over that infilling of your temples with drugs and with chemicals of all types, interfering with the logical mechanism of your own infinite and scientific body of God! …You must demand it!  You must command it!  You must not take no for an answer!  You must have the breakthrough for which you have been striving!  And you must be the one who shatters the density that allows you to sleep when you ought to rise up and take dominion over this planet!
  The crystal ray emanates from Our causal body also.  The crystal ray has many properties which I shall not describe. Suffice it to say that inasmuch as all matter is crystal, in the true definition of the word, the crystal ray is the ray by which the seven rays penetrate matter.  The crystal ray may take on the properties of any molecule and, by conforming to its pattern, deliver into the space between its particles, into its whirling energy sphere the properties of the spiritual divine counterpart.  The crystal ray comes forth from the Sun behind the sun for the restorative purpose of returning your mind, your genes, your chakras, the activation of the life within you to its original strength and divine intent….
  Stand guard.  Take thy watch!  Listen for the inner sound.  Look to the hills and the mountains of God for the oncoming vision.  Be the instrument of its speaking.  Take this information, combine it with the certain Word of prophecy. Preach to the lightbearers!  Raise them up!  For they are a mighty people who know not their own inner light or inner might.  They are sweet people, containing the tender mercies of our God, though often misplaced.
  Neglect not the gold of God, for the golden threads and the emerald green and the crystal light weave a pattern of harmonious reunion whereby I proclaim: 
You shall have your God-mastery!  You shall have your God-harmony!  You shall have your God-vision!…
  Dear hearts, you cannot afford to be in that compromise of the Holy Spirit line!  You cannot afford to take that stand that, when proposing solutions to the planetary body, you leave off from the command of Lord Maitreya.  You cannot eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and espouse a relative standard for one aspect of your life and an absolute standard for another.  It has never worked!  And all of these thousands of years should have proven to you who are the seed of Sanat Kumara that the compromise does not work.
  The all-seeing Eye is a single eye.  The two-eyed vision takes in the analysis of this octave, but the soulution is single-eyed and single-purposed.  I trust you will decipher my Word--rightly dividing the Word of truth, rightly breaking the bread of Life, rightly sharing the light of Christ, but never compromising.        
      —Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia:  1-3-1982 at Camelot, Los Angeles 
-Chart of I AM Presence showing Permannt Atom/causal body, then tube of light as one ray coming down from higher octaves of the universal reality


-deodar tree branch and cone

migrant caravan of 12,000 heading north; Maduro regime against journalists

1-31-19      ...Muñoz, one of the Colombian EFE reporters, told journalists following his release Thursday afternoon that officials had agreed not to deport his team--They told us we didn’t have a permit but they said we could stay in the country so long as we did not attempt to do our jobs....
  The socialist regime of dictator Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela has arrested 11 journalists the past two days, including two teams of Spanish and French journalists “disappeared” into a political prison for 24 hours on Wednesday.

  Mauren Barriga Vargas described their treatment at the Helicoide as “threatening” but noted that, ultimately, police let them go without enacting the beatings and torture that Venezuelan political prisoners who have survived the facility say occurs there regularly.          Evidence of Maduro violating the rights of journalists did not begin surfacing this week, however; this has been a common tactic by the socialist regime since Hugo Chávez was in power. In 2016, local reporters documented a particularly high number of attacks on journalists attempting to document that year’s widespread protests against the regime. Armed socialist gangs known as colectivos beat and robbed reporters on multiple occasions amid the protests, making sure to take cell phones away to prevent video of the violence leaving the country.   ... The Maduro regime has targeted any civilian supporting Guaidó this week.

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the breaker of the chains of his bondage

      I AM an archangel, illumination is my flame.  And if it seem difficult for you to realize that “day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge” whether from the lips of a lisping child or from the fiat of an archangel of God, try to understand with the inward heart that with God all things are possible.
  Men are prone to judge by worldly standards, to prove all things thereby and to follow the styles of the day rather than the principles of the ages.  They are willing to believe in one another--and it is true that great geniuses in every century have written and written well--but why limit the speech and knowledge of those of Us who are preserved by His grace throughout the millenniums?
  We live to exalt truth in word and deed that you might step out from the clay images you wear into a dimension of reality that exists all around you, that is in you, that is the key to your release because it is the wisdom of God….
  Men can, if they will, maintain the barriers they have erected.  Men can, if they will, keep up the sham of having all knowledge.  But deep within they know that their knowledge is limited, that they cannot truly preserve life, although they have succeeded in so doing on a temporary basis….
  Man is the creation of God.  Created in love and endowed with great wisdom he has been given the means of tapping the secrets of power both in himself and in nature.  These secrets like stairways into eternity are relative--one following the other.  Thus the great attainments that many have made are as nothing to others who have passed beyond them….
  Our holy band functions as a permanent wave offering to God.  We continually direct and redirect our energies into the chalice of human life.  We seek to improve life from on high.  We dispense truth to man as a prescription for all of his ills, as the breaker of the chains of his bondage and as the creator of the winds of onward purpose.
  We are progressive and ongoing, but We cannot destroy human will.   Man may, if he wish, ignore all of the mandates of heaven, all of the wisdom of God and dwell in the tents of darkness.  He has done it successfully for centuries, for millenniums; but then there are two kinds of success.  Men succeed in expressing the transitory, oft imitated patterns of humanity, with all of their foibles and propensities to senseless change and style--for that has been their goal.  Then there is success in God, the success of holy men of the ages who have penetrated the veil and beheld the mysteries of the Spirit and the overcoming of mortal density.
  The density in the minds of men is being fed because humanity look continually to the outer, they look to penetrate from the without to the within whereas the real way to eternal progress is to penetrate the seed pattern, the divine idea, from within.  And if at first you do not understand this method and plead ignorant, I say to you:  you are not ignorant of the means to petition God that ye might receive from within knowledge about the plan.

  Man’s consciousness may run the gamut from the center of God within himself to the outermost periphery of expression.  The fingers of the mind may travel the same route again and again, each time beholding greater facets of truth.  For after all, are you not intended to possess with God all knowledge as you learn to love all that expresses his victory and to extend mercy to those who have fallen short of the mark?  Are you not also intended one day to express the allness of universal power when you shall have completed your novitiate and moved onward in the varying degrees of mastery, striving for the perfection of cosmic purpose?         -Jophiel:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:38

         dawn upon Mt. Shasta

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The time has come for awakening.

The age of brotherhood will come
To be no secret pact
But honor in the flame is born
As man like God does act.
The glory of the Highest then
Will bring His peace to men
And every heart will understand
The mighty swordlike pen
That writes “Finale!”  to the past
Where greed and hate did live
And welcomes joyously at last
The brilliant love He gives.
Let every hour our finest be
As moving onward then
We sing the anthem of the free
And new life does begin.   

   -K17 for the Cosmic Secret Service
Pearls of Wisdom 13:24

   Man is drenched with emotional substance, he is drowned in self-pity.  His ordinances are established by a sense of separation from his fellowmen whom he often regards as but pawns in his personal schemes.  Thus he breaches the Covenant of Unity....
  Although there is obviously a link between the lower self and the higher Self, man is not willing to hold the hand of those who are nearby in the cosmic chain.  Out of earthly pride he seeks instead to bypass those whom he does not consider to be worthy links in the mystic circle, those who in reality are identified with himself by inner magnetic affinities.
  Why will men seek out of pride to escape their rightful place?  A moment’s acceptance often gives eternal liberation.  Yet men do not see their victories as composed of small stuff.  Obedience to the Law seems beneath them from time to time.  Like Naaman the Syrian they would rather obey their own rationalizations than to dip seven times in the Jordan as the prophet commanded....
  Certainly Our hopes for humanity are caught up in the reality of the Law, not in its unreality, for Our hopes are not in conformity with human opinion but in obedience to the fashion of eternal principle meted out as a ladder of safety upon which even the weak ones need not fear to step.  The bond is a strengthening one, and those who understand Hierarchy as a chain of light will be raised....
  In the vilest of men there is a hunger for purity.  And well might the last be first if men who profess without possessing are not cautious of their opportunities.         -Morya    Pearls of Wisdom 13:39
   The time has come for awakening.  People behave as though eternal Life were already theirs.  They do not understand and therefore they decry the mightiest purpose....
  What is the real purpose of serving the higher Law?  Rather than find oneself stranded in the service of the human monad, that human self, the purpose of higher striving is ever to recognize a higher state of unity with one’s Self....
  He who said, “Seek ye first the kingdom,” knew whereof he spoke.  Again and again We have seen how the quagmire of personality has bogged down the soul.  Our urge is that you drink at the one fountain of reality, that you discount no possibilities but that you be a wary person capable of discernment.  But this should not be hasty where one is but a neophyte at any age.  One should look again upon the best possibilities and gaze hopefully.  One should consider that possibilities themselves are always the loving hand of God.  They appear in different guises, but the finality of achievement is always at hand. ...
  Individuals need a cleansing of  mind and spirit, for the fragmentary conceptions of the world are callous, and man does despite unto himself.  All despite is done unto the self even when it is done unto others.  Therefore We urge upon humanity a hastening of the way, the unraveling of skeins of destiny, fragmentation of the Teaching--and let man assimilate what he can.     
                                     -Morya    Pearls of Wisdom 13:41

China under Xi is becoming less free even as he preaches openness abroad.


  Badiucao has made a career out of tackling China’s difficult political and social issues.  A new ebook Watching Big Brother: Political Cartoons by Badiucao collects his work and offers a glimpse into Badiucao’s perspective on the state of free speech in China.

  Born in Shanghai but now residing in Australia, Badiucao utilizes satire and pop culture references — even Communist Party propaganda images — in his cartoons to get his point across.
  If anything, China under Xi is becoming less free even as he preaches openness abroad. That has ramifications for investors concerned about their own reputational risk.  It also poses a broader challenge to the West as China holds out its centralized model of government as a viable alternative to Western-style democracy.  For the leaders of some poorer countries weighing different paths to development, a top-down system may be appealing—especially if it comes with cash to finance high-cost roads, bridges and power plants….
  So far the police state in Xinjiang doesn’t appear to be reassuring investors, even as tourism picks up and a rush of government spending lures workers in search of well-paying jobs.  Almost no foreign companies have located there and the region’s economy slowed last year.  China sees that as a temporary setback.  But as the Xinjiang campaign continues to draw unwelcome scrutiny it is focusing attention not only on China’s treatment of Muslims but Xi’s vision for the nation’s future.
1-29-19 Beijing. 
-Kashgar  (Wikimedia Commons)
  Lately the Xi’s government has announced a five-year plan aimed at “Sinicizing” Islam to make it “compatible with socialism”.  Activists, however, warned that this campaign would gradually lead to a total eradication of Islam – with which some 23 million Chinese still identify in the country.
Thanks to the Chinese government propaganda, the Uyghurs are perceived as trouble makers by most Han Chinese and as such, are told that these ‘terrorists’ must be restrained and ‘reeducated’ or ‘reprogramed’ to accept the new reality in China that has no room for dissension, dialogue and debate.  Not surprisingly, the frustrated Uyghurs who increasingly find themselves cornered against the wall and are denied the rights to their culture, plus the political and economic windfalls that have hitherto benefitted the Han settlers to their mineral-rich region have sometimes reacted violently by attacking Han settlers and the trigger-happy police with knives....
  It is also feared that this repugnant campaign of mass detention of Muslims is set to expand, as the regional governments within PRC with sizeable Muslim populations are dispatching officials to detention centers in Xinjiang with the explicit aim of learning to and adopting the same criminal measures.
1-8-19   In September 2017, the state-run Chinese Central Television (CCTV) program “Glorious China” described how the CCP built the world’s largest surveillance network, boasting more than 20 million cameras in a system with interconnected artificial intelligence (AI) and big data.  This year more than 170 million cameras were deployed as part of the Safe City program, and 400 million more cameras are to be installed in the next three years across China’s cities and countryside.
  The exiled writer Ma Jian, who has compared Xi’s China to 1984, told The New York Times that, “to Chinese readers I am a dead man,” referring to the total ban on his books on the mainland.  In July of last year the political cartoonist Jiang Yefei was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison for “inciting subversion of state power” and “illegally crossing the border.”
12-2-18  Two Chinese dissidents, including political cartoonist Jiang Yefei, were  deported from Thailand back to China last month despite having been granted refugee status by
the United Nations.  Jiang and fellow pro-democracy activist Dong Guangping were imprisoned upon their return to China and have not been heard from since.
  Jiang originally fled to Thailand in 2008 after he was briefly imprisoned and tortured in China for criticizing the government’s response to the Sichuan earthquake.  His wife Chu Ling said that he also had attempted to bring an “alternative torch relay” highlighting human rights abuses to China ahead of the Beijing Olympics the same year, but the package containing the torch was intercepted by authorities.
11-22-15   “We have expressed our concern to the government of Thailand about their deportation,” she said, pointing out that the move came just months after the country was criticized for deporting 109 ethnic Uighurs to China....
  “It seems clear that the forced return of these two activists was a deliberate, premediated rights violation by the Thai junta at China’s behest,” Richardson said.  “Prime Minister Prayut should recognize that Thailand is moving toward the sort of pariah status reserved for the most rights-abusing countries, and right these wrongs.”   Thailand’s generals have cultivated warmer ties with China since seizing power in a 2014 coup.

co-workers will be born

60.  Many times you have noticed that improvements and refinement occur imperceptibly when calculated in human measurements.  It is difficult to perceive each bit of the growth of a plant stem; yet the beautiful flower differs so strikingly from the seed.  Equally astounding are human transformations; it is precisely these fiery blossoms, rarest of all, which sustain the balance of the world.
107.  One Chinese philosopher, knowing the frightful aspects of the lower strata of the subtle world, determined to deaden their impression.  For this purpose he filled this sleeping chamber with the most frightful images. In the presence of these revolting masks he hoped that nothing worse could be expected.  Such methods are abominable, although people love them whether in this or in another form.  On the contrary We teach the eye to become non-receptive to the repugnant.  Besides it is impossible to imagine the complete gamut of horrors created by people's vices.  Even here in the earthly world we often are horrified by inhuman visages, but imagine the aspects into which these are transformed when their essential nature is unmasked!  And here also we often experience the attacks of these dark entities; they attempt to annihilate everything dangerous to them.  During sleep they try to weaken one in order to inflict injury more readily during disturbance of the balance.  One should not consider these dark engenderings as superstitious fancy.
224.  The fiery heart distinctly understands the inadmissibility of malice.  It knows about creativeness which excludes malice as a worthless expedient….Not without cause do people say of an unfair judge that he has blood in his eye.
258.  People want everything to conform to their own understanding….Such is irrationality and lack of balance! The time is dangerous; it is permissible to feel anguish.
300.  Security has no existence whatsoever, and the illusion of security is a most pernicious specter….Let each movement of Fire recall to us the power that maintains the balance.  If the planet is equilibrated by inner Fire, each being also will find support in the fire of the heart.
323.  Your judgment is correct in regard to the need for an exodus from the festering cities and for a proportionate distribution of the population of the planet….Not by accident did ancient chieftains found their camps on virgin sites.  Today science itself favors the normal peopling of free spaces.  None will be forgotten or excluded, and the very forces of nature, called into cooperation, will render healthful Earth's diseased condition. Then only may one hope that labor will be valued and that instead of hired laborers, co-workers will be born.  People's thinking will also undergo a reformation when the focus of thought is directed to an even distribution of labor over the entire face of Earth.  One should regard this as a guarantee of the only solution.  Otherwise people will only shake off the yoke, not finding the truth that dwells in their hearts.  Fiery is this truth!
325.  The fiery state so greatly surpasses the earthly that the best earthly balance is required in order to permit communion with Fire.  Many earthly conditions must be reconciled in order that thought may comprehend the fiery body.
340.  What could be preferred to the Forces of Light?  One's faith can be renewed as an immutable force.  Faith that does not guide one's entire life is worthless.  I indicate the countries that have lost their path; the machine is still in motion, but without a regeneration of consciousness there is nothing on which to exist.  New consciousness can come only from the spirit.  The new force can be strengthened only through knowledge of higher worlds.  Accumulation of such knowledge will strengthen life….Karmic conditions themselves must yield to the hammer of the will. Thought itself is the best fiery guardian. Thought is unconsumable!  Even on Earth a man suffused with faith and thought loses weight. Thought also leads to higher worlds.  When thrown off balance a man requests a moment's respite; this respite affords an accumulation of will.  Without will there is no faith.  Thus We arm people with weapons of light.
484.  In regard to the question of nutrition it should be noted that it is necessary to have some raw vegetables or fruit each day; raw milk is likewise preferable if the cow is known and also bread of a somewhat coarse flour.  Thus one can obtain sufficient vitamins without increasing the obvious superfluity of food.
567.  Each incongruity and imbalance is a sign of chaos....Yet in the course of many ages it is amazing to see the increase of imbalance among various achievements.  No one and nothing impels people to ponder over the value of balance.  The Teachings of all peoples speak of the Golden Path, yet men themselves actually think about this least of all.  Through its imbalance, its chaotic state mankind has brought on a coming uprising of fire.  But even on the very brink of danger people reject each useful advice about self-preservation.  As before they will toss about from the very old to the very new, even if it be illusory.  How can it be explained to them that agni yoga is neither old or new?  An element that is perpetual and omnipresent is not subject to the demarcations of time.  Fire is at the very threshold!  
602.  But on this long journey what happens to the enemies who wrought such torment through their discordances?  When darkness takes over its own possessions the remaining ones who are able to ascend are divided according to rays. Thus discord disappears and the feeling of enmity dissolves by itself.  The spirits gather and rise to the abode of containment like waves of harmonious light. Thus is settled the question, most incomprehensible to man, about the unity of the seeds of light in ascent to the higher world.  Enmity, so insoluble in the physical world, disintegrates by itself in the etheric, purified rays.  Not only in the higher but already in the middle spheres of the subtle world the feeling of enmity withers because of its uselessness….Also let us not forget that enmity throws the organism out of balance, leaving it a prey to various sicknesses and obsessions. 
626.  Beings of lofty degree understand giving as a joyful duty.  One should strive for this degree of fieriness, for then we enter into balance with the fiery principle, and giving becomes receiving.  Then, already devoid of selfhood, one's being accepts the highest gifts.  And in such accelerated exchange an inflow of energy takes place. This constant regeneration renews consciousness and spares one the breaks in consciousness during the transition into the subtle world.
630.  They will ask "How can we best serve on Earth to effect the utmost benefit at present?"  One must restore the health of Earth.  By innumerable ways one must carry out the world task of regeneration.  One must bear in mind that people have destroyed the resources of Earth without mercy.  They are ready to poison the earth and the air.  They have laid waste the forests, these storehouses of prana.  They have decimated animal life, forgetting that animal energy nourishes the earth. They believe that untried chemical compounds can take the place of prana and earthly emanations.  They plunder the natural resources, unmindful that the balance must be maintained.  They do not ponder over the cause of the catastrophe of Atlantis. They do not consider the fact that chemical ingredients must be tested over the course of a century, for a single generation cannot determine the symptoms of evolution or involution….Hence let us love all creation!
-M:  Fiery World 1933
177.  Only when our consciousness remains our sole possession do we feel the freedom of ascent.  It is very difficult to balance the ascent which goes beyond the middle strata of the subtle world. 
207.  The lack of balance of fires and waters constitutes a subject for deep investigation.  Some will ponder over it, and many will ridicule.
274.  The middle path foresees the best conditions.  Also, instead of a natural striving people prefer unsuitable extremes.  The creativeness of the cosmos does not tolerate lack of balance.  It is known that chaos yields before the assault of the forces of equilibrium, but the same law must be introduced into all life.  We are microcosms and must be subject to all the conditions of the macrocosm.  But few people will even speak about such a condition of existence, therefore such non-correlation agitates the Earth.
379.   Only the heart can determine the fine point of balance between striving and caution….A warrior can be intimidated by a mouse if in his heart burns not the fire of faith and striving.
407.  One should break away from personal expressions as from harmful habits.  A feeling which has been tempered in the fire of Hierarchy will not become distorted.  Thus learn how to balance feelings on the truest scales.  Much patience is needed in order to be able, without losing feeling and heart, to check upon their quality on the scale of Hierarchy.
411. The path of equilibrium is attained through meditation. …Fire is the great equilibrator.  Absolutely consciously must one approach the path of balance where there will be no more waverings and doubts, where there will be only great service.      -:M  Fiery World 1934
44.  Can people then grasp the magnitude of Laws which balance the entire cosmos?  Earthly measure is not applicable to the grandeur of cosmos; and the lack of success of all investigations can be attributed to this lack of understanding.  It is impossible to limit the Unlimited! Thinking can penetrate the depth of Cosmos when the spirit is imbued with the understanding of the essential nature of Fire, its infinite power and unlimited properties….Everything movable travels a spiral path toward great refinement. Therefore on the path to the fiery world one should know about the infinitude of the Laws.
189.  Evolutionary movement is not affirmed so long as correlation between spheres is not established.  For when the higher realm is striving upward and mankind propels itself downward, then indeed the cosmic current cannot be affirmed; therefore a manifested disharmony rules in the world.
247.  Life is brought into balance only through spiritual attainment.  Spiritual ascent is the only way to individual attainment and to attainment of the common good.  When humanity is engulfed in its desires and its engenderings, how can one attract energies out of the subtle world and reconcile them with human actions and aspirations!  An impetus toward attainment does not result in an accumulation of energies if the will does not act in affirmation of the Origins of good.  It was spoken with reason about the distorted mirror; precisely humanity distorts each great concept in its warped mirror.  Purification of consciousness and of the Teaching is the greatest problem of our time.     -M:  Fiery World 1935
64.  It is frightful to see the spectacle of madness when evil attempts to wipe everything rational off the face of Earth.  Malice acts like a destructive whirlwind.  Only the bond with higher realms can restore balance.     -M:  Aum 1936
3.  The loftiest freedom can be realized in the supermundane realm where Laws are understood as a beautiful and immutable reality.     -M:  Brotherhood 1937
15.  People do not understand that madness cannot be cured by madness and try to repeat destructions that have been visited upon Earth more than once.  We try to preserve balance as much as possible, but the total effect of freewill can overcome Our benevolent advice.
25.  Because of their partial understanding people insist upon their own ways, but Our disciples will never forcibly hinder the decision of their Teacher. They understand how to harmonize their freewill with Our decisions.  One must possess great equilibrium to understand the wisdom of Our guidance without crippling his own freewill.  We care a great deal about such balance. The best leaders of nations had this balance, and it was therefore easier to send them Our decisions.
34.  I speak not only of tension of labor but also of vigilance that enables one instantly to weigh and decide what moment and which action are the most necessary.  Each plea for help brings with it emanations of the past and aroma of the future.  One should blend these harmonies in consciousness and understand the meaning of disharmony.  We should not help a man who is ready for evil and must help one who is suffering.  Contradictions often conflict, and only knowledge of the past will provide the balance.  Nevertheless no plea to Us is rejected, for by making such a request a person expresses his recognition of the higher realm and the fact that such a reality lives in space.  We will not ignore a pleading voice; We will not reject any prayer but will gather all salutary substances in order to offer goal-fitting help. 
76.  Urusvati knows how to guard what has been entrusted . It is not easy to find a balance between withholding and disclosing.  Beginners are eager to impart all they have learned, not thinking about the consequences, and many calamities have resulted from their foolish diffusion.  But experience forges the measures of wisdom, and with time one can find the true ways of dissemination.  The path is difficult, and you should weigh how much those with whom you speak can contain.  A panacea must be dispensed in proper measure, neither more nor less…We advise that the books of the Teaching simply be placed at the crossroads so that they may find their own destiny.  In centuries to come you will see how the Teaching given by Us should be spread.
78.  Dark forces utilize the most destructive means to pierce the earthly atmosphere and project deadly peril. They defy the Laws of the universe and hope to attain their victory through confusion.  They are not only dangerous adversaries, but also unwise ones, for they have no thought for the planetary balance.
97.  People prefer to understand harmony as an immobile and inactive state and use it as an excuse for their irresponsibility.
102.  In Our Life there is no such thing as doubt. The attraction to the higher worlds is tremendous, and We must exert great effort not to be torn away from Earth where earthly burdens have been chosen voluntarily and consciously.  Such sacrifice is forged by love and by the experiences of former lives that kindled love for those who suffer.  Experience can either kindle love or sharpen hatred, and who will be the one to burn on the stake of hatred?  Will it not be the one who hates?  Love must become wise and active.  This concept is very subtle and one can easily stumble over it or fall prey to hypocrisy.  Only labor for the good of the world will afford proper balance.  Labor evokes joy and cognizance of Infinity and imparts a realization of the mobility of the worlds.
123.  And let us not forget that dark forces prefer to use these times for their own purposes.  It is essential to protect not only physical health but also nervous balance.  In general one must have an intelligent attitude toward the existence of dark forces.  It is ignorant to deny their existence but it is just as harmful to be afraid of them. Urusvati has seen their images, some disgusting and others beautiful.  They have the ability to surround themselves with luminosity and they also know how to offer various advantages.
128.  Urusvati was restrained several times from undertaking extremely dangerous flights.  The Teacher must protect one from over-courageous investigations. ….The transfer to higher spheres must be gradual.  Just as physicians supervise their patients, guides are appointed to help the disciples to preserve their balance so that this transfer may be performed intelligently.  In the subtle world each violation of equilibrium causes a shock.
151.  There were those among the disciples and followers whose lives were filled with misery and daily hardship. The Teacher would first help them by uplifting their spirits, and only when balance was established would he discuss their problems.  He never condemned their past but led them into the future. The Teacher could clearly see the future but only revealed it according to the consciousness of his disciples. Nor did he hesitate to use severe words to revive dead consciousness.
174.  It is well known that the words about turning the other cheek have led to many errors.  Indeed if this saying is interpreted simply in the physical sense it results in absurdity, because this was spiritual instruction and was intended to mean that when there is inner balance the attempts of evil can do no harm.  The Great Pilgrim valued human dignity and knew from the Teachings of India that nothing and no one can harm the balanced spirit.
217.  Equilibrium is maintained by the exercise of one's freewill, but people do not want to accept their individual responsibility in this.  Infection takes hold not only because of a predisposition to certain ailments but also because of loss of balance.  A pilgrim without balance will not be able to walk safely through the narrow passage and will be afraid, pursuing his way in great anxiety.  Such imbalance will destroy him and infect those close to him with fear.
266.  We deplore the fact that there are so many disagreements within families.  Even the best warriors lose their strength due to such disharmony.  Instead of goodness, blasphemy and evil talk defeat aspiration and cause waste of the precious panacea of finer energy!  People do not appreciate this gift, and it can be spilled as from a broken vessel.  Wherever possible one must help families to maintain their balance.
267.  Very few accept the fullness of service in its vitality and its achievements.  These few know how the steps of service have been formed and are ready to carry the living Word wherever it will serve the general good.  Such heroes are ready to renounce the comforts of life in order to be able to offer inspiration to others. These few realize that, in addition to making scientific discoveries, it is necessary to unearth spiritual treasures.  Now when multitudes of people are hurriedly shifting and seeking it is especially difficult for mankind to reconcile material progress with higher spiritual values. The present age resembles a certain period of Atlantis when the Atlanteans too could not find necessary balance.  But today people are aware of this discord, and this gives Us hope that the most vital nations will find the needed equilibrium.
283.  A readiness to move purifies one's thinking, and We rejoice to see this transformation of outlook.  Possessions lose their hypnotic power and cease to burden consciousness.  People can then understand the balance between owning things and renouncing them.  What remains is a respect for labor, and selfish greed is dissolved in the whirl of movement.
367.  We advise calm and concentration of the mind in order to prevent sudden physical shocks.  Thought should be directed to Us but in a state of mental equilibrium.  We even advise a partial realization of the Infinite, for nothing contributes so much to one's balance as the sense of Infinity. 
383.  We most definitely do not want to lose useful people. We frequently advise caution and the avoidance of unnecessary dangers. 
411. Therefore find the balance between action and patience; without this equilibrium you will find no rhythm and no true cooperation.  An unbalanced person will say "I can wait no longer!" and in these words reveals his impotence. 
424.  The ability to control one's feelings is the result of long training.  It can be achieved in the midst of everyday life, when one experiences many occasions for the disturbance of equilibrium.
440.…when one has friends to whom one's highest feelings can be confided--this sharing becomes a kind of amplifier, and with united striving the surrounding atmosphere will be purified.  Thus will people understand which deeds are the best.  Let them also find the balance between earthly labor and glimmers of illumination.   
                                     -Morya:   Supermundane 1938