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you have shed your former skin

275.  Within a small room upon a small rug you have shed your former skin.  What cannot be laved in snows of the mountains and in the warmth of the Sun?  The wisdom thus released will inhabit its new skin.  We rejoice at your observation of man's ways, unmasked, denuded, as though curtains of windows were drawn aside and innermost recesses revealed.  And it is easy to offer counsel when reading from an open book.  You evolve under My eyes.   Yes, yes, yes!  Your steadfastness strengthens Us.  It is easy to walk along a precipice when you know of the flying carpet.  Observe everything.  
313.  My children, children, dear children, do not think that Our Community is hidden from humanity by impregnable walls.  The snows of Himalaya that hide Us are not obstacles for true seekers but only for curious ones.  Mind the difference between the seeker and the dry, skeptical investigator.  Immerse yourselves in Our labor and I will lead you on the path to yonder realms.     -Leaves of Morya's Garden 1924
III, v, 17.  When you are seeking co-workers do not be confused.  Working hands may disguise the messenger; his complexion may be due to mountain snows. The messenger of truth will not be shouting in the bazaar.     -Leaves of Morya's Garden 1925
153.  Little fires flickering only for an instant contain all the qualities of flame, but darkness engulfs them as swiftly as a brazier does a snowflake.  One cannot trust an isolated moment of containment; only steadfastness tempered by toil and by obstacles results in a trustworthy containment.  
                                      -Morya:  Community 1926
332.  the man who has stored up a clear and benevolent consciousness on Earth will also be a good builder in the subtle realm.  Instead of monstrosities he will bring with him beautiful proportions and the rhythm which correspond to the magnificence of the Infinite.  Is the duty of Spirit so excessive if Spirit has perfected the heart?  Only the light-bearing consciousness of the heart will carry the subtle body into higher realms.  Thus everyone who prepares his heart and uplifts the hearts of his near ones already creates the will of Him who sent him!  When asked if the heart is not a balloon since it can rise aloft say that the jest is not far from the truth.  Verily the energy of the heart is so remarkably like helium and other of the finest gasses that it is not far from spiritual truth to imagine the ascension of the heart.   -M:  Heart 1932
610. Travelers may knock for admittance, travelers could tell about the great souls who dwell in unfailing service beyond the far-off deserts, beyond the mountains, beyond the snows.     -M:  Brotherhood 1937

Levada polls on freedoms; ‘foreign agent’ bill

11-22-2019   The proportion of respondents naming freedom of speech jumped to 58 percent, from 34, while for freedom of assembly and association it more than doubled, to 28 percent from 13.  Thirty-nine percent cited the right to receive information, up from 25, and the right to participate in "social and political life" was named by 30 percent -- nearly twice as many as the 16 percent recorded in 2017.

A separate Levada poll, conducted earlier this autumn, seemed to reflect similar tendencies in public opinion.  Asked whether they fear a "return to mass repressions," and how much they fear it, 28 percent said they "experience constant fear" of this development -- more than triple the 9 percent recorded in 2017.   The proportion of Russians who live in constant fear of the "tightening of the political regime" shot up to 23 percent, from 7 percent 2017.

11-23-19   The Russian parliament passed a new ‘foreign agent’ bill Thursday that means the derogative Soviet-era label can now be applied to individuals as well as organizations.  The bill also included new rules for media outlets deemed ‘foreign agents’, which face the possibility of being blocked online and incurring fines of up to $75,000. It is expected to be signed into law by President Vladimir Putin in the coming weeks.
The right to a fair trial rose three spots in the ranking to third place, with 64% of Russians saying they value it this year compared to 50% two years ago, the survey published Wednesday said.

While the grounds for suspicion are not spelled out

 a Xinjiang police notice published in 2014 listed 75 indicators of "religious extremist". These included:
Owning a compass
Abstaining from alcohol
Wailing, publicly grieving or otherwise acting sad when your parents die
Not letting officials scan your irises
Telling others not to swear
Not allowing officials to sleep in your bed, eat your food and live in your house
Being related to anyone who has done any of the above
Holding a foreign passport is also grounds for suspicion, said Hong Kong-based academic and specialist in Uyghur nationalism studies Shih Chien Yu.
"Beijing believes they don't acknowledge the power of the Communist Party and the Chinese Government enough," Mr Shih said.
Which is why in another of the leaked bulletins, IJOP records the cases involving the 23 Australian citizens among the 75 foreign passport holders.
These 23 are in addition to another 15 adults and six children from the Australian Uyghur community who are being detained in Xinjiang, according to Canberra-based Uyghur activist Nurgul Sawut.

It is the Mother-flame in the earth consecrated in all of your chakras

    dictation excerpts from Archangel Raphael’s twinflame, via Messengers M and E C Prophet--

12.  5-11-1987:  I place then the sword of peace into the Earth in this place.  So let it be known and designated forevermore….
  Beloved ones, World Communism is a dread disease of the mind, but I tell you world materialism is even greater as one of the dread diseases of the time.  It has been said that in the West the people are indulgent--blessed ones, it is so.  And I am sorry to say that many of our Keepers of the Flame are demanding far too much of the material pleasures or what they think are their material needs and not understanding that there are sacrifices that must be made in the present if the future is to be secured.
  The very process of this sacrificial life, beloved, is a process you need in order to put on the fullness of your Christhood. Emergency demands evoke from you the fullness of the heart’s genius and attunement with Christ.  The responsibility of children, loved ones and lightbearers of the world therefore impels you to call upon the Lord for strength and to be strengthened of mind and heart and body….
  Understand, beloved, that when we counsel the preparation those who fear most, those who are the unbelieving, those who seek to save their flesh rush in.  They will never be saved then by such preparations.  These preparations must be the stem of the chalice of the holy grail which you uphold.
  I tell you, beloved, those who build such preparations in fear do not build on a solid foundation.  I tell you their hearts will fail them for that very fear, for it becomes an internal magnet of fear, an internal point of vulnerability.  And when the elements of the earth melt with the fervent heat of a divine alchemy their karma upon them, beloved, will take them from the screen of life even if they have all of the physical necessities.
Look through the walls!  Look through time and space. Desire God and only God.
  I am come to deliver you of inordinate desire that when the Buddha arrive he shall not be agitated by auras of those who desire many things and do not desire the centrality of everlasting Life--not for themselves but for the continuity of Being on earth.
  Beloved ones, understand that the beings in the center of the Earth in polarity with yourselves, in these very hills and mountains, hold the balance in this hour for the holding together of the Earth that it not split and be tossed out by the immense force of discord of her evolutions.
  Blessed ones, had it not been for the Great White Brotherhood in the earth and on the surface, this Earth could have already become another Maldek, another asteroid belt--not by any particular collision, though that collision should have occurred for Earth’s vulnerability is also to those very forces colliding as in the coming of ancient planets or meteorites splitting and sawing asunder planetary orbs.         
-Archeia Mary at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet
11.  5-11-1987:   The Messenger lectured that “no prophecy can be utterly fulfilled in the physical atoms of this planet unless you confirm it by your decree....All dispensations that I have read to you and all that you find in the Pearls of Wisdom are yours to compose in affirmations and decrees.”
10.  4-21-1987: “I, Mary, now consecrate Central America, Cuba, all islands of the Caribbean to my immaculate heart with a fervor, a righteousness and a wrath of the Cosmic Christ....It is more than a consecration.  It is a purging and a judgment.  It is a branding as with a branding iron, and it is a divine decree!”
9.  4-18-87:  “I consecrate this state [Texas], America and Canada to my immaculate heart.  This consecration shall be continuous by my legions of angels.”
8.  12-9-1984:  “I live with the Fátima prophecy; I live with its message.  And I go from door to door and heart to heart knocking, asking for those who will come and pray with me--pray the violet flame or the rosary or the calls to Archangel Michael.  But above all, pray.   For by thy prayer is the open door extended, and the angels come stepping through the veil to prevent disaster and calamity.”
7.  8-26-1984:  “The Father has said to me:  ‘I place in thy hand the rod of authority for the utter annihilation of world atheism known as World Communism.’...The power of God in my right hand is as good as your confirmation of that power.”
6.  7-3-1984:  “I extend to you then access by the rosary--by the rosary--to my causal body, to the attainment on those fourteen stations which I have gained throughout my long spiritual history.  I give you therefore the opportunity to receive that power and attainment which God has given me as my great Teacher and as I am His servant.  This I transmit to you that it might become close to the physical world and the physical problem through your own physical body and heart.  I propose therefore beginning now and continuing on until there shall be a very obvious turning of the tide of World Communism, the giving of the rosary and the calling forth of this divine momentum.” 
5.  12-24-1983:  “Prove me now herewith that the entire Soviet establishment will not endure when a nation, Mother Russia, returns to the devotion of the Blessed Virgin....It is the Mother-flame in the earth consecrated in all of your chakras which will beat down the entire juxtaposition of nuclear war and all those things that now challenge you so greatly.”
4.  1-28-1979:  “Within my sacred heart is the acceleration of light this day...unto the judgment of those who have persistently denied the miracles of the Virgin Mary....Let there be the judgment of the false teachers who have stolen into the churches with their false theology.... Everyone who has interfered with the birth of these little ones--everyone who has advocated abortion from the pulpits of the churches, I tell you they will suffer exactly the karma that is written in sacred scripture spoken by my Son and it will not be withheld this day!”
3.  12-31-1977:  “Until a correct understanding of the I AM THAT I AM be made known across the land governments will fall, economies will crumble, churches will come to ruin, darkness will cover the land, famine will be present and souls will be lost.”
2.  7-3-1972:  “The land is plagued with darkness upon the screens of the invention of the motion picture.  The land is plagued with darkness over the churches devoted to honor my Son’s name.  The land is plagued with darkness as the political candidates struggle among themselves seeking a temporal crown....The elementals have communicated recently with one another and they are preparing to execute cataclysmic strands of destruction that have only begun in the world order.  And this shall come to pass unless the teachings of God shall be fulfilled in the hearts of many men and women presently totally dedicated to their own selves without understanding the great needs of humanity.”
1.   8-15-1958:  “Let the Christ in you magnetize those individuals, those loving and willing and worthy and capable chelas whom you require and, more importantly, that the Ascended Masters El Morya and Saint Germain require to create a planetary diamond heart of spiritual freedom.  Yes, though we cover this planet round, though we bring angels into the atmosphere of earth, a diamond heart which is the center of the spiritual foundation which is to be the predominant focus for the next two thousand years shall be sustained, for I, Mary, established the beginning of it.”
  In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence and by the authority of the Vicar of Christ I consecrate Russia, China, America, the Earth, Taiwan and Liberia to the immaculate heart of Mary.  (3x)

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holiness unto the Lord

  In our opinion the “White Paper” is laced with serpentine logic.  In 2001
Peter Duffy spoke to a group of keepers concerned about the governance of
our church.  He proposed that leadership was working on a governance
structure that consisted of an inner circle of five individuals that could not be
voted in or out.  This circle would represent a theocracy and would be above
any representative governance within our church.   -Ian and Tonya Scott, 3-
25-2004 email to field of students of the Teachings
  The 4 Principles of Governance (4PG), Oct. 2002  from RTR committee, is far superior to what the RTR settled upon by summer 2004, which is the “White Paper of Sponsorship of Summit Lighthouse in 21st Century and Beyond”--the reason to consider 4PG is that there remained some decency, coherence, integrity at RTR at that time, before the grim descent into folly/ignorance that followed.  This Summit Lighthouse needs to resurrect that 4PG as the one decent foundational achievement of the RTR post-2000, yet with two additional principles—no deals with the KGB-led Russian government and no deals with the false hierarchy/Anton LaVey family.  Thus the Summit Lighthouse could either return to its own traditional Articles of Faith or else complement that with, say, 6 Principles of Governance.  It needs also to reject the Peter/Neroli Duffy-led clique with all their folly/vanity such as rejecting underground Russian lightbearers, rejecting due process of the law, rejecting Mother’s 5-13-1997 word on no new holy orders.  I am saying that the RTR is essentially sick, misguided, divided against itself.  Far better to close their doors for a year or two to thoroughly cleanse themselves than to continue in this ongoing nonsense.    
            Sincerely, R., Mt. Shasta
  I Mary your Mother say this day that I shall impart to you in the innermost
recesses of your heart the very secrets that you must know that you might
begin to calculate how you can truly turn your world around or your area of
the world.
  Blessed ones, being obedient to me is not enough--even if you are the Pope or an ascended master.  For you must bend the knee to your Mighty I AM Presence.  I have come to you and to the nations.  I have held you to my heart.  I have spoken to you of the mysteries of God, yet that which I have spoken has not been given to the world….Furthermore all must also be aware of the healing flame which I carry for the millions and which you can also carry.  This flame is for healing, but it is also the flame of wisdom and the path of the wise.  Embrace this flame, for you will need it if and when major changes come upon the Earth or your psyche….
  Nothing shall be withheld from you when you maintain your status as a part of God, as you keep the commandments of God and even as you do penance for those commandments that you have broken.  Forgiveness is always the law and always the flame….Let a string of pearls be wrapped around the globe of the world. And let each pearl be for one of you that you might carry my pearl in your heart, that you might know its inner significance and magnificence, and that you might be reminded that all things must ultimately be revealed.
  Yet if darkness must come, be prepared for it.  And if the great light of God must come to wipe out the darkness, be prepared for that also….
  I AM your Blessed Mother.  I come to you because I know that I can count on you, at the very least, to recite the Child’s Rosary daily so that the Hail Mary and the calls that we make and continue to make for Russia and the many nations of the earth might bear fruit and give strength to every heart. …In this day the sanctity of life has so declined that fathers and mothers may legally elect to abort a child without considering the consequences their actions will bear for lifetimes to come….Blessed ones, whether you know it or not, you play a part in this atrocity--for the very failure to defend life in the womb and life out of the womb. I tell you, beloved, to merely look upon this worldwide catastrophe and not to do something about it is to make karma….Keepers of the Flame!  Wake up!  You cannot stand idly by while all around you the world is falling apart and simply walk down the street saying to yourself:  “Well, this is not my responsibility.  Let somebody else do it.” …
  I must tell you, then, to steel your determination to save the lives of tens or hundreds of thousands of children--whether by donating funds to charitable organizations or by taking the homeless children of third-world nations into your households. When you do this, you fulfill the law. And when you do not do this and you turn your back on life, life may well turn its back on you.  Many of you do not want to hear of the plight of the world’s children….
  And the report to the Messenger from the Russian students is in.  So, beloved, the Messenger has learned of the burdens that are upon our Russian Keepers of the Flame and how little money and food they have, even to travel to our centers in order to decree and practice the Ascended Masters’ teachings. And yet somehow they manage to come to our conferences and to our meetings.
  They are on the phone patch and they give their lives not only for the turning around of Russia but for the turning around of the souls and the hearts of those who have sustained Mother Russia for centuries. This is a holy people and a magnificent people, and I do laud them now.  And I desire that they should hear my praise to them in this moment.  Therefore won’t you stand and applaud the tremendous efforts of our Russian Keepers of the Flame.  [39-second standing ovation]…
  And especially in Russia, there is such a manipulation of the mind and the heart that many take their lives.   Therefore I send mighty and direct lightwaves to the heart of Moscow, to the heart of every city where Keepers of the Flame are truly keeping the flame.
I am your Mother and I promise you that as you work with me week after week and month after month you will see change in your life and in your country.  You will see change in the former Soviet Union.  And when you see that change you will know that in part you have been the instrument of that change.  But be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.  Be wise, beloved ones, be wise.  For you never know who is looking over your shoulder.
  Know then, precious hearts, that in every nation on Earth your fervor foretells the opening of heaven before you, for this too shall come to pass.  And it shall come to pass that Russia shall be righted--not by its government, not by its Mafia and not by all of the untold evils that are upon it.
  No, Russia shall one day be God-victorious because the children of the light and the sons and daughters of God will see the opening in the heavens, will see my face looking down upon them from the great sphere of the world.  And they will know that it is their light that is their triumph….Nevertheless you must also know from the depth of your beings that the rings of sacred fire in your causal body are far greater than all the darkness that there could ever be in Russia or in any other nation.
  My beloved, you must believe it, you must know it, you must enter into it.  And you must realize the tremendous power of Elohim when you walk the earth in their footprints….I shall begin day by day by day to expose corruption in the United States of America, in Russia and in every nation of the world until the fallen angels are naked--so naked, so exposed, beloved, that you will even see them on your television screens.  What’s more, you will know who and what you are seeing.  And you will give my Son’s Judgment Call until the fallen angels are taken to the Court of the Sacred Fire for their judgment.  And I, Mary, placing my Electronic Presence over you, will move at your command against the fallen angels and I shall require my Son to take them off the planet.  And we shall do this one by one, as though we were little birds, eating one morsel at a time, until a million or a billion fallen angels are taken.  We will not relent!  This is my commitment to you, my children, my sons and daughters.  Let it be so, let it be done, let it be accomplished. [47-second standing ovation]   
(by Ruth Hawkins)
-Mary:  8-17-1997 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana via Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Let all nations rally to the sign and let the states defend the foundation unto the capstone of the pyramid

  So, beloved, do not withdraw yourself from those places where you are needed.  Do not fear to lay down body or life that others might pass over the abyss and arrive in the safe haven of Shamballa….
  When the two in you have become one, when heart and mind clasp hands and there is no longer a tug-of-war I say to you, beloved, then you can accomplish all things and all things can be accomplished through you and you are sealed in safety, being sponsored, then, by the Hierarchy of Light.
Blessed ones, when you are received by my Son, by that living Christ then you are received by all of heaven.  
-Archeia Mary:  8-15-1993 at Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana via  Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
  I am with you, beloved, for the controversies that have not ceased in the Middle East are bringing low many souls, while others draw not from the sacred heart of the living Savior but draw the energies of darkness from the underworld--a darkness that becomes darker day by day.
  One of the darkest areas of the entire world is the Middle East.  How long have the sons of Jacob fought?  How long has it been with Isaac?  How long has it been with Jacob and Esau?  None of this has come to resolution.  Therefore I bid you who are the peoples of the Middle East to pray for world transmutation and effectively for transmutation in the Middle East.  There ought not to be war.  Why should young sons of hope and promise, whose mothers [so recently] bore them, now be denied life because of political issues, non-resolution and continual warfare with Palestine and with other areas?   
-Mother Mary:  4-20-1997 at Los Angeles via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
 One of the first requisites the aspirant to Christhood must meet is to acquire the inner knowing that God is no respecter of persons and that he is willing to bestow His powers without limit upon all of His children when they prove themselves trustworthy.  Then he must accept the reality that life is already manifesting through him with the fullness of life’s blessed God-powers.            -Jesus Christ:  4-19-1997 at Dallas via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet

  Realize, beloved, that all souls of earth take a reading on your footsteps. And those of light who desire to know the Great White Brotherhood and to enter in, they follow those who call themselves disciples. Therefore no longer be disciples but anointed o nes.  I, Jesus, declare it!  I summon you and I command you as my own. Take up the lead . For many must follow and that quickly ere the age draw the curtain on my dispensation.  --Jesus Christ:  11-1-1987 at Minneapolis via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
  The ensign is raised up!   It is your Christ, my Christ one.  Let all nations rally to the sign and let the states defend the foundation unto the capstone of the pyramid for the great defense of freedom always.  I AM Jesus and I say unto the foes of this path of Christhood in church and state worldwide:  They shall not pass! They shall not pass!  Unto the enemies of the Divine Woman and Her seed I, Jesus, say, Woe! Woe! Woe!  I have spoken it and it is done.    -Jesus Christ:  11-26-1987 at  Washington, D.Cvia Messenger Elizabeth Clare

Mother Mary's dictation of 8-17-1997 in which she dedicated herself & her energies also to Moscow

  Therefore the tens of thousands who are a part of this movement must, as Micah has (just) said, come into unity with one another, must bury the hatchet, bury old grudges and must not bear grudges that go back to previous generations and to centuries long past.  
             -Archeia Mary:  4-20-1997 at Los Angeles via ECP 
  We ask you again to go after the children, for they are the inheritance of the Earth.  They are the ones who must be brought to a place of sanctification.  And by sanctification I mean that they must be drenched in the whitefire of God that they might please God, that they might please their Holy Christ Self, that they might please the inner conscience.    -Archeia Mary and the Seven Archangels:  10-11-1997 at Norfolk, VA via ECP 
  On third visit near Fatima, 1917, the Blessed Mother stated that if her requests were fulfilled, Russia would be converted and there would be peace.  “If not,” said Mary, “Russia will spread her errors throughout the entire world, provoking wars and persecution of the Church. The good will suffer martyrdom.  The Holy Father will suffer much.  Different nations will be annihilated.”  -ECP:  Pearls of Wisdom 41:39
   Mother Mary's dictation of 8-17-1997 in which she dedicated herself & her energies also to Moscow—because all Moscow issues involving the Spirit of God come under Mary's 8-17-97 initiation & not under any Board of Directors' statements of any type, the initiation cycle is definitely unbroken that does include certainly Ketino Lutidze, who received many initiations of the light even at Corwin Springs in person!     -r, 2004, 2019

Let God act in your life

  Today the breaking of vows by priests or the religious has become commonplace. They have felt justified, for they have found the established Church wanting. In the case where vows are made to human institutions or human beings, one can easily have a change of heart.  But if the vow be made to the Universal God, one can change institutions [as a means of its implementation] without breaking that vow.  One can take a vow to sponsor the education of the heart on a planetary scale and one can espouse that vow through every available avenue….
  As Morya said, we have a right to test and know the mettle of our chelas apart from the glory and the drama of an exclusive property….This is my final opportunity and I guard it well. Therefore you also should understand that you keep the flame of Maitreya and you ought to be concerned when you observe violations of the flame and recognize that your silence on human compromise, seeking popularity, places in jeopardy the entire Community.
  …those who have said “We will do it our way, we will prove that we can take the Teachings and do it our way, we will show that these rules and principles are no longer prevailing”--beloved ones, thus does begin the compromise of the founding principles of every religion.  Beware of it.  We know of the psychics and other religious leaders who take our teachings, our books and our decrees and blend them with their version of an anti-Guru, anti-Christ path….
  You are as important as the Messenger and perhaps more so.  For without the supporting body, the Word could not be implanted or delivered….And I have cried out to many a disturbed person who has come, disturbed by the very fact of desiring to manipulate others and thereby attracting to himself demons, possessing and otherwise, and I have said “Is there not a violet flame?  Have you not called to the violet flame?  Do you not believe in the violet flame?  Have you no mercy upon your God, your family, the angels who tend you?  Where is the violet flame?  Where is mercy?”  And this is what the Law will not allow—the unmerciful servant, the unmerciful heart, the one who says he forgives but never forgets and thus has not transmuted the wrongs of a true brother of light.
  …the understanding of this force and its modus operandi that I gave to her--the understanding of this force and its modus operandi that I gave to her.  And this is the key, beloved--whether it is the death wish of the various sects of religion on earth wishing and willing the death of the Messenger, whether it is Russian psychics or KGB agents who have masterminded the ability to probe the human mind and penetrate it, whether it is from Mars or Pluto or the Moon or hell itself, those embodied or disembodied--death yet exists in the astral plane and it will come knocking at your door one of these days as surely as death knocked clearly and loudly at the bedroom door of your Messenger in Los Angeles.  And this occurred at the hour of 4:00 a.m, and at that hour the loud rap came twice--a physical sound bringing her to the awakened state and then the instantaneous knowledge that though the sound were physical, the presence was astral….
 One must know that it does come.  One must know that though death be predestined by your karma and your stars and may surround and grip you, predes­tination is not the Law of cosmos.  Nay, the freewill of the individual to overcome a predestination of karma and to rise again--this is the Law of the Great White Brotherhood whereby we have defeated death time and again.  Let the record be clear.  As one has stood in your midst to defy the enemy, so when your hour does come the full mantle of this experience may be upon you multiplying your Christhood….Let God act in your life and do not so easily succumb to death entities who come in the guise of sympathetic attractions, involvements, the tying up of one’s energy, et cetera, et cetera.
  Beloved hearts, you cannot have kept from you the testings of death and hell.  You must be ready….Thus you see, beloved, the choice may seem to be either death by a Soviet nuclear first strike or death by submission to a Soviet society that would result from not engaging in the battle that has already begun.  It is very clear that one thus becomes a member of Serapis Bey’s chosen ones.  And the battle at Thermopylae ought to be studied.  The standing for a principle, beloved, is more important than life itself.  But those who have not faced and defeated the last enemy who is death, those who know that they are playing games, deceiving themselves and attempting to deceive the Messenger—these cling to life and would avoid this choice or this vow….It is for want of taking the ultimate stand on the part of the leadership of the free nations, the religious people, and the good people that there be few with whom I can work directly in the giving of myself….
  Therefore as a cardinal principle, I say to you, let not my message be tainted with the jargon of the right wing or the left wing.  See to it that you therefore present a platform upon which every candidate to office may stand as an independent lightbearer--not as a libertarian or an anarchist in the ultimate sense of independence but as one who is independent beneath his I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, who does stand beneath the Tree of Life, who champions truth wherever it is found, who may also recognize that certain points in the entire spectrum of world thought are worthy of championing.
  Therefore listen to the enemy as well as the friend and seek in God what I have called the “awareness/action.”  It is not enough to present the plight, the problem, the dilemma or to read the handwriting on the wall.  Those who see and know all of this and who have access to us must present to the people of America an awareness which is a foundation for action.  Today’s actions supporting the Sandinistas, the lethargy in America and so forth are based upon nonawareness or a psychic awareness….

  Thus I warn you in advance:  if you yourself are not cleared of fanaticism, you will immediately be cast in the role of a Lyndon LaRouche or a right-wing fanatic.  And then the world will cease to listen to you or me or the Messenger.  Therefore study well how the message has been presented.  And of course you cannot be illiterate politically….Take care then, I say, when you deliver this message into a field saturated with the disinformation of the Soviet Union that you do not fall prey to the character assassination and deathblows of a public and a media who are quick to denounce and ridicule those who stand for the cause of freedom.   
-Saint Germain:  1-1-1987 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Absolutely crucial discussions of key issues between US and Russia—or any other pair of nations—cannot possibly be left to secret meetings

   Absolutely crucial discussions of key issues between US and Russia—or any other pair of nations—cannot possibly be left to secret meetings between very small elites, whether these are bureaucrats, popular leaders, insiders.  Why?  Key issues end up involving everyone.  Yet secret deals are very very fashionable.  With those deals usually come cover stories, denials, “Stay Out!”, etc.
  The RTR “core group” from 2002-4, for example, conceived that they themselves, basically about 8-12 people, were in a position to dictate to others, to make deals with subtle elements involved not obvious perhaps even to themselves, to push votes through on matters of far-reaching import.  In the name of expediency or in the name of God or of monopoly this keeps happening through history.  Even Mark and Elizabeth in sheer naïveté or even bravado knocked on the door of the Council of Churches in an unwitting attempt to “register their activity” early on.  Some who know better keep silence and observe.  How long did it take someone to learn that not all doorways lead where one hopes/wishes/surmises/imagines those doors/doorways lead??
  Everyone could site an example of assuming/presuming that didn’t work out so well.  Getting in is often easy; getting out, especially when the original error has been compounded, is another matter, eh?
  Well, I don’t always learn fast either.  Where was I when the RTR tied themselves to Mr. KGB or made some deal to cut out ~10 1976 KH Pearls of Wisdom of 1976 from general circulation?  Sure, many felt that to dump some Sergei or Ketino in Moscow would be expedient because “a few in some position thought so.”  “So minor a matter, why get excited!?”  But what does that pathway entail, say, 16 years later!?
  Some are in so deep that they don’t admit even to themselves….

  Meanwhile, the real Mark and Elizabeth are NOT still knocking on the door or down the pathway of the Council of Churches, not even, not even a little.  But where are you today?—is that not the question?  Do you review, still yourself, reason, hearken, move in the wind?  Do you face the music that your profession/mission necessarily entails, or is it that you just think you do?    -r, mt. shasta

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

courage grows easily in the vouching for each other.

12.  There should be instilled respect for craftsmanship in order that it be understood as a higher distinction.  Ancient working community-guilds left testimony of their vitality.  One can see how people cultivated their skills toward perfection.  They knew how to shield each other and how to guard the dignity of their community.  So long as people do not learn to defend the merit of their fellow-workers they will not achieve the happiness of common good.
13. The concept of justice proves itself upon the foundation of labor.  Likewise courage grows easily in the vouching for each other.  Indeed all as one yet each one contributing his own best aptitude.  Let us not destroy, but let us bring forth the warmth of the heart.   
17.  Many a time you have heard about following Our indications, and you could convince yourself that precise fulfillment of the indication is practical and beneficial. This is the first step. After this, self-action must begin. Knowing the foundation of Our Teaching it is necessary to prove to be disciples creating in full co-measurement and immutability.  When the Teacher says “Now you yourselves display the effect of My indications” it does not mean to recall old habits, to quarrel with one another, to become offended and to hurt each other.  This can be left to the mule drivers. But it should be for you to remember about Our Community and emulate it in harmonious labor.  When the time comes to change the course of the ship the indication will come.    -M:   Community 1926
85.  Freedom is valuable for the guarding of personal inwardness, for the individualization of attracted energies.  But it is freedom that becomes the most perverted conception.  Life becomes filled with tyranny and slavery instead of freedom, precisely the qualities that exclude cooperation and respect for one’s inwardness; thus  some people succeed in planning their existence exclusively out of a special combination of tyranny and slavery.  Of course people repeat about freedom without even knowing its specific qualities. Freedom should affirm itself in them by the upliftment of consciousness.  Intense searches for freedom show that the spirit potentially strives toward new ascents.
97.  After two weeks of apparently superficial striving a man comes to the conclusion either that he is unfit or that the higher realm does not exist.  Whereas the very same man will tell his servant after a year of service "A year is too short.  I cannot yet raise you."  
                                                         -Morya:  Heart 1932
People love to listen to news and to receive toys, but few are ready to refine their consciousness.    -M:  Fiery World 1934
  572.  a hardened heart not only forgets the help received but even derides the hidden Helpers.  First of all the Brotherhood inculcates the beautiful feeling of gratitude.    -M:  Brotherhood 1937

                  -on Bolivian-Peruvian border

The pearl of great price you are


-chart of I AM Presence

   And thus the Lord Jesus with me serves now to be with the hosts of the Lord the open door for freedom in America and in every nation.  This is that open door which no man can shut.  But I tell you, people of Earth, it is up to you to claim that freedom.  For as ever before, the fallen ones who have invaded the governments and the economies of the nations are ever present as the spoilers to take from you your God-ordained liberty.  Therefore I say, claim it in the name of the I AM THAT I AM!  Claim it and be then one with God the majority vote for freedom on Earth!  For what is peace without freedom?--this I ask you.  And let every leader of every nation ponder in his heart this day what is that peace that has not the freedom to be or to worship God as the divine Self of every soul….

  Understand then that this Earth is intended to be governed by the souls of light.  Therefore souls of light, I speak to you this night.  Take your place in government and stand for truth and stand for freedom!   And this is the true and the only revolution that you can espouse.   It is that cause of freedom whereby you understand that the goal and the calling of America and every true free nation is to lead mankind into that way of higher consciousness. It is a revolution of light that will allow all that is not aright on Earth to be righted by the law of freedom and by that baptism of the sacred fire.
  Understand then that it is movement to the great God-Self within that is your salvation in this age, that all problems of the economy, the ecology and the government can be resolved if you will take only ten minutes each day to go within and to find your own God-Self, to meditate and to use the science of the spoken Word whereby you chant the mantra of the free:  “I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires!”   This is my mantra which I give to you as your initiation into the Aquarian age. …
  Behold then the chart of your own I AM Presence which was revealed to Moses as the I AM THAT I AM.  Behold the individualization of the God-flame whereby you can claim oneness with the Most High.  Behold then your own Christ principle, your own Christ Self, living as the Mediator and as the one who is able to forgive and to forgive and to forgive. Understand then that the Christ is one, the only begotten Son, and yet that Christ, that one, that light in Jesus, the true light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world, is the body of God that is fragmented and repeated again and again and again for every incoming soul….
I say to you, people of light, accept your mission of the ages!  Accept your role as the ones who are the protectors of freedom on Earth.         St. Germain  
-Saint Germain, dictated to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet in Pasadena on June 11, 1977, Pearls of Wisdom 20:31   
  note:  Saint Germain, ascended master of the Aquarian age, Keeper of the Flame of Freedom in every heart, Chohan (Lord) of the Seventh Ray:  at the end of each two-thousand-year cycle there is an impetus, a ray of light sent forth from the heart of God whereby cosmic Law is presented for the next cycle.  Saint Germain whose name means “holy brother” is sponsor of the seventh dispensation, the seventh ray–a new lifewave, a new civilization, a new energy.  Saint Germain became an ascended master in 1684 after having made, as he once commented, “two million right decisions” during hundreds of thousands of years of service on behalf of Earth and her evolutions.  In 1786 he assumed the office of Chohan of the Seventh Ray, held for two thousand years by the Ascended Lady Master Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy.  
by Ruth Hawkins
  Therefore I, Jesus, prophesy to you individually the certain day of your victory. ..Anything else to be said will be spoken in the secret chamber of your heart by the great Initiator, your own beloved Holy Christ Self in consonance with the Word of Maitreya.
  Know then, beloved, that the sum of this initiation is greater than the sum of the parts.  Know then that you must exceed the knowledge and the knowing that has been conveyed.  You must infuse the Teaching with the flame of comfort, the flame of the Holy Spirit.  Let us return to that living fire, comfort--a roseate glow when needed and a steely whitefire when deserved.   --Jesus Christ:  11-26-1987, Thanksgiving, at Washington, D.C via Messenger ECP
  The crown of Life is won daily, and therefore there does come to all step by step on the ladder of initiation the opportunity to give--at first in small ways which seem great and then in great ways which seem small.  For as one does ascend the spiral staircase realizing the Allness of God, one knows how small by comparison must any sacrifice be, for the gift of the return current is always the divine All….
  This Diamond Heart which consists of all those who give their life to the will of God is surely the means whereby all people of goodwill upon Earth might see and recognize that the Christ attainment is truly that open door of the hour, and I myself do offer it again….
  Now know, precious hearts, that to extend the cup of one’s life is surely to have that cup filled with immortal life.  Let not your heart be troubled.  For I, Jesus, am confident by the very witness of my heart that the Christ of you--men and women and children--is able to fashion a diamond heart of God’s holy will whereby not one, not a few but the many (as God does use the term “many”) shall identify, by the blessed teaching of the Law of the One, with this One--with this One that is the I AM THAT I AM….
  Thus the taking over of a nation has come by the taking over of the minds of her youth and her people, her monetary system, even the gold standard as the Christ standard set aside.   It has come about by the creeping, crawling serpents who have entered the halls of government at every level of the nation. The takeover from within, even that prophesied by that prophet and president Abraham Lincoln, is almost complete….

  The pearl of great price you are, for you have paid a great price to stand, face and conquer your karma, your past misdeeds.  And in your willingness to suffer for a while the burden of that karma, you will now know surcease from it and see the dawn of a new day of opportunity.  Be glad and rejoice that you have allowed yourself to bear your karma rather than to deny it, push it back and cast it aside.  With intelligence and the intelling quality of wisdom, so with the violet flame you can also make that suffering turn to joy and comfort in this hour.  For the violet transmuting flame, beloved, does indeed take all of that energy and return it to your causal body, which does grow and grow and grow as the lilies of the field grow.   
         -Jesus Christ:  12-25-1987 at the Royal Teton Ranch, Montana via Messenger ECP
  May the eye of the vestal virgin Pallas Athena be upon you always. For it is the age of Christ Truth and those who have my Truth have universal Life everywhere present in God....Blessed ones, I must perform deeds for the masters that I found in the East. Thus they sent me into the lairs [of the fallen ones], into the very dens of these who had all but put out the candle of Self-knowledge unto those whom they considered beneath them and not even worthy of having the impartation of the flame....
  Thus the geometry of truth which Pallas Athena would bring to you is the knowledge of the precipitation of these things [i.e., the threefold flame] from the higher to the lower octave that in the mirror of the soul the great God-Self might appear smiling in the foreverness of your being....
  Let the full weight of the recognition of the God-flame come upon you!  Let the full weight of the Sacred Heart above you and the masterful Presence of Life, your own I AM Presence who is your true Self, come upon you in this hour as we seal the flame of Christmas 1988!...I give you this Teaching this night once again by way of exposing to you the lie that has crept into my Church, which is no longer my church therefore.  I give you this Teaching that you might leap with the joy of victory to know that as the victory is yours to claim it can be done....See how subtle is this lie because, beloved, it has invaded the plane of the five secret rays. This I tell you, beloved, so that you will understand what must be consumed, what must be burned off before 
the fullness of Mighty Cosmos’ secret rays can manifest surrounding your heart....
  I AM and I remain Jesus your Brother, with you always when you call to me and when you maintain my vibration which is the vibration of Maitreya.  And a holy, holy night to all.   
                        -Jesus Christ:  12-26-1988, early a.m., at the Royal Teton Ranch, Montana via Messenger ECP