Friday, June 30, 2017

monster chess problem

white to move and win.

I had to laugh when this position (against a computer playing black at ~.6 seconds/move--called Boris) arose.
I'll let this seep in a little.  Yeah, I won it. a position that won't occur for another million years or more, if ever.
I'll post the continuation in a few days; what.
White played Qd5 here and black played g5 or h5; white continued Bh6, black Nd7; then Qf7 ...Ne5, Qf8+  Kh7, de5  Kh6, and so forth.

when some individuals become aware of evil they become bitter and gravitate toward the extreme right or left

           I have seen, sadly, that when some individuals become aware of evil they become bitter and gravitate toward the extreme right or left in politics and religion.  Those who are fanatical, those who are extremist do not have the equipoise of the flame of the heart.  Instead of recognizing that there are forces of evil working through individuals, they personify evil and mistakenly believe that they must destroy flesh and blood.  We have all seen the result of such extremism in acts of horrific destruction--the perpetuation of wars, assassinations and terrorism.
           The propensity of human nature is to rise up in indignation, in hate and hate creation or in revenge against the oppressors.  This has often happened in revolutions and wars in which the children of light, manipulated by the fallen ones, have moved against their very own believing them to be the enemy.  Heads from all sides have rolled on the battlefields of life.  Children of light side by side with the mechanical creation have fought for the causes of the fallen angels because they have been brainwashed into aligning with absolute Evil while believing they were defending absolute Good.
           The power of the people is not gained through more revolutions of the kind we have witnessed on earth but by the enlightenment of the indwelling God Presence.  Within the heart of fire in the breast is the power to overthrow tyrants, to displace them by the Christ consciousness.  Unless we direct that light to challenge the consciousness behind evil the energy of evil will live on, even if the bodies of the evildoers are destroyed.  Therefore the lawful means for dealing with the fallen ones is through the use of the science of the spoken Word which challenges the forces behind the evildoers by the power of transmutation.  In this way one cannot mistake the enemy.
             When giving the Judgment Call (of Jesus Christ), the call for the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold, calls to the violet flame or any decrees or prayers it is essential to do so without any sense of vendetta or a personal need to exact retribution from the forces of evil, for a vengeful attitude of mind or heart will only bind a person to these fallen ones.  Therefore a purified heart is necessary.  And if at any time or in any space you are tempted to react humanly to the forces of evil remember that this is the most dangerous state of consciousness that you can entertain because you will become instantly bound to those against whom you direct your vengeance.  By calling upon the Lord with perfect love (and without anger, animosity, revenge or any vibration that is less than Christ-truth) we will see God’s justice, not our own, prevail on earth as it does in heaven.
              Over the last two thousands years and more the great avatars have left us a legacy that we are intended to embody in our confrontation with evil.  It is the attainment of the flame of peace as it manifested in the heart of Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha.  Therefore the only state of mind that is acceptable is one of non attachment, desirelessness, absolute love and absolute awareness that God Himself as the universal light will in his own time and space separate the tares and the wheat and then burn the tares and draw the wheat into His garner….
              Without the support of the people the power elite will have to stand alone, and they will no longer be the dominating force on earth.  Instead the sons and daughters of God and the Christed ones will be the good shepherds, the teachers, the deliverers, the healers and so forth.
              The Book of Revelation reveals a path of initiation that each soul in her season must pass through if she would ascend to God.  It is a study in the psychology of the soul and the testings she must master on her path to reunion with the Father-Mother God.    
                            -Messenger E C Prophet:  Fallen Angels Among Us, S. U. Press, 2010, pp. 258-60; see

ice/snow sculptures at Harbin, China

Thursday, June 29, 2017

"the so-called opposition...need to be regarded as enemies of the people " -Kadyrov

1-13-16  Ramzan Kadyrov, the Kremlin-backed leader of Chechnya, called the liberal opposition, which has only one lawmaker in the 450-seat parliament, enemies of the people, a phrase recalling language used during the reign of terror unleashed by Soviet leader Josef Stalin in the 1930s.
"Representatives of the so-called ... opposition are trying to profit from the difficult economic situation," Kadyrov told reporters, according to a statement issued by his office late on Tuesday.
"Such people need to be regarded as enemies of the people and traitors.  They should be put on trial, with maximum severity, for sabotage."
Opposition figures and rights activists said they were alarmed by his words with some suggesting the police should look into them.
Mikhail Kasyanov, one of the opposition's leaders and a former prime minister, said: "There is no such concept in our constitution, but from Soviet history it is widely known that in Stalin's time that is what they called anyone who thought differently ... and that such people were liquidated."
Though the phrase dates back to Roman times and the reign of Emperor Nero (who was declared "an enemy of the people" by the Roman Senate), it came into use in the modern period during the French Revolution.  Ennemi du peuple was used to refer to those who disagreed with the new French government during the "Reign of Terror," a period during which thousands...were executed by guillotine.
While it was featured as the name of a Henrik Ibsen play, its next prominent use was by the Nazis.  During the Third Reich's rule in Germany, Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels referred to Jews as "a sworn enemy of the German people" who posed a risk to Adolf Hitler's vision for the country, according to The Washington Post.
It gained its widest use by Joseph Stalin during the early years of the Soviet Union.  In the nation's early years, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin used the term vrag naroda (enemy of the nation/people) to refer to those who disagreed with the ideologies pushed forth by the Bolshevik government and, later, adopted by the newly-formed Soviet Union.  This could include anyone from the clergy who did not want to adopt state-enforced atheism to writers to political opposition that questioned the ideologies of the new government. Later picked up by Stalin, such a designation could mean immediate imprisonment or removal to a labour camp.
"All leaders of the Constitutional Democratic Party, a party filled with enemies of the people, are hereby to be considered outlaws, and are to be arrested immediately and brought before the revolutionary court," said Lenin in November 1917.

ISIS birthchart analysed

chart erected by Geoffrey Cornelius

Proclaimed at start of Ramadan 2014 by Baghdadi as its caliph.
Full cardinal cross of crescent moon, Pluto, Mars, Uranus--shows explosive nature.
Venus in opposite declination to Pluto; north node in parallel declination to Neptune.
Because Sun below horizon and opposite Pluto ISIS will tend to be underground 
Natal Moon has progressed (at rate of 13.2 degrees/year) this spring to conjunction with natal Saturn.
In June 2020 natal Moon will progress to conjunction with natal Neptune while by 2020 progressed Sun will be opposite natal Pluto--this will bring in very subtle and lasting changes to ISIS.
ISIS through natal Jupiter has resources, through natal Neptune has high intelligence and mastery, through natal Mercury has high alertness.  The natal Neptune-Venus square shows many home/family problems, complicated by Pluto influence.   Saturn in 10th house (aspecting Moon, Mars, Uranus) shows peculiar and changeable rulership/organization.       -r, mt. shasta, ca

that etheric octave is the living school of light and the Retreat of the Divine Mother

Dear hearts of living fire, the solar ring in this hour through our presence now is become yellow fire-rings surrounding cities and this place, this county and nation, and goes beyond this octave to ancient records.  Millions of rings of yellow fire now upon the earth are set in motion for the piercing of the veil and as an outer corona signifying that the Great Central Sun Magnet in all of the holiness of illumination’s flame pouring out of the Mind of God is truly focused in the heart of the earth.

And dancing around these rings are angels of light and also nature spirits.  And you may join them also.  For ring upon ring of light--this becomes circles of fire and the dance of Shiva:  Shiva as the Holy Spirit, Shiva as the purging and the judging light.
Thus these rings move.   And each turning then of life within this wheel of the Law does consecrate space and time, collapsing the evil that has ensconced itself therein.  For evil is an energy veil, and when time and space collapse so evil itself must collapse together with illusion.  This may take place first in the mind and the heart of the devotee, beloved ones, then in the hearts of many as nature and the four lower bodies of the earth become purified, as the ether itself penetrates the four elements and as the five secret rays once again have expression….

Contemplate thy reason for being.  Do not respond to me from an outer anxiety or even an outer or mental rigidity.  Do not respond from the human level of desperation or of fear or doubt or even of guilt.  Put all these things aside, beloved ones.  These are not suitable responses to an archangel’s call.

The call from my heart is to your heart and to your soul.  I have infinite patience; I am long-suffering and peaceful.  I desire you to come to the light only when you are ready not only for the light but for the persecution that its bearers must indeed bear.  Therefore, beloved ones, though cycles turn swiftly, the world karma is oncoming and very impatient.  I am patient, and you must also be patient with yourselves.               -Archangel Jophiel:  2-15-1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles
First and foremost the Inner Retreat is an etheric retreat…  And thus there has been some confusion as to just where the Inner Retreat is located at the Royal Teton Ranch.  Some have the idea it is here or there or only in the “Heart” or perhaps it is the entire Ranch.  Beloved ones, the Royal Teton Ranch is the physical focus of the true Inner Retreat, which is the etheric octave.  And that etheric octave is the living school of light and the Retreat of the Divine Mother.
Therefore those who would enter the [physical] “Heart” of the Inner Retreat must also understand the rites of passage into the etheric octave.  Believe me, beloved, it is necessary to follow the legions of Victory that you might pass through physical molecules and understand what being truly is in the Heart of that Inner Retreat--in the very heart of the etheric plane.  Therefore when the right hand of Maitreya is raised there is the turning back of those who may not come into the etheric octave, for they have not woven the wedding garment.

-Mighty Victory:  7-20-1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I do not think it just that the children of men who came into this world with the hope of higher spheres

     Looking to find someone else who will vicariously stretch his limbs upon the cross between God and man and make sacrifice for them, they remain “free”  to do as they will….Because men’s senses are dull God’s voice does not compete with the glamor or raucous voices of the world.  This is why an outer voice is needed to dissuade man from his present madness until such time as the way can be made plain through spiritual culture and spiritual education; then the divine theology which stands behind every religion in some shining luster can be made clearer still so that the Universal Thread from which is spun the garment of the Lord may be wholly revealed….     

Fair Innocence, how lightly she trips upon the hill/ 
With early dawn our souls to thrill,/
The glow of Truth upon her youth/ Shines forth anew, sweet challenge too,/ To hold her hope in daily walk—/ Her noble ideals in daily talk.

Contemplate then the way of life/ 
That passes torch from age to youth,/
A continuous challenge and a proof/ That life is real and earnest when/
God’s plan exalts the souls of men….

I do not think it just that the children of men who came into this world with the hope of higher spheres should find such selfish inattention or lack of concern on the part of those individuals who are illumined in a higher way and who have understanding of the sacred mysteries of life.     
          -Saint Germain:             Pearls of Wisdom 8:40-1         -Rembrandt:  The Polish Rider, ~1655
……………  …………………………………………………........................................................…….. 

       Man then in order to receive the divine plan, the seed of grace, the seed of God must keep open the fallowness of soul that will nourish and nurture the living Word and become the Word incarnate.  It is not enough merely to appropriate the simple flow of life in the body, the simple flow of intelligence and sensory grasp in mind and nerve, but man must also expand and nourish the senses of soul.  He must heal ingratitude and doubt and fear and that which would thrust him down into the dark and cover over the precious sparkling flood of opportunity which God lavishes upon those whom He loves.           

                -Archangel Gabriel:                  Pearls of Wisdom 8:49             -Gabriel with Mohammed, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978

Shasta Valley photos; Greetings in the name of the Universal Spirit

-juniper berries
-shade, made in the


    Greetings in the name of the Universal Spirit, the harmony of perfection, the chord that unites and regenerates….All of the children of God are intended to abate the astral floodtide that would destroy a planet and an age.  All are intended to be inundated with the great cosmic faith that I AM, that I represent and that is also within themselves.  Implanted by God it requires only the key of recognition turned by right action and the initiation of discovery to be known by man….it is man’s own understanding that either opens or closes the door to the higher way of life.  Hence it is our responsibility to set the wheels in motion for the implementation of the open door policy, providing for a greater ingress and egress to the octaves of understanding to those dwelling in the corridor between the dark and the daylight….

Individuals in their outer sophistication often feel that they have discovered all there is to know about themselves—how wrong they are!…

Science is the handmaid of individual and planetary self-mastery, and faith is the open door to scientific discovery that no man can shut.  Faith is the bridge which the consciousness must build before it can traverse the abyss that separates the finite from the infinite.  Once crossed the bridge is no longer necessary and the arduous journey is forgotten in the joy of discovery and in the welcome of reality.  Therefore it is essential to give faith a chance, even if at first your motive be selfish; you need to open the door, you need to build the bridge.  You need to believe even if momentarily in order that you may become filled with grace and with the great cosmic potential of life that you really are….Let all understand then that true faith embraces the nature of Deity and that His nature unleashed within the being of man is a necessary part of the inner awakening of every soul….

I AM Michael and my purpose is to establish faith and goodwill among mankind.  There are many facets of the Law that stem from the divine root, and we are convinced that the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations (Rev. 22:2)….Faith is an activating force within the souls of men, it is a flame that may whirl as a giant deflector consuming the shabbiness of the mortal view or it may leap as lightning, breaking the rocks of opposition that are continually thrown in the disciples’ pathway….Let all understand that the spiritual potential of man is far greater than any phase of his present realization, that he is the repository of both time and eternity…Thus with this Pearl of Wisdom we reaffirm our faith in the virtue of the light of God that will never fail to establish itself in the souls of all who welcome and cherish it until all men are truly free.  Won’t you accept my spirit of God-victory through faith?  Won’t you give the hidden springs of your loveliness the opportunity and the power to manifest?  Won’t you be my faith in action?  I thank you.         
Archangel Michael
Pearls of Wisdom 13:47

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Your striving must measure up, beloved.

Christ-victory is the standard, O beloved.  And my legions come in this hour for the binding of the doldrums and the darkness and for the death of that spirit of anti-Christ-victory.  Therefore, beloved, we have taken the command of the Messenger and the lightbearers and we are implementing the judgment of those who would extinguish the flame of Cosmic Christ illumination in the earth....
Many have wagged their tongues and have said, “Why do so many leave this activity?”  It is because, beloved, Mighty Victory and his legions have booted them out! [10-sec. applause]  And it is no fault of the gracious Messengers, for they have received one and all according to their commission--and, I tell you [that they have done so] with not a single complaint or sigh but in the full recognition that this was the job to be done.
Therefore, you have seen the karma they--they as a conspiracy and as a hierarchy of fallen ones--have made by sending their representatives here to cause or attempt to cause all manner of havoc, not only through these lawsuits, beloved, but through the taking of the time and the energy of the Messengers and the chelas in their argumentation, in their human reasoning, in their accusation, in their gossip, in their complaining and in their criticism, condemnation and judgment of the lightbearers or those who are in the leadership of the activity.
Beloved, they have been a burden upon the activity.  And Saint Germain himself has groaned for the day when the lightbearers comprising this organization would raise the sufficient light that no longer would there be the necessity indeed to receive them and give them any quarter whatsoever. Beloved ones, I tell you for Saint Germain and in his name and in the full power of Mighty Victory, this day is come!  [32-sec. applause]
Therefore, beloved, be seated as I explain to you that it is indeed a fact that your calls must be given daily in salutation of the mighty cherubim who keep the way of the Tree of Life, who guard not only the East Gate but every gate of the 360 degrees of the physical, mental, astral and etheric octaves of the matter planes which you must occupy at that Royal Teton Ranch....
This Messenger is a chela. This chela has set the standard of being a chela of El Morya and Mighty Victory.  You can do no less.  You may not find another example. You may not find a lesser course.  Your striving must measure up, beloved.  This Messenger has not had me to demonstrate to you this effort and this walk of life.  She has done so, so that in her absence you might know what is the correct standard and what is the requirement of the Master of Darjeeling.     
                           -Mighty Victory:          7-20-1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles    
-unita ground squirrels of Yellowstone

photo set near Shasta