Sunday, June 4, 2017

eliminate the internal combustion engine entirely

They have dallied and complained that they could not remake their vehicles, when they have had on the drawing boards for years inventions that would eliminate the internal combustion engine entirely, eliminating the entire pollution of the air element and the poisoning of mankind.  Mankind kill one another when they could do better.  They have not tried hard enough, and so they must receive the judgments of the Almighty.
Do you think that the Holy Spirit will stand by and watch as the people in the cities are destroyed by the fumes of the automobiles, as little children must play in the streets and breathe the air, the poisons of the exhaust?   Do you think that heaven will forever wait?   I tell you nay!  It is time for mankind to rise up and to tear down the authority of those individuals who are at the head of such industries as the automobile industry, the oil industry, those who are money-mad for power and greed who refuse to first consider the souls of mankind and the very life of their physical forms.  I tell you heaven will not wait any longer.  They shall have their reward.   And those who fail to challenge the oppressors by the power of the spoken Word will also have their reward.
I say, you are the authority for the plane of fire!  You are the authority for the plane of air!  You are the authority for the plane of water!  You, O mankind, are the authority for the plane of Earth!  You and you and you!  And you must challenge, if by no other means than by application to the sacred fire this encroachment upon the dominions of the earth and of the body of the Mother.  The time has come when the oppressors of mankind shall come face to face with their karma, and they shall give the accounting.
Take care then that you are not counted among them, that your investments are not in those industries that serve to tear down the life of mankind.  You have been warned before about placing your supply and your abundance in those industrial firms that serve to poison the youth of the world in all manner and all forms.  I say, examine what is done with your funds, for in the day of judgment you will be held accountable for the place where you have invested those funds.
Do you not see, O mankind of Earth?   You cannot support an establishment that is dedicated to the death of mankind.  And that is the fact of the matter.  A large percentage of firms and industries create products that contribute to the very death in one form or another of the lives of your children, your posterity and the generations which will come after you.  I say, withdraw those funds.  Let the children of the light not be found engaging their energies in any form whatsoever in the support of darkness.
When you watch television and you place your attention upon darkness and deceit and intrigue, you give it your life and you give it the life of the ascended masters who have laid down their lives and their energies for you.  Where the eye is trained there flows the life from your God Presence.  Will you boycott those forms that are tearing down the life upon this planet?   I say, the boycott must begin here. You must withdraw your support of every form of activity and endeavor that is not in support of the Christ Consciousness.      
-Maha Chohan:                                     Pearls of Wisdom 16:28

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