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Recognition of Hierarchy is not a formal discipline but a conscious cooperation.

431.  Recognition of Hierarchy is not a formal discipline but a conscious cooperation.  Once the spirit realizes that it has joined an endless "chain of dynamos" it receives a special right to move onward.     -M:  Agni Yoga 1929

104, 417.  But people who consider themselves to be on the side of light do not give sufficient aid because they lack trust, not having developed it.  One may name cases of direct betrayal which people regarded as trust, so confused are the concepts....Actually darkness makes people insane.  Daring is not madness.  Everyone who dares is conscious of ordained possibilities, but the madman manifests opposition to the law of Existence. There is a fine boundary line between madness and daring.  The torch of the heart is needed in order to find this boundary. Having once entered the domain of madness, one can hardly turn back again to a wise daring.  Rishis were daring, saints were daring, but they did not admit madness, for it is first of all hideous.  It leads to obsession with all its dark consequences.     -M:  Fiery World 1934

305.  Obsession and self-poisoning are close companions.  They are equally little recognized by people.  During the process of self-poisoning obsession is especially easy, but under obsession poisoning ultimately takes place; such poisoning is ineradicable.          -Morya:  Aum 1936
  There are many in our universities and in our government and political arena today, as well as in top positions in corporations,…who feel that we need to be controlled for our own good--that the little people of this world lack the ability to govern themselves.  It is they who try to calm us with facts and figures while they slip their chains of control around our economy, our government, our educational system and our entire lives.
These individuals, the mentalists, instead of developing an attainment with the higher mind through the crown ckakra are constantly releasing the poison of their lies and half-truths which stem from a corresponding relative perspective of Good and Evil in the misused third eye.  This comes out in the aura in the form of a violent orange/black/silver astral discharge which is won't to intimidate anyone of “lesser sophistication.”  It seems they are able through the sheer force of their highly developed-manipulative mental bodies to dupe the vast majority of the public….

The life-force of the base-of-the-spine chakra is intended to be raised to the crown and third eye by meditating on the I AM Presence.  This will magnetize the energy upward.  As the life-force--or Kundalini as it is called in the East--passes up through the channel connecting the chakras it nourishes each one with the purity of the Mother-light.  When the life-force is perverted or abused it contaminates all other chakras.  Or if it is spent entirely there is nothing left to rise to activate the polarity of light in the other chakras….In our society this is the chakra which has been most flagrantly abused through impurity in all forms….(however, one may) train all four (etheric, mental, emotional, physical) of your bodies, breathe the prana of life and gain maximum mastery over your total being.       
-Messengers M and E Prophet:  Lost Teachings of Your Higher Self, S. U. Press,1988. pp. 151-5
Beloved ones, for that offense, which manifested through that out-of-align­ment state of one individual chela, that chela was expelled from the Ranch by beloved El Morya.  It is important that you understand that just so long does the Law endure this infamy of infraction of the first ray. This criticism became a poison that did poison others and new students and those come recently until it became a heavy weight upon those who were the objects of the criticism as well as upon those who harbored it, whether or not it was true.
I tell you this, beloved, for it is an example of the standard set.  And on that occasion the Master chose to dictate through your Messenger a letter to this individual who, upon receiving it and the ray of El Morya, saw his folly.  But it was too late.  And therefore he went forth seeing and confessing later to the Messenger those occasions when he had consciously chosen not to follow the will of God or the voice of Christ but continually to indulge his sense of injustice and criticism of individuals within his department.
Beloved ones, it is this that is the crux of the matter.  Students of long standing who have the light cannot within this activity ignore the Christ standard, cannot fail to forge a Christ victory, cannot fail to be working hard at it day by day!

These things ought not to be!  And I, Victory, am delivering from this Messenger this day the weight of those co-workers within this activity who have laid their karma upon her back and heart rather than bear it themselves!  And this is my message to you, beloved:  that karma now falls due for your failure to wrestle with the snake of your own human creation!
There is another individual in this activity, beloved, whose aura and presence I did show to the Messenger--who instead of forging a Christ victory has literally carved out for himself a cave within his own electronic belt and there has found security.  But the walls of the cave, beloved, are a thousand feet thick, and that thousand feet has not even been touched.  Therefore that individual, though desiring prominence, is rather on a path of scientific humanism--the science of the human accommodating and pretending to be ascending to the throne of grace and all the while functioning at that cleared-out place, a cave in the electronic belt....
This is the hour, beloved, truly the hour of the weighing. May you be light enough to survive at the Inner Retreat--the etheric octave congruent with the Ranch. May you know that we must draw the line.  And by our drawing of the line (as you see the line of gold around this sanctuary) you may understand what is required of you to receive the prize in this life of your ascension and in this day of having the privilege of serving physically at the Mystery School of Maitreya.  When we hear of those who argue and dally and whine about what will their accommodations be and whether they will be comfortable and whether they will have this or that, we begin to see that the shoe is on the other foot....We will not receive the complainers and the fearful and the unbelieving.      
-Mighty Victory:  7-20-1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles
-unita ground squirrels at Yellowstone

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