Wednesday, June 21, 2017

This Teaching is for my people in all walks of life and in all faiths

Realize then that the Mother-flame is your immunity against all sin.  And when it is squandered there is not the protection which the life-force can afford, including the protection of life itself, longevity and the rising ascension flame.  Realize then that the Mother will not extend immunity to anyone on earth who misuses Her light; it is only a question of the fulfillment of the law of cycles….

Realize then that it is God incarnate as the Mother, as the action of the Word within you that has the power to draw forth the fulfillment of the Word itself.  Therefore you must understand the action of the judgment that has come can and shall continue….

The intent (of the dark forces) is to ring in the hosts of the Lord and the sons of God from all points on the earth before there is the giving birth throughout this community of the Holy Spirit of the Divine Manchild, of many avatars and a place prepared which can be made secure….

You find then that when the consciousness such as that which is in the seat of power in this nation perceives failure and the loss of face through projected programs there comes a moment of irresponsibility, a bailing out so to speak from that position and that point of accountability--at that moment more rash decisions that lead to further irresponsibility and a trembling of the pilasters of society….

Have you thought of why the Blessed Virgin gave to the people of Mexico her image upon the wilma that has lasted, lo, these 400 years?  I tell you, beloved, it is because of the Nephilim who have hoarded the wealth, the education and the control of power throughout South America!  They have given nothing to these poor and impoverished peoples!…And that gift of that piece of cloth, materialized with paints that have not faded, with the miraculous figure of Juan Diego in the very eye of the Virgin*, demonstrates the mission of the Divine Mother in you all, holding in Her eye the immaculate concept of the child of God in devotion to Her flame.  It is the reassurance to all of the impoverished souls of this hemisphere that the Virgin Mary, the Divine Mother, is present and is continuing to nourish their souls and to sustain them….

It is always pointed out that poor people ought not to be multiplied because of their lot.  It is told by the Nephilim who would control population upon earth that the poor cannot possibly enjoy life or have a fruitful experience but that a certain standard of living must be maintained in order to allow new souls to come forth.  Well, blessed hearts, let me disabuse you of this, another lie of the fallen ones.  The poor people are the happiest people on earth!…These are they who sustain the Mother-flame upon earth!  These are the ones who hold the balance against those Nephilim who are at the top of the pyramid of the Cain civilization and are not even grounded in blessed Mother Earth.  Their shoes seldom touch the blessed earth, for they themselves are in a concrete world of sin and its creation….

And the ones that are devout and so need the Teaching (of Light) do not take it because perhaps they think it is a dangerous movement, a subversive or seditious movement, a cult of sorts….This Teaching is for my people in all walks of life and in all faiths….Hearts of light, let the Nephilim fear the power of the children of light!  But let the little people come because they feel the love. … 

With the sign of Padma Sambhava I commend you unto the glorious mission of the age                                         
                           -Kuan Yin:  12-11-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles, at Summit University
           -Queen of Light by Sindelar


 *Scientists have examined the eyes of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe very carefully. They noticed two distinct things about the eyes. The first is that there seems to be an image in the pupil of Mary's eye.  Upon closer examination, it would appear to be the image of Juan Diego upon receiving the roses from Mary. The second fascinating feature of the eyes are that scientists say they miraculously respond to light.  Like point number 3, it would appear that the image of Our Lady is living.

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