Monday, June 5, 2017

For seed is the divine plan implanted in man in the beginning

Hail, O Immaculate Concept which does not expend its energy in vain trifles/…
—the purity that’s flowing/ Unbounded from God’s great knowing/…

I AM come then this dawn of the new year/ To join the holy energies Gautama has released/ 
And assert the dominance of cosmic peace/ That shall never cease/ 
Until the last man, woman and child Is free/ To be the exact replica of the divine decree/ 
That forges in the field of time/ Some replica of God’s joy sublime,/ 
That shines the midnight hour/ And takes from evil all its power/ 
Until the light of truth proves well/ The hordes of evil to repel,/ To break the long outwoven spell

O precious ones, the time has come when the yoke of tyranny must be put off and man in all of the treasure-house of being must pay homage to the Christ image being born anew as each man recognizes the need to distinguish between seed and need.  For seed is the divine plan implanted in man in the beginning and bears the stamp of the Christ and the ability of the light to permeate the lily of man with the fragrance of God’s plan, whereas the need of man for things and outer power is but an act of desire and the desire mind.

These two opposites, depicted in the story of Cain and Abel, show the ability of Abel and his response to the call of God to take dominion over the field of the world and to reconsecrate it as Eden or the paradise of God.  By contradistinction the mind of Cain sought only to expand his desires without recognizing the threads of responsibility which, while latent, were literally bursting within his being also.  His use of the energies of regeneration was to direct them into the fields of generation, and hence he sought in the land of Nod for a wife to bear him offspring in the generative cycle.  Thus the sin of Cain was that he did not pay heed to the ancient covenants by which mankind, in all of their being and form, were literally galvanized into action by the Creator’s magnificence as trapezoid, parallelogram and waveform heaped into trigonometric expression—and the science of crystallography and atomic structure resulted in manifest form….

As We send forth continuously the Sun-seeds of eternal promise 
We want all mankind who are able to assimilate Our message in part:

To realize that in the heart of being/ There is an inward power of seeing/  
Whose virtue must be amplified/ Until Godlike eyes and vision appear within men’s will,/ 
And the breaches and schisms of past ages/ 
Are healed by the appearance of patterns immortal God sealed./

Then the mystery of the white stone will be known/ And each man’s new name/ 
Will be seen in the virtue of his God- flame,/ 
And substance unfolding shall fashion anew/ A garment of light and beauty too,/ 
And heaven’s measure of purity will be/ 
A symboled treasure of the good and the free!…

  I AM your Mother of eternal cycles,      Vesta            Pearls of Wisdom 8:2

O mighty Presence of God I AM in and behind the Sun:
I welcome Thy light which floods all the Earth into my life, into my mind, into my spirit, into my soul.
Radiate and blaze forth Thy light!
Break the bonds of darkness and superstition!
Charge me with the great clearness of Thy whitefire radiance!
I AM Thy child, and each day I shall become more of Thy manifestation!

Helios and Vesta! (3x)
Let the light flow into my being!
Let the light expand in the center of my heart!
Let the light expand in the center of the Earth
And let the Earth be transformed into the new day!
                           -by Helios and Vesta       

The wave of the future needs the pure vision of creative power in order that the transcendence of the divine nature might be effectively called into action.          
-Maitreya:                                     Pearls of Wisdom 8:29

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