Saturday, June 3, 2017

These same forces are at work today to take from mankind the precious opportunities

      If you do not want to be under the power of psychic influences you must determine to repel those influences from your world and to have not part of them.  If you wish to assist others to find their freedom you must first determine to be free yourself from those influences which enslave others.  I do not expect you to believe that any of us found our freedom without struggle and without overcoming, for it has ever been thus.  The prize is of unquestioned worth….

Every educator should summon from his own gnosis of culture and cultural appreciation that understanding which will clearly delineate for him how the seeds of destruction have spiraled other civilizations downward--such as ancient Greece and Rome--making mad and thereby destroying those to whom the torch of Life was passed.  These same forces are at work today to take from mankind the precious opportunities which the future holds in store….at the present hour the power of virtue has been suppressed, and I would but give it at least equal time, knowing that the divine steed in this great race before the consciousness of man would soon outdistance the mortal one….

Today the mechanization of the world has created a cult of hedonism; and the pleasures of table, of the eye and of body materialism are first while the mind itself is left to feast on the chaff of human philosophy….Before the flood of Noah the world did function according to the current pattern, and I am certain that destruction must follow destructive acts.           
-Saint Germain:                                                  Pearls of Wisdom 8:41
   …senseless delays, little understood by embodied mankind, have interspersed themselves between the great Source-Giver and the child-man recipient upon whom God would shower His bounty in a liberal fashion.  We come with tenderness now to evoke ancient memory in the minds of the many who are devoted to keeping the flame of the sacred light of soul relationship to the Father-Source both active and directive in all lesser affairs….

But to thee it is also given that knowing which is action and therefore both doing and daring to oppose when the opposition would create peace of soul but not necessarily outer peace….Men then are caught up one by one into higher understanding; and so the harvest in the manifold segments of the world is not so much the happening of one day but of the brilliance of the eternal day seeping its way, yearning its way, glowing its way fervently into the hearts and minds of men until they can steal away from the fashion of the world with joy and with rapture to find their peace in God who is ever not only peace but love, actively engaged in bringing forth freedom and accomplishment for mankind….

Without the harvest of the fruit of sowing, men could not gather into the granaries of memory the precious birth of new ability, the precious strengthening of the right arm, the precious inflaming of the fires of the heart, the priceless reality of God.  They are all yours, they are mine, they are ours to share.  Shall we raise the banner of Shamballa over the earth?  Then let no part of the world be separated from the influence of our banner….

May the mantle of God enfold the earth; may the mantle of God enfold thy heart.             I AM   
Gautama Buddha                                  Pearls of Wisdom 8:44

-Lord Shiva

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