Saturday, September 30, 2017

It was in that hour that the priests in the temples declared “God is dead.”


       You have heard of Antichrist.  Well, you read in the Book of Revelation of the one called the Great Whore.  The Great Whore is the perversion of the Divine Woman within you.  We find that on Atlantis there was one who was an embodiment, a personification of the total perversion of the Divine Mother, and it was this woman who put forth the concept of shame and sin, the doctrine of original sin.  She put forth the concept “in sin did m mother conceive me” and this was propagated in the temples.  It covered the land, it permeated the consciousness, and men and women came together no longer in the purity of love that transcends matter but in the sense of shame.
The desecration of the flame in that hour was most insidious because it came as a concept, it came as a subtle philosophy, it came as degradation of man and woman.  Man in shame and woman in shame could only bring forth an animal creation, not one imbued with the immaculate conception of the Christ.  It was in that hour that the priests in the temples declared “God is dead.”  And that is where that phrase comes from.  They declared that God was dead because God as Spirit is a living flame, is a joy in the hearts of the people, and that flame had gone out.         

            -Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet:  10-11-1975 at San Francisco
            Indeed you may be grateful that God has sent forth a ray of hope unto the evolutions of this world.  And I am grateful to ensoul that ray that you might pursue it to the fiery core of your own blueprint.  Standing in the Presence of your own I AM THAT I AM you may renew the ancient covenant of your soul with your Maker to be the fullness of the Law of Disciplined Love--to be the conscious outpouring of the flow of Mother, to be the two-edged sword of Alpha keeping the way of the Tree of Life, setting the example of purity to an age.

I am the angel immaculate.  From the snowy peaks of Shasta, from the Himalayas and the Rockies I send forth the piercing light of purity which unfortunately reveals the aberrations to  the divine plan as well as the soul’s immaculate conception in the heart of God.  Purity reveals all.  Hope too is a two-edged  sword releasing the intensity of God-reality that brings forth the anguish of the soul as it beholds line upon line its departure from divinity.

I come with the warning of the archangels and I say to all:  repent in the name of the Lord!  There is no turning back on the path of salvation for there is no turning back of the cycles of karma once they are released.  Therefore Jesus admonished, “No man, having put his hand to the plough and, looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”  Those who begin the ascent, the arduous climb to the highest summit, must not turn back when initiation confronts them in the way, for the alternative to passing every test and submitting to every initiation is to be subject unto the concentrated release of one’s own karma.

More greatly to be feared than the tests and the trials of the path is the outer darkness that comes when the soul deserts the flame, deserts the battlefield of the Lord for that most questionable of all human commodities--human comfort.  In outer darkness all is chaos, disorder and disintegration.  There the meting out of karma measure by measure that comes from the Lords of Karma through the hand of the master and the Christ Self into the crucible of the chela is no longer a grace that can be counted on.  When you turn your back on the flame you can count on nothing.  The dispensations of mercy and opportunity dispensed at the hand of the Lords of Karma are not the option of the fallen ones or of the children of God who have fallen from Grace.  Who will intercede for them when they say to the mountains and rocks:  “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him that sitteth on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb:  for the great day of His wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand?"  To turn one’s back on the flame is to forfeit the intercession of the great Mediator of life.

Take heed then all who would run and not be weary, all who have set their mark on “the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”  The race is to those who will run to the finish, and those who are not prepared to go all the way had better not start, for the price of desertion is far too great.  The covenants of God and the blessings of the ascended masters and their messengers are not to be trifled with….

Stand holding the two-edged sword with both hands.  Clasp it directly in front of you and let the blade cut the oncoming tide of darkness in defense of the light of the heart.  Let it part the wave…and let it redirect those energies into the sacred fires burning on the altar of the Mother.  Her flame is the flame of purity, it is the all-consuming fire of the Holy Spirit, for the Mother is the bride of the Holy Spirit and unto Her is given the allness of the sacred fire necessary for the consuming of the karma of the seven last plagues….She is the receptacle into which the power of His name does flow, and therefore on earth the Mother is the instrument of the judgment that proceeds from the Father in heaven.  Pay homage to her Son the Christ of all and acknowledge the source--the Woman clothed with the Sun and the womb of the Cosmic Virgin out of which issues the flaming Sun-Presence of all.

When mankind shall receive the Mother in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son and in the name of the Holy Spirit then they will have unlimited access to the flowing fountain of Her purity.  And then the woes that are presently coming upon mankind shall be stopped by the raising of the right hand of the Mother, by the power of the spoken Word, by the wisdom of the scepter of Her authority, by the love of the crown of Her overcoming.  Therefore let the children of God repent this day in the name of the Lord!…

This is the time to be serious, to take to heart the principles and the precepts of the Law and the training you have received from the ascended masters and their messengers.  This is the time to invoke the flame of Sirius, the God-Star, to invoke the counsel of the Four and Twenty Elders and the intercession of Surya and the angels of Sirius who descend in answer to your call in the formation of a great blue eagle.  Take then the call to Surya*…and let it be shouted from the housetops!  Let it be sent forth from all of your chakras with the utmost adoration to God, with the utmost humility and the utmost concentration of the sacred fire within your chakras.  Let nothing take from you your commitment to this call for it will deliver you from the toils of the toiler and from the harshness of the judgment.  And it will deliver the wicked into the hands of the legions from Sirius!…Each interference with the freewill of God and man exacts the penalty of the Law and of the Lawgiver….

And these wizards/ Who have come out of the astral night
Convince their followers/ By the appearance of right
That their way is of the light./  Beware appearances!
Beware “the way that seemeth right.”
Relative good and evil afford no proof/ Of absolute truth.
Only the law of just cause/ Can produce the certain effect
Of the Holy Spirit/ Who comes with healing in His wings.
Put aside these other things,/ These incantations that reek
With the stench of perversion/ And the decaying bodies 
Of children and animals that they have slain.
Beware of all that is vain/ And the vanity of the ego:
More deadly than the Fallen One himself/ Is the vanity of the ego
That is transplanted from body to body, From mind to mind
As a cancer that eats away/ To the very soul of a planet and a people.

…let those who have the motive to murder the Divine Mother be judged by their motive this day.  Let their hatred of the flame of Aquarius be turned upon them by the raising of the hand of the Mother and of the scepter of Her authority!  For the Lord is come down to judge the earth this day….
                        I AM    Hope     Archeia of the fourth ray of purity                                                    I command purity and I am purity’s judgment in this cycle
                   -Vials of the Seven Last Plagues, chapter 8

Friday, September 29, 2017

Yes, I see the way clearly marked.

                        sundown 9-29-2017, feastday of Michael and all angels

         I come forth from the whitefire core of the Great Central Sun!  I step out of the fires of the dawn and my angels with me….

And you see in the fire that pierces the night with the morning light the image of your own I AM Presence.  You glimpse the brilliance in physical tangible manifestation of the I AM THAT I AM….Therefore you see, I would that you would become worshipers of the dawn that you might carry with you throughout the day the God-consciousness of your God-reality and never for a moment forget as you walk the strait and narrow path to your ascension that hovering very near is the great dazzling sun of your own I AM Presence releasing limitless light and energy, the abundance of every good and perfect gift of wisdom and love and power and the many mansions of the Father’s house that are lowered even now into physical manifestation for the enshrining of the flame of the Mother….

Yes, I see the way clearly marked.  I see the way of the overcomers who walk into the light of the dawn, who are not content to bask in the light of the Presence but who follow that light with the intensity of an absolute God-determination to return to the One….For I am the angel of the annunciation, therefore I announce to you your virgin birth in the womb of the Cosmic Virgin.  I announce to you that you are of the seed of Almighty God, that you have been sired by Almighty God, that you have been nourished by the fires of the heart of Omega, and that you have been set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel and for a sign--which is the sign of the Logos--which shall be spoken against.  You have been sent into this world, although you are not of this world, as instruments of the Lord’s judgment even as you have come to balance the scales of your own uses and misuses of God’s energy.

Let the violet flame go before me!  Let it fall from the heavens as the lightning and the thunder of the Holy Spirit!  Let it rise from the fountains of the deep and from the sun of even pressure in the heart of the Earth.  Let the undulations of the violet flame now pave the way for the annunciation of the purity of the soul before the souls of the lightbearers are surrounded with the darkness that must surely come before the light of the dawn.

Do not question my word, for in the moment when you read this communication from on high, sent and signified by the messenger of the Lord, you will know that I am standing in your presence.  And if you will close your eyes and meditate upon the sun centered within your heart you will receive the flow of purity from my causal body and the golden-pink glow-ray of the angels of my band.  Take then this Pearl of Wisdom and read it again and again.  At the hour and the moment of the dawn face the east as the Muhammads do.  And let your prayers be unto the Christ in all mankind and unto the Universal Christ and know that in the moment of communion the purity of your soul is reinforced for the battle….Know this, O chela of the law, that I can and I shall come to you in the first fiery glimmer of the dawn that is the hope of the resurrection of the son of God….Let my presence pierce the veil of skepticism and cynicism and the endless human questioning, questioning even the existence of the archangels and the angelic host.  What blasphemy against the Lord God Himself to deny the existence of the angels who personify the great feelings of the Almighty for the creation biding in the planes of Mater!

I am Gabriel and I come with Hope, my own divine complement, in the flame of our joint mission.  Our hope for the restoration of the souls of the fallen ones is never for a moment set aside….Each day is a day of hope--hope for resurrection, hope for the setting of the records straight, for the clearing of the fire body (repository of the blueprint of the divine plan), the clearing of the etheric envelope of all of the sordid or supercilious aspects of human life….

Let the trumpets of the archangels sound and let the dead be raised incorruptible!  For the human consciousness shall be changed, and this that is corruptible man must put on the incorruption of the divine Man.  Therefore in this hour of the judgment let this mortal put on immortality.  This is my annunciation and this is the electrode of my life which I transfer to you--you who would be lightbearers to the age….

Now the moment is come and the fourth angel descending from the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony doth pour out his vial upon the sun [upon the etheric plane, the plane of the fire element] and power is given unto him to scorch men with fire.  And this is the sacred fire by which mankind are scorched with a great heat, so much so that they blaspheme the name of God The Almighty One, the only one who hath power over these plagues.  And therefore, as it is written, they repented not to give him glory.  Stand fast then to behold the salvation of our God!

And behold the death of the wicked and the generations of the wicked.  For the fallen ones and their carnal creation are brought to naught on that notable day of the Lord--the day of the release of the sacred fire.  I am the archangel of ascension’s fires.  I stand in the brilliance of the noonday to counteract the midnight hour….

What fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?  And what communion hath light with darkness?  Do not allow the sympathy of the Luciferians to prey upon the very light of your soul!  Do not allow your consciousness to be entertained by the so-called sorrows of Satan!  Do not feel sorry for those who do evil, for they too have the option of walking away from their evil ways.  But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel to proclaim the name of God--the power by which all souls yet tarrying in time and space can be saved.  Proclaim the coming of the Christed ones and rebuke the devils who usurp the pure energies of the Mother and of the Holy Spirit.  See how your love, replacing all sympathy, will go forth as the compassion of the Law to compel the children of God who tarry in their childish ways to rise to the standard of the Christ.

I am an archangel and I survey the consciousness of the lightbearers.  And I am choosing the most stalwart and the most self-disciplined ones for the frontlines of the battle of Armageddon.  Let us see who will be the forerunners in the race for the light of the dawn.  I am Gabriel.  My shield is Hope, my sword is Faith and my thrust is Charity.  I am the Word of God in manifestation throughout cosmos….”Behold, I come quickly,” saith the Lord.

                          -Gabriel     of the Sun                     -Vials of the Seven Last Plagues, chapter 7

the pulse of America needs definition

      Gracious ladies and gentlemen, the pulse of America needs definition, requires redefinition, that the world and the people of the world may understand the great love that the ascended masters have for this ascended master nation.  This is not because we express some form of preference for one nation as opposed to another, but it is because of our heart’s desire and the plan of the sacred Brotherhood to establish a pattern of exampled perfection to the family of nations.  We desire this so that other nations may learn, by the pattern of freedom externalized, just how they too can produce the democratic way of life and make available to their people that culture which heaven itself desires to preserve as a form of beauty until better things do come.

The glory of heaven and the radiance of heaven is a crown of great beauty that many among mankind feel--in error--they are not quite ready for.  Many individuals today seem to feel that if they were to join our band or to become a part of our group that they would be in effect turning their backs upon life.  This is a complete refutation of truth.  For when men become a part of the Great White Brotherhood and a part of those holy endeavors dedicated to the freedom of man they save their lives; they do not lose them.  Those who seek to save their lives by going their own way, as solitary climbers upon the mountain, are often bereft of the comfort that comes in group dynamics as souls are led to the higher teachings and to a greater comprehension of the beauty of perfection.

The fires of freedom are real.  And the passions of the ascended masters for the radiation of effective God-control into the community of the Brotherhood are essential.  It is essential that, as representatives of our light and of this high calling, you should understand how you are led out of the shadow of darkness, the shadow of imperfection and into the light and into a greater sense of the light that is to come.  One of the great errors that many of the students make is the error of not clearly understanding the perfection of heaven at its own levels and the imperfection of earth at human levels.  Men often seek to bite off more than they can chew (to use the vernacular of the human) and to swallow more than they can digest.

It is our wish, in the interests of the freedom of man, that the students will understand that we do often temper the winds of heaven to the shorn lamb of human identity.1  For there are times when men do feel woefully small because they sense the great vacuum that is present in the human person when one’s values are aligned against the beautiful patterns of heaven.  And they in contrast seem to hold little promise [for themselves] except perhaps in the approbation of their fellowmen.

Those who pursue the higher goals seldom seem to come into tangible contact in their flesh forms with the ascended masters and to actually see us with their fleshly eyes.  They sense however our presence from time to time and often know that they have our protection.  But in moments of trial the greatest blessings are sometimes forgotten.  And men, as though the house were on fire, run out into the street and forget to bring with them those simple treasures that they could easily hand carry.  This is typical of human nature but not of the divine nature.

And therefore as I come to you tonight it is as a practical man--a practical man of the Spirit who desires to see freedom as a breathing immanence that men will carry about them almost as an amulet.  Freedom in order to become practical must be used in all of man’s thought processes.  It must be kept in view as an objective in all of his thoughts so that his eye can truly be said to be full of freedom.

Freedom is not always learned, beloved ones, by reading or by study, even by spiritual study (which I do not frown upon but approve of).  I merely wish to comment upon the fact that study alone will not bring freedom into prominence in consciousness.  But rather, many times the simple affirmation and desire to hold freedom in consciousness will do it, whereas a strange formula might actually resist the magnification of freedom simply because the effort to use it is too great and is not required. There is a great deal to be said for the power of simple acceptance.  And I think that I shall give to you tonight a little formula often used by this messenger.  It is a formula of simply affirming a thing to be true and knowing that it is true, a formula that is so simple that it would seem to hardly hold any validity.  Yet we have seen even this messenger use this simple formula and produce miracles in the lives of the students for whom he called.  He does not pretend to be of any specific greatness or worth in his mortal self, having committed himself unto the highest calling.  And we ourselves certainly have no intention of tooting our own trumpet.  Therefore when I say to you tonight that we at times recommend simplicity as one of the greatest keys in the universe for man’s freedom it is because God listens to that which man speaketh.

Many people do not realize that the production of thought is almost instantaneous.  In other words when individuals formulate thought or thought is formed within their consciousness this thought [often] becomes either extremely powerful for good or it becomes insidiously evil.  This is sometimes because it is not the great dwelling upon one subject that produces the miracle of quick manifestation.  But at times it is the quickest thought flashed forth that will produce a more effective good in the world of men, rather than a long and senseless dialogue where men seek to convince the Almighty as to why He should set aside His Laws and honor their purposes.  A simple request “God help me”+ has often produced more miracles than a long prayer uttered before men.

We recall that when Mr. Rickenbacker was lost at sea2 and in great distress it was a simple call from his heart that triggered the divine response and caused one of the great beings to see to it that a fish was placed in his view and grasp.  Great protection was afforded this man because of the simplicity of his heart and because he had an almost transcendent faith in the omnipresence of God.

I therefore wish tonight to stir [in your consciousness] the memory of the divine ages as a memory of perfect beauty. Wishing to burst into manifestation, the power of the Christ and the power of freedom have always desired to be expressed in man.  There is simply a great gentility in the consciousness of the Most High, which is actually transmitted to every ascended master.

There are times when strangers who come to hear our words and to listen to such great beings as Ray-O-Light, the beloved El Morya, Zarathustra, Archangel Michael and many of the other great beings who at times come forth with a bursting sound feel that perhaps there is almost an attempt by heaven to intimidate them, as though we would prod them into doing something that was against their will.  I hasten to tell you that this is not the motive behind the volume.  Much of the volume is governed by the radiation patterns which are intended to open up the flower of man’s being and to assault the bastions of mortal consciousness in order that, as the petals of consciousness open, we may deposit something of worth and value therein.  It is sometimes necessary to almost sandblast man’s consciousness in order to break away the scum of mortal thought and feeling which adheres so closely to the surface of thought and to the surface of consciousness that it produces not miracles of beauty but the pallor of ugliness.

We therefore stress to you tonight that you must learn to have a mind that is like the sling of David.3  You must learn to have a mind that can resist evil with fierce intensity on the instant, and you must fight for your freedom, your spiritual freedom, as though nothing else of worth existed in all creation!  When you learn to do this, blessed chelas of the light, when you learn to cognize and understand that you are in an eternal battle for the highest prize that the universe holds you will see that these trivia of thought and feeling that obscure the face of God and put your fellowmen in a bad light in the eyes of others are not a part of the divine plan.  For the divine plan intends to give all men their freedom and to see to it that freedom is cognized by man as the power to render service as a great example.  Great example does not of necessity require huge words or complex meanings.  There are times when simplicity of service is of the greatest value because it is most easily transmitted.

Therefore tonight as I come to you seeking to create in the student body an awareness of the treasure of life that is in you and to evoke a response calculated to develop polish in your culture and in your expressions to one another, I do it not in a sense of condemnation for past errors but because errors can be backdrops upon which the light can shine more brilliantly.  We do not say that you should go out and form these backdrops deliberately in order to provide contrast for light media.  But we do say that it would be well if you would recognize that when man has sinned much and been forgiven much, he can, as Christ has said, love much.4   And love is the fulfilling of the Law.5   And when love acts in man’s consciousness there is a sense of such reverent beauty within him that he is better able to survive with simplicity than with complexity.

Now I am not tonight taking action to cause individuals to shun the complex.  For the complex formulas enable man to attain a greater level of achievement than simplicity does.  Yet simplicity is the key that opens the door and affords mankind the weapons of spiritual warfare whereby he is able to thrust aside sudden impulses that seize him at unexpected moments.  These are projections of hostile errors and arrows of darkness that are disgorged from the dragon’s mouth to pull the consciousness of man down and to prevent him from having the beautiful divine sense that the ascended masters desire to create in man and for which man hungers.

Do you know that there is a blueprint of your being clearly existing in the ethers above you?  This precious blueprint of your being is held within the arms of your Holy Christ Self.  And your Holy Christ Self---constantly, continuously, day and night--offers meditation and mediation for you to the heart of God, your own individualized mighty I AM Presence, that you may become infused with the God-magnificence of that holy blueprint.  This is the blueprint of the original first cause flown out from the heart of God and intended to be the bird of paradise for each man, the mighty Eagle of Life that mounts up on strong wings, the holy dove that descends with the effulgence of the whitelight of the Holy Spirit into the chalice of each man’s heart.

Life then is indeed (as you have been told again and again in this class), a grand event.  Proceeding in an orderly fashion from the heart of God, Life seeks to attract to itself more life.  Thus God said in the Beginning, “It is not good for man to be alone.  I will make him an helpmeet for him.”   Mankind must understand that this reference can be taken in many ways.  Many have chosen to consider that this refers solely to the idea of a physical marriage.  I call to your attention tonight, precious ones of the light, that the intent of the divine way, as God planned it, was more along the lines of the individual becoming wedded to and identified with his mighty divine Self.

Thus in the cosmic priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek where continuity of existence is the forte of the great God-flame within man it is understood and revered by those hearts initiated into the Melchizedekian priesthood that the continuity of life is by divine intent.  And thus it is accepted as it is given.  When individuals understand the meaning of the squaring of the circle they will recognize that the foundation of the temple of individuality is within the framework of the cosmic circle (or the cosmic whole) and that the squaring of the circle does propound into the world of individual achievement the opportunities which life brings to man’s doorstep, as the Goddess of Justice has often commented to me.

You, precious ones of the light, are treasures in the mind of God.  And as treasures in the mind of God you came forth in the Beginning as immortal, soulful beings enamored with the creativity of God and the desire to express it.  Through misdirection and misadventure mankind have departed from the original blueprint of Almighty God.  And while they have dramatically brought about a world shaped to their own ends, the destiny and plan of the Infinite One has been canceled again and again in a holocaust of destructive activity. Mankind today, lured by the glamour of the ego and the intensified action of mortal greed, are constantly being pulled down, like mariners who were lured upon the rocks [to their destruction] by the sirens of old.  Then as Samson was shorn of his hair by Delilah, so men are stripped of the vital spiritual energies of life which are intended to infuse their beings!  Thus the brothers of the shadow, like Delilah, seek to lure mankind to the delights of the senses so that they become enamored with and victims of their own outer-world glamour, thus desiring to perpetuate self and person above and beyond the divine intent of cosmic unity.

Do you know, precious ones, that there abide in the realm of devachan in the heaven-world6 any number of individuals who have sought all their lives to glamorize their name and fame in one embodiment?  And they are taken up by and caught up in the idea that they can achieve immortality in the eyes of men by having monuments erected to their own name and person.  I tell you that the ascended masters have not so done.  They have sought no continuing monument unto themselves.  But they have only the desire to raise a monument to the Spirit of life so that they might spread abroad compassionate, good works to mankind--to heal a sick child, to raise the feeble and the aged to a state of more beauty and understanding, to console the hearts of men when they are bereaved, to point the way as wayshowers of light, and to bring to bear the power of the Spirit as cosmic pressure upon the scientific minds in order to solve the mysteries of disease and intensify the love of man for man.  Humanity is our concern.  And the Brothers of the Light have no desire to spread abroad teachings that bring about destruction and produce a bearing in men’s countenance that smacks of greed and human viciousness.

I call now tonight to all of you and to your Holy Christ Self, to your great winged God-Self and to the sandals of light that God has placed upon your feet so that you might understand clearly, now and for all time, that as men sow so shall they reap.  The Law is not fooled, O gracious ones, nor do we think it ever can be.  For we are certain that the quickening power of the Law will ultimately enfold mankind with the power that clearly reveals the truth in the axiom, “Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceedingly small.”7

You then as individual monads at times feel a terrible sense of gnawing separation from one another, and in the lonesomeness of human consciousness you do not understand that the Self is in reality the great door—the door to God, the door which I AM.  “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life”8 is always the Self.  And if God did not break the body of Himself into the crumbs of divine intent, the crumbs of individuality, the sacred eucharist could not be realized by the many sons whom He seeks to bring to captivity--the captivity of the holy will of God and the gentility of cosmic Grace.  For thereby love is spread abroad in the countenances of men because it is the shining star-like substance that breaks forth into mighty beams from their hearts.  It is that wonderful feeling of pure love which is experienced on rare occasions by mortal men but which is not always understood.  For when it is taken apart it is destroyed.  And therefore whereas you cannot analyze it you must understand that you can enjoy it.
Enjoy then the wonderful feeling of pure love when it comes to you, for this is the substance of heaven.  It is the wonderful presence of God which each angel manifests within himself as a flaming part of the great cosmic Central Sun.  This in man becomes the great central, pivotal point around which true life revolves as the reality which I AM.

The reality which each individual is must be cognized by that individual.  For if I or any of the other ascended masters were to cognize reality for you individually, it would not work.  For we have already cognized reality for ourselves individually, and we have accepted all that God has intended us to accept. This has changed and transmuted within our worlds all that we were into that which we are.  This is also the ultimate destiny of each individual.  You see, precious ones, when men seize the affairs of the moment the way the Father intends them to it will produce the pure refinement of the alchemical gold within the domain of the individual’s world.  And what a wondrous change it will work is beyond human comprehension!

You have heard of the violet-flame cape. You have heard of the white ermine.  Let me unravel for you now the meaning of the colors used in royal robes.  When the kings of old were clothed in purple raiment it was the infinite power of the violet flame that they sought to convey to themselves through the mystical knowledge and power of the wise men in their kingdom.  They surrounded themselves with the violet-flame cape which transmuted on the instant all the negative energy that was sent as hostile arrows from their subjects into the domain of the kingship.

The white ermine was significant of the purity of consciousness which the king, as the representative of Almighty God, sought to embody as manifest purity of principle.  The white ermine was also more than that.  It was the white-fire substance which brought to the consciousness of the king (if he were illumined) the understanding of the need to fill himself and to charge himself with the divine Presence.

Grace be multiplied unto you this night, and comprehension.  For lo, I can come.  Lo, I can think.  Lo, I can say and be “I AM.”  But you individually must, within the domain of your own world, spark that radiance which you also are.  If I tell you tonight that you also share the same body of God that Saint Germain and Jesus and all share, will you accept it?  Will you take it into your heart?  Will you determine that you are going to manifest the qualities of the ascended masters?

O we have spoken to you so many times in this century.  We have charged our love into your midst in tangible light rays.  We have drawn you very close to our hearts.  We have literally held some of you in our arms.  And yet there is always that lingering doubt in the consciousness of man as to our reality.  We sometimes wonder just what purpose would be served by our stepping through the veil.  For in a very short time after we had physically, tangibly manifested and appeared to you you would soon be telling yourselves that it was only an illusion, after all, and could not be a reality.
Therefore it is our hope that the doubting Thomases among you will understand, once and for all, that the ascended masters are more and more concerned with the externalization from within yourself of the light that we have, that we are, that we hold.  When this light becomes a personal thing, when it is externalized in the domain of the individual then we ask ourselves, will they doubt themselves?  Do you see?  The manifest understanding of this, when it dawns upon your consciousness, ought to spur you to more noble efforts, ought to spur you to a greater comprehension of the Law and ought to produce in this time, by the power of example, the type of individual who will stand out in the world of men as a being of worth, a being dedicated to the magnification of God’s light within the forcefield of self.  Through intensification of effort, through intensification of thought men are able to achieve much.  For God Himself intently dotes upon the creation which He has formed so beautifully Above.  Then when men below manifest below as Above that which God dotes upon will become a beautiful thing in the outer world of form.

Noble and grand architecture never before brought forth will be a thing of reality in this world, not only within the souls of men but also as it is outpictured in their lives.  The nobility of cosmic architecture within the domain of the individual is of more concern to us than beautiful buildings.  Yet we know the effect and the influence upon mankind of beautiful buildings, of beautiful thoughtforms, of beautiful ideas. 

Today there is a nefarious and awful plot being hatched by the brothers of the shadow who seek to spread ugliness in the world through the depicting of horror to mankind, including to the youth of the world.  Innocent individuals, for the sake of a thrill, go forth to be entertained by these vicious pictures, which are actually projections from the astral realm of the horror of decadent ones who lived in a decadent society of the past.  You when you understand the meaning of the great cosmic Law will shun these things as one would shun an abortion of the cosmic intent.

Remember, precious ones, that God never distorts, that God never aborts, that God never destroys.  All destructive activity is always the culmination of events brought about by man’s own ignorance of the Law, by man’s own lack of understanding, by man’s lack of values, by man’s release of misqualified energy into the world of form.  When energy is regarded as a treasure, when the release and charge of energy is regarded as a pleasure, when men comprehend and understand how the life plan of God and man is served wisely by the release of pure energy you will see a race of men manifest upon this planet who have never before shown forth their light.  You recall now, precious ones, the words of my beloved cohort Jesus:  “Ye are the light of the world.  A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. . . . Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

The cosmic unity of the ascended masters is legion, and our allegiance is to the Presence.  Our allegiance is to the presence of life within you.  Our allegiance is to the bringing forth here in America of a race of men who will govern the earth with the Christ-rule, with the rod of iron, with the rod of Aaron (with the rod that budded), with the rod of dominion--dominion over the earth through dominion and control over self.  Not to be controlled were ye formed, but to control--to control your own destiny, to mold and shape life, to bring forth beauty into the world and to externalize it.

The forces of negation may rage.  The heathen may imagine a vain thing.  But God has released beauty into the world.  God has released perfection into the world.  God has made things wonderfully and well.  God has performed His service of beauty.  The rapture of the eternal Father was released in the perfect pattern which stands above thee in thy divine Presence.  Men today below are not controlled by their Presence.  They are in many cases acting like robots controlled by other forces which seek to ride in and to supplant and to usurp the authority of the Presence in their world. Understand then the need for bringing down the tube of light around your flesh form!  Understand the need for bringing down the resurgent whitefire light around your flesh form!  Understand then the need for using the violet transmuting flame as you have never used it before!  Understand then the need for creating the mental picture of the steely whitelight of God that never fails!  Understand then the need for cutting the ties which bind you to outer-world dominion!

Understand then the need to awaken and quicken the spark of the divine flame, the holy threefold flame of life within your heart until it rises out of the human dimension and pulsates with the mighty fires of Life--the throbbing intensity of the very being of God rising up into attunement with the mighty God Presence above you!  Understand then that the Holy Christ Self, as it comes down in a mighty tide of energy, will shake the very foundations of the earth and change the outer-world pattern from one of discordant energies and energy manifestations into the perfection of the divine Presence, where the light of God that never fails shines forth with the splendor of the Son of God!  And ye are indeed, as of old, called by your right name, by the name of the being of God, the new name which no man knoweth saving he who has received it.

Be free in this day and age!  For freedom is the God-intent of the age.  Freedom is the requirement of the hour.  A world in bondage may be a world aflame, but a world aflame is not in bondage.  Be aflame then with God-intent and ye shall be free!  Be aflame with the world’s intensity and the discordant, inharmonious energies of the world—and you shall always remain in the bondage of mortal illusion.

I ask this night for the mighty Lords from Zadkiel’s band, the angels of record9 and those who assist mankind to know their freedom to come into this room--ten thousand in number--[congregation rises] and radiate the intensity of their mighty focuses of violet transmuting flame into the forcefield of this room.  Let this charge of light intensify and intensify and intensify!  Let the violet flame magnify, magnify and magnify by the power of the three-times-three!  Let freedom pulsate through the physical octave of mankind!  Let freedom pulsate through the mental octave of mankind!  Let freedom pulsate through the emotional octave of mankind!  Let freedom pulsate through the memory octave of mankind!  And let freedom reign!

Long may the banners of freedom reign over the world of every individual here and over all upon this planet whom I love with a love that will not be understood until individuals themselves are ascended in the light and wholly God-free!
Ladies and gentlemen, children of the dawn, radiant sons of God’s love, in the holy name of freedom I say:
Let freedom’s star/ Guide you wherever you are
To seek until you find,/ To search until you know,
To refuse error and shun error’s child,
And to understand that love, meek and mild,
Is the Christ-light within/That erases all banal sin 
& shows the purity-ray/ That leads back to the throne of God 
Right now today.  I AM, I AM, I AM the freedom of the Law! 
I AM, I AM, I AM the freedom of the light! 
I AM, I AM, I AM the freedom of the right!

Mon droit10--my right, the right of kings--is given to every man.  Now I say, let liberty as of old resound.  Liberty, take dominion.       I thank you.
-Saint Germain:  10-29-1966 at San Francisco via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Mark L. Prophet   (portrait by Gordon Ross, 1941, of Roger Bacon, an incarnation of the master)

1) Temper the winds. This refers to the expression “God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb.”  The most well-known attribution of this expression is from the novel A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy (1768) by Laurence Sterne. 2) Edward Vernon Rickenbacker(1890–1973) was a pilot, industrialist and the most celebrated U.S. World War I air ace. In October 1942 the plane taking Rickenbacker as a military observer to the Pacific theater ran out of fuel and landed in the ocean.  He and six other men (a seventh man died at sea) spent twenty-four days drifting across the Pacific in life rafts before they were rescued.  While they were lost at sea they survived on the occasional fish, seagull meat and any rainwater they could collect.  3) ISam. 17:48–51.  4) Luke 7:47. 5) Rom. 13:10; Gal. 5:14.  6) Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains that devachan is the realm of wish fulfillment where souls go between lifetimes to satisfy their worldly dreams. This realm is in the first three levels of the etheric plane.  7) “Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small; / Though with patience he stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all,” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:  “Retribution,” in Poetic Aphorisms, translated from Baron von Logau’s “Sinngedichte”(1654).   8) John 14:6.
9) Recording angels: each soul evolving in time and space is assigned a recording angel, who records every action, word, deed, thought and feeling.  At the end of each day the recording angel submits the record of that day to the Keeper of the Scrolls, the head of the band of angels known as the angels of record.  The Keeper of the Scrolls is the custodian of the archives containing each individual’s Book of Life.  It is the responsibility of the Keeper of the Scrolls to provide the ascended masters and the Lords of Karma with the life record of any or all incarnations of any individual about whom they may inquire.  On October 13, 1972 Mother Mary told us that we could apply to the Keeper of the Scrolls to see the records that would assist us in overcoming the human consciousness and attaining our victory.  Mother Mary said:  “The Keeper of the Scrolls...will draw forth from the Book of Life in your behalf, if you will call to him and to the Lords of Karma, those pages that require seeing and examination if you are to make the proper calls.” 
10) Mon droit is an expression taken from the French motto Dieu et mon droit (“God and my right”).  It is the motto of the British royalty and appears on a scroll beneath the shield in the English version (non-Scottish) of the coat of arms of the United Kingdom; said to have first been used by King Richard the Lionheart as a battle cry.  It was then adopted as the royal motto of England by King Henry V in the fifteenth century.
+ Archangel Michael, Help Me!  (supplication)
(I would stand with you daily, but I must have that call given once in each twenty-four-hour cycle, for it is the Law of octaves.  I can and shall step through the veil in any hour of the day or night—but I must have that call:)
Archangel Michael, Help me!  Help me!  Help me!
Archangel Michael, come into my life!
Archangel Michael, Bind this condition now and bind the foe
and release me from this imprisoned substance!
(Here compose your personal prayer:  name the problem and describe the misqualified energy.)
Release me now from all temptation and all backsliding and going astray and non-belief in the power of Almighty God to save my life and to give me my victory in this embodiment!
Archangel Michael, Help me!  Help me!  Help me!  Archangel Michael, come into my life!  Archangel Michael, stand with me!
Save my child!  Save my household!
Save my nation and bind those Communist hordes!
Mighty I AM Presence, I am here, O God, and
I am the instrument of those sevenfold rays and archangels!
And I will not retreat.  I will take my stand.  I will not fear to speak, and I will be the instrument of God’s will, whatever it is. Here I AM, so help me, God!
In the name of Archangel Michael and his legions—
I AM freeborn and I shall remain freeborn!   And I shall not be enslaved by any foe within or without!     

-Archangel Michael: 7-3-1984 at RTR, Montana

I am Charity of the light

        I am Charity of the light, adornment of the sacred union of the Father-Mother God.  I come to deliver mankind from the toils of selfish love.  I come to deliver man and woman from the agony of self-centered love and of that which seeks to possess and is thereby possessed of the not-Self.  See how the entities penetrate that which ought to be the hallowed circle of the love of the Father-Mother God sealed in the union of every son and daughter who have come before the altar of the Most High to consecrate their marriage vows!  See how the envious ones lurk to steal the energies of the sacred fire that belongs to you and to you alone!…

Remember the story of Sleeping Beauty.  Each time the innocence of love is veiled in flesh, each time the Mother-flame is born anew in Mater preparing to unite with the knight champion of the Holy Spirit there appears on the scene, lurking in the shadows, the representative of the Great Whore who comes to poison that rosy-cheeked innocence.

O my children, let your love be the commemoration of the fusion of the cloven tongues of the Spirit.  Now then take the ritual which the archangels practice at the rising and the setting of the Sun when the torch of love is passed by angels of the dawn and angels of the dusk.  Take the ritual of the archangels and make it all your own and prove thereby the victory of love on Terra.  Prove that your love is the holy habitation of the Lord God of Hosts and that this love by your will firmed in the fire of God-determination will not be defiled by the hordes of the night.  Stand together facing the chart of the I AM Presence and make your inner attUNEment with the star of your divinity.  Meditate upon your heart and the flame therein and behold the arc ascend into the center of the divine monad.  Now take your right hand and dip it into the fires of your heart and draw the circle of our oneness around yourselves as you stand in adoration of the One.  Visualize this circle twelve feet in diameter as a line of sacred fire.  It is your ring-pass-not.  Within that circle of oneness is the forcefield of Alpha and Omega, and you focus the t’ai-chi, the plus and minus of cosmic energies, where you are.  Let the flow of your energies be not in imitation of the idolatrous generation.  Let it not be the mechanization of sex as the Luciferians have popularized their sordid and sadistic 
ways:  the flow of the Holy Spirit twixt father and mother is for the birth of the divine Manchild first within each heart and then in the Bethlehem babe.  Seek not the thrills of sensuality or the titillation of mind or body but seek the bliss of mutual reunion in the Presence….

So is the marriage ritual intended to be the rehearsal for the great drama of your soul’s assumption into the flame of love for the rolling-up of the scroll of identity into the great silence of your own I AM THAT I AM and for the fusion of those twin flames of the Godhead when the I AM Presence of each half of the divine whole merges in the hallowed circle of God.  Seek the bliss of the raising of the Mother-light—of sushumna, ida and pingala (Sanskrit for the spinal tube and the  yang and yin currents that travel through it) as these form the caduceus energies that reveal your real identity in Christ.  Let your bliss transcend the earthly senses and let your light flow from all of the chakras to reinforce the divine polarity of the Father-Mother God in every level of consciousness to be outpictured in the seven major chakras and the five chakras of the secret rays.

Your marriage is made in heaven and you are wed to God.  Daughters of the flame:  thy maker is thy husband; so be with Mary the handmaid of the Lord.  Sons of the flame:  the golden band that you wear is the halo of the cosmic Virgin, the bride descending out of heaven to consummate your love on earth.  As above so below the cosmic flow of Father-Mother God is intended to be shared in the sanctuary of the holy family.  And it is intended to be sealed with the blessing of the true ministers of the Logos and to be guarded by purity in the holy of holies.  The ark of the covenant is also a matrix of the protection of twinflames joined together in holy matrimony for a life of service to God and man, and the covering cherubim must be invoked daily for they are the guardians of love in the planes of Mater.

Understand, O wise ones pursuing the law of the Logos, that if the fallen ones can destroy love they can destroy all.  For love is the foundation and the fount of life; love is the essence of creation….Where the love of father, mother and child is broken as in the totalitarian state there is a depression that hangs over the land.  And to compensate therefor the people engage in a fierce rationalization of dialectical materialism.  without love the justifications of unreality are piled upon justification and the impenetrable wall of self-deception that is erected stone upon stone of the hardness of their hearts is sealed with the mortar of their rejection of the God of love.  And so the superstate is built as the tower of Babel was built.  And men and woman are saturated with an enormous pride in the ego and its accomplishments--all of this to stifle the aching in the soul….They are on a collision course with cosmic destiny, and the end of their rationalization of unreality is self-destruction.  The intensification of the fire of love will consume all of this….

Love begins at home.  Love must be enshrined in the home and at the altar of the true church; love must be enshrined in the nation and in the world community.  for if love is not raised up by the children of the One to consume  all evil Terra, then love will descend out of heaven as the chastening fires of the Holy Ghost and none shall escape the cataclysm that will ensue….By love civilizations have risen, by love they have fallen….See then that you have respect for love, for love in its omnipotence is the fulfilling of the law of sacred being.

                       I AM Charity         in the veil of the Cosmic Virgin                       -Vials of the Seven Last Plagues, chapter 6      
                     -chart of the I AM Presence

-Gateway Arch at St. Louis, MO

                                    -California sage

Thursday, September 28, 2017

This is the tempering of the wind to the shorn lamb of mankind’s identity.

          I am Chamuel and I descend from spheres of love to decelerate the intensity of God’s love that you might receive Him.  This is the tempering of the wind to the shorn lamb of mankind’s identity.  For the winds of the Holy Spirit and the fires unfolded in the winds are indeed for the judgment of the luciferian creation and for the intensification of love in the hearts of the lightbearers that love itself might be the instrument of the judgment.

Let your hearts now burn within you!  For the presence of the Lord--though unseen and unknown--is nigh, and you will recognize the reality of your Lord and your Saviour by the burning of your heart in the love of your Creator.  For only the Saviour, the eternal Christos who lives in the hearts of ascended and unascended beings, can cause the quickening of the fires on earthly altars--the same fires that burn as votive flames ignited by angels who keep the flame of life on behalf of souls moving in the planes of Mater.

Just as the quickening must come in the hearts of the children of God in the notable day of the Lord, so the quaking must come in the hearts of those who have rebelled against the light.  It is their hearts that will fail them for fear of the judgment which is come.  Therefore in answer to the edict of the Lord I come forth from the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony carrying the golden vial that contains mankind’s wrathful misuses of the energies of love.  What do you think, O mankind, will come upon this generation who have taken the very fires of creativity, the very fires of the Holy Spirit, and perverted them against the light of the One!  I say, let judgment reign!…Even so, Lord God Almighty, true and righteous are Thy judgments.  And let this mantra be heard by God from the lips of the righteous who have learned the right use of love and who have consecrated the energies of the Holy Spirit in the rituals of the sacred fire.

Of all of the misuses of the sacred fire which mankind have imposed upon nature and the body of the Mother there is none more deadly or more dastardly than the perversion of divine love.  Let the children of the light call forth the intense action of the violet flame from the master of the Aquarian age, Saint Germain, who focuses the consciousness of God-love for this system of worlds!  For this is a generation of  people-haters, children-haters, Christ-haters and God-haters, and mankind’s hearts have become hardened against the true children of Israel--the children of the light of all that is real.

And as Pharaoh hardened his heart to the Word of the Lord that came through Moses and to the judgments of the Lord that turned the waters to blood and brought pestilence, affliction and the death of the firstborn in the houses of Egyptians, so are the hearts of mankind hardened to the Word of the Lord delivered unto this age through the two witnesses.  And they and their children and the true followers of God are hated--despised and rejected of men.  And thus it has been through all of the centuries when the sons and daughters of God have come to deliver the sheep of the Good Shepherd from the toils of the Luciferians.

Through the pride of the eye and the degradation of the flame of the Mother mankind have rejected their deliverers.  They have imitated the ways of the fallen ones and scourged and spat upon the true Lamb of God.  Like the dog that bites the hand that feeds it mankind have been utterly duped to the place where, in their depressed state of consciousness, they follow the Pied Piper into the night and reject the marriage supper of the Lamb and the Lamb’s wife….

Let honor, longsuffering and tenderness characterize the relationships of the followers of God.  Let doctrine and dogma be consumed in the fires of love.  Let the Holy Spirit unite all hearts in the love of the One.  And let those who stand with Michael the Archangel and all the archangels and their legions of light to defend the faith, the hope and the charity of all mankind determine to put down, once and for all, the aggressive voices of the night that hammer the brain with their lies!

If you would get the victory over the beast and over his image and over his mark and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass!  Stand on the purity of the Mother and Her immaculate concept which She holds undefiled for each child of God.  Put down the luciferian lie directed as an arrow of division into your mental body!  Refute the lie concerning the Woman and her seed….

Aggressive mental suggestion is the germ warfare of the fallen ones.  You must hold up the shield of the archangels and wield the sword of the Spirit to deflect the arrows of their outrageous consciousness.  And they are raging in the stalls of the astral like the Devil, that roaring lion, seeking whom they may devour. …

You must be alert, for where there is gossip and where there is the maligning of the image of the Mother or her children, where there is the tearing-down of the activities of those who are serving--no matter how imperfectly--the cause of the Brotherhood know that there are the fallen ones lurking in your midst to destroy the works of God on earth.  Hearken not to their counsel!  Hearken to the Lord….

I am come for the judgment that the energies of the Holy Spirit might be realigned in man and woman, that the fires of the kundalini might rise on the altar of the spine to illumine, to purify and to increase the intensity of the Sun behind the sun.  Let mankind know then that their expulsion from Eden came about as the result of their misuse of the sacred fire in oral sex, in cohabitation with animal life, in homosexuality and all manner of experimentation with the seed and the egg including their creation of human and animal life in the test tubes of the laboratories of the laggard generation.  These things are the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place of the sacred union where they ought not.  Therefore judgment is come, and they that take the sword to kill the holy innocents while they are still in the womb must also be killed with the sword.  For this day they are expelled from the womb of the Divine Mother!  And this is the Law and the judgment….

There is weeping and gnashing of teeth outside the womb of the Cosmic Virgin!  Let those who would retain the right and the light to live in the flame of the Mother cease their desecration of Her love.              

       I AM Chamuel   standing on the south side of the City Foursquare        -Vials of the Seven Plagues, S. U. Press, 1976, chapter 5