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Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions mapped

Jupiter-Saturn conjoin in the sky every 20 years.  They tend to make 9 conjunctions in a series in the 3 air signs, then 9 in series in the 3 water signs, then 9 in a series in the 3 fire signs, then 9 in a series in the 3 earth signs; then repeat.
  On 1-1-1285 A.D. Jupiter conjoined Saturn and Venus at 8 degrees Aquarius. (Early scientist Roger Bacon was an old man then.)
  In 1464 the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions entered into the 3 water signs.  In 1663 the Jup-Sat conjunctions entered into the 3 fire signs in a series.  In 1842 the conjunctions entered into the 3 earth signs in a series at 20 years apart.
On 12-21-2020 Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in early Aquarius, launching another series of conjunctions in the 3 air signs.      -r, mt. shasta
-Messenger E C Prophet:  Prophecy for the New Millennium
Taurus megaconjunction:  emphasis on Saturn/Sun-Uranus square


Sunday, July 12, 2020

defector from Wuhan Virology Institute
7-13   India 11% increase/day for each of last 5 days  new cases/active cases
Mexico ~9% increase/day for each of last 4 days
Brazil  36/544=   ~6.6% increase day over last 4 days
Iran 22/223= ~10% increase/day over last 4 days
South Africa  128/1245= ~10% increase/day over last 4 days

each moment spent with God or one of His cosmic band serves to exalt

  Experience is not however the sole way to expand consciousness.  For each moment spent with God or one of His cosmic band serves to exalt and broaden individual consciousness, conveying illumination on the instant—in the twinkling of an eye!
  The high road as distinguished from the low road is the way of the alchemist whose heart is in the shining glory all the day and all the way that his pilgrim feet walk the dusty ways of man—transmuting, transmuting, and transmuting that dust into purest radiance   -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 5:31
  in reality there are in the subconscious world of even the greatest saints hidden chambers of astral horror….I pray that you will keep open the doorways of mind and heart to the unfoldment of both universal will and universal purpose.  Thus a God-star born in your heart as a miniature focus of the Great Central Sun will become the diamond-shining mind of God through the impartation of those points that are so clearly identified with the cosmic compass of universal purpose.    -Saint Germain:  Science of the Soken Word, ch. xv 
"Grafton portrait" of 1588, considered by some to be of Bacon/Shakespeare


when compromise holds sway purity is not preserved

  You see when compromise holds sway purity is not preserved--not for the elect, not for the children of God, not for the fallen ones.  And then the Church crumbles, becomes dead ritual--a hollow echo of former things, former glory and the hope that was, that cannot be realized because the honor flame has fallen to the ground.
  Therefore in the council of Jesus and Mary, of Saint Germain and Portia, representatives respectively of the Piscean and Aquarian Ages, the proclamation has gone forth that all hierarchies of light, the company of saints and all who have served the flame of the true Church should on this day and this hour transfer the flow of light, of dominion, of awareness of God to the one focalpoint that remains the only hope of salvation to Terra….
  It is a statement of the Law, of the Word in this hour that as the Lord Christ has vested his authority and his flame in the Mother and the Messenger of Hierarchy who stands before you, so for the building of the golden age, so for the building of the true Church every saint, every ascended being will from this hour forward give to this cause, to this purpose–into the heart, the head and the hand of the Mother on earth–the full momentum of striving, of overcoming, of building and of the chief cornerstone that the Church Universal and Triumphant might be built first as the temple within the heart of every member and then as that white edifice that shall be the testimony of the temple that is in the City Foursquare.
  Therefore I make known to you this day the withdrawal of energies from all churches and groups who have compromised the cosmic honor of the Christ and of Mother Mary.   And to them that have shall be given in this hour the talent, the virtue, the flow of light to establish upon earth this one true Church. It is an inner Church--and with inner attainment are we concerned,not with temples made with hands but with that cube of whitefire in the heart of every member.    
-Johannes:  2-10-1974 at Los Angeles via Messenger ECP
  in all of your experiencing of the path and all of that energy expended in getting here I desire that the stillness of the moment shall provide you with a heart’s cup worth of flame and light and truly a blessing untold….
  Beloved ones, the reward for love is great.  But those who deserve it often do not receive it because they are the ones who are the busy ones or the fighters—driving, working, serving.  And therefore let us pause together.  Let us be still then in these lower vehicles and let us feel the chakras shining as the seven Elohim, shining as the sun and the stars!…The means is not the goal, but the end is the star itself appearing.     
-Saint Germain:  7-6-1984 at RTR, Montana, Pearls of Wisdom 27:49

Saturday, July 11, 2020

dispelling confusion by our light drawn from the councils

Most men draw nigh to the principle of brotherly love with their lips but their heart-of-action is far from being manifest.  With minds full of condemnation and seething with emotion against one another they think to approach the throne of grace.  We are concerned therefore with dispelling confusion by our light drawn from the councils both Eastern and Western of the Great White Brotherhood and with giving forth those spiritual instructions that will create a clarity of vision for all.  
-Maitreya:   Pearls of Wisdom 12:43

you who have gone your own diverse ways in your pride and conceit

  May you understand that this opportunity to be bonded to the heart of El Morya through the Messenger was given to you some time ago yet not all have pursued it.  I, Hercules, therefore release blue lightning from out the Mind of God to shake you awake, you who have gone your own diverse ways in your pride and conceit, thinking that graces and talents and gifts of the Holy Spirit are of yourself!  [Such a course] will lead to the shipwreck of life as it has for you in many prior embodiments.  May you know that as the Sun shines through the lens of the hierarchy of Aries so one and all connected with this Community are being tested [to determine] whether they shall have that internal alertness to set aside the willfulness and arrogance of the fallen ones, even [of] Lucifer himself who fell under this sign of Aries, thinking that he himself was greater than God.    -Elohim Hercules:  3-28-1991 at RTR, Montana via Messenger ECP

cannot be the true Church, the one Church so long as any portion of its members are in a consciousness of compromise, dishonor or betrayal

  There is need upon earth for the white stone, the white cube that is the foundation stone, that is the Christ the chief cornerstone of all building.  That white stone can be composed only of those souls who have united with the Spirit of God, with the I AM Presence through that blessed mediator the Christ in all.
  There cannot be then the true Church, the one Church so long as any portion of its members are in a consciousness of compromise, dishonor or betrayal of the true teachings of our Lord.
   ...that the Church Universal and Triumphant might be built first as the temple within the heart of every member and then as that white edifice that shall be the testimony of the temple that is in the City Foursquare.   
-Johannes (John the 23rd of the Vatican):  
2-10-1974 at Los Angeles via Messenger E C Prophet

Friday, July 10, 2020

the cutting edge of the sword of the Spirit that is held in the hand of the devotee

 The time has come for visionaries to understand that it is not necessary for them to build a house in which all of the people of the world can live.  These must understand what We have termed “the law of the wheel within the wheel.”  This law has to do with the interchange of the microcosm and the macrocosm, and it reveals that all manifestation must be patterned “as above, so below.”  Pur et simple this means that any endeavor regardless of its size can manifest the same cardinal virtue of sincerity which the Brotherhood advocates--for all who would embrace the truth can learn to outpicture within their own field of service an aspect of the design of the universal temple.
  Millions can drink from one spring if the water be pure, for there joy is conveyed, and this is the purpose of Our Brotherhood.  Men and women do not need to be joined together as an incongruous pile of lumber haphazardly nailed together.  But they do need the essential spiritual conveyances of service and of technique which bring peace to the heart and expand their knowledge of the mysteries of the Christ.  Working with the central purposes of Hierarchy they will then draw forth the necessary harmonizing factors that will make all life one.  On the other hand attempts to integrate religious groups and ideas often bring about a segregation of both, as people through encounter may become less tolerant of one another and less inclined to accept one another’s concepts and goals.
  Evolution in a spiritual sense comes either gradually or suddenly to men; and it is difficult for those in either category to appreciate the progress of those in the other.  How wise was he who said “With all thy getting get understanding.”  The business of educating humanity along the spiritual path is a great necessity at the present hour, therefore We are most concerned with the cutting edge of the sword of the Spirit that is held in the hand of the devotee, for it is the correct implementation of the Word, referred to in the Scriptures as the “sword of the Spirit,” that is all important to the evolving soul.
   Whether you fight under one flag or another as long as you are true to yourself and to the activation of the power of faith within your heart, as long as you are unfolding the principles of higher wisdom and removing the impediments of dogmatic interpretation that have prevented your acceptance of truth through the years, as long as you are amplifying a selfless love that recognizes what is real in the scientific manifestation of being you are a part of Our vanguard.  We want you to feel, each and every one of you, that the need for individual spiritual unfoldment is paramount.  Then We want you to see the value of collective associations and examinations of truth that follow the theme of the hour which must ever be acknowledged as Christly discrimination.
  Many rash deeds are done in the name of altruism whereas, if a little foresight had been exercised, much pain would have been spared to the self and to others.  Our concerns then lie in the forward movement of mankind in a service that is guided by the wholeness of cosmic reasonability and justice and in a purity that is free from personal pride, a purity that adheres with maximum effort to the principles of honesty for which there are no substitutes.
  As it has been said “God give us the freedom to do the right as we see it.”  May We then call forth in all of you the blessing of freedom to see with the eyes of Spirit the vision of one man transposed to become one world.  For only through the life-patterns of the masters of wisdom, only through living in keeping with the pure truth of Being will man and what he does become permanent.  He will not have to backtrack or to recycle old errors, for he will have transcended the world and all that’s in it.  Press on; keep on keeping on.  Only victory lies ahead!  For Hierarchy I remain graciously,   Vaivasvata Manu    Pearls of Wisdom 12:41  


Gustave Doré: old Camelot scenes

II, ii, 7.  The hour is come when a new feast is spread.  Approach while the dishes are still hot!  Many will not be able to swallow the hot food; but the boldest one like the fairy tale prince will swallow the fire of the world.  And the path of fire will illumine the nearest road. 
II, iii, 1.  From the very beginning the prophets have noted sound and color. The ancient instruction about the ringing of bells is full of meaning.  -Leaves of Morya's Garden 1925
35.  It is asked why We waste so much energy over the Earth.  Not for the sake of Earth but for rectifying the path.  When a criminal rips up the rails often the engineer takes much time to repair them.  -M:  Community 1926
39.  Shall not daring be one's daily repast, and the garment of one's every thought?  Will not prison walls become transparent?
591.  those who consider service to evolution as an effort deserving reward may be repaid in coin but not by expansion of consciousness.  -M:  Agni Yoga 1929
142.  When the world is being reorganized the dark side creates impediments.  Let us see how the forces for the accomplishment of world tasks are affirmed across the span of millennia.  When the carriers of light affirmed the manifestations of the Covenant the potentiality of their striving was infused into the spirit of humanity.  
283.  Only a broadened consciousness can give an invincible formula for community.   -M:  Infinity 2, 1930

respected doctor who specialized in virology and immunology leaves China

breaking news   Hours before she boarded an April 28 Cathay Pacific flight to the United States, the
respected doctor who specialized in virology and immunology at the Hong Kong School of Public Health

Thursday, July 9, 2020

People speak about an inherited theocratic power—the very construction is absurd.

  Vishtaspa was an honest, simple monarch but was surrounded by the Karpans, a group of self-seeking, manipulative priests.…There is no prophet who ever knows any spirit of compromise.  I will tell you why.  The prophet of God embodies the Mighty I AM Presence. He is not the mediator; he is the one who embodies God as Law and Lawgiver.  
-Messenger ECP:  7-1-1992 at Royal Teton Ranch, MT
200.  Community/cooperation is the sole rational means of human living together. Solitude is the solution of the problem of life outside community.  All intermediate manifestations are different steps of compromise and are doomed to dissolution. People speak about an inherited theocratic power—the very construction is absurd. The words heritability and Theos are incompatible.  And who will define the degree Theos?  Only consciousness of cooperation/community affirms evolution of the biological process.
  Conscious community excludes two enemies of society—precisely inequality and heirdom.  And inequality leads to tyranny.  Heirdom is a compromise, and it brings in corruption of the foundations.  Needed is clarity of construction, a dislike of conventionalities and faith in children as a symbol of the progress of mankind.
202.  Often the community is accused of doing violence to  freedom of individuality.  This charge is applicable to any compromise state but not to the community.  In a conscious community there is a place for every labor.  Each one may select his task at will, for every labor is sharpened by new attainments.  There is not the tedium of mechanical performance, for the worker is at the same time an experimenter. He understands the significance of the problem of introducing perfectionment of work without disturbing the general complex of rhythm.     -M:  Community 1926
279.  There is no evil to equal the offense of faint-heartedness.  In it is hidden treachery, in it is concealed a fraudulent magnanimity, in it is secreted a ruinous halfwayness; its master is Satan; its motive power is selfhood; its actions include construction with one hand and destruction with the other; its face displays aspiration but its reality manifests egoism; its domain is a manifestation of selfhood; its affirmation is selfhood; its evidence is compromise, and each of its manifestations for good is a self-affirmation and justification of obvious destruction.  The pledge of selfhood lies in the foundation of faint-heartedness.  
412.  If it could be made clear to the human mind how harmful are halfway measures and compromises, the process of construction would proceed differently.  But humanity is ailing with these horrible ulcers and We are obliged to exhude bloody sweat in corrective measures.   
(by H. Schmiechen, 1884)
-M:  Fiery World 1935
  Now wouldn’t you like to know how to solve the problems of this hour without compromise?   Would not the leaders of every nation like to know how to go straight to the heart of freedom direct as the arrow of the dove of freedom?   As the arrow soars, as the dove flies so let the homeward calling unto souls be answered by direct reaching out and plucking of mercy’s flower; and mercy’s flower within your heart must produce the miracle manifestations of freedom to all.
  Well I say, the trouble with the world is this–they look upon the conditions that defy solution and they forget the lost lesson, a lesson learned so long ago upon our mother’s knee–the lesson that in order to take dominion over the individual problem it is necessary first to accelerate a spiral of mercy’s flame, to rise a notch in that spiral higher, higher than the problem.  You do not look at a problem from beneath or eye to eye, but you must look down upon the problem as the birds that fly, as the Sun that smiles   
 (by R. Hawkins)
-Kuan Yin:  6-30-1979 at Camelot, Los Angeles

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

“You can manipulate [coronaviruses] in the lab pretty easily. The spike protein drives a lot of what happens'

Peter Daszak says on video interview:  “You can manipulate [coronaviruses] in the lab pretty easily.  The spike protein drives a lot of what happens with the coronavirus zoonotic risk.  You can get the sequence, you can build the protein…insert it into the backbone of another virus….”  at 30:00 of

fentanyl update; Sars-Cov-2 update

5 lbs. fentanyl in Tennessee bust.  The men were identified as Jovanni Aguiarviera, 27, and Luis Cruz, 28.
10-22-19  Orange County in So. Calif. seized 100 lbs. fentanyl so far in 2019  fentanyl bust; problem worsening.
2770 pounds fentanyl seized by US Customs and Border Patrol in fiscal year 2019—enough to kill at least 680 million people.  Told to Congress

6-20-17  The DEA said Monday that it seized nearly 100 pounds of fentanyl in Southern California: enough to kill 14 million people — the entire state of Illinois.  Charged were Jonathan Ibarra, 45; Anna Baker, 30, (daughter of former mayor of Lemon Grove) both of Lemon Grove; and Hector Fernando Garcia, 46, of San Diego. Lemon Grove is an eastern suburb of San Diego.
-Jonathan Ibarra in Chicago jail; perhapsthis guy the Mafia placed near Mexican border to coordinate drug ops.
7-8-20    India 231/2477= 9.3% increase/day  new cases/active cases
Brazil 38.6/497= 7.8% increase/day
South Africa 101/1001= 10% increase/day
Iran 26/241= 10.8% increase/day  
combined Calif, Texas, Florida 28.4/512= 5.5% increase/day average foreach one of US hotspots

Does not someone fear that the existence of the Brotherhood may reveal his intentions?

387.  but now everything is permitted, and man is the slave of everything.  
409.  do not be ashamed to write down however briefly that which seems to you of special significance.  Do not weigh whether it is small or big but judge it by its unusualness.
441.  It may be noted that many apparently accidental factors helped along in the predestined direction.  As a matter of fact not accident but many profound causes contributed to such achievement.  In this can be seen the participation of the subtle realm.  When the spirit chooses a definite task it adapts itself to many assisting influences.  Often there remain in the subtle realm allies and co-workers who control contributory circumstances.  Thus one can observe many scarcely perceptible impulses that lead to definite aims.  One can only esteem such fireflies along with wayside guideposts!    -M:  Fiery World 1933
175.  Great service has called forth everywhere much misunderstanding.  To people it usually has the aspect of something unattainable.  They hope that responsibility for such service will pass them by.  But let us reflect upon certain great servitors.  Let us see if they were unapproachable supermen.  Pythagoras and Plato and Boehme and Paracelsus and Thomas Vaughan were men who bore their lamps amidst their fellowmen in life under a hail of non-understanding and abuse.  Anyone could approach them, but only a few were able to discern  superearthly radiance behind the earthly face.  It is possible to name great servitors of East and West, North and South.  It is possible to peruse their biographies; yet everywhere we feel that superearthly radiance appears rarely in the course of centuries.  One should learn from reality. 
567.  There are many reasons why people so greatly fear the concept of the most beautiful.  Does not someone fear that the existence of the Brotherhood may reveal his intentions?  Or that he may be compelled to think about the good of his fellowmen?  An entire arsenal of weapons of egoism is brought to bear against the peace-loving Brotherhood.  Simplest of all is to deny the very possibility of the existence of the Brotherhood.   -M: Brotherhood 1937
166.  Now We too are giving the idea of the Teaching simply, without dwelling on small details that might be interpreted in a mundane way.
202.  Every hero whose heart is pure is a dispeller of evil, and the biographies of such heroes should be studied in schools.  Students should also learn what was done to Pericles and how people have treated their heroes.  Thus should human history be written.
242.  People generally regard karma as punishment, but the great law should not be limited in that way.  The law acts in the name of equilibrium, and damage done by violation of balance cannot be judged by earthly measures.  Only from higher planes can it be seen how a crime expands in its effect, once committed.   -M:  Supermundane 1, 1938
353.  And now too labor should not keep one from self-examination.  The new life requires collaboration with the two realms.  -M:  Supermundane 2, 1938

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

each one must bring in his own cooperation

72.   One should value how the Teaching deepens consciousness and provides true opportunities of life if these are not rejected.  This simple aspect is so rarely given consideration. …A guide is so urgently needed; when in ultimate tension upon the slippery rocks we seek the saving thread the Guiding Hand will touch us.  -M:  Heart 1932

386.  People have become too accustomed to the idea that someone will do their thinking for them and that the world is obligated to take care of them.  But each one must bring in his own cooperation.  -M:  Aum 1936

by the gateways to the centuries entered shadow and flame

  it is well that the divine nature should expand coequally with man’s grasp of natural principles.  Unless these keep pace with one another there is always danger to the ego that it will wreak havoc not only with itself but also with others….Excellence is naturally admired, and when one concentrates upon the manifestation of excellence rather than upon getting attention from mankind one frees his receptor mechanisms in order that divine principles can be grasped and then put into action as the duty of the practical man of God.   

-Lanto:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:2

  The old order changeth, the new order of the ages begins.  But the brilliance of the holy grail, the cup of purity and oneness, changeth not.  Individuals in their search for values dare not gaze on the specter of the contemporary, but rather should their gaze be fixed upon the face of the

Ancient of Days.    

  Side by side did enter by the gateways to the centuries shadow and flame; and the twain in the world, set before young and old alike, seemed to present a conflict of choices whereas in reality to the pure in heart who shall indeed see God there is never a question of choices.
-Serapis Bey:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:4
  Mastery is achieved by the emulation of cosmic principle.  
                                          -Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:39

Monday, July 6, 2020

Mechanical methods may be effective in the brainwashing used in military and psychological warfare

  Mechanical methods may be effective in the brainwashing used in military and psychological warfare, but these have no place in the kingdom of God where man fulfills his destiny through his attunement with reality.  Beware then of those who would duplicate by mechanical means the various feats of nature in order to wrest a form of control over the minds of their fellowmen.  Know instead that the ascended masters’ level of consciousness is not lacking in any of the elements of perfection.  These We offer gladly to those who would receive them.    -Leonora:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:34

it seems as if there is no way out

248.  First of all let us keep in mind that it is impossible to retard the process of ripening fruit.   …Inquisitors and retrogrades may build jails and insane asylums which will be fit enough for them later in labor colonies.   -M:  Community 1926
260.  How often must the gardener water the garden entrusted to him?  Certainly every day, except during a beneficent shower.  -M:  Hierarchy 1931
262.  Sometimes it seems as if there is no way out, but feelings of hopelessness are impermissible.  -M:  Supermundane 2, 1938

Sunday, July 5, 2020

these times

Davon McNeal with his mother, Crystal McNeal, who works for the D.C. government as a violence interrupter. (Family photo)
Davon McNeal was shot and killed near the end of a trust-building event organized by his mother Crystal McNeal, whose job as a city “violence interrupter” means she spends her days mediating disputes and trying to convince people to put down their firearms.
7-5  India 24/230= 10.4% increase/day  new cases/active cases  
Iran 10% increase/day
South Africa averaging 10% increase/day over each of last 2 days 
USA 3.4% increase/day  averaging over each of last 4 days
Russia  3% increase/day
Mexico   10.8% increase/day

a little southeast of Lake Siskiyou dam

Friday, July 3, 2020

from minor occurrence in nature or lab to a pharmaceutical money-maker--most drugs on worldwide market

the largest substance abuse problem the world has ever faced:  the Chinese opium epidemic.  At the turn of the century,millions of Chinese were addicted to opium, which was freely traded across borders at the time. China’s attempts to unilaterally address the problem failed, and it was not until the first international agreements were reached that a solution became possible.  The story of the Chinese opium problem and the international reaction it engendered represents the seminal chapter in global efforts to control substance abuse.                                                                                                                                                                                                       The use of opium for medicinal and recreational use is documented in antiquity.  The Sumerians referred to it as ‘Gil Hul’ or ‘joy plant’ as early as 3000 B.C., 1 and its use is documented in the Near and Middle East across the centuries.  The exact date that opium was introduced to China is unknown, but there seems to have been some domestic production as early as the 11th century A.D.2 Before the 19th century, though, China imported most of its opium, and until the final centuries of the last millennium, the drug remained too expensive for popular use. 
In contrast a nearby empire had, by the 16th century, expanded production to the point that a lucrative export trade began to develop – India. 
   While LSD is decidedly a modern hallucinogenic drug, there is evidence that the chemical has existed and had an effect on mankind for many centuries.  LSD stands for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.  Lysergic acid is a naturally occurring substance and can also be synthesized.  It occurs naturally in ergot and is a chemical produced by a specific type of fungus that grows on grains like rye and wheat.  When infected some of the kernels of the grain turn black as the fungus takes them over....
  In 1762 there were several documented deaths that were attributed to ergot poisoning from contaminated grain.  A farm laborer’s wife and six children died after suffering terrible symptoms such as blackened and rotting limbs.  In 1951 in Pont-Saint-Esprit, France there was another such episode in which either ergot or LSD was implicated.  In this small village, dozens of people suffered violent delusions requiring restraints and hospitalization.  Five people died....According to an article from BBC News, a document from a CIA agent implied that the village may have suffered from a public test of LSD that was produced in Sandoz Chemical, a few hundred kilometers away....
  In 1938 Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman synthesized the chemical lysergic acid diethylanine while working for Sandoz Chemical.  He was looking for a stimulant for blood circulation.  On the 25th experiment in the series he came up with LSD-25.  It turned out not to be the circulatory stimulant he wanted and so he set the formula aside for the next five years. In 1943 he accidentally exposed himself to this drug....In a later interview Hoffman reported that the US Army Chemical Warfare division came to see him after knowledge of this drug spread through papers published in “thousands of medical journals,” according to Hoffman....
  Finally the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly developed a way to synthesize it and a method of growing ergot in tanks was established.  These advances allowed lysergic acid to be produced commercially.  According to Time Magazine the CIA conducted experiments on unwitting Americans on both the West Coast and the East Coast.  The drug was added to some people’s drinks while agents observed the outcome.  The tests ran from 1953 through 1964 when the project was shut down.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

organization headed by Navalny was designated by Justice Ministry as “foreign agent,”

MOSCOW — A nonprofit organization exposing corruption in Russia and run by opposition leader Alexei Navalny was designated Wednesday by the Justice Ministry as a “foreign agent,” crippling its ability to keep working.
  A 2012 Russian law holds that any organization that receives foreign money to engage in “political activity” must register with the authorities and submit to time-consuming regular “audits.”
  Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation, known as FBK for its initials in Russian, has “never received foreign donations,” tweeted its spokeswoman, Kira Yarmysh.  The designation is nothing more than “an attempt to stop our activities,” she wrote.
  Navalny, who has become the most prominent Russian critic of President Vladimir Putin, tweeted:  “FBK has never received a kopeck of foreign money.  All of FBK’s money comes from your donations (from citizens of the Russian Federation).  The actions of the Ministry of Justice are absolutely illegal and, obviously, by direct order of Putin.”
In another tweet he wrote:  “Putin is terribly afraid of FBK because he relies on the power of thieves, corruptioneers and bribe-takers.  And we expose corruption.  And we will not stop no matter what.  Please support us.”  Navalny also demanded that the Justice Ministry provide evidence to back up its claims.
  Sergey Aleksashenko, a nonresident fellow at the Brookings Institution and former deputy finance minister and first deputy head of the Central Bank of Russia, said on Twitter: “That’s what a full confession looks like:  Kremlin can’t deny the results of FBK investigations.”
  FBK specializes in reports concerning the real estate holdings of government officials, typically worth far more than what they should be able to afford on their state salaries.  It has detailed Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s properties, including an “ancestral home,” assorted other mansions, a vineyard and a dacha that it valued at $343 million.
  Vladimir Titov, acting chief of the Justice Ministry’s department for nongovernmental affairs, told Interfax that his agency had detected transfers to the foundation from Spain and the United States totaling about $2,000.  The Meduza website reported that the money from the United States came from a Russian citizen who has a home in Florida.
  The FBK and its staff members were subjected to more than 200 police raids during the summer, at the height of street protests over Moscow’s city elections.  The raids were related to allegations that the foundation was engaged in money laundering.  Yarmysh and Navalny deny that charge as well.  Navalny was a leader of those protests — except for the many weeks he spent in detention as Moscow authorities repeatedly had him and many of his allies held on administrative charges.  His political work is separate from the Anti-Corruption Foundation, but Russian officials have not paid much heed to that distinction.
  On Tuesday the Interior Ministry announced that the Moscow police department is suing Navalny and other protest organizers for leading unsanctioned protests on July 27 and Aug. 3.   The police are seeking $278,000 in damages as compensation for the costs they said they incurred.  “The claimant requests compensation for the damage inflicted by deploying forces and equipment to ensure public order during unauthorized mass events,” a police spokesman told Tass news agency.
  Those demonstrations were marked by some of the most brutal police measures in Moscow in many years, with thousands of people detained.  Many Moscow residents viewed the police response as a signal that Putin’s government would no longer tolerate protests.  Public reaction to the crackdown was largely negative, according to polls, and by the end of the summer the police had mostly backed off.
  The criminal case, the damage-seeking lawsuit and now the “foreign agent” designation seem to suggest the Kremlin is moving to stymie the opposition by less physical means.  “Using all possible methods they are destroying the competing political force by the elections of 2021,” Grigory Melkonyants, of the Golos elections monitoring association, wrote on Facebook.
  Lyubov Sobol, an attorney for the Anti-Corruption Foundation who was barred from running for Moscow’s city council by the election commission, objected to the way the ministry publicized the designation announcement.  “The Ministry of Justice has not given any proof of foreign financing of the Anti-Corruption Foundation; however it has managed to write up this news and distribute it among the propagandists,” she wrote on Twitter.  “This is yet another attempt to frighten us, pressure us, get dirt on us, but it won’t work!”

  71 organizations have been listed as foreign agents since the law was enacted, and it has largely made it impossible for them to keep working in any effective manner.

When universal energy is drawn by man and then qualified with the imprint of an altogether human or personal vibration

  Let those who tamper with higher law beware, for in olden times it was this tampering that broke the lines of cosmic communication between unascended man and the reality of God….With rare exceptions the activities which involve the Antichrist create those feelings that separate men from God and from one another and make them overly independent and often unknowingly arrogant….
  While the vast cerebral network and cortex makes of the monad a miniature universe that seems to have autonomous control over his own world, the real source of love, wisdom and power is the God Presence.  When universal energy is drawn by man and then qualified with the imprint of an altogether human or personal vibration it may elicit a response from others who are drawn by the strands of human sympathy.  Taking pride in the fact that they are able to place themselves in a similar vibration, these evoke a form of compassion for the person which effectively denies the power of genuine compassion for universal purpose.
  Universal purpose radiates from the head through the entire network of the consciousness.  There can be only one head to the body, and that head is the Universal Christ consciousness in which all share.  Simply because many among mankind have lost the art of communing with the Universal Christ does not in any way nullify the efficacy of Christ-power either in the world at large or in the world of the individual.    -Leonora:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:34
13.  Do not consider materializations as important--words of wisdom are the greater.  Why desire materializations when wisdom is available to you?  Is it possible to prefer the superficial over the spirituality of truth?  My friends!  Hasten past the first steps that, purified, you may ascend to the glory of your nation.    -Leaves of MOrya's Garden 1924