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Sun goes to Scorpio; world news

  Sun into Scorpio  at 10:35 a.m. PDT 23 October 2019.  Sun at one-fifth of circle to Jupiter, sextile Moon, opposite to Uranus.      
   (In the name I AM THAT I AM, Mighty Victory, Lords of Individuality, Elohim Cyclopea, Lords of Form, may the light energies of Libra to Scorpio modulate for the greater good; aum.)
  "While they were raping her they checked to see how we were reacting.  People who turned their head or closed their eyes, and those who looked angry or shocked, were taken away and we never saw them again."  There were also medical experiments performed on the prisoners, according to Haaretz; they were forced to take pills and were given shots but were not told the truth about what the medical procedures did.  Some who were subjected to them report impotence and cognitive decline, according to reporting in Haaretz and The Believer.   -Sayragul Sauytbay was granted asylum in Sweden with her husband and two children     https://www.businessinsider.com/muslim-woman-describes-horrors-of-chinese-concentration-camp-2019-10
-Sayragul Sauytbay in court in Zharkent, Kazakhstan. Photograph: Ruslan Pryanikov/AFP/Getty Images       8-1-18   On Wednesday a Kazakh court imposed a six-month suspended sentence and ordered her to regularly check in with police.  Supporters in the courtroom broke into applause and cheered after the verdict was announced.  After being released, Sauytbay said to a crowd outside the courthouse:  “When I came to Kazakhstan, I had a feeling that I am on my own.  Now I am confident that it is not true... I have my people, my nation, my homeland that can stand for me.”  https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/aug/01/kazakh-court-frees-woman-who-fled-chinese-re-education-camp

6-8-18   The breach is part of China's long-running effort to blunt the U.S. advantage in military technology and become the preeminent power in east Asia....In recent years, the United States has been scrambling to develop new weapons or systems that can counter a Chinese naval buildup that has targeted perceived weaknesses in the U.S. fleet.  Key to the American advantage in any faceoff with China on the high seas in Asia will be its submarine fleet.
  "U.S. naval forces are going to have a really hard time operating in that area, except for submarines, because the Chinese don't have a lot of anti-submarine warfare capability," said Bryan Clark, a naval analyst at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. "The idea is that we are going to rely heavily on submarines in the early effort of any conflict with the Chinese."
  China has made closing the gap in undersea warfare one of its three top military priorities, and although the United States still leads the field, China is making a concerted effort to diminish U.S. superiority.
  "So anything that degrades our comparative advantage in undersea warfare is of extreme significance if we ever had to execute our war plans for dealing with China," Stavridis said. https://www.chicagotribune.com/nation-world/ct-china-hack-navy-contractor-20180608-story.html
10-22-19    Assigned to the Naval Air Station Jacksonville's Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Weapons School, Yang likely had privileged access to top secret anti-submarine materials.
Through a series of shell companies, Yang allegedly shipped flash drives which may have contained extremely sensitive information to China and was paid for his shady work through these same businesses.    https://www.wnd.com/2019/10/us-navy-officer-top-security-clearances-busted-allegedly-smuggling-equipment-china/
According to documents, the Chinese national is the chairman of a Shanghai company named Shanghai Breeze Technology Co.  From Nov. of 2016 through Aug. of 2019 approximately $205,000 were wire transferred between Shanghai Breeze and BQ TREE, LLC.  On business cards obtained by the FBI, Yang Yang is listed as the chief consultant and
Fan Yang as a consultant for BQ TREE, LLC.    https://taskandpurpose.com/navy-officer-arrested-illegal-gun-trade-china

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excerpts of Wall Street and FDR

  Consequently we can trace and will trace in this chapter the Baruch proposals for NRA and the financial backing of the two Presidential candidates in each election by Raskob, Baruch, Du Pont, Rockefeller and others of the financial élite. The main backing in each case went to the Democratic candidate willing to promote corporate socialism.  In 1928 this was Al Smith, who was also a director of the Morgan-controlled Metropolitan Life Insurance Company; in 1930 it went to Roosevelt with the early bird pre convention contributions for the 1932 Hoover-Roosevelt contest….
  Murray Rothbard points out 9 that Herbert Hoover was a prominent supporter of Theodore Roosevelt's Progressive Party and, according to Rothbard, Hoover "challenged in a neo-Marxist manner, the orthodox laissez-faire view that labor is a commodity and that wages are to be governed by laws of supply and demand."10 As Secretary of Commerce Hoover pushed for government cartelization of business and for trade associations, and his "outstanding" contribution, according to Rothbard," was to impose socialism on the radio industry," while the courts were working on a reasonable system of private property rights in radio frequencies. Rothbard explains these ventures into socialism on the grounds that Hoover "was . . . the victim of a terribly inadequate grasp of economics."11 Indeed, Rothbard argues that Herbert Hoover was the real creator of the Roosevelt New Deal.
  Although the evidence presented here suggests that Baruch and Raskob had more to do with FDR’s New Deal, there is some validity to Rothbard's argument. Hoover's practical policies were not consistent. There are some pro-free market actions; there are many anti-free market actions.  It seems plausible that Hoover was willing to accept a part, possibly a substantial part, of a socialist program, but had a definite limit beyond which he was not willing to go.

                      -Sutton:  WS & FDR, ch. 8; see http://www.reformation.org/wall-st-fdr-ch8.html
  Early 1930s--Ludwig von Mises had written Socialism and made his accurate predictions on the chaos of planning, but von Mises was even then an unknown economic theoretician. There is a mystical lure to economic planning. Its proponents always implicitly visualize themselves as the planners, and the anti capitalist psychology, so well described by von Mises, is the psychological pressure behind the scenes to make the plan come about. Even today in 1975, long after economic planning has been totally discredited, we still have the siren song of prosperity by planning. J. Kenneth Galbraith is one prominently vocal example, no doubt because Galbraith's personal estimate of his abilities and wisdom is greater than that of America at large. Galbraith recognizes that planning offers a means to exercise his assumed abilities to the full. The rest of us are to be coerced into the plan by the police power of the state: a negation of liberal principles perhaps, but logic was never a strong point among the economic engineers….
  In brief, the Swope Plan was a carrot to get what Wall Street so earnestly desired: monopoly trade associations with the ability to use state power to enforce monopoly—Frederic Howe's maxim of "get society to work for you" in practice….The peak of the Roosevelt National Recovery Administration consisted of the president of the largest electrical corporation, the chairman of the largest oil company, and the representative of the most prominent financial speculator in the United States.  In brief, the administration of NRA was a reflection of the New York financial establishment and its pecuniary interests.  http://www.reformation.org/wall-st-fdr-ch9.html
  The executive offices of General Electric and the offices of Gerard Swope, author of the Swope Plan that became Roosevelt's NRA, were also there. The Bankers Club was on the top floor of this same Equitable Office Building and was the location of a 1926 meeting by the Butler Affair plotters. Obviously, there was a concentration of talent at this particular address deserving greater description.  In Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, we noted that revolution related financiers were concentrated at a single address in New York City, the same Equitable Office Building. In 1917 the headquarters of the No. 2 District of the Federal Reserve System, the most important of the Federal Reserve districts, was located at 120 Broadway; of nine directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, four were physically located at 120 Broadway, and two of these directors were simultaneously on the board of American International Corporation. The American International Corporation had been founded in 1915 by the Morgan interests with enthusiastic participation by the Rockefeller and Stillman groups….In brief, we found an identifiable pattern of pro-Bolshevik activity by influential members of Wall Street concentrated in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the American International Corporation, both at 120 Broadway. By 1933 the bank had moved to Liberty Street….
  The American International Corporation (AIC) was formed in 1915 by a coalition of Morgan, Stillman and Rockefeller interests; its general offices were at 120 Broadway from 1915 through the 1920s. The great excitement in Wall Street about formation of AIC brought about a concentration of the most powerful financial elements on its board of directors—in effect a monopoly organization for overseas development and exploitation.1 … 
  The Du Pont Company, cited in the suppressed portion of the testimony, was located at 120 Broadway. Hugh S. Johnson, named by General Butler as a probable participant, had been located at 120 Broadway when working as research assistant to Baruch…located at 120 Broadway: the Du Pont Company executive office and Du Pont subsidiary Remington Arms. The other named participants, MacGuire, Clark, Christmas, Martindell, Grayson M-P. Murphy (at Rockefeller headquarters, 25 Broadway) were all located within a few blocks of 120 Broadway and within the previously described golden circle.
  We have noted that FDR's preferred office—he had two in the early 1920s—was the one at 120 Broadway. http://www.reformation.org/wall-st-fdr-ch11.html
  Under Woodrow Wilson Wall Street achieved a central banking monopoly, the Federal Reserve System. The significance of the International Acceptance Bank, controlled by the financial establishment in Wall Street, was that the Federal Reserve banks used the police power of the state to create for themselves a perpetual money-making machine: the ability to create money with a stroke of a pen or the push of a computer key. The Warburgs, key figures in the International Acceptance Bank—an overseas money-making machine—were advisers to the Roosevelt administration and its monetary policies. Gold was declared a "barbaric relic," opening the way to worthless paper money in the United States. In 1975, as we go to press, the fiat inconvertible dollar is obviously on the way to ultimate depreciation.  http://www.reformation.org/wall-st-fdr-ch12.html
  It was under Roosevelt that quaint Keynesian notions—the modern versions of John Laws' con game with paper money—were introduced to Washington, and so the seeds of our present economic chaos were laid in the early 1930s under Roosevelt. Contemporary double digit inflation, a bankrupt Social Security system, bumbling state bureaucracy, rising unemployment--all this and more can be traced to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his legislative whirlwind….

  The economic recovery part of the New Deal was a creation of Wall Street—specifically Bernard Baruch and Gerard Swope of General Electric—in the form of the Swope Plan. So in Chapter 5 we expanded upon the idea of the politicization of business and formulated the thesis of corporate socialism: that the political way of running an economy is more attractive to big business because it avoids the rigors and the imposed efficiency of a market system. Further, through business control or influence in regulatory agencies and the police power of the state, the political system is an effective way to gain a monopoly, and a legal monopoly always leads to wealth. Consequently, Wall Street is intensely interested in the political arena and supports those political candidates able to maximize the amount of political decision-making under whatever label and minimize the degree to which economic decisions in society are made in the marketplace….The Swope Plan was a scheme to force American industry into compulsory trade associations and provide exemption from the anti-trust laws. It was baited with a massive welfare carrot to quiet the misgivings of labor and other groups.  http://www.reformation.org/wall-st-fdr-ch13.html

When the bond with the higher realms is strong

309.  Of all manifestations We value the absolute and dominant pervasiveness of spirit in one's life.  Mistakes are as naught when the seed of fire has grown stronger. Action is like the unfurled banner of the warrior.  Like a crown is his decisiveness. Like a pearl is the flame of his spirit.
559.  When the bond with the higher realms is strong then all tasks become easy.  But it is strange that people generally prefer to talk about details and overlook what is most important. 
652.  Harmonious sendings bring much usefulness, especially when one dominant tone can be followed, as of a musical key.  A primary note may even be struck with a tuning fork.   
-M:  Agni Yoga 1929
325.  Only united understanding of conscious striving toward the affirmation of ascent generates the power of transmutation.   -M:  Hierarchy 1931
181.  Shrinking and fossilization of consciousness are the main causes of the disunion of the worlds. 
183.  Many conditions of the heart, from soft-heartedness to cruelty, have been marked by the observation of people, but rarely has fiery-heartedness been emphasized.  Yet it is precisely this quality that should preoccupy and attract our attention.  -M:  Heart 1932
27.  The dominance of the spirit and the dominance of the heart are understood so little that it is necessary to broaden these concepts for the advancement of humanity.  Often lack of understanding of these great principles creates a disturbance of the earthly equilibrium. The best example is the gap between East and West. Thus in the East one understands that the domination of spirit does not mean inaction and that domination of the heart is not lack of will.  And the West has destroyed both these concepts and affirmed the domination of matter as the basis of life.  One cannot advance without the dominance of spirit and of heart. One should accept into daily usage the formula of inspired matter.  Then spirit, heart and matter will enter life.
458.  Any benevolent unity is desirable.  But it is not unity when upheld by a rotten thread.  If a cricket can disturb a structure it means that the striving has not been great.  Amid the fiery battle an inviolable unity is imperative; only thus is an unassailable monolith set up.  Such monoliths are needed.  
                                  -Morya:  Fiery World 1935
  Success for the Rockefeller gambit has depended particularly upon focusing public attention on largely irrelevant and superficial historical creations such as the myth of a struggle between capitalists and Communists, and careful cultivation of political forces by big business…[—hence,] corporate socialism.    
                                    -E C. Prophet 
  In modern America the most dominant illustration of society as a whole working for the few is the 1913 Federal Reserve Act.  The Federal Reserve System is in effect a private banking monopoly, not anwerable to Congress or the public but with legal monopoly control over money supply without let or hinderance or even audit by the General Accounting Office.
                                    -Sutton:  Wall Street & FDR,1975, p. 75

  This robber baron schema is also, under different labels, the socialist plan.   -E C Prophet:  Four Horsemen, p, 254, see https://books.google.com/books?id=xcvg57RLeSkC&pg=PA254&dq=clare+prophet+monopoly&hl=en&newbks=1&newbks_redir=0&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjO2fSTsa7lAhXQup4KHdE6Az8Q6AEwAHoECAMQAg#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20monopoly&f=false

in the awareness that so-called evil can befall them men are apprehensive

  What then is fear? First of all fear is vibration, negative vibration, a sense of misapprehension of life and its purposes.  But it is more than that--it is wrong custom.  Many of mankind’s recurring experiences have been undesirable, therefore in the awareness that so-called evil can befall them men are apprehensive about their future.  They question whether they will attain success and whether they will retain success once it is meted out to them….Understanding the Father’s true plan is ever beneficial in eradicating fear from an individual’s world….
  If I might paraphrase one of your poets, “I drew a circle and shut Him out; He drew a circle and took me in.”  I would point to the fact that the divine Self is the initiator of the human self, and all experiences that occur in the life of man are intended to polish the “diamond in the rough” in order that this diamond might be placed in full view in a proper setting.  A propos of this Jesus said “Ye are the light of the world.  A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”…
  Fear of death comes to man when he thinks he will no longer be a part of the great mainstream of the familiar which in his limited way he knows as life.  When he understands that the experiences of life and death are not far removed from one another he realizes that that which is truly life cannot die, he understands that all experience is but a sea through which man passes to greater opportunity….
  You know that an iron core is wrapped with coils of wire through which a current is passed enabling the magnetic field to be extended in concentrated lines of flux and to draw objects into close proximity to the coil.  In a like manner the vibration of fear held, sustained or prolonged by an individual draws to him the fear of others….By mankind’s continual revolving of ideas of apprehension or fear he is strengthening the magnetic field which draws the object of his fear into the orbit of his world….
  Let us now take up the first principles in removing fear.  If the strength of fear is directly related to the number of times the object of one’s fear has been revolved, then would it not be the part of wisdom to unwind each turn of the wire upon the pole of being?  
I ask you in God’s name!…
  To remove fear is to remove the deep-seated resistance to the flow of light and light’s possibilities in the being of man….Let me tell you, beloved ones, that truth is always stranger than fiction.  

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Trace then the plot and realize that the intent of those who move the radicals

  Mankind sometimes enter the sanctity of our aura and draw and utilize our energy, which we are releasing in the holy name of freedom, and use the buoyancy of that release to satisfy the purposes of human creation rather than utilize it in the service of the great light.  And this is a solemn and awesome responsibility which I have long vowed I would one day declare to the students in order that they might recognize the measure of concentration and consecration which the great Law would demand of them in order to give them the desires for which their own souls cry out.
  Down through the ages, one man has walked beside another and suddenly, like horses at a racetrack, one has pulled out ahead.  Who is watching with bated breath this great race where one receives the prize, where one is left behind? Who, I ask you, beloved ones?  Are not all who run in this race children of the one Father?  And is it not true then that for each son set free to win the great prize, the Father does rejoice, and for each son who fails to apprehend the power that is within him to run well in this race the Father has regret? I tell you then, beloved ones, that those who fall behind and do not press forward to win the prize are given the same opportunities as those that elect to pull out from the mass herd and obtain for themselves their own freedom.
  You must recognize that individuals must elect for themselves to be the chosen of God.  We cannot do it for you.  Even God your Father cannot do it for you; for He has already done it for you.  He has created the master blueprint in which you are designed.  And whose responsibility, I ask you, is it for the outpicturing of that?  Who is the master workman?  Your Holy Christ Self!  But unless you submit to the Holy Christ Self and to the great God-design that is outworking through you, how in the name of heaven can it be wrought?…
  I stand now as the friend of the many; I was then the friend of the few.  Today I am the friend of freedom to the Earth!  I bear no exceptions, but I leave that response to my hearers. Those who hear me, those who read my words and my instruction--let them determine for themselves the authenticity of my words.  Let them determine for themselves whether or not they shall elect to have their own freedom. 

               -Saint Germain:  12-8-1963 at Washington, D.C. via Messenger Mark Prophet
  I tell you, children of the light, if you lose Taiwan, you will lose the greatest concentration of lightbearers per square mile in any part of the Earth. There is no greater concentration.  They are there in the whitefire core for the victory.  And I tell you, the race of Chin will be lost if they are lost, for they must roll back the darkness of the mainland and free the people from these fallen ones.    -Saint Germain:  12-8-1975
at Colorado Springs via Messenger E. C. Prophet
  The ascended masters are for women’s rights.  Who is not?  Who is not?  But can you say whether that amendment secures those rights or whether it tears down those rights?  You ought to know by having studied not only the amendment, which is very short and therefore deceptive, but you ought to study the minds who framed it.  You ought to study what their intent is and what the intent of the fallen ones is behind them.  And behind them still the archdeceivers.
  Trace then the plot and realize that the intent of those who move the radicals and the rebellious ones for the same causes that we move you–those who move them have other designs and other goals, and they will manipulate those who are uninformed and at the same time who have even just a little bit of rebellion.
  The goal of the archdeceivers is not equality for women, it is the fall of woman, it is the suppression of woman, it is the tearing from her of her spiritual office.  Woman is placed on a pedestal by man, where she ought to be; for the feminine aspect of himself is his aspiration, his upward pulling energy, his light in the center of the Sun. Therefore man naturally looks up to woman as he looks up to the light of the Mother within himself.  After all man is the child of woman, therefore he must place her as the source of life.  And so you see, this is to tear from woman her spiritual opportunity, her right to be woman, to push down her energies, to tear them from the crown and drive them to the base chakra and then to cause these energies to be dissipated, putting woman in closer and closer proximity to man in all the armed forces and in places where men, by their caste and their calling, ought to be free to be men….
  You see through this.  Will you please tell me why mankind cannot see through this?  Why are they so dense when the writing is on the wall, when God has spoken for thousands of years?  I too scratch my head and I say How is it that they cannot see?  And then of course the Cosmic Mother reminds me “They are blinded by their own selfishness.”
-Saint Germain:  July 4, 1976 at Washington, D.C. via Messenger E. C. Prophet
  The keeper of the lighthouse must tend the light, must keep the lamp burning bright, must know that all is well through the night–in storm, in rain and in fair weather.  For if the ships do not see the light, they may be wrecked upon the rocky shore or they may not reach the shore at all. Those who know what it means to see the light in the lighthouse window, to see the first glimpse of shore, of home, of land, will know what it means to the wayfarer and those who are seaworthy to be welcomed by the glow of the fires of the aum.  
 -Saint Germain: 3-7-1976 at Colorado Springs via Messenger E. C. Prophet
  But in this age there is the requirement for the contact of millions of souls, and therefore with one voice and one shout, one movement and one momentum, this people of God must rally for the contact through the channels which are open to you in the media and in the sources of distribution in this century.
  Understand then that the age of science and the age of alchemy in the seventh ray is the intensification, the geometrization of the coming of the Lord Christ. And so we have placed at your disposal before the Lords of Karma all types of inventions and uses and usefulness that can be made available for the dissemination of the Word.   
-Saint Germain:  4-24-1977 at Pasadena via Messenger E. C. Prophet
  And therefore I am your forerunner as John the Baptist, the “voice of one crying in the wilderness.”  And I will send my messenger crying in the wilderness to go before me, even as I have gone before her, to speak the Word of redemption, to speak the warning upon the wall of life, to speak to the heads of the nations, to inspire all to that newness of life which is instantaneously manifest the moment you call to Almighty God no matter what his name–whether it be Allah, or Jehovah, the Almighty One, or whether you call in the name of the blessed Son, Christ the Lord, or my own, Sanctus Germanus….
  Precious ones, I address every Keeper of the Flame across the face of the Earth.  I need you, each and every one, in my service in this hour!…I ask you to make known what you can give of your life, your time, your service and your talents so that even if you are not able to be present here you may accelerate your service and realize that, because the people of America are blind and do not understand the issues and have not the realization of the urgency of the hour, We must place upon some tenfold the responsibility which they would ordinarily hold.  This responsibility then must be forthcoming….
   Love in the heart would resolve all questions that move from the spectrum of the right to the left.  Beware then of political division, for that division may become the very instrument needed by the fallen ones to overturn the children of light, to divide and conquer and to level the nation itself….
  Beloved ones, God can mend the flaws, especially in this age when you invoke the violet flame.  God can mend the flaws!  But, beloved ones, until We can contact Our legions of light across America who will respond to this teaching, in this hour of the turning of this movement into the great movement of freedom across the earth it still rests upon the few to carry the torch for the many.  I come to you then in the midst of the greatest battle you have ever fought.  And I do not say this lightly, for I have reviewed the record of your lifestreams, and I see upon what battlefields you have fought over the centuries….
  Children of the Sun, reinforcements of freedom everywhere, I call you.  I call you to the deepest consideration of the sacrifice of your life–one life for your country, for the souls of Earth.  And I say to you, as in Tibet, as in Russia, as in Eastern Europe, in Vietnam and Cambodia, as in China, as one by one souls of light have been slaughtered so it will come also upon this soil unless enough will hear my call and make that sacrifice….
  And why did they not heed my call?  I will tell you why!  They did not believe me when I spoke to them.  They did not accept the impulse of my Presence.  They did not heed the handwriting upon the wall.  They looked at the enemy and all of the statements of the enemy and they said “It will not come here. We will go about our private business. We will go about the enjoyment of our private lives. We will amass our personal wealth. We will close our eyes to the oncoming cycles of history.”…
  Our hosts of light give great deference to every lifestream who has the courage to take a stand for Saint Germain, for freedom, for the violet flame, to bear the ostracization of the world and to take that cause to heart unselfishly and to deprive himself of those activities which ‘normal’ people engage in.  If you could see, beloved ones, the great light and joy upon the faces of violet-flame angels when they look upon these precious souls and the little children--two and three and four--who keep that vigil daily, you would hasten, hasten to be counted worthy; and yet so many of you are. 
-Saint Germain:  11-20–1977 at Pasadena via Messenger Elizabeth C. Prophet


the power of infinite light is everywhere manifest

  Let me say to you then that the power of infinite light is everywhere manifest.  And as you gaze upon the awful conditions of the world and as you gaze upon the struggles–the class struggles between peoples and those who incite mankind to riot–understand that the immaculate concept is the God-given panacea whereby you will be able to assuage all human grief and wipe away all tears from human eyes and consciousness because God is.
  You have actually entered in to a little temporary spirit of awareness.  You are aware of a portion of God–that little portion you call yourself.  And as you gaze upon that little fragment of the Eternal God and the sacred fire which is your own special gift from God you also gaze upon other hearts–those who are also pursuing the path of life which you pursue.  You call these brothers and sisters in the light.  Let me say to you then tonight in the name of Almighty God, these are indeed the brethren of the light.  Esteem them with all your hearts so long as they manifest brotherly love for you, so long as you manifest brotherly love for them.  For in your love for one another--for the God within, for the Christ within--there is a sense of overcoming victory that is multiplied and spread amongst you as the Spirit of God that brings the power of the dawn in the eastern sky, that causes the light of heaven to shine upon the mountains, that dances in the descending snowflakes and moves in the whirlwind as it produces also its specific work of clearing the atmosphere of dense substance.
  O precious and beloved ones, as you gaze upon the world scene, as you see the snowcapped mountains of the world and the vast plains, as you see the little houses lit by lamps and electric power, as you see the various sources of illumination and realize that in the hearts of men everywhere there are fragments of cosmic fires burning from far-off worlds, understand that communion is flowing from far-off worlds, that communion is bringing about a descent of loveliness--skeins of golden thread that seek to weave the fabric of a golden age where the golden rule is followed, where men understand the meaning of this:  Do unto others as you would they should do unto you.
  When these conditions are brought about and industry and service cause the looms of life to hum with cosmic industry, when there is born the recognition of the culture of the soul in mankind, that at that moment the concepts of the Great Silent Watcher will be externalized and I in my own consciousness can say of my work “It is finished; Father, into thy hands I commend my being.”  For you will have finished the perfect work which God began, which I have held for the Earth and her evolutions from the beginning.  You will understand why He created the all-seeing Eye as the principle of His own immaculate design holding then not a vision of good and evil but a vision of the Tree of Life in the midst of the garden thereof.
What is the Word that has gone forth from the beginning?  O Logos, O Logoi, O Logos, O Logoi, O Logos, O Logoi  [chant in numerous cosmic languages]
  Thus you have heard the Spirit of infinite mercy pleading for the planetary body.  You have heard the Spirit of mercy pleading in numerous cosmic languages to the very heart of God to hold back those doomsday concepts which are long overdue to descend upon the planetary body.  You will understand then the words of the Christ upon the cross, “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?...My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”  In this hour of cosmic testing as humanity prepares to pass over the threshold of the year, I want you to know without question that the infinite Spirit of the Lord Christ is aware of how mankind have forsaken God.
    What then is the fiat of this age?  It is the fiat of God calling unto mankind:      O mankind, O mankind, why have you forsaken Me?  For I have designed for you only beauty. I have designed for you only the creative essence.  I have designed for you only bodies of indestructible energy.  I have designed for you only minds flowing with regeneration.  I have designed for you luminous orbs of light moving through planetary stations in space.  I have designed for you the angelic hosts to stand guard while the dark forces of the world seek to do you harm.  I have designed for you only infinite reaches of cosmic power and God-victory.  I have designed for you the power of the resurrection so that death cannot hold you bound.  I have designed for you communion of souls where every soul may be brought to your feet even as you are brought to the feet of every other soul to pay homage to the God within.
  I have designed for you the infinite mountain of life to climb. I have given you the wisdom to climb.  I have given you the grace to climb.  I have given you the power to climb.  I have given you the desire to climb.  I have given you all things. And at the summit of your being I have conferred upon you the crown of Life.  It awaits your coming.  The scepter is there–the sword and the stone.  The stone–the dense calcination of the world, the stone–the density of the world, the stone–the density of the self.  The sword–the sword of the Spirit whereby the way can be cleared that leads to the Tree of Life where man can pass through the wilderness and stand at the gates of Eden, the great cosmic Eden whereby the infinite message of all eternity is once again made manifest, where the power of the sacred fire and the breath of the Holy Spirit does descend upon mankind to quicken them in the great fiery passion of the Universal Christ, the Lord of all life, and to bring about the ascended masters’ power in the world of form, whereby there is reformed in the consciousness of humanity the great infinite holy chalice of the sacred fire, the great crystal goblet of life, and where the power of the lost Word once again regained floods mankind with light!  floods mankind with light!  floods mankind with light!
  And the little children are fed in My name, and the great baskets of life will take up the loaves and the fishes of life produced by the cosmic advent of the cosmic miracle of the infinite Word of life as it brings to mankind the awareness that man can clean escape from the density of his form and raise his consciousness into the very sacred fire of heaven.
Where I AM there shall ye be also!  Where I AM there shall ye be also!  “And I say unto you that those that deny Me before men, I will deny also before my Father which is in heaven.”
   And therefore I say to you today, to every man that shall hear this Word in the entire world:  Any of you who shall deny the authenticity of this dictation from the higher octaves of light shall deny the infinite and living God.  And your part in the Book of Life shall forever be taken out of the Book of Life until such a moment as you shall come to the feet of God to acknowledge the power of the living Word to speak to mankind today as the voice of His cosmic prophecy speaking forth to the family of nations and saying:  Unite in love!  Unite in light, in illumination!  Unite in the power of God unto salvation!  And free yourselves from division, sensuality, confusion and darkness.  And understand that the Lord thy God is He who has commanded “They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain,” for I am the Lord thy God that shall bring thee out of bondage.
  I, Cyclopea, say:  “The Lord is in His holy temple” within ye all. Will you honor Him then by accepting His message, His light, His love, His hopes for the world–for the future and for eternity?

The flow of the infinite rings of fire
That has touched your heart with God-desire
Now goes out into the universe
And fills it with the light of truth.
The hopes of God are with mankind.
His love, His magic–it will bind
Mankind to cosmic law and cosmic love
And make them feel the passion from above
That causes them to seek His name.
To glorify His cosmic flame,
To identify with cosmic light,
To rally for the cosmic fight
That brings all men to God’s own feet
And causes them to be complete.
His grace is nigh; ‘tis in your soul.
It is a flashing beacon goal.
It is the love from heaven above
That now calls all to cosmic Love.

  O beloved ones, hold the immaculate concept!  Hold the vision Cyclopea has brought to you tonight!  For without vision the people perish.  Without vision the Earth shall fade away. Without vision there is oblivion.  With vision there is the fire of perception, perfection, direction–consummate life made manifest by the power of the infinite Word every hour that sounds forth its cosmic tone that every error is wiped out by light and light’s direction manifest, manifest, manifest and producing the miracle of eternal perfection in every lifestream.
  In the name of the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, in the name of the Spirit of infinite light, in the name of the fires of perfection I say:  return to your consciousness and bodies and understand that once again you must inhabit density until you have fulfilled destiny.   This is the power of the Law.  And my heart is o’erflowing with joy; for it is actually His heart, all His own.  Would you make your heart all His own?  Then We will be one, and all that I have said from out the Sun will be the God-design eternally within–freeing, creating, seeing deliverance for all.  We cut then the knot–the Gordian knot upon the planetary body–and We say in God’s name:  Let it be done!  Let freedom rule!  It is up to you, for heaven has made its declaration.
  From the heart of God in the Great Central Sun I salute you.  From the heart of God in the heart of everyone I salute you.  Everywhere I salute you.  And everywhere ye are I AM.  Purusha       

-Elohim Cyclopea via Messenger Mark Prophet at Colorado Springs on December 29, 1969

all must strive together in the great smithy forge of life through their own intelligently directed efforts

It has been well said that “THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.” (I Tim. 6:10)  Dear hearts, what is the truth in this statement?  I can tell you that money itself is not evil for it represents bread to the poor and shelter to the homeless.  Money represents reward for honest effort, yet it has been diverted as ill-gotten gains for those not entitled to it.  The statement that the love of money is the root of all evil should be re-examined with deeper spiritual discernment and disassociation from former interpretations which you may have had.  This passage of Scripture has been greatly misunderstood in the past solely because of a lack of spiritual discernment.
Dear Ones, to charge money with LOVE is Godly and not an error at all!  The real meaning of the phrase is not altogether obvious and yet for the sincere of heart it is simple to grasp.  Its implication may be had by inserting a word in order to understand the truth which then becomes more and more apparent as the thought is pursued in the light of divine illumination. This key is embodied either in the word “retaining” or “grasping” and therefore truth would recreate this statement for you thusly:  “THE LOVE OF GRASPING OR RETAINING MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL”!  Therefore it is this false, possessive love of money that is the root of all evil.
Why is this so, beloved ones?  Simply because the hoarding of money dams up the flow of world need in the already clogged marts of commerce and in the banking systems.  Let the lifeblood of commerce flow freely as God intends and let the needs of men be met, but above all do not defraud the needs of those who serve the cause of freedom! To bless money as the medium of exchange and call for its purification is a great service of light and will only bless everyone who participates in such constructive action.
Dear hearts, it is a sinister lie which, by citing the truth that all divine gifts are free purports that people do not need to support constructive organizations.  Did not God give all things for man’s wellbeing upon earth, and yet does not the Law allow men and women the safety of property and person?    
-Pallas Athena:  Pearls of Wisdom 6:30
When millions deny truth many men are afraid to affirm it; for it takes great courage to defy human tradition, long established in human thought and feeling. Yet it is these very burdens of misconception that are responsible for so much human discord and their continuance has remained to hold sway for many generations.  Likewise fear has kept mankind bound for so long that I almost marvel that any at all have ever escaped the old encrusted human forms to become God-like.   -Goddess of Purity:  Pearls of Wisdom 6:31
The strength of achievement is brought about through united effort and through the intelligent direction of energy and facility....all must strive together in the great smithy forge of life through their own intelligently directed efforts and through the great God-design to hammer out upon the great anvil of freedom, which is truly a golden anvil of illumined action, every necessary armor of righteousness, every necessary adornment and utensil of service, every right idea and every right action.   
-Gautama Buddha:  Pearls of Wisdom 7:2
Gracious Men and Women, 
Persistency is recognized as a quality which eventuates in the manifestation of some aspect of perfection. The courage which men externalize by holding fast to a specific momentum in the face of every attempt to prevent its manifestation is a thing of beauty, a joy to every heart and most wondrous to behold.    
-Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 7:6
We affirm that all men are children of God in that they all have the threefold flame within them.  Yet Genghis Khan and Hitler also possessed a threefold flame that was designed to manifest the Christ.  The fact remains that those who at the present hour desecrate the divine Intent by the practice of witchcraft, although they were intended to inherit God’s kingdom, are not only hindering themselves but they are also hindering the planet through the emanations of negation which they release.
Now one of the factors that I would like to point out to the students that governs the amount of negative radiation taken in is the feeling of self-condemnation.  The Christian Church in its mission of saving men’s souls has frequently emphasized the nature of sin in the human psyche and thereby many have been burdened with feelings of guilt which they have inadvertently accepted in place of the joy of their own individual Christ identity.  Those who desire to have dominioin over the consciousness of others may seek to achieve it through the imposition of intense feelings of self-condemnation upon their victims who, in their resultant state of self-delusion, are easy prey to those evil designs which the malpractitioner then masquerades as good.
Actually there are very few willfully evil people upon Earth.  Most individuals dwell in a state that We may unfortunately term the norm of the mass human consciousness (--for We hold for all men the concept of excellence.)  It is not God’s intent to deprive men of their divine estate or the pursuit of happiness and joy but rather is it His will to see that the type of joy they realize is permanent, divine and soul-satisfying, independent of those reactions of human karma which may descend upon the unwary to shatter the crystal vase of their God-happiness.
Condemnation then which is actually a frontal attack against the Christ-good in man is one of the most insidious types of witchcraft because it opens the door to the disorientation of personality and a great deal of unhappiness.  In addition to the more obvious and direct attempts to depreciate the manifestation of God there are projected into  subconscious recesses of the human psyche animal forms and astral distortions which would be enough to unhinge the most balanced of minds if they were aware of them.  The dissonant lines of force emanating from these projections cut across the beautiful soul-regenerating powers of the Christ which would ordinarily flow unimpeded down through the whole lifestream from the great source of Life, the individualized Mighty I 
''M Presence.   Eventually these distortions reach the surface of men’s conscious awareness there to manifest as even more complex lies of insecurity, remorse and shame.  Thus men’s hopes are dashed by these treacherous thieves which have entered the night of his consciousness and he, cast down before his own eyes, is unable to rise and behold the love of God that flows forth from the fount of Life to free him....
But men must diligently practice these services and must call forth forcefields of spiritual protection around themselves daily and even hourly when under attack.  In the name of God I say to all:  you are in a battle!  The battle of Armageddon is not a mere clashing of spears and chariots in the arenas of the world, it is a spiritual battle for the minds and hearts of men.  The great clarity of the Christ mind, the great purity of God, the great love and munificence of His Being are scarcely understood by individuals today who at times seem to have a very nebulous concept of the power of God.
The power of God is very close to man.  It is not far away as mankind sometimes imagine, but It might as well be at some great distance insofar as many are concerned for these do not effectively release this divine power of protection into their worlds.  The power of God is able to protect man against all the depredations of the sons of Belial.  Therefore I say that the children of mammon in their own generation have for too long been “wiser” than the children of light!  We desire now with this release of the flame of illumination from the God Meru to give the students greater understanding of the need to invoke their own protection--the protection of the pure in heart upon earth!  It is not enough to have individuals clothed with innocence; they must also be sheltered from the infernal blasts of the spoilers.
O heartfriends of the ages,  those who would be knights of the Table Round, of the sacred councils of the Brotherhood, those who would sit with the Christ and drink as communicants of the Lord’s table:  wear the breastplate of righteousness, wield the sword of faith and BE vigilant in assisting the powers of light upon Earth in maintaining victory in the hearts of mankind!
So much misinformation is being poured forth, so many unclear statements have been made in the name of God, so much mysticism has cloaked the reality of God that some men have even spurned religious truth because they have been blinded by the lustre of its highly polished tower reaching the snowy heights of Mount Olympus.  Let us be grateful then that the genuine spiritual powers of light are moving the caravan forward.  Let us be grateful then that in patience all may possess their souls until the final great revelation is made and men stand no longer arrayed in false raiment but clothed upon as Sons of God, their garments woven with strands of truth, of illumination and of regenerate fire.     I say in Christ purity, let all day by day seek to rise higher.  Lovingly I AM      
                                             El Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 7:16

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Ours is a dawning of strength for a new burst of purpose.

   I cherished that light as the hope of every man, and instantly I knew the secrets of the ages.  For those secrets, precious though they be, were given to me by God, and no amount of human conversation could convince me of an element of error in any of His communications.  His speaking to my heart was as the thunder before the dawn or as the lightning flash before the thunder.  It was the allness of nature naturally unfolding His purposes into my mind….Never will discontentment enter Our world. Never will We know a lack of oneness with that creative wonder by which the universe was made.
  Ours is a dawning of strength for a new burst of purpose.  Ours is the fire dwelling within the heart of everyone.  And if the brittleness or elasticity of nature were to be challenged, the challenge would come from the mouth of God.  Let all nature sing!  Let the rocks ring out!  Let the trees sigh for the bread of truth!  For if the hearts of men will wander, ours is to return them to the eternal fold.  Ours is to bring them back to a sense of destiny, before the foolhardiness of life lived according to the human pattern has drowned destiny within them.  And as I speak it is to quench the fires of worldly passion and to stir within men a memory of their great cosmic purpose.       
(by Sindeelar)
                                             -Jesus Christ:   Pearls of Wisdom 13:51
  Those who are limited in concept, those have not yet opened their eyes to the great stellar realities of life often fix their consciousness upon an arbitrary or whimsical God made in their own thought-image.  Hence they do not understand the heavenly divisions and subdivisions, the appointments of heaven, the conferments of authority and the fixing of responsibility in the sons of God.
  These can see the need on earth for departmentalization in the many complex functions of government, business and social exchange.  What they do not seem to understand is the necessity and the reality of heavenly appointments. The names of Archangel Michael and the chohans of the rays may be foreign to those who are acquainted only with my mission as Jesus, the Christed Son of God.  These, in good faith, sometimes fear that men blaspheme when they honor the masters or the angelic hosts.  Let me assure all who love the Father that the Father rejoices in the faintest blush of love in the heart of a simple flower or in the heart of a tiny child that lightens the eye and brings gladness into the world…..
  Let all understand then that karma and compensation, sin and error, will always return to the feet of those sending them out—and bitter will be the cup.  But punishment is never His desire, for mercy from God flows to all generations. And when love, mercy, goodness and truth are cherished these fruits bear witness to the active principle of the Holy Spirit in every religion and in every life, which should become a religion.   

  There is then only one clarion call to Christhood, which I long ago did hear.    
                           -Jesus Christ:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:20
Retreat of Resurrection Spiral, Colorado Springs

-Morya, hierarch of above retreat

resurrection flame round physical heart

daily affirmations:
I AM the resurrection and the Life!
I AM the resurrection and the life of my heart now made manifest!  
I AM the resurrection and the life of my eyes now made manifest!

I AM the resurrection and the life of every cell and atom of my heart now made manifest!
I AM the resurrection and the life of every cell and atom of my chakras now made manifest!
I AM the resurrection and the life of every cell and atom of my spinal column now made manifest!

I AM the resurrection and the life of every cell and atom of my inner blueprint now made manifest!
I AM the resurrection and the life of every cell and atom of the inner blueprint of the Summit Lighthouse now made manifest!

Beloved flame of resurrection
Blaze through me thy light always;
Beloved flame, resuscitation,
Make my heart to sing thy praise.
O blazing white Christ radiance 
of God’s own I AM fire
Expand thy blessed purity
and free me from all wrong desire.

I AM the violet-flame miracle-healing of my heart every hour of every day now made manifest!  And I praise the Lord of Life for my perfect healing now made manifest!

I AM the light of the heart shining in the darkness of being and changing all into the golden treasury of the mind of Christ.

I AM projecting my love out into the world to erase all errors and to break down all barriers.  I AM the power of infinite love amplifying itself until it is victorious, world without end!