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go game screenshots--lesson in quality control for computerized score tally

 black is capturing 2 white stones
 then 3 more white stones come off, then 3 more
 question:  how many is 2+3+3?  according to my pocket calculator this is 8.
 the computer tallies 15 captured by black.  Uh oh.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Margarita Island, Venezuela (and one in Panama)

-Isla de Margarita ("Pearl") was discovered by Columbus in 1498 and quickly became known for its pearls.
8-17-19   French commercial pilot claimed that materiel was assembled off the coast of Venezuela, on Isla Margarita--today a free-trade zone controlled by Hezbollah--with a growing presence of Hamas, al-Qaeda and ISIS fugitives among an Arab community of some 12,000.  Isla Margarita appeared in a report by the assassinated Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman as part of what is now called “Latin Arabia,” from Surinam to Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, the Argentine-Brazil-Paraguay Triple Frontier Region and Trinidad-Tobago.

The arms would be sent by boat to the French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe or Martinique, also hosting communities of Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians, especially those who had fled the Lebanon civil war in the 1970s and ‘80s. “From these French territories, flights considered as domestic could freely arrive in Paris without security or customs controls,” claimed the pilot.

At the time we turned to the Élysée Palace and were assured that President François Mitterand himself knew nothing of this deal.

A few days later we learned that the “delegate general of Palestine” (aka “ambassador of Palestine”) to France, Ibrahim Souss--considered a master concert pianist rather than an agent of terror--was hauled into the Quai d’Orsay Foreign Office, allegedly to discuss the islands’ “traffic” issue.

If Le Parisien and our pilot source are correct, the arms supply to Abu Nidal through France into Europe could have been used in his terrorist organization’s subsequent deadly itinerary resulting in at least 400 murdered victims and many more wounded:

• November 23, 1985:  EgyptAir Flight 648 hijacking and stand-off in Malta, 58 killed.
• December 27, 1985:  Simultaneous shootings at the El Al ticket counters in Rome and Vienna airports, 20 killed, 138 wounded.
• September 5, 1986:  Pan American flight 73 hijacking, 20 killed, 120 wounded.
• September 6, 1986:  Attack against the Neve Shalom synagogue in Istanbul, 22 killed.
• July 11, 1988:  Attack on a Greek cruise ship, 10 killed, 98 wounded. 
• December 21, 1988:  Pan American flight 103 explosion over Lockerbie, Scotland, claimed by Abu Nidal among other suspects, 270 killed.
2-9-19    Hezbollah has a long and sordid history in Venezuela.  A cocaine-smuggling ring active throughout the 2000s led by a Hezbollah-linked Lebanese national named Chekry Harb—a drug trafficker and money laundering kingpin who went by the nickname “Taliban”—used Panama and Venezuela as critical hubs in an operation that sent narcotics from Colombia to the United States, West Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.  Proceeds from the cocaine-trafficking ring were laundered into Colombian pesos or Venezuelan bolivars, with Hezbollah netting between 8 and 14 percent of profits.
  Hezbollah’s reliance on sympathizers within its diaspora communities, including in Venezuela, has significantly minimized the group’s potential exposure to detection.  Venezuela’s border security officials and law enforcement, amid the country’s general desperation, have been largely unwilling to resist bribes and kickback schemes offered by Hezbollah members.
2-12-19   Islamic Republic has had close relations with Venezuela for some time now. Iran’s close ties with the Nicolás Maduro regime and the previous president Hugo Chávez, have enabled Iran to extend its military and financial presence, primarily through its proxy Hezbollah. 
These bonds strengthened starting 2005 between Ahmadinejad and Chávez. However, a strong Hezbollah support network has existed in Venezuela for a long time. Hezbollah has had cells in Venezuela since the 1990’s according to a July 2003 report by Mark Steinitz, the then-director of the terrorism analysis office in the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research. 
Margarita Island off the Caribbean coast of Venezuela serves as a hub for drug trafficking and Hezbollah as well as other Islamist extremists such as Hamas. Margarita Island is being used by Iranian and Iranian-linked militants as a base of operations.  Steinitz further added that “attention has focused on the group’s presence among Lebanese Shia in the 12,000-strong Arab community on Margarita Island.”  There are large Syrian and Lebanese diaspora communities in Venezuela which serve as valuable sources of revenue and offer support to Hezbollah and Iran.  Antonio Salas an author who infiltrated terrorist groups in Venezuela in 2010 revealed that there were “as many as six terrorist training camps, mostly run by Venezuelan military officers, spread around the capital city of Caracas and Margarita Island.”
Venezuela is one of many Latin American countries in the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA).  According to Joel Hirst, ALBA has solicited the aid of Iran and Hezbollah to train their military in asymmetric warfare. Venezuela became interested in asymmetric warfare in 2006 under Chávez.  Terrorism is a part of asymmetric warfare, and Venezuela’s participation has allowed Hezbollah to plan, fundraise, train, coordinate and carry out operations, mostly fundraising and intelligence collection.” 
In 2015 General John F. Kelly, the then-Commander of the United States Southern Command, testified that the Iranian proxy terrorist group Hezbollah has long viewed Latin America as a venue by which they can attack Israeli or other Western targets. Kelly further stated that nations such as Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia restrict defense ties with the United States and have sought in some cases to eliminate the US military presence from their countries.”  This reduced U.S. presence in Venezuela provides an opportunity for Iran to utilize its proxy against the U.S. General James R. Clapper, the director of national intelligence, stated in 2013 that  Iran may be more willing to seize opportunities to attack in the United States in response to perceived offenses against the regime.”  Iran’s strategic position in Venezuela, and its freedom of action there, can help to facilitate such an attack.”  Iran having established strong ties in Venezuela, has been able “to establish a military industrial footprint” in the form of military-to-military agreements between Iran and Venezuela. 
According to Martin Rodil, an expert in Latin American politics, Venezuela agreed to provide Iran with “intelligence infrastructure such as arms, identification documents, bank accounts, and pipelines for moving operatives and equipment between Iran and Latin America.”  Coviassa (the state airline in Venezuela) and Iran Air (the state airline in Iran) were used to transport military technology and personnel from Iran to Venezuela. Conviassa personnel claimed that radioactive materials and missile system components were on these flights.  This operation continued from 2007 to 2011; these flights and their passengers were never inspected.  Ordinary citizens were unable to obtain a seat on these flights; instead, these seats were reserved for “Iranian agents, including Hezbollah, the IRGC, and other intelligence personnel.”
According to Admiral Kurt W. Tidd, the then-Commander of the United States Southern Command, who testified before Congress in February 2018, “Lebanese Hezbollah maintains an established logistical, facilitating, and operational presence in this region that can be quickly leveraged with no warning.”  He further stated that Venezuela has long provided a permissive environment for narco-terrorist groups and Lebanese Hezbollah supporters and is a transit country for the smuggling of illicit drugs and Special Interest Aliens (SIAs).”  Special Interest Aliens are foreign nationals from a country with potential or known terrorist links.
Matthew Levitt, the director of The Washington Institute's Jeanette and Eli Reinhard Program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, wrote that in 2011 a prominent member of Chávez’s government was accused by the media of issuing passports to members of Hezbollah and Hamas.  U.S. officials have stated that Venezuelan officials have issued fake cedulas (Venezuelan version of a social security card) to people from Middle Eastern countries who would not have qualified for these documents.  These documents make it possible for them to then get a Venezuelan passport and consequently a U.S. visa.  These documents have made it possible for members of Hezbollah to join and form cells within the U.S. as was done with the Charlotte, North Carolina Hezbollah cell.
4-2-19  According to reports, more than 120 soldiers from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army arrived at Venezuela’s Margarita Island to deliver humanitarian aid and military supplies to the government forces.
4-2-19  Rosoboronexport, the state corporation for arms sales, said in a statement it built the centre under a contract with Venezuelan state-owned firearms manufacturer CAVIM.
Russian-made simulators will allow local pilots to practice flying helicopters that Moscow has supplied to Caracas.  These include the Mil Mi-35M Hind, a gunship known in Russia as the “flying tank” for its durability under fire, the Mi-26T heavy transport helicopter and the Mi-17V-5, a transport helicopter that can be equipped with machine guns and rockets.
At the opening ceremony for the helicopter centre on Friday, Venezuelan defence minister Vladimir Padrino López said a flight simulator for the Russian-made Su-30MK2 fighter jet would be installed in another city and a factory to produce Kalashnikov assault rifles under license would open soon after years of delays.
The container port (PCCP) China is building in the Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal, at Colon--on Isla Margarita,  is 30 percent done and it is the biggest Asian investment in the Isthmus until now.
 In only nine months the project executed 310 million dollars in values, of the 1.1 billion included in its first stage, reported spokespersons of the construction, in charge of state China entity Communications Construction Company, one of the biggest construction and design enterprises of China and the second largest dredging firms of the world.
  A $1bn project to build a new deepwater port and container terminal near the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal has begun.  Both its developer and the firm building it are Chinese.
China Landbridge, a privately owned company based in the northern Chinese port of Rizhao, bought Panama’s largest port, at Margarita Island, in May last year and announced that it wanted to expand and modernise the facilities. The new high-speed, deepwater port will be called the Panama Colón Container Port (PCCP).  
In line with China’s grand One Belt, One Road global strategy, the plan is to capitalise on the doubling in the capacity of the canal, which can now handle the New Panamax container ships that can transport up to 14,500 teu (twenty-foot equivalent units). That work was completed in June last year.  The first stone of    port was laid on 7 June by Panamanian president Juan Carlos Varela, who commented that the port was the most important Chinese investment in Panama so far.  Ye Cheng, president of Landbridge Group, said during the ceremony that the port would become one of the most important in the world. He said: “Landbridge’s ports in Asia and Oceania together with PCCP on Margarita Island will be efficiently connected to exploit maritime cooperation, contributing to the economic development of all countries.”

2018.  What will it mean for the region to have PCCP able to accommodate the new type of Neo-Panamax vessels?

  Jorge Serrano Evers, Managing Director of Panama Colón Container Port (PCCP):  The key differentiating factor in this industry is being able to offer greater productivity, and we are going to use all the latest, state-of-the-art Chinese technology for this project.  For example, our provider for gantry cranes is ZMPC, which has captured 90% of the American market.  We will also be using the latest RGTs, which are the smaller cranes, as well as the newest information systems . Being able to handle larger amounts of cargo is important because the current trend in shipping is focused on larger volumes.


“I want to thank our government for the enormous amount of work it does every day to discredit itself,”

Yegor Zhukov, a political science student at Russia’s prestigious Higher School of Economics, faces eight years in prison over controversial “mass unrest” charges.  The Kremlin’s critics think the charges are a scare tactic to crush Russia’s largest protests in years, set to continue for their fourth weekend on Saturday.
From a jail cell, Zhukov unleashed a broadside at the political system pieced together by Vladimir Putin, who was confirmed as prime minister for the first time 20 years ago on Friday.
“I want to thank our government for the enormous amount of work it does every day to discredit itself,” said
Zhukov by video link on Thursday.  “Truly it’s hard to find anyone who has done more to increase the numbers of the opposition than the Russian government.”   -Yegor Zhukov, who was detained during a recent protest for fair elections, appears in a Moscow court via video link. Photograph: Evgenia Novozhenina/Reuters

Tiananmen Square 2/Genghis Khan 3

8-15-19     US intelligence agencies are closely watching Chinese troop movements in Shenzhen near Hong Kong where several hundred thousand People’s Liberation Army and People’s Armed Police troops are massing along with armored vehicles.
Satellite photos published this week showed an estimated 500 armored personnel carriers and military trucks parked in a sports stadium in Shenzhen, a city near Hong Kong.
State-run Chinese media reports over the past week have provided indications that the ruling Communist Party is preparing the population for a major military crackdown on the former British colony, one that likely could resemble the 1989 massacre of pro-democracy protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.
“I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”  -Genghis Khan

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Li Xin spoke to RFA's Mandarin Service in a recent interview after managing to leave China.

8-2-2019    Li Xin spoke to RFA's Mandarin Service in a recent interview after managing to leave China.  Her name has been changed for fear of reprisals against her family back home:  Some of my friends back home have been detained, as well as the friends of some family members. They saw each other in the concentration camp.  One of our relatives went in because they were forcibly evicted and their home demolished, and some of the others were sent in their for taking medications or drugs, but a long time ago, but they were being locked up for something that happened years ago.

When it comes to Han Chinese the main group being persecuted is anyone who has a record of going overseas and also anyone whose home has been demolished, or people whose land the government wants but doesn't want to debate it with them.  There has been a lot of public anger since the demolitions, and a lot of people wanted to argue with the government, but they got sent to concentration camp after they tried that….
RFA:  But in many media reports Han Chinese seem to support the government's "stability maintenance" and "counterterrorism" efforts.

Li Xin:  Well, the reality is that nobody dares to tell the truth if they're being interviewed by the media, least of all people who actually live there.  Nobody would dare to say a word, and every single thing they say is scripted, as if they were actors.  If you were to say anything at all that departed from the official script, your entire family could get sent to a concentration camp. That wouldn't be unusual at all.  We did have someone in our neighborhood who spoke out against the persecution and treatment of Uyghurs.  All he said was:  Wherever there is oppression, there will be resistance.  I don't know who informed on him, but his entire family was locked up in a concentration camp for so-called vocational training. They call it vocational training, but actually there's not much difference from a prison in appearance.  But it is far more frightening than prison, because there is no legal process involved at all.  These concentration camps are black jails.  There is no record of detentions there, so everyone is terrified of them.
RFA: What do people who are the same age as you think?

Li Xin: I think the people who are the same age as me, who grew up with me, are pretty much still adolescents, the way they think.  All they think about is what they are going to eat today, what game they are going to play.  They don't worry about their future, because they don't even know what is going on right now.  They enjoy Chinese Communist Party rule.  They think that life is pretty peaceful now that they have detained all of the Uyghurs, and they never think about the sort of trouble that has brought down on their own heads. They think it's fine just to turn a blind eye to all of that.  Don't talk about it.  What's it to us if they are rounding up Uyghurs?  I don't care about politics.  That's how they think.

What could they do, even if they did express dissatisfaction with such things?  They still have games to be played, TV shows to be watched. I think that this is all a fantasy, and that there are many dangers hidden in it, which can't be ignored.

These ideas are derived from our  , and what our parents have instilled in us.  This has been going on, generation after generation.  My parents told me not to try anything. "What can you do?  Why would you do this when you know people are being arrested?" they said. I asked them if they didn't think the government was behaving unfairly, but they just said "That's what people are like!"  That's a word they use all the time.  “People.  That's what people are like, so why would you want to be any better?"

When our family member was taken away, I couldn't even ask about them.  If I tried, they'd say "Do you want to go a concentration camp?"  They invented a code-word for it, the Guangming Academy, because nobody wanted to name it.  But we all knew it meant a concentration camp.
Reported by Liu Chih-hsin for the online Taiwan news magazine The Reporter—and republished and rebroadcast
-Chinese police line up in front of a monastery in Tibet in a Dec. 26, 2013 photo

  Chinese authorities in Tibet are offering large cash rewards to informants in a bid to stamp out online activities considered threatening to Beijing’s control over the restive Himalayan region, with amounts paid out now tripled over amounts offered last year, sources say.

Rewards of 300,000 yuan (U.S. $42,582) are now being promised for information leading to the arrests of social-media users deemed disloyal to China, according to a notice issued on Feb. 28 by three government departments of China’s Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).

Behaviors specified as illegal include online activities aimed at “attempting to overthrow [China’s] socialist system,” “advocating extremism,” “destabilizing national security,” and “defaming the People’s Republic of China,” according to the document, a copy of which was obtained by RFA’s Tibetan Service.

Also banned are online expressions of support for exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama’s “Middle Way Policy,” which calls for greater autonomy for Tibet while acknowledging Beijing’s sovereignty over Tibetan areas now part of China.

Attempts to send information on conditions in Tibet to foreign contacts will also be severely punished, the document says.

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a destiny far spent

502.  But no one is concerned with the moral level of those who sit in judgment on the destinies of whole nations.  No one will reflect that nothing clean comes out of dirt.   
-Morya:  Brotherhood 1937    

  Fiery destiny, unveil thyself and show the higher way of God!    
                                                            -Saint Germain, 1970
  Come now, O legions of violet flame angels!  Come now for the dissolution of worlds of malintent as the benign influences of Aquarius increase.  I AM here, beloved, also by the urgency of the hour for your quickening, to bring all that the great Law will allow of seventh ray dispensation for your unity and one-pointedness of purpose....
  I AM Saint Germain.  In all of the love of your heart I am your brother.  And I walk with you every step, every precious footstep of your path to freedom.  Now win it!  Now go for it, beloved!  For the now may not come again.  With the sign of the Maltese cross on the forehead I shall now seal you as servants of God with a vision--the protection and the strength to fulfill it.  I AM Sanctus Germanus ever with you in the Eye of God.  
-Saint Germain:  11-1-1987 at Minneapolis via Messenger E C Prophet 
  Come now, O sons of light!  I, Zadkiel, salute thee in this hour of promise. Aye, it is the promise of God to deliver thee.  Aye, and you have promised to deliver Him in this hour--n His little ones, in souls shorn of the wedding garment.  Hearken ye, O lightbearers of a nation and many nations.  I, Zadkiel, speak to you as I spoke to the children of light by the mouth of Moses and of the ancient prophets.  For We the seven archangels did deliver the prophecy of the Lord by the mouth of Isaiah, Jeremiah and those who went before you in those ancient times.  Therefore the Word that is delivered to you in this hour is a prophecy of the seventh ray and age.
  Children of the light, sons of light in your midst, hear me!  For I cast before you now a vision of violet flame as over the land a sacred fire does burn:  all of America covered by violet flame.  This is the vision whereby you see what destiny America can deliver unto the nations.  It is a future of hope, prosperity and light and an inner walk with God.  This is the vision of Saint Germain.  I am able to show it to you because you have invoked a violet flame that does appear this night as though covering the map of fifty states and more.  
-Lord Zadkiel:  11-25-1987  at Washington, D.C. via Messenger E C Prophet 
  Keepers of the Flame, by your leave I AM sent from the Great Central Sun to stand in the midst of this city as a pillar of violet flame, my aura, then, sealing a destiny--a destiny far spent.  For America has abdicated her role as the nation of Christhood, the eternal Law of God, as the nation wherein The Lord Our Righteousness should raise up a standard, an ensign of the people and a two-edged sword.  Thus, beloved, through your hearts and yours alone, the lightbearers in all the Earth–those who know me and may not know my name but have espoused the cause of freedom and of peace--hrough them I shall continue to work.
  But I shall not be here, beloved, to deliver to you another statement of my word or my call unless the representatives of the people, from the highest office in the land to the least, shall take their stand for the defense of freedom.
  Therefore know, O city of an alabaster light, O city that has been cast in the very mold of the God-Star, I shall leave when my Messenger does leave and my Keepers of the Flame have concluded their vigil.  Thus so long as this vigil does remain I shall remain; and upon its conclusion, beloved, let those who have made the karma know that karma, and let those who respond to the call of God get thee up into the high mountain of the I AM THAT I AM.      
-Saint Germain:  11-29-1987 at Washington, D.C. via Messenger E C Prophet     

  If you would like to read the Book of Life this day from the Lords of Karma of the abdication of America’s destiny you will see how the power elite have made a karma and debted it to the United States and to the common people who share the uncommon light of their Lord.  You will see how, by not protesting, these people have accepted the karma of the fallen ones and how America is compromised by their evil deeds.    
 -Messenger E C Prophet:  Pearls of Wisdom 31:9    

the first sign of an eagle-eye is the ability to notice the smallest changes

651.  the first sign of an eagle-eye is the ability to notice the smallest changes since on them depends the vibration of the whole.     -Morya:  Agni Yoga 1929
  "Is Crimea some sort of sausage sandwich to be passed back and forth? I don't think so," he said….The anti-corruption crusader said that acquiring territory from nearby countries was a policy that would ultimately harm the interests of the Russian people.  "There is nothing more damaging to the interests of the Russian people than this imperial chauvinism," he said.  "It's not in the interests of Russians to seize neighboring republics, it's in their interests to fight corruption, alcoholism and so on — to solve internal problems," he added.
  Navalny also said that Russia should stop "sponsoring the war" in eastern Ukraine between pro-Moscow separatists and government forces, but insisted that Russians and Ukrainians are the same people.
  In March last year Navalny went toe-to-toe with television host Vladimir Pozner.  The year before that, he faced off against Anatoly Chubais, the head of Rusnano and one of the most influential people during Boris Yeltsin's presidency.  This Thursday, as his presidential campaign confronts a nationwide police crackdown, Dozhd.   Russia's biggest enemy, he said, isn't the West, but the actions of its own political leadership.  Navalny also endorsed the West's sanctions against targeted Russian economic sectors and Putin-connected oligarchs.
Navalny debated Igor Strelkov (born Igor Girkin), the Russian army veteran who played key roles in Russia's annexation of Crimea and later the pro-Russian separatist war in eastern Ukraine—televised on the independent station Dozhd.   Russia's biggest enemy, he said, isn't the West, but the actions of its own political leadership.  Navalny also endorsed the West's sanctions against targeted Russian economic sectors and Putin-connected oligarchs.
8-11-2018  MOSCOW    Navalny knows the risks he’s taking.  At a demonstration in May 2011 I saw two policemen grab him as soon as he picked up a megaphone.  More police came on the scene, flanking him so no supporters could come to his rescue. One of the police kept twisting his arm until his wrist broke. But he kept shouting to his supporters "Do not leave the square!”…
  Alexei Navalny had just gotten out of jail, again, when he sat down with the Daily Beast for an exclusive interview.  Giant crowds join his anti-Putin rallies in cities all over Russia, but you won’t see his face on state television.  Millions watch his YouTube investigative reports that expose the shocking corruption of high-profile Russian officials, but you won’t hear President Vladimir Putin pronounce his name publicly.  The Kremlin’s strategy was to jail Navalny periodically while ignoring his existence in public statements….
  "Navalny demonstrates pure courage,” says journalist Tanya Felgenhauer, the victim of an assault herself.  “He is not afraid of taking responsibility, he always comes out to face the crowd alone, all over the country, while Putin comes out to well-prepared and guarded crowds."  …
  Modern Russia and the Soviet Union grew from the same soil, he said.  “This evil is called hypocrisy—as a kid I realized that if the Soviet Union could not even provide me with chewing gum, there was something wrong.”…Whenever he is out of jail Navalny is unstoppable, publishing reports about “The Life of Tsars at State Corporations” or introducing Russians to the palaces that Putin’s cronies have abroad: Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov’s palace in London: a dacha right on the border with Finland that belongs to Gen. Nikolai Kozik, deputy head of the State Security Service (FSB). Navalny links Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika to mobsters who carried out a notorious massacre.  
  "Our country  is absolutely ready for liberation, for becoming a normal European state, a parliamentary republic,” said Navalny.  “We should just put the key criminals on trial and the rest of the system will fall in line with the new government.”
10-26-18    Russia's only opposition magazine, the New Times, faces bankruptcy and apparent closure after a court slapped the outlet with a fine of nearly $340,000, its editor said on Friday.
  The magazine known for its no-holds-barred coverage of Vladimir Putin's nearly two-decade reign was fined over alleged failure to provide information about its financing to the state communications watchdog, said editor Evgenia Albats.
  "This is bankruptcy," Albats told AFP, saying the struggling media outlet would not be able to pay off the enormous amount.
She said the publisher had suddenly been slapped with a fine of 22,250,000 rubles ($338,000) and she herself had been fined 30,000 rubles.  The ruling was made in the absence of the magazine's representatives.
  The court ruling came after Albats interviewed Putin's top critic Alexei Navalny for the liberal Echo of Moscow radio earlier this week.
  Foreigners are meanwhile banned from using cellphones, cameras, recording devices or even watches inside government scientific agencies unless their use is regulated in “Russia’s international agreements.”

the deceptive rags of the ordinary

2.  So wary are people of the unusual that they are confused about the boundaries of light and darkness.  It is simpler for them to conceive of God inhabiting a palace upon the largest star….Their manifest lack of co-measurement impels them to demean what exists.
4.  Regarding simpler words for simple people one should remember that simple people need smaller doses of medicine.  There is the identical law--as above, so below.  Therefore simple people are the best disseminators.
8.  One can point out why the Teachers of Knowledge experienced such suffering on departing Earth.  Of course this suffering was conscious and voluntarily chosen.  Just as the host fills the guest’s cup to the brim so does the Teacher desire to impress this last sign of his Teaching.
The poisoning of Buddha spared him from deification.  The suffering and resurrection--or ttransformation of matter--by Christ illustrated attainment of the supreme earthly achievement.  But no one knew about the disintegration of the body into the atomic state.  People thought that his body had been stolen away by his disciples.
11.  Victory to you, daring deeds!  For mighty-winged deeds outweigh all wrongdoing.   Lord, grant me to cast into the flames the deceptive rags of the ordinary.  I shall not err in realizing that winged daring has Thy blessing.  In the sacred furnace will I forge the wings of Alaya (infinite soul).  I know nothing of complaints, cruelty or aught that could weigh down my new wings.  New will be my song!   
                                   -Morya:  Agni Yoga 1929
aum aim Saravati namaha
7-16-1935    …in The Mahatma Letters “As water develops the heat of caustic lime so does the Teaching bring into fierce action every unsuspected potentiality latent in him [the aspirant].”…
  But an entirely organized camp of the Brothers of Darkness began to function in Atlantis (and Lemuria) during the fourth (root) race. Their great battle with the Sons of Wisdom, or Light, ended in “victory” for the latter and in the destruction of Atlantis (and Lemuria).
  At the head of the Sons of Light stands the Archangel Michael.  His adversary in the camp of darkness is Satan (who still bears the name, Lucifer, although he lost the right to this name long ago); at one time he was amongst the great Kumaras who bestowed the light of Mind upon the poor Earth-dwellers who lacked it….
  But of course the great Teachers knew the difficult karma of humanity and the planet. They knew of the threatening danger….Being initiates They knew that this catastrophe could become the Last Day, owing to the terrible downfall of spirituality in the human race.  Quite possibly there may not be a sufficient amount of high counteracting, or rather, discharging energies to save the planet from a final gigantic explosion….A strong spirit can save a whole area from earthquake.  Thus in ancient days the great Teachers sent their advanced disciples to places threatened by earthquakes….
  Many naive people think that the dark ones act only through evil, corruption and crime.  How wrong they are!  Only crude and relatively insignificant forces act in this way.  Much more dangerous are those who masquerade under the light of the Teaching.  Ignorance and lack of intuition push many into the arms of darkness and deprive them for a long time, if not forever, of the salutary influence and attraction of the rays of the great stronghold of Light. …
  The Prince of the World has very many talented collaborators--some conscious, some unconscious--and it is foolish to think that they do not know the ways of the most cunning subtlety.  They are very shrewd and inventive, and they act according to the level of their victims.  But all of them lack tolerance and warmth of heart.  Thus intertwined is darkness with Light on our Earth.
  The snare of darkness is woven by skillful hands.  Many terrifying things are now practiced in the world.  A great deal of the most disgusting sorcery is spread all over Earth.  Of course the biggest centers of population are usually chosen by the main dark forces and are used as their centers.  And their best weapon is the ignorant masses.  That is why the unity of all the white (light) and near-white forces is so essential!  But the latter so easily become greyish and fill the ranks of those of whom it is said in the Apocalypse “because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”  Only the power of devotion and striving to serve the great Hierarchy of Light can save from the widely spread snares of the Prince of the World….
  But the path of Service is still more difficult since this is the path of achievement which requires complete self-denial.  You may think that our life is easy, but if you knew the reality your heart would speak differently.  In order to bear the entire burden of awesome responsibility and ever-growing difficulties I affirm myself every day in joy and readiness to face the most difficult.
  And now more than ever the world needs spiritual toilers and heroes, now in the threatening days of Armageddon.  But I do not summon anyone, and you should not call the spiritually immature because an excessive burden is not useful….it is impossible to expect immediate fiery achievements and a fiery transmutation of (chakra) centers if the Teaching is applied spasmodically.  The occult laws are exact and unfailing.
-Letters of
Helena Roerich, II, 1940, 1967