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Kings and princes may dwell in marble halls and sleep well-guarded

               La Tourelle in Colorado Springs, from 1966-76 the hq of Summit Lighthouse, publisher of Pearls of Wisdom, of which excerpts follow--

       Kings and princes may dwell in marble halls and sleep well-guarded throughout this mortal life, but the true disciple lives not so much to be protected as to guard the eternal truths of the heavenly Father from any and all desecrations.
  Let the words “Watch and pray!” be remembered today--for peril in the form of karma, individual and worldwide, still stalks the Earth and will remain until the last victory is won.  By daily service to the light much transmutation occurs and the business of serving God moves forward.  To advance the cause of freedom for love of God and man is the definite aim of many sincere people, but few there be who can attain true discipleship.
  Our purpose in this series of Corona Class instruction on discipleship is to address those who would learn to teach others the way and find thereby greater illumination and avenues of service for their own mission.  We now desire to bring the brilliance of God-illumination into play upon the sacred pages of the lives of the devotees so that the bread that comes down from heaven may be on earth the living Word.
  First and foremost the would-be disciple must learn to forget the importance of his own personality and to remember that God’s thought about him is greatly to be esteemed.  How wasteful is the daily dissipation of energies expended in defense of the personal self with all its whimsical characterizations.  Beloved Saint Germain in his embodiment as Francis Bacon wrote, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players:   They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts.”
  Let my words to Martha concerning Mary be recalled:  “And Mary hath chosen that good part”--and let my disciples of today also learn to choose the better part on the stage of life that they may play it well.  Dedicate yourself to outpicturing nobler ideals in more Godly characterizations, thus following the path that leads to the Life victorious--your ascension in the light attained through the overcoming of every discordant manifestation on the Emmaus walk of dedicated discipleship.
  It is understandable that to the man or woman accustomed to ordinary ways of living the road of discipleship leading to personal Christhood should at first seem strange or difficult.  Those whose hearts have burned within them to know the nearness of God will find the road less difficult and certainly less cumbersome than the broad way of materialism.  If they stick with it, I guarantee all will find the reward at journey’s end to be beyond compare.
  My statement “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” must be applied to the understanding of God’s Laws in living as a son of God.  Living by material standards, no matter how high, cannot possibly connect our disciples with the pure vibration of spiritual compassion which so reveres the Word of God that every moment is perceived as an opportunity to stand forth as a living example, a living revelator of God interpreting God unto man not through the vanity of earthly ideas or even the grandeur of cultured prose but through living successfully as a divine embodiment here and now.
  The concept of man as a son of God and a divine manifestation is a part of the high calling extended to every soul who cometh into the world--but few there be that have found it.   And so each disciple must esteem himself to be worthy of God in order that he might anchor himself in the great Law which will then walk the earth through him in the pure Person of his own beloved Christ Self.  Through realizing that man made in God’s image is not a sinful creature but a divine being he is able to discern the Lord’s body.          
                                              -Jesus Christ:   Pearls of Wisdom 5:12  
                                         (portraits as in Prayer and Meditation, 1978)
      The willingness of man to cooperate with his own Mighty I AM Presence places him in a category of extreme usefulness to the Hierarchy, enabling those spiritual beings charged with the responsibility for governing the flow of spiritual energy to this planet to release a more abundant supply to them.  However although cooperation and attitude be excellent, wherever elements of prejudice and limitation exist in consciousness they act to impede the flow of cosmic energy.
  Blessed ones, a simple law is found to be acting here which draws its analogy in nature:   if a watercourse be clogged with jagged rock, branches or debris, this accumulation serves to dam up, slow down and control the rate of the stream’s flow.  Release the consciousness from all forms of prejudice, subtle or bold, and watch the increase of spiritual energy flowing into your life.
  Mankind are often prone to seek understanding of the so-called mysteries of life.  Dear hearts, the key to every mystery is to be found in the heart of your own God Presence.  To contact the Presence of God you must place your attention upon that blessed Presence and through attunement find the answer that you seek.  You must not give up if you do not immediately sense a release of divine Grace into your world.  Be willing to accept a simple answer to life’s problems and do not insist upon humanly complicating your life by introducing unnecessary complexity into your world.       
                                             -Saint Germain: Pearls of Wisdom 6:11
       I AM come this day to remind you of the onrushing tide of eternal spring, incoming with natural grace and the perfumed lyrics of immortal breath--visible form of invisible love in action.  Fairies, elfs, sylphs, undines, salamanders leap in the flame of springtime’s buoyant glory.  How splendid is this paradise!  The tiny elementals were designed by the Architect of infinite wonder to tenderly enfold all natural form with the magic broadcasts of their radiating love energy and to serve through the four seasons to make Earth redundant with beauty, comfort, adornment and providential supply of all substance.  How grateful AM I for their constancy!
  THOU SHALT NOT contaminate the elements by outpoured discord!  Rather, DO CALL for their release unto the precious Spirit of Comfort from the heart of the Maha Chohan, the mighty representative of the Holy Spirit to the Earth!  Appreciation stems from the heart whose cup flows over the brim to bring a veritable extension of the expanding power of Life to all who are recipients of that outpouring.   Become then self-widening channels for the expanding love of the nature kingdom by pouring highly qualified devotion to the elementals and receive in return the wonderful blessing of their highly serviceable friendship.      -Rose of Light:  Pearls of Wisdom 6:13
    Nature herself is a beautiful selector of grace on mankind’s behalf, contriving to adorn his being with the highest and noblest forms of Christ-mastery….
  Just as man is intended to be his brother’s keeper so he is also intended to be the keeper of the domain of his destiny proclaimed in the fiat “Take dominion over the earth!”  His acceptance of this twofold responsibility constantly creates newness of life and recreates the Spirit of justice in all the earth.  Now the Spirit of justice is a part of the Spirit of divine love, for all things of God agree in one.  It is never permissible for anyone at any station in life or point of advancement in spiritual service to indulge in any action which would create further bondage to forms of hatred or result in a lack of the true expression of divine love.
  What a pity it is that humanity can allow themselves in the name of righteousness, in the name of truth to crucify one another over their disagreements on moot points of the Law or to allow their misunderstandings mixed with their understanding thereof to thwart their united effort.  When we speak of humanity’s need to espouse the virtue of God-control it is because we know that this quality of Christ-mastery will bind the mankind of Earth into one common body of light-servers; thus we emphasize the quality of Christ-reality, of regeneration in the unity of purpose of the Fatherhood and Motherhood of God.
  I represent the Motherhood of God as every woman can, and I seek to affirm and reaffirm those precepts of divine safety within the conscious awareness of each evolving monad so that in the hour of trial only light shall prevail.  Past ages of failure or success are no guarantee of what shall prevail today, for each day is sufficient unto itself.  If man then desires to do the will of God and to hold fast to that which is good he must do so oblivious of all momentums of human destruction which have ever manifested in his world, for these have no power to perpetuate themselves except the power man gives to them….
  The elements of God-reality have always been there as the great pondering of the mind of God to produce the fruit of His holy will in the consciousness of man.  How fragile are moments in time as opportunities for the perfectionment of eternity!  Their use however depends upon the sensitivity of men’s souls and to what measure they can hold firmly to the great realities of God….
  The house of divine sonship holds open still the door.
  The darkness of mortal mind cannot, shall not be anymore.
  For just beyond the mortal sunset lies light’s immortal dawn
  Trembling on the face of morning, shining promise from now on….
  Like a gossamer veil atremble with the thunder of the Sun—
  Beauteous doorway of Forever swings wide open for each one!

             Devotedly I AM     
                                             Mary      Pearls of Wisdom 15:31
                             -Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Mark Prophet

several recent angles on China

3-29-18     The $50 billion to $60 billion in tariffs (recently imposed upon China) will only go a small way toward fixing the overall problem, however.  The U.S. trade deficit with China is estimated at $375 billion.  According to the independent IP Commission’s 2017 report, the United States suffers an estimated $600 billion a year in IP theft, with the principal thief being China. ... 
Also, unlike the CCP’s military hackers, who were illegally breaching company networks and stealing technology, the CCP in many cases uses legal loopholes to take advantage of the open system of the United States.
In its latest push, the CCP has mobilized investors, regulating where their money can or cannot go so as to fulfill the regime’s broader interests.  It is targeting startup companies, establishing and funding research conferences in order to gain access to frontier findings, and partnering with or leveraging existing ties with universities to access cutting-edge research.
The goal of the CCP today remains the same as when it began Project 863:  it aims to replace the United States as the world’s leading power and to spread globally its “China model.”  Based on communist totalitarianism, the China model lacks the basic principles of human rights and freedom of belief that are at the foundations of the West.
   Over 400,000 of Taiwan’s workforce have sought higher salaries and better job prospects on the Chinese mainland
    In the month prior t0 last year’s 19th Party Congress, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) released one of the most authoritative policy documents to date outlining Xi and the Party’s thinking on cyberspace.  The document outlines the need to “Promote the deepened development of military-civilian integration for cybersecurity and informatization.”  Further to this directive are instructions to implement civil-military integration systems, cybersecurity projects, and innovation policies.
  This follows the January 2017 creation of the Central Commission for Integrated Military and Civilian Development, with civil-military cyber integration being named by Xi as a key area the commission would expedite.  Under the instruction of the commission, China’s first “cybersecurity innovation center” was established in December 2017.  Operated by 360 Enterprise Security Group – one of China’s primary cybersecurity companies – the center’s remit is to foster private sector cooperation to “help [the military] win future cyber wars.”...
  The centralization that Beijing is therefore pursuing is a manifestation of the corporate state model, which is increasingly defining the Chinese political system.  Here, the CCP acknowledges the presence of societal interest groups as an inevitable result of the inexorably pluralizing society.  However, the Party seeks to co-opt or direct the behavior of these entities in order to prevent the proliferation of autonomous action, perceived as inherently threatening to stability and Party rule.  Today, the CCP endeavors to achieve this by appealing to the nationalist motivations of these civil society actors and seeking to weave them into the more tightly controlled machine of state nationalism that organizations like the PLA's Strategic Support Force represent. ...
   Considering that the government has stated that “Military and civilian integration is the ‘nature’ of the information war,” while simultaneously recognizing that information war will dictate future conflict, this is definitely a space to watch.  
-Nicholas Lyall, researcher at at the Australian National University’s National Security College
3-14-18   By 2015, China Energy (CEFC) had posted nearly $40 billion in revenue.  While not state run, CEFC showed it knew how to navigate politics.  Mr. Ye, for example, has said in his official biography that he was once deputy secretary of an organization called the China Association for International Friendly Contact.  That group is part of China’s People’s Liberation Army, according to researchers for the United States Congress and Mark Stokes, a former United States military attaché in China and the executive director of a defense research group, the Project 2049 Institute.
It also has direct ties to the ruling Communist Party, through an internal party committee and the Communist Youth League, a training ground for many officials, according to its website.
Pho It also has direct ties to the ruling Communist Party, through an internal party committee and the Communist Youth League, a training ground for many officials, according to its website.

Stand steadfast in your own pure divinity

       …remember there is no nation that is free of the intermingling of the seed of the tares among the wheat.  I speak of the wheat in this nation.  It is a developed wheat, a developed seed of Christ because of the intercession of the Great White Brotherhood.  When you travel abroad you will see the absence of this, and especially you will discover their non-forgiveness of America herself.
  Beloved hearts, there are people who have a national consciousness of hatred of America that has been programmed and indoctrinated in them but only because of their vulnerability.  Their vulnerability not to forgive this nation for whatever wrongs committed, real or imagined, must therefore be exposed.  And the vulnerability of an individual to fail to forgive another is the vulnerability of the absence of forgiveness of oneself or even the recognition of the necessity to confess before the living Christ, the Holy Christ Self, and to ask for forgiveness.  The people then who are convinced that they are right, who do not know Christ the Mediator, whose pride exceeds all desiring for grace, have thus not understood that the threading of the eye of the needle of the soul unto the Cosmic Christ consciousness is in the act of forgiveness…..
  Thus though the human may be vulnerable the Divine is not.  Stand steadfast in your own pure divinity; affirm it for one another.  And let the people of God rally close to our representative that this activity and church and nation unto God might go forward in all the holy purposes ordained.
  Courage of the heart is a rare gift in this day.  And you yourselves have seen that that quality was essential to your staying power even in this service here.  Courage is the sign of the coming of age of the heart.  The age of the heart is truly the age of the descent of the Messiah within you, even the second coming of Christ.  I, Zarathustra, anoint you.  And with me always is Melchizedek and Oromasis and Diana who lead the fiery salamanders and adepts of the sacred fire for the cleansing of the earth….
  Blessed hearts, it is very difficult for those whose bodies are interred (rather than cremated after passing away) to afterwards perform the necessary rituals at inner levels to liberate their light and consciousness from that earth-focus.
  It is important that there be forthcoming in the revolution in higher consciousness a true understanding of the sacred fire as the nexus of the figure-eight through which all must pass.  Thus the trial by fire comes in the physical, the mental, the emotion, the etheric bodies.  And all must pass through that sacred fire.  That which is placed in the flame then is liberated to return to the Great Central Sun of the I AM Presence to be recharged and sent forth for the new birth of that soul.  The consuming of the physical body has its corresponding effect upon the astral body that is demagnetized even by the physical fire, thus it hastens the disintegration of the astral sheath that may wander about a a discarnate, disconnected and yet affecting others with a heavy sense of oppression and emotion….
  Beloved hearts, the children of this nation are taking suicide as an out because they see no purpose in life, because they have not been given the path of Jesus Christ to go to the highest mountains of the Himalayas to find their reason for being and to be of some value and service to their community.  What they are being taught today does not give them the value of their spiritual beings, their divine beings, but only of themselves as humans.  And no one can live and value himself as a human and survive in this age:  one’s survival depends upon one’s acknowledgment of oneself as a fiery spiritual being, truly a Spirit-spark and a continuum that has always lived in the pat and shall always live in the future--except by freewill that one choose to cancel out the self through the denial of the light and the God and the truth in that very place of identity.  
             -Zarathustra:  3-31-1985 at Royal Teton Ranch via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
     When the soul does not interact with the light through the etheric body then all spiritual activity of the seven chakras ceases except in the body of the Lamb himself at the level of the individual Christ Self.  Those who are not the lively stones, those whose temples have not been quickened by the Holy Spirit, those who acknowledge neither the Father nor the Mother nor the manchild have no light in them, and indeed any light that is in them is darkness.  That which remains of the activity of the spiritual chakras is the transfer of the impulses of life to the corresponding nerve and glandular systems conducting the energies of life necessary for the cerebral, sensorial, motor and autonomic functions of the physical body.
  The function of the chakras of individuals who give no personal adoration to the personal God is at the level of the astral plane.  Their chakras are cesspools.  Taking in the entire gamut of the mass consciousness they experience it, take part in it and release it with their own added momentum back to the astral sea….
  The oil in the lamp of the chakras of the virgin souls of both men and women is the return current of the adoration unto God….One cannot wait forever and a day, my beloved, for the tides of astral aggression to cease pounding the castle walls.  Let the soul retreat into the interior castle, there to greet the King of kings and Lord of lords.  His light will shut out the dark if you let it….
  Every love you share on earth is intended to be a transparency for the divine love and the divine lover who often stands just outside the frosted windows of possessive love that exclude the greater elf for the lesser self.  My beloved, I will be very frank with you.  The desire to know God through the path of love takes tremendous determination.  It requires the diamond will that is determined to have God and no other.  It is a determination to fly straight to God, straight as an arrow clean that parteth the air, that will not be deterred or distracted here or there.  Teach your children to set goals in life and to fulfill them, for they are all in spring training for the winning team of overcomers who overcome by a devotion that shuts out every force and forcefield of anti-devotion.
  Now you can test yourself, my beloved, with this simple test.  Set aside an hour when you will give ten minutes of pure devotion to God through uninterrupted meditation with your Lord in the interior castle.  Let it be the meditation upon the whitefire sun of your I AM Presence and upon the bluefire sun of Sirius.  This will be a meditation of the polarity of Alpha and Omega in heaven and in earth as the whitefire sun is in Spirit and the bluefire sun is in matter.  Discipline your mind’s eye to see through your third-eye chakra and to behold only the whitefire sun and then only the bluefire sun.  Next behold the twain engaged in the cosmic interchange of the cosmic t’au-chi.
  Behold the whitefire sun whirling in clockwise motion, transferring the energies of life to the bluefire sun as it whirls in counterclockwise motion, returning to the Great Central Sun the blurrier momentum of the blue Mother of Sirius.  This is a very natural visualization inasmuch as your soul has already beheld the twin spheres of Alpha and Omega as the archetypal spheres of the Father/Mother God sealed in your own causal body.  This is also the visualization for the union of the whitefire bodies of twinflames and one with which you are also familiar, for it is an exercise given to you and your beloved twinflame in the meditation room of the Royal Teton Retreat….And measure your own self-discipline as you exclude from your third-eye consecration all other thoughtforms or mere mortal distractions.  Let the  flow of the heart for this ten-minute interval be undivided in its acceleration of pure love unto the being of the whitefire/bluefire suns.  Let the attention of your soul within the chakra of solar awareness be thoroughly engaged in entering in to the twin vortices of the Holy Spirit.     
(by Ruth Hawkins)
                          -Sanat Kumara: Opening of the Seventh Seal, 1979, chapter 36
        In the name I AM THAT I AM ELOHIM, Saint Germain, Portia, Guru Ma, Lanello, Padma Sambhava, Kuan Yin and the 5 Dhyani Buddhas, in the name I AM THAT I AM Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Jesus Christ, aum Vairochana Akhobhya Ratnasambhava Amitabh Amoghasiddhi Vajrasattva aum
  I invoke the magnification of the original Word with Brahman who is the true Judge and I confirm the judgment already rendered by the Cosmic Council upon thee aliens and all fallen angels pronounced through Enoch upon the Watchers for their violation of space and of time and of sacred body temple of sons and daughters of God and souls of light.
  Inasmuch as they have done it unto the least of these my brethren, the Keepers of the Flame of planet Earth, so they have done it unto me!  I declare this day then the karma is tenfold upon them for their violation of the Office and Being and Flame of the Goddess of Liberty as she does stand the Cosmic Mother of this humanity and of these lightbearers of the Sun.  Thus as they have done it unto one so it shall be counted unto them that they have done it unto the Goddess of Liberty tenfold.
  For the Goddess of Liberty declares and I with her:  I AM that life and I AM that threefold flame of Liberty within every beating heart.  Therefore in the name I AM THAT I AM these violators of the genetic seed of the Christed ones of Earth will not be allowed to tamper with or to borrow the sacred fire and thus perpetrate for aeons their robotic creation by even a microscopic portion of the Liberty-flame which itself is a part of the genetic code of the light- bearers.

  By the authority of the Goddess of Liberty I AM clothed upon with her mantle and I ratify the judgment of the race of mechanization man and the godless and the feelingless and the heartless who have succeeded in existing by borrowing the science of the Divine Mother and of Sanat Kumara.  And with the Goddess of Liberty I say:  “You have no power!  The days of your misuse of the sacred science of the Divine Mother are done!” 9x)          
(atop Pike's Peak, 1973)
                   -Messenger E C Prophet:  7-2-1988 at RTR, Montana    

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In the many facets of divine expression one diamond

        In the many facets of divine expression I hope the students will recognize that there is but one diamond of divine expression in the all of existence.  This of course springs forth from the Great I AM Presence in the Great Central Sun--the Being and Source of all that is!…know that from the beginning and forever the name I AM is the everlasting name of God.   It is the voice of immortality, the mantram of life and the source of eternal being. …
  The impulses of divine movement which manifest as God’s mighty light rays, touch with eternal fingers of light and love the entire being of those receptive ones among mankind who in humility, reverence and love open the door to the ascended masters’ octave and the realms of the great cosmic light.  This tangible realm of heavenly reality is the real substance of heaven—and is in fact the only real substance in existence.  All matter in its changing mortality and rate of vibration is finite and, like plastic material, reflects the idiosyncrasies of human error.   Only the power of your own God Presence is so dependable that you may completely rely on it to always bestow upon you love, wisdom, power, divine attributes--wealth, strength, health and every good and perfect gift--often without any other expectation except your acceptance of its perfect direction and intelligence as the consciousness of Christ himself assuming his rightful place in directing all your affairs.
  The hour of divine mastery is at the very door!  The gods must walk the earth again in this dawning golden age!  An ascended master nation requires not only ascended master youth but ascended master maturity, and this is best expressed by the students of long-standing entering completely into the consciousness of our realm and octave.  In view of the fact that the long-unrealized ambition of the ascension shall shortly come to many of the faithful it is highly desirable that you, being now today, consider yourself as already unlimited ascended beings--thus becoming accustomed to thinking wholly as God does and as we do!   So shall the example you leave behind add to the Holy Christ treasure of the world as a fountain of eternal love and youth everlasting of which all nations shall thus drink--finding their happiness not in sense but in the divine culture of the Spirit, as the ascended masters have directed.   
  I say, may the perfume of the eternal Presence of your own divinity envelop you with such fragrance as shall create in you an irresistible longing for the victory and glory of the God-life within you.  May this expansion completely shatter by the full power of the I AM Presence your sense of finite limitation and give you the joys of expanding spiritual experience which we drink deeply of daily.  Beloved Mary, Jesus and the hosts of heaven together with beloved Archangel Michael salute you in God’s name I AM!
                   Yours in the heart of the Presence,  
                           Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 4:33      (by Norman Thomas Miller)

the rats in the granary of America

  When the head of state of this nation fails to challenge the fallen ones who enslave peoples in the nations of the Earth there is a dropping of the torch of freedom and a great karma that accrues to the people….
  Some of you are surprised but, you see, I am the master of the flow of the abundant life of the Mother.  In my hand and in my harmony is the release of the energy of the God of Gold into your hands, and therefore in my office is the concern for all of the needs of supply for the expansion of the light….
  For tens of thousands of devotees are needed, and the devotees who must come home are those who will carry the matter- discipline by taking their place in government, in the economy, in science and in the field of education where there are such deplorable conditions as the very children themselves have been seized with the entities which are called anti-Buddha….
  Beloved souls of light, if you do not understand my message, trust me for I know whereof I speak, and I know the manipulation of the fallen ones in all races to destroy the integrity and the self-worth of these races.  O beloved hearts, I come and I release to you a great sphere of love.  I transfer it to you and to your twinflame.  In this love is the golden pink glow-ray, the glow-ray of God-mastery, the glow-ray of wisdom.  Watch, I say, watch and look behind what is being proposed, whether new levels of taxation or a phony crisis of energy--all of this to distract your attention from the central goal of these manipulators to destroy the Christ within you, your family and your race….
  Beloved ones, there is the three-pronged problem in the Middle East that can be solved by the equilateral triangle of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Beloved ones, between the Arabs, the Jews, and the Palestinians, and then the Christians themselves, there is much that must be worked out, but all must be resolved in the Mother-flame….
  Precious hearts of light, the equation of the balance of power on Earth is indeed being kept in the hearts of the ascended masters and their unascended devotees.  For those who should keep the balance of freedom in America on behalf of Earth and her evolutions are dominated by conspiracies in capitalism, conspiracies in communism, conspiracies at all levels of government as each and every one manipulating others is seeking self gain.  And thus, beloved ones, we have disapproved of many decisions that have come forth East and West, and we see that it is not only ignorance in the leaders of the people but malice aforethought on behalf of those individual lifestreams who are committed to the works of the Destroyer--not the works of Shiva but of the Archdeceiver himself….
  Those who have the highest attainment of light are not necessarily today in the government of the United States; but I can assure you, in my survey of souls in this hemisphere, those individuals who have the right to rule because of inner light are by and large in the vast majority in the United States.  And therefore you see, beloved ones, we would not trust the guarding of that highest forcefield of light at that nexus to those who are in control of a government that is unstable, that is supported economically by the fallen ones in Wall Street and the fallen ones in the Soviet Union and that is in league with Castro and his determination to move from the fields of Africa to the fields of South America, to have not only the children of God come under that godless state but also the resources that belong to the Mother and Her children….This is the purpose of America--not the enslavement of peoples, not the tolerance of the enslavement of any part of life but the sending forth of freedom’s flame in God’s name….
  Beloved ones, those who have sworn to destroy this nation and therefore the platform of freedom for all nations have encamped in your very midst, and they are the rats in the granary of America, and they have freedom unparalleled in the history of nations to work against the light.  Beloved ones, your means of energy, your reservoirs are unprotected and easily subject to sabotage.  With the enemy in your midst how is there such a laxity in all levels of communication when it is obviously known of the work that is done against the American embassy in Moscow?   Do you think that they will stop there?…
  But, beloved ones, the time will come when unless there are representatives in government who will champion the cause of light that these fallen ones will seek to move against the vanguard of light.  And, beloved ones, what do you think if this world were bereft of our chelas and our Messenger?   I tell you, the balance of light would be so unbalanced that I can scarcely say that the elementals could hold back the cataclysm which would ensue…
  Victory in the light of Buddha!  Victory in the light of Mother!  Now receive the light!  I send it from my heart, through my hand, through my Messenger to each and every one.  Feel the arc!   Feel the current!  It penetrates your heart now and goes right through to the heart of your twinflame as a mighty thread of light--the Buddha and the Mother thread your heart to the thread of your other heart, your other self.  And, beloved ones, now the thread of contact of Shamballa igniting all twinflames has tied the bow, the knot for two to be one forever….Lo, I have come.  Lo, I seal you.  And I have nowhere to go, for I AM the Buddha in the Mother; I ensoul the Earth.  Lo, I AM everywhere; I AM I AM I AM aum in the soul of the One, aum in the soul of twinflames in love.  Know that I am supporting the mission of twinflames;  know that I am supporting your reunion.      
           -Gautama Buddha:  4-23-1978 at NYC via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet

-Amitabha Buddha, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978

Thursday, March 29, 2018

It is better that a crisis be lived through than that a destructive collapse seize the whole organism.

172.  It is better that a crisis be lived through than that a destructive collapse seize the whole organism.  It is possible to live through a crisis, and such shock may call new forces into life, whereas disintegration and rot but infect all the surroundings.      -Morya:  Brotherhood 1937
                    -summit of Shasta from the southwest

       Many in this country are perplexed as to why assault rifles are so popular and why Congress is not motivated more by common sense on the issue of assault rifles.  I am one of these perplexed and bewildered.  
  I could be wrong but this is what hit me today.  We live in a twisted-up society that is extremely polarized especially economically; common sense and culture are not very big in America but what is very big are these:  Babylon the Great, love of money, and market theory as applied to money, power and population control.  
  In my view we don’t have leadership to any real degree, we don’t have a constitutional government to any real degree, we don’t have real health, sanity, wholeness, brotherhood, justice—I’m sure there are more items to be listed but that will do for now.
  In Russia, China and North Korea the macho/tough guy game rolls along, but in contrast the US Democratic Party--as much as it leans left--it also wants a ban on selling/owning assault rifles.  This is strange, this contrast of political systems and their psychologies; but when I dropped back to market theory and population control manipulations, the riddles began to simplify somewhat.  O, not toward reality, decency, common sense, no, but toward why political parties behave as they do:  because divide-and-conquer and manipulation of others are both very commonly used techniques in order to gain  money/power/manipulation and mass control.  
  Well, I don’t think this is very helpful, culturally, ethically--this whole review I’m doing is rather sickening obviously as soon as one realizes that this drivel of psychologic madness we experience in our country presently is pretty much the hole we are in.  Yes, a pitiable thing indeed, and I don’t wish to hold a negative picture at all.  But I wanted to share these observations anyway, though on the Feast of the Last Supper one has to wonder what  is up.         -R

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

There within the center of your being there should be a citadel


           But remember, blessed hearts of love, that it is your victory won right within the framework of your experiences that skims off the dross of human misbehavior and produces the divine alchemy of purification.  This is the trial by fire that separates your darkness from your light….
  It is the yielding of the heart to the beat of joy in every situation that purifies the understanding of man that it might one day become a repository of strength to those who are willing to surrender unto God all human desires and their need for self-importance.  This does not mean, O hearts of light, the extinguishing of man’s life or light; rather it brings about an intensification of its shine, for the intensifying power of the Christ does descend from the Godhead into the chalice of individual lives.
  It should always be a joy to contribute thoughts of dignity and worth into the flowing stream of energy which constitutes life.  How often men sit on the bank of the river of life and watch it flow, taking from it all that they possibly can yet contributing nothing to its course or movement.  Surely justice and mercy must follow man, both contemporary man and man to come.  Surely all shall come to understand one day that it is only that which is yielded unto God through love that endures …one day mankind will come to know and to understand how beautiful and complete the light is because he will have added to that light the best gifts of his own Self-realization, intensifying them in the filaments of his being so that he too may let his light shine.  
  It is the energy of God that glorifies the soul of each one, and when the electrifying concepts of His Grace are made known to the world the right use of both His masculinity and His femininity will be adhered to and the androgynous Being of God seen at last in fuller measure in the stature of the Christ.
  Mankind often say that it is a tragedy that greater understanding does not prevent wars, rumors of wars and the darkening attitudes of the race of men.  But after all, beloved ones, it is to high places in human thought rather than to high places in divine thought that mankind aspire.  Is it any wonder then that they yield themselves so easily to self-glorification and self-righteousness?   Is it any wonder then that they are prone to error almost from the beginning of their mistaken monadic expressions, which are in reality no part of the Divine Monad but are of the synthesized personality they have come to regard as the real Self?  When the real Self of man is perceived as the Universal Spirit, all-flowing and all-enfolding, the power of love comes to be realized to such a marked degree as to produce the profoundest of changes in the nature of man.  And if these changes be produced in the individual must they not then permeate all substance and structuring?…
  Certainly we do not say that mankind should respect evil or those things which are hurtful to men.  But there is enough virtue in the soul of man which God so lovingly placed there that those who look can surely perceive that virtue in man and, seeing it, amplify it so that all may partake of the sacred eucharist, the tiny wafer of life by which they are made aware of their unity in Christ.
  The world today lives in a time of the great depreciation of values, in a time of the deterioration of a sense of their own worth and hence of the worth of others.  Because of this and because mankind do not understand true religion nor the fact that the world has produced saints in the past as well as in the present they seem to look askance at all who hold fast to good.  There is a trend today to expose all action of a truly divine nature as if it were fraudulent, as if it were deceptive….Let mankind perceive how seldom men really do believe in motives of worth in others.  It is dangerous for mankind to point an accusing finger at others when many times they are not aware of their own imperfect patterns from past ages.  They do not foresee what they will one day do as a result of the very trends they are now creating….
  The soul gasps in individualized mankind that it might receive a breath of this reality--that it might perceive the infinite hand of God reaching through all experience and beckoning all to move onward into the Universal Light without fear and with the fullest of confidence.          
                                                -Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 15:33
     How precious is the opportunity for men to express the fullness of the God-beauty that is the infinite design held for them by the immaculate heart of their Presence--the fullness of all that is the beauty of God retained forever and released at the invocation of the sacred fire from within the center of each one’s being.  As I speak to you today I am flooding forth torrents of divine love to wash away all that is human accumulation, all that is discord, all that is a threat to the manifestation of the purity of that God-design.
  Beloved ones, the light of God that never fails holds inviolate for each one this immaculate image.  Individuals throughout the day and throughout the night are ever so frequently gazing upon patterns of human discord and hearing about matters which are a far cry from the peace of heaven and the wonders of paradise.  But as the eyes of the prophet of old were opened by the Spirit of Life so I come to you today to open your eyes that you may behold in this universe the infinite wonders and perfections of God-harmony….
  I would like to bring to the attention of the students that there is always complete calmness within the center of the heart of God, and this is a haven of refuge which is not so far distant from any individual that he cannot go there.  I would like to bring to your attention the fact that beloved Jesus when he knelt in the Garden of Gethsemane did travel in his exalted consciousness to the very heart of God to commune with that Father, that Master Presence of His being.  By the perfect example then of this great exemplar each of you are able to do likewise.  Every son of God is able to enter that peace and quiescence which constitutes the heart of God, the heart of Creation.  There is never any need to let disturbances rage--especially within the center of your being.  There within the center of your being there should be a citadel and there should be an established fortress which is guarded by the very Presence of Life.
  It is ever a mistake to permit the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune to penetrate into the inner being of you.  You must stand guard there and see that no discord touches your world.  The best way that you can do this is to follow the admonishments of beloved Saint Germain and maintain a firm decree for the wondrous tube of light to be established invulnerably against the inroads of human imperfection….
  Through wandering away from the center of your being--for the kingdom of God is within you--you have come to think upon yourself as separate and apart from God.   And in this thought of separation the light that is within you has been cut off, as it were, by the accumulation of that admitted human discord which as tarry substance clogs the very pores of your being and prohibits the expansion of the sacred fire--just as when a damper or a draft is cut off from a grate the fire slows down its action and does not brightly blaze.  So when an individual has clogged the pores of his being, of his mental body, of his physical body and of all his four lower bodies with discordant substance there is then a slowing-down of the spiritual processes whereby that individual enters into a state of density and a proneness to both error and illness…
  When individuals who would follow this light desire to escape from the powers of the outer, they will enter into the heart of the sacred fire within and demand an expansion of that sacred fire; and they will remove by cosmic decree and by calls to their own mighty I AM Presence all discordant substance from their own world.  By the removal of this impediment the pure and precious Spirit called the Holy Spirit will rush in to fan the flame to feed the sacred fire within man and to regenerate not only the physical form but also the mental body of man and the etheric body, to revive there the memory of those powers which have been stored there from the time before the world was, before the decadent civilizations and the errors of past infamy were ever known.  Therefore as men pass back to that beginning which is the source of their God-power they will be able to have restored to them those powers and dominions which were known on Atlantis and Lemuria at the time when the sacred fire teachings went forth without human impediments and without human ideas intruding into the teachings.
  The purity of any religion and the purity of any teaching must be expressed by the members of that teaching in their daily life and it must be used.  Applied knowledge is the only knowledge that counts, dear ones. …
  Beloved ones of the light, I remind you that God is the Lord of the harvest.  I remind you that each grain of wheat springs forth because of divine energy.  And as the Christ reminded them that the very hairs of their head were numbered so I say to you today, bear in mind that each one of you is a living, immortal manifestation of God.  In order to realize this you must drink into it and begin from day to day to increasingly think of yourselves as a manifestation of God….
  But all illness and all mental problems must yield to the one supreme mind of God.  And when that one supreme mind of God is called into action it is a manifestation of the sacred fire; for God’s mind is a part of the sacred fire breath from His very own heart….
  And so individuals must understand how important it is to transmute within their own worlds all inharmony and not to look at others with a critical mind.  As they do this and transmute within the forcefield of their own being each appearance of discord they will be enhancing their opportunities for harmony with all life and they will suddenly find that all discord comes from the same source---from human creation--that it is not divinely created at all and that it never could be. … 
  That which is wrong with civilizations is a lack of attunement with their great God-Source.  We are completely out of the sphere of human identifi­cation; and if you have any questions as to why this is so, realize that it is because we made our application.  Realize that it is because we devoted our time to those purposes God intended us to, and therefore we have won our eternal freedom.
  Now, precious ones of the light, I do not intend as an ascended being to criticize any of you because of a thought that may flicker across your mind or even one you may retain for some time.  But I am here to assist you in a way that is very benign from the standpoint of cutting you loose from those conditions which have far too long given you difficulty.  Do you see then that it is necessary for me to comment on some of those conditions which have bound the students so that they do not enjoy the fullness of their freedom?   I only do so that you may become more alert and by your alertness realize that the human consciousness must not take dominion in your worlds.
  In the name of Almighty God I stand here before you today as the Manu of a race in order that I might comfort the hearts of all who live upon this precious planet.  We, beloved ones of the light, have saturated ourselves with so much of the essence of the Father that every pore is charged at the core with the very heartfire of God from out the Great Central Sun; and therefore if we were to manifest in our fiery bodies before many of the chelas, they would be, as Saint Paul was, blinded and unable to see for some period of time….
  Well, let me tell you--those of you who have called for a manifestation of the ascended masters in your own world--we are not unwilling to appear; we are simply awaiting a manifestation within you of those divine qualities which will make our appearance of the greatest benefit to you.  And when that occurs I am certain that each one of you will take the fullest advantage of that appearance and will extract therefrom some benefit of permanent value to your lifestream.
  Were we to appear merely to satisfy a craving of some individual who might have some curiosity about just how spiritual acts are performed it would serve no worthy purpose but would be consuming a tremendous quantity of energy.  Nevertheless we have as you have been told before made individual appearances to some of the students at various times–sometimes so that they were able to behold us physically, at other times in visions or dreams.
  But the most important thing for the students to always remember is that their Presence is sane and balanced and will mold and shape them in His own image, the perfection of God.  Therefore individuals ought not to consider strange practices or to consider those things which are far off the beaten trail of divine reason.  They ought to consider applying their hearts to those things that are reasonable that they may on a safe platform walk into the Spirit of Light.  
  There are many vain and unruly teachers who have gone out into the world, as the apostles have told you, who teach many things for the sake of their own living.  But you, dear ones, must understand that truth is ever virtuous, that truth will exalt you, that truth will purify you, and that truth is based upon the great Laws of Life--the universal Laws.  The Law of your own Mighty I AM Presence was not created by any man.  The Law of your own Mighty I AM Presence was not even created by beloved Saint Germain. The Law of your own Mighty I AM Presence is the Law of Eternal Being; and when you pay allegiance to it you are paying allegiance to God….
  But through meditation you will be able to understand that you must put off the human creation and therefore you must if necessary walk the way of the cross in that particular respect, that you must be buried with the Christ during a period of gestation during which certain initiations will come to you to purify your world, and that in the stillness in the heart of the earth the Spirit of resurrection will be stirring until the fullness of that time comes which was signified as three days in the drama of the Christ.  Then the angel of your being will roll away the stone of impediments from before the tomb and the dazzling Christ image of yourself will stand forth revealed, resurrected and prepared for its ascension in the light….
  I urge you by all the love of the ascended masters, by all the love of the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood to cherish this opportunity to hear our words, to walk in this light and to expand the light-flame within you until in harmony with the universal oneness of God it becomes at peace with the universal harmony present within all.  But all must expand it for themselves, all must know for themselves.  Over the temples of old the words “Man, know thyself!”  were engraved.  Well, precious ones, each one today must enter that door for himself.  No one can do it for him.  Each one must therefore cherish the truth, each one must love the truth; and thereby they shall find their eternal freedom.      -Vaivasvata Manu:  11-11-1962 at Washington, D.C. via Messenger Mark Prophet

Monday, March 26, 2018

avoid becoming a part of the world struggle for the control of money and the economies of the nations

But wherever he goes man utilizes the one Consciousness, the one Flow of the generosity of God which gives to embodied mankind the gift of access to the Mind of God, to the Mind of Christ.  And it is through the Mind of God and the Mind of Christ that he is able to achieve at last the perspective that enables him to rule the kingdom of nature as well as the realm of selfhood.                                                                                                                                          
Do you not realize, O blessed mankind, that the fabric and outreach of the mind are a specific endowment of God which is given to mankind in order that he may integrate his consciousness with the Holy Spirit in nature and in man?   What folly it is then for mankind to play the peacock and strut about as though his endowment were greater than that of another.  All should come to the humble realization of the Grace of God shining in the face of nature and behind the screens of the human monad with all of its selfishness and deceit.  For of old and to the present day the greatest grief is brought to mankind, as well as an outpouring of the vials of his own karma, strictly because of his unending tolerance of human greed within heart and mind.  
Is it not recorded that the love of money is the root of all evil?  The summation of the propensity to love money can be perceived in world commerce and world thought.  It is not necessary that mankind despise that medium of exchange which they have called money but rather that they learn its correct use as my Son taught it two thousand years ago.  For through the correct use of money mankind will understand that money is but a little part of the abundance of God.  It is a medium of exchange between nations and peoples, intended never to be manipulated but always to be expanded as a breaking of the loaf of God’s substance by the action of the flame of God-maturity among men that the crumbs that fall from the Master’s table should be given to all as a part of the whole loaf of universal abundance.                                           
When individuals allow themselves to be attached to mortal things, when they permit their mind and consciousness to become involved in elements of human greed until all other considerations of life are excluded they will most certainly lose sight of the abundant life.  All fleshly gain should be seen in the light of the statement “Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither:  the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away.”      For unless man understands that all that can be attached to his being, to his soul, to his individuality is Grace, he will not understand the proper use of either money or the energies of life.  
The reason the Brotherhood deems it desirable to call these matters to the attention of the students at this time is to avoid their becoming a part of the world struggle for the control of money and the economies of the nations.  Money of itself would be of little value if men were an hungred and could find no bread, if they were in need of shelter and could find no home.  What is needed then by all is a correct understanding of life and its abundance....
Freedom from the love of money will free men from those attachments which have created such a quantity of discord and darkness in the world.  Furthermore it will bring to everyone who is able to free himself from this love, from this attachment, from this grossness, the refining and ennoblement of his spirit. The reason it is so wrong for humanity to become attached to the love of money is that the quality of possessiveness of things deprives humanity of the promise of the Christ “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”...
In gazing at the record of mankind’s doings through the ages ever and anon the love of money has shown its ugly head as the serpentine force which creates in the labyrinth of human life those tortuous movements which enslave mankind the world around. Thus the love of money prevents mankind from entering into the kingdom simply because the very things that God would so gladly give to all are denied to the many because this or that one desires to keep, to retain, to hold in esteem the things of the world above the things of the kingdom of God....
Therefore in dividing the word of righteousness men must understand that condemnation of any act of man must be tempered not only by justice and mercy but also by the higher criticism of the Divine Logos.  Men must love God above all things. For in loving God first they will come to love all things, all men, all the adornments of nature and the graces of life both seen and unseen as the manifestation of God; and they will be free of the desire to covet.  Hence wise is the man who does not judge his neighbor but understands the nature of service to his God, to his home, to his church and to his fellowmen....
Let perish from your mind then the thoughts of darkness, of greed and the condemnation of human greed.  For by the illuminating sense that gives to each one the true knowledge of the right attitudes of the spiritual thoughts that are the thoughts of Christ man can at last ascend in consciousness to the place where true Christhood does manifest.              
Devotedly I AM  
   (by Ruth Hawkins)
                                         Mary     :Pearls of Wisdom 15:34