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One is not saved by words but by their application.

199.  One is not saved by words but by their application.     -M:  Fiery World 1934
69.  Purity of heart is the most essential possession.   -M:  Heart 1932
284, 596.  It would of course be an error to forget the application of the heart as the counterbalance of all confusion....Pure thinking, constancy, benevolence bring the heart energy into action.  Let the karmic merits increase the tension and refinement of the heart, but each striving to Hierarchy opens the heart according to one's strength.  One must firmly remember about the only path of salvation - through the heart.    -Morya:  Heart 1932

The golden age of perfectionment and purity that you envision cannot manifest in the gross, dense matter

  The golden age of perfectionment and purity that you envision cannot manifest in the gross, dense matter into which you have formed yourselves.  Therefore do not look here or there for the coming of the kingdom of God as through an outer technology, for the kingdom of God and the golden age must be an etheric civilization interpenetrating the Mater civilization.  And therefore the way of life of souls who will enter into this platform of reality is a new conception whereby the City Foursquare that descends out of heaven from God must meet also the ascending City Foursquare which is you, beloved, in the ritual of your resurrection.      -Elohim Purity:  9-18-1977 via Messenger E C Prophet
  I come to you late in the cycle but not too late.  I did not speak at the turning of this cycle on September 4, for had I spoken, beloved, you would have had locked-in to your four lower bodies this fourth secret ray.  At that hour you were still as shorn lambs; and beloved, you were not prepared to receive such an intense fire as is the fourth secret ray.
  Since its wisdom is the antithesis of the passions and the misuse of the sacred fire and since you have not diligently sought the binding of the dweller[-on-the-threshold] that represents all of those momentums, it was considered [and decided] by the great Cosmic Council who has sent me this night to forestall the locking-in of that secret ray [then] into this body and Community.           -Serapis Bey: 12-29-1990 at RTR, Montana via Messenger ECP
  [One should note from the above that the whole grand cycle of the 14 stations on the cosmic clock of the crucifixion of the Mother and her seed takes 14x14 months, or 196 months, which is 16.333 years.  Yet at this point of the 4th secret ray initiation, due to run September 4, 1990 through Nov. 3, 1991--14 months--Serapis & the Cosmic Council intervened and set back the cycle for four months; hence it ran from 12-29-1990 to 2-28-1992--14 months.  So we need to add four months to the whole grand cycle, hence it runs for 16,667 years totally.  So we reached the same point again of the 10:30 line initiations after 16.667 years from 12-29-1990--on 9-4-2007.  That fourth secret ray initiation (at 10:30 on cosmic clock) then ran 14 months to 11-3-2008.  The fifth secret ray initiation then followed the next day and ran for 14 months.  Serapis is a master of math and geometry.         -r., mt. shasta, ca]


-Maha Chohan

only divine friendships last for eternity

   …only divine friendships last for eternity.  They are never conditioned by outer expectations, but they are based on the inward faith of the soul in universal purpose.
  No man can take from you what the Lord has given to you, and I speak with a certain knowledge to everyone upon the planetary body who can accept it—the gift of divine friendship when correctly understood and accepted will not only bring the deepest comfort to your souls but it will enable you to be a better and truer friend to every part of life.

  In all walks of life men are experiencing struggles because, quite frankly, their attention is constantly turned to the outer self rather than to the inner Self.       -Archangel Michael:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:47
176.  Much has been said about the heavenly host, about Michael the Archistrategus, about the appearance of an affirmed leader and about all calamities.  Therefore I say--caution!          -Morya:  Heart 1932

-Michael , Padma Sambhava--in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

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2 theories on cause of Brazilian microcephaly; Farage on Hillary Clinton

Zika has apparently been around for decades, resulting in minor symptoms, and assuring that most people in the region have antibodies to the virus. Add to the fears surrounding vaccines, genetically modified mosquitoes, and larvacides in drinking water, is the simple fact that so many of the poor drink and bathe in untreated, contaminated water. We know clusters of birth defects and illness have often been tied to local pollution events, and there is known correlation between microcephaly and exposure to a variety of toxic chemicals. Dumping or spills of petrochemical and biofuel chemicals in Brazil's northeast region contribute to water pollution, as does disposal of wastewater related to the sugar cane used in biofuel production. One can't help but wonder if prenatal exposure to toxins found in waterways, especially in the poorer regions surround Recife, have contributed to the microcephaly clusters.

    • The evidence linking Zika to microcephaly is circumstantial. The real reason may be a case of mercury poisoning. Most of Brazil’s microcephaly cases are in the northeast. Brazilians love fish and gold mining.
      Why haven’t they also shown up in proportional numbers in other countries hit hard by Zika, such as Colombia?
      See: The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science website.
      Knowledge about the extreme vulnerability of the fetus to methylmercury began with the Minamata Bay, Japan experience. High exposure to methylmercury occurred in Minamata. A chemical company released mercury into Minamata Bay and polluted the bay heavily for decades. Mercury accumulated in the aquatic food chain. The released mercury was methylated in the aquatic food chain leading to high levels of mercury in fish. The local fish was very high in methylmercury, and the local population consumed high amounts of the fish. Eating the fish, pregnant mothers did not only burden themselves, but methylmercury was transferred in utero to the fetus. This caused severe neurological complex symptoms and severe birth defects. While the mothers were usually without symptoms of mercury poisoning, their babies were born severely damaged with microcephaly, cerebral palsy, severe mental retardation,
      For nonoccupationally exposed individuals, the main source of methylmercury exposure is through consumption of contaminated fish and shellfish.35 Mercury cannot be eliminated by cooking.
      Neurodevelopmental effects in the fetus are associated with maternal exposure. Mercury can also cause neurocognitive deficits and neuromotor disabilities. As mentioned earlier, 3 extensive epidemiologic studies among fish-eating populations have assessed mother– child pairs for prenatal methylmercury exposure and the resulting impact on child development.
      Although gold mining is extremely dangerous work for children, tens of thousands of children can be found in the small-scale gold mines of Africa, Asia, and South America. Children work both above and under ground. Mercury is mixed with the crushed ore or sediments to separate out the gold. Mercury is very often mishandled by small-scale miners. It can be absorbed through the skin or through inhalation of mercury vapor. Seeping into the soil or water supply, it can contaminate food and drinking water. Informal gold miners often do not wear protective clothing and most do not know about the proper handling of mercury. In some countries mercury amalgamation is done at home by women, which exposes other family members, including very young children, to mercury.
      Brexit Leader Nigel Farage: ‘Nothing on Earth Could Ever Persuade Me to Vote for Hillary’6-29-16      Quest then asked Farage if he would oppose a Hillary presidency.  “There is nothing on Earth that could persuade me ever to vote for Hillary Clinton,” Farage replied.  “She represents the political elite. It’s almost as if she feels she has this sort of divine right to have that job.”

reported cases microcephaly worldwide

reported cases of microcephaly (or microencephaly) worldwide:   (August 2015 update)
India     1597
China    1948
Russia   223
USA     440
Britain    90
France    90
Germany  123
Brazil *      276
Ethiopia  107
Egypt     114
Mexico   157
Japan    190
Pakistan    238
Indonesia   357
Phillipines   129 
*Brazil by May 22, 2016:  863

6-29-16     one of the top in the field of infectious diseases:

stanzas from Rumi (translated by Helminski)

Since to learn to speak one must first listen,
learn to speak by listening.
-Rumi:  Mathnawi, i, 1629

I shall not get justice from anyone
  except Him who is nearer to me than myself,
for this I-ness comes moment by moment from Him.
-ibid, i, 2197-8

Look at yourself, trembling, 
afraid of nonexistence.
Know that nonexistence is also afraid
that God might bring it into Existence.
If you grasp at worldly dignities
it’s from fear too.
Everything except love of the Most Beautiful
is really agony.  It’s agony
to move towards death and not drink the water of Life.
-ibid., i, 3084-7

The sufi’s body is not of ink and letters;
it is nothing but a heart white as snow.
-ibid., ii, 159

If your thought is a rose/ you are a rose garden; 
if it is a thorn you are fuel for the bath stove.
-ibid., ii, 278

Sunlight fell upon the wall;
the wall received a borrowed splendor.
Why set your heart on a piece of earth, simple one?
Seek out the source that shines forever.
-ibid., ii, 708-9

O, happy the soul that sees its own faults,
and if anyone mentioned a fault
wished eagerly to take responsibility—
  for half of each person
has always belonged to the realm of fault,
but the other half belongs
to the realm of the Unseen.
-ibid., ii, 3934-5

God has made nonexistence appear solid and respectable;
and He has made Existence appear in the guise of nonexistence.
He has hidden the Sea and made the foam visible,
He has concealed the Wind and shown you the dust.
-ibid., v, 1026-7

The root of every thorn 
draws the water of your attention toward itself.
How will the water of your attention reach the fruit?
  Cut through the evil roots, cut them away,
divert the Bounty of God to spirit and to insight,
not to the knotted and broken world outside.
-ibid, v, 1084-6

Don’t go, come near!
Don’t be faithless, be faithful!
Find the antidote in the venom.
Come to the root of the root of the Self….

Once you get hold of selflessness
you’ll be dragged from your ego
  and freed from many traps—
come, return to the root of the root of your Self….

You were born from a ray of God’s majesty
  and have the blessings of a good star.
Why suffer at the hands of things that don’t exist?
Come, return to the root of the root of the Self….

Our master and host, Shams-i Tabriz,
  has put the eternal cup before you,
Glory be to God, what a rare wine!
So come, return to the root of the root of your Self.
-Rumi:  Divani Shams-i Tabriz, #120

-translated by Kabir Helminski, 1992

Rumi statue in southern Tajikistan--photo courtesy of Brad Gooch,

How much the Beloved made me suffer
before this work sealed into the eye's water
and the liver's blood.
A thousand fires and smoke, and its name is Love.
-Rumi:  Divan, 12063

If you wish to find a way out of this ruined prison
don't turn your head away from the Beloved
buut bow in worship and draw near.
-Rumi:  Mathnawi, i, 3605-7

The unsuspecting child first wipes the tablet
and then writes letters on it.
God turns the heart into blood and desperate tears,
then writes spiritual mysteries on it.
-ibid., ii, 1826-7

The porter runs to the heavy load and takes it from others,
knowing burdens are the foundation of ease
and bitter things the forerunners of delight.
-ibid, ii, 1834-5

Lovingkindness is drawn to the saint
as medicine goes to the pain it must cure.
Where there is pain the remedy follows--
wherever the lowlands are the water goes.
If you want the water of mercy make yourself low,
then drink the wine of mercy and be drunk.
Mercy upon mercy rises to your head like a flood.
-ibid, ii, 1938-40

The five spiritual senses are all connected;
they've grown from one root.
As one grows strong the others strengthen too,
each one becomes a cupbearer to the rest.
Seeing with the eye increases speech,
speech increases discernment in the eye.
As sight deepens it awakens every sense
so that perception of the spiritual
becomes familiar to them all.
-ibid, ii, 3236-9

Each moment contains
a hundred messages from God;
to every cry of "O Lord"
He answers a hundred times "I am here."
-ibid, vi, 1578

Yet in the midst of suffering
Love proceeds like a millstone,
hard-surfaced and straightforward.

Having died to self-interest
She risks everything and asks for nothing.
Love gambles away every gift God bestows.
-ibid, vi, 1968-70

The mystery of "Die before you die" is this:
that the gifts come after your dying and not before.
Except for dying, you artful schemer,
no other skill impresses God.
-ibid, vi, 3837-8
                           -translated by Kabir Helminski, 1992, see Living Presence by him;
Mathnawi means couplets in Persian

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comparing birthcharts of South Korea and Russia; do not consider that these Chaldeans, now reincarnate as the Soviets,

S. Korea:  8-15-1948, noon, Sunday:  Sun at 22 Leo, MH at 13 Leo, Pluto at 15 Leo, Saturn at 23.5 Leo, asc. at 7 Scorpio.

Russia (Soviet Union):  11-7-1917 at 3 p.m St. Petersburg time:  Sun at 14.5 Scorpio, Moon 23.5 Leo, MH at 1 Cap., asc. at 6 Aries.

Ascendants progress at rate of 1 degree/year, therefore Russia & South Korean ascendants are progressing exactly opposite on the zodiac to each other (i.e., ascendants now at 15 Cap for S. Korea and at 15 Can for Russia).  Russian natal moon conjuncts S. Korean natal Sun.    -r, mt. shasta, ca

  The confrontation, beloved, with the power elite of Babylon, the Chaldeans themselves, is a confrontation which this reincarnation of the lightbearers must once again face in order to counteract the forces of anti-freedom....Therefore let neither prophet nor representative of the people nor ministers or pastors or rabbis nor those who lead a nation in any way consider that these Chaldeans, now reincarnate as the Soviets, and the conspirators from the West who support them, will change their tune or their designs.  Remember that they have been around this planet for aeons, and they have been warring against others of other bands of fallen angels in their rivalry to attain supremacy.  And in these wars of the gods take heed, beloved, that you are not caught in the crossfire....
  We also draw the lines for you of who are the reincarnated Chaldeans and the Assyrians, who are those who are the manipulators East and West who must be seen for what they are and not confused with the true shepherds and anointed ones who are the only ones in earth whom you may trust to lead you and to comfort you and to be more concerned for your welfare than their material conquests or their gains of war.....
  Beloved ones, these demons rush through the troops of the Chaldeans and the Assyrians and the fallen ones of the earth.  The demons rush through them--and ere they plunge headlong to their own destruction they destroy many children of God in their wake.  And this is the result of the rupturing of the astral plane into the physical octave by the misuse of sound and rhythm in the earth in this hour.
-Elohim Cyclopea:  7-5-1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles

-antahkarana, Sindelar’s all-seeing Eye

South Korea realigning to Russia

Russia's S-400 Triumf launch vehicle features cold-launching technology. Photo by SA/Wikimedia
6-26-16      Seung-Ho Joo and Tae-Hwan Kwak write in their book Korea in the 21st Century: "South Korea may find economic benefits in military cooperation with Russia. Seoul and Moscow can jointly develop advanced technology and high-tech weapons and sell them in the world market. The relationship between the two countries may be mutually complementary: Russia has two advantages in basic sciences and advanced technologies, while South Korea has strengths in marketing skills and capital."
The S-400 isn't cheap – it costs around $500 million per battalion. That's why only countries with deep pockets like China and India (which is negotiating a deal) will be fielding this weapon. But to the credit of the South Koreans, they beat both the Chinese and the Indians to this prized weapon by more than a decade.
4-16-16   Russians, however, were offering their very latest technology – yes provided that South Korea makes its purchases in meaningful quantity but without tying transfers to mega-million deals.
Thus the Korean military drew a list of what it wanted the most: 33 T-80U tanks, 33 BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles, over a thousand anti-tank "Metis" missile launchers and dozens of anti-aircraft "Igla" missile launchers. All were dutifully delivered in 1995-96.
Now one may ask how come? How come Russia was willing to arm South Korea with tanks that far outclassed anything its traditional all North Korea had? And how come it was so cavalier about transferring its latest in tank technology to a close US ally?
The answer to the first question is that in the 1990s Moscow had essentially abandoned North Korea as it instead courted the cash-rich South, in much the same way Seoul (for different reasons) courted the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

The children of the dark seek always for authority.

 The children of the dark seek always for authority.  They seek for political control, for ecclesiastical control and for monetary control, and in all things they seek to master and not to be mastered by any.  What we should call universal justice is far from their minds, but the Karmic Lords hold it ever in mind; therefore the light sustains the momentum of freedom which you are generating even now through your prayers and decrees.  The rulers of darkness may not be complacent, but little do they know how many people love justice, mercy and truth….
  Let us remind you that the age of the Earth is far greater than humanity have reckoned, that countless civilizations have had even greater scientific advancement than your own, and that there have been periods when the spiritual laws of the universe were used by ascended and unascended masters to assist the evolutions of Earth in governing the planet according to the laws of Love, Wisdom and Power.  That these days shall come again is inevitable, but the times shall be decided by the hour of the victory in the battle….
  The traitors must be exposed….Let us ask the powers of light and illumination from the Great Central Sun to dip into the fires of the will of God and by their attunement with His will for this Earth and its evolutions to give mankind the wisdom to discover the deceits of those who would confiscate property and subvert the laws of the land which are in keeping with the laws of God.  Let us ask them to expose those who would dominate the freewill of the sons of God.  Let us ask that the deceivers be made known to the consciousness of the masses that they may learn to repudiate them swiftly and not to be deterred in their spiritual search by the activities of these few children of darkness who have risen to positions of power.       -El Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:42
  Many are beginning to find out that in the world of form only God and the followers of God will allow them their freedom; whereas most people--family, friends, organizations, societies, religious groups, commercial enterprises, governments, armies and all sorts of worldly associations--continually demand of the individual his life, his fortune and his sacred honor.
  The manipulators are everywhere and freedom is constantly imperiled by them.  Wise is the man of the Spirit who values his freedom enough to see through the miserable schemes that come in almost any disguise, seeking to deny him his God-given right to pursue a life of spiritual enlightenment.  What do you suppose, humanity of Earth, is behind all of the dreadful forms of control that are being exercised upon your unsuspecting selves?…But withal we would sound a note of great hope that you might understand  that your greatest power lies in the pursuit of spiritual goals, in living a life of honesty, of integrity, of truth telling, of humility, of submitting yourself to the higher powers from the spiritual world….
  In heaven’s name, I say, even if the world were three-quarters blackguard, do you think that we intend to fill our consciousness with the substance of man’s deceit?…Life is opportunity, and freewill is the gift of opportunity to all, but the use you make of it will always be yours to determine.
  There are many forces that seek to prevent the students from assimilating the depth of wisdom in our releases.  But there is one power that can release you from them all and that is the power of your own mighty I AM God-Presence who--when called into action--always obtains the victory.          -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:45


    From every attack we will rally, summoning the continuance of the faith in the hearts of the faithful who have seen that the adventure that will illumine the holy road to perfection is a gem of such worth as to merit all one has first received from God.  What price is glory?  It is the prize, the greatest prize that fills every moment with delight….above all let us retain always in the fragile moment the discernment of living truth.          -El Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:46

-Saint Germain, Kuan Yin, Morya--in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

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God's holy and sacred name I AM--in general so carelessly and thoughtlessly used in conversation of all kinds

   ...God's holy and sacred name I AM--in general so carelessly and thoughtlessly used in conversation of all kinds in the populace of this dear Earth, particularly [by] the English-speaking people.  The Word I AM as it appears in English today carries within it the full creative power of the Godhead and as such is used by all of us in our octave as well as everywhere else in the universe.  That Word can never have its vibratory action changed by translation into any other language, for JE SUIS, ICH BIN or any other combination of sounds which mean I AM do not carry the same creative activity of God as does I AM in English today....
  Then is not the knowledge and use of the Word I AM indispensable to your eternal victory since it is the open door back into the heart of your Creator?         -Mighty Victory:  Pearls of Wisdom 2:18
  Of all people, beloved, I counsel you:  be God-centered and do not be moved.  Do not be moved!  It is a weakness of the flesh and the human mind.  Do not be moved.  Do not feel that this one or that one has betrayed you or criticized you or done this or that to you.  Do not be a reactor, beloved; be proactive and know that as you are strong, as you are determined, as you are filled and empowered with the will of God and the hosts of the Lord you will see that this nation may once again be protected, that every nation may be protected, and that those of merit will not be denied, will not be denied the flame of freedom.           -Saint Germain:  5-3-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles

-Saint Germain, in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

55 percent of China’s 50,000 rivers that existed in the 1990s have disappeared

6-27-16   China's Ministry of Water Resources said around 55 percent of China’s 50,000 rivers that existed in the 1990s have disappeared, according to a 2014 report published by The Ecologist.
  From the standpoint of the spiritual path moral and immoral practices are defined as those that either enhance or detract from the goal of the spiritual life, which is avowedly the soul’s union with God.  The morality of a devotee is expressed in his service to life and in his daily devotions by which he aspires to achieve the goal.   -Messenger ECP; see 

-E C Prophet

-Confucius, in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

-Maha Chohan

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Many of you will recall my son’s words to Peter, “Satan hath desired to have you that he may sift you as wheat” (Luke 22:31).

In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, beloved Lords of Nature and Gold—in the name of the Presence of God which I AM and through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me:

  Charge! charge! charge! throughout my four lower bodies the purifying, balancing action of the golden flame of precipitated sunlight from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun!  (3x)
  Release! release! release! into my hands and world today the full cosmic abundance of every good and perfect gift from my own mighty I AM Presence and causal body!  (3x)
  Cut me free! cut me free! cut me free! right now and forever from all economic conditions by the full power of the three times three* and the golden radiance of the light of God that never fails!  (3x)

    O God of Love, thou God of Gold
    My true success you ever hold
    In the hollow of thy hand
    Supply is mine by thy command!

    Come, come now by all thy love
    From thy treasure-house above
    Set me free from every lack
    Fulfill the law and lead me back!

    For abundance now outpoured
    My God-Presence is adored
    Complete the glory of thy plan
    By thy grace I AM God’s man!  (9x)

And in full faith I consciously accept this done right now with full power, eternally sustained, all powerfully active, ever expanding and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the light and free.  Beloved I AM!  Beloved I AM!  Beloved I AM!               -Pearls of Wisdom 12:43
*three times three—the 7 major rays of the pure light plus 2 secret rays in cosmic coordination
  People say that they have no time to pursue spiritual studies, prayerful intercession on behalf of those in need, meditation and the things of the Spirit.  And many shun faith in spiritual endeavors until they themselves come to the place where they are sorely in need of assistance from on high….

  Many of you will recall my son’s words to Peter, “Satan hath desired to have you that he may sift you as wheat” (Luke 22:31)….Yet courage is needed, for evil is not personal.  It is simply magnetized to the world of men by reason of their own lack of faith in themselves….The self is the gateway to God.       -Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:44

                                  -Maitreya, Chart of the I AM Presence, Archeia Mary

Now we begin through the student body and through the principles of illumination to knock the scales from the eyes of men

  We long for the hour when the hour when the devotees being altogether on the path will number all among mankind.  Thus all things will be a matter of moving from glory to glory as the Spirit of the Lord literally propels men toward the destiny of immortality…. 
  While the ashes of destruction eddy around a decaying society the magnificent cosmic creation is already being blueprinted.  And how glorious it is!  It conceives not only of the current renovation of humanity but also of a future time when every little child will at birth begin the process of initiation.  In reality birth herself is an initiation for it is in that moment when the breath of life is renewed that the Cosmic Mother begins the process of tutoring Her children.  When there is gross interference on the part of the old world order it is always an attempt to stultify the vigor of the Spirit and to sunder the holy thread of contact between the realm of the immortals and those who tarry in the dusty world….
  The struggle has waxed hot amongst the vainglorious apostles of orthodoxy who do not see how the Keystone was knocked out of the arch of reality.  They suppose themselves to be doing God’s service in their archaic meanderings….It is fear of personal loss that sustains their rigor mortis.  We encourage freedom from the vain ideas they have sought to implement….We who come from immortal realms to give our all to all rejoice only in the constructive spires that unfold the latent divinity of all men….
  Now we begin through the student body and through the principles of illumination to knock the scales from the eyes of men and to show forth as never before the inner esoteric processes whereby the living Christ is unfolded within each and every man.  It is to the Spirit of resurrection that we dedicate ourselves.             -Serapis Bey:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:15 
  The flame of the resurrection is a unique contribution of God to each and every man.  Its exclusivity is discovered only when it is claimed by the individual, then he becomes unique as God intends, his life a significant contribution to one or more facets of the Divine Whole….The vileness of the world will remain as it is until it passes away through a change of consciousness.    So long as any individual lingers in his cups of shame so long will his world remain outside of the manifestation of the perfection of God….
  Those who are on the path have the comfort of contact; those who are outside the holy circle are the despairing ones even when they acknowledge it not….Myopia is a strange disease.  When men are convinced of their own superiority and of the superiority of the intellect they too frequently ignore the mandates of reality.  Today greater understanding of the principles of life and truth, free from the distortions and unrests of mortal rebellion, is urgently needed….

  Those who seek to save their own lives and to establish without God a perfect social order will soon find, one by one, that they have failed in their understanding of life’s purposes, for the kingdom is not temporal but eternal, and the life of man is not for just a few short years and then extinction.  Attainment and service are advantageous because they lead the way to eternal life when they are harassed to the stars of cosmic law.         
-Gautama Buddha:  Pearls of Wisdom  12:16
in Prayer and Meditation, 1978
rose campion





If we did not see the divine intent from inner levels

 Let past history speak then of the defections that have occurred in the true religion brought forth by the Lord Christ two thousand years ago….Arming themselves with the weapons to exploit every weakness in human nature they took advantage of man’s trusting nature to the fullest.  The treachery of the dark ones is not only reprehensible but it is inconceivable to the mind of the average individual.  
  Because of the light of the sun that shines upon the just and the unjust and the hope that springs forth eternal in the human breast we often find men and women to be naive when it comes to assessing the character of the enemies of righteousness.  While they attribute a nonexistent virtue to those who are charged with subverting the entire human race they are willing to attribute the darkest deeds to those who are sworn to universal service in God’s name.  Such upside-down tendencies found in human nature have not only made people susceptible to the darkness that opaques progress in this age but also they have permitted science free reign even to the point of shaping the moral code, and truth is denied access to the council chambers of the gods of this world.  If we did not see the divine intent from inner levels and the large number of souls whose hearts are like glistening pearls, hopefully radiating the banner of the new age, we might stand aghast at the monstrous activities of the dark ones and their methods of involving the earnest and sincere in their activities of worldly purpose.
  Surely heaven has not wished upon men aught but the abundant Life.  Surely in purveying a gospel of social perfection men have not bequeathed happiness or eternal assurance to any, for the world reeks with turmoil both distant and near, and fear clouds many an honest heart.  Deep within their hearts men and women know something is wrong with the state of mortal life, that although God may be in His heaven the world herself is not right….
  We avow that there is a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip, that injustices creep among the children of men everywhere….In heaven’s name freedom is freedom only so long as men are vigilant; but bondage is inevitable when the powers that enslave the human mind and person go unchallenged….But you cannot extinguish the flame of freedom in the hearts of all peoples for freedom is their natural lot and they will aspire even when it is denied them--more so then than ever before….
  There are many individuals who are with us in sentiment and belief but they will not enter the arena of action and to put their total energies on the line.  To them I say:  wake up and realize that perchance for want of the nail not only the shoe but the whole battle may be lost!
  The forces who aspire to world takeover know that they must first destroy the values of freedom.  Thus they seek to permeate the arts, commerce, government, industry and society as a whole with a crass materialism that--as many men have said--is a dog-eat-dog philosophy.  The church as a rallying-point no longer exists, therefore we must through our sacred orders enlighten mankind as to how the presently existing compromises were enjoined.  The forces of darkness would give the impression that they are in league with the forces of light.  Otherwise they could not promote the evil molds that they employ in their attempts to destroy the glorious image of God.  In its place they would make for the children of this age a graven image whose distortions evoke ambivalent attitudes which compromise truth in the minds of the people….

  Free then from calumny and with the understanding of the need for honest hearts, may the Sons of Liberty remain active in holding the cup of light that is righteousness and justice for all….Freedom is greatly desired by men and yet it is carelessly placed in the balance scales of ignorance and self-love….          
                                  Valiantly I AM your Knight Commander,  
            (by Sindelar)
-Pearls of Wisdom 12:18