Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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  There are people today who are truly Caspar Milquetoasts.  They just sit back and whatever happens--if the government decides to do a certain thing--they accept it.     
-Mark Prophet

  There is a confusion which results from the media today whereby children are given all kinds of cartoons and stories and fantasies with which they identify; and they float in and out of the astral plane, in and out of illusion....My children came home telling me that their teacher said "There are no angels, there isn't any God, no one believes in God anymore."    -Elizabeth C. Prophet:  The Great White Brotherhood in the Religion, Culture and History of America, 1976, p. 186

-Archangel Gabriel & Mohammed, in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

-Portia, by John William Wright, 1846

-Kuan Yin, by Ruth Hawkins

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