Sunday, June 26, 2016

If we did not see the divine intent from inner levels

 Let past history speak then of the defections that have occurred in the true religion brought forth by the Lord Christ two thousand years ago….Arming themselves with the weapons to exploit every weakness in human nature they took advantage of man’s trusting nature to the fullest.  The treachery of the dark ones is not only reprehensible but it is inconceivable to the mind of the average individual.  
  Because of the light of the sun that shines upon the just and the unjust and the hope that springs forth eternal in the human breast we often find men and women to be naive when it comes to assessing the character of the enemies of righteousness.  While they attribute a nonexistent virtue to those who are charged with subverting the entire human race they are willing to attribute the darkest deeds to those who are sworn to universal service in God’s name.  Such upside-down tendencies found in human nature have not only made people susceptible to the darkness that opaques progress in this age but also they have permitted science free reign even to the point of shaping the moral code, and truth is denied access to the council chambers of the gods of this world.  If we did not see the divine intent from inner levels and the large number of souls whose hearts are like glistening pearls, hopefully radiating the banner of the new age, we might stand aghast at the monstrous activities of the dark ones and their methods of involving the earnest and sincere in their activities of worldly purpose.
  Surely heaven has not wished upon men aught but the abundant Life.  Surely in purveying a gospel of social perfection men have not bequeathed happiness or eternal assurance to any, for the world reeks with turmoil both distant and near, and fear clouds many an honest heart.  Deep within their hearts men and women know something is wrong with the state of mortal life, that although God may be in His heaven the world herself is not right….
  We avow that there is a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip, that injustices creep among the children of men everywhere….In heaven’s name freedom is freedom only so long as men are vigilant; but bondage is inevitable when the powers that enslave the human mind and person go unchallenged….But you cannot extinguish the flame of freedom in the hearts of all peoples for freedom is their natural lot and they will aspire even when it is denied them--more so then than ever before….
  There are many individuals who are with us in sentiment and belief but they will not enter the arena of action and to put their total energies on the line.  To them I say:  wake up and realize that perchance for want of the nail not only the shoe but the whole battle may be lost!
  The forces who aspire to world takeover know that they must first destroy the values of freedom.  Thus they seek to permeate the arts, commerce, government, industry and society as a whole with a crass materialism that--as many men have said--is a dog-eat-dog philosophy.  The church as a rallying-point no longer exists, therefore we must through our sacred orders enlighten mankind as to how the presently existing compromises were enjoined.  The forces of darkness would give the impression that they are in league with the forces of light.  Otherwise they could not promote the evil molds that they employ in their attempts to destroy the glorious image of God.  In its place they would make for the children of this age a graven image whose distortions evoke ambivalent attitudes which compromise truth in the minds of the people….

  Free then from calumny and with the understanding of the need for honest hearts, may the Sons of Liberty remain active in holding the cup of light that is righteousness and justice for all….Freedom is greatly desired by men and yet it is carelessly placed in the balance scales of ignorance and self-love….          
                                  Valiantly I AM your Knight Commander,  
            (by Sindelar)
-Pearls of Wisdom 12:18

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