Monday, June 6, 2016

You must cut and polish the gem of self which exists solely as a window

  As we look toward Epiphany (we the three Magi of the Christ birth) will tarry in Jerusalem for the judgment of the usurpers of Christ’s kingdom, the interlopers who have set up the kingdom of Antichrist and dealt mercilessly with their neighbors.  Nation by nation we will place our feet in the footsteps of the sons of Esau that the fire of God may burn up the record of their desecration of the holy ground given unto the seed of Sanat Kumara embodied in the twelve tribes (descended from Jacob, Isaac and Israel) of initiates of the Great Encounter.
  You will not find us waiting long for Herod’s henchmen to take their revenge against the birth of the Manchild, nation by nation.  We will first travel from India through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, thence upward through Europe.  And our pilgrimage will end this year on Epiphany at the shrine of the Queen of Poland, Our Lady of Czestochowa.  May some understand the mystery of the bread of Life and those who are obedient unto Christ even unto their death.  Let others understand the meaning of the living Word and imitating him in the path of eternal Life that is the way of the ascending ones. 
  My chelas…--come with me to Poland where the lines are drawn and the saints are strong and the kings and the captains and the mighty men assail the mystical body of the Manchild and meet their fateful fate….I remain El Morya in the winds of the Holy Spirit that blow across the mountain and the plains and the deserts as we make our annual trek across the sweep of the human consciousness to the place where the heart of life is infused with the light of the Incarnate Word.        -El Morya:  1-1-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles    

                           -Morya, from Prayer & Meditation, 1978

 In Hungary, Poland and Czechosolavakia the internal security forces were disbanded and then immediately reconstituted.
  For example, 20,000 out of 24,000 officers of the SB, the Polish secret police, were transferred to the police force.  But Jan Rokita, a Solidarity deputy involved with police reform, says this is a deception.  The same people are doing the same job.  “Only the signs on the doors have been changed,” he says….The Polish Minister of Internal Affairs, General Czeslaw Kiszczak, recently resigned because the press reported that he was not only getting orders from the KGB but getting written orders.      -Messenger ECP:  Astrology of the Four Horsemen, 1991, p. 330

   -Lanello & Guru Ma (Mark & Elizabeth Prophet), as in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

  You must cut and polish the gem of self which exists solely as a window upon the reality of your great God-Self.  You want people to see in the mirrorlike quality of the crystal the actual image of the hidden man of your heart.  He will remain hidden until you unveil him through the prism of the soul.      -Messengers M & E Prophet:  Lost Teachings of Jesus, 1, 1986, p. 114, see

thunderstorm over Mt. Shasta on 6-25-16 evening

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