Tuesday, June 28, 2016

comparing birthcharts of South Korea and Russia; do not consider that these Chaldeans, now reincarnate as the Soviets,

S. Korea:  8-15-1948, noon, Sunday:  Sun at 22 Leo, MH at 13 Leo, Pluto at 15 Leo, Saturn at 23.5 Leo, asc. at 7 Scorpio.

Russia (Soviet Union):  11-7-1917 at 3 p.m St. Petersburg time:  Sun at 14.5 Scorpio, Moon 23.5 Leo, MH at 1 Cap., asc. at 6 Aries.

Ascendants progress at rate of 1 degree/year, therefore Russia & South Korean ascendants are progressing exactly opposite on the zodiac to each other (i.e., ascendants now at 15 Cap for S. Korea and at 15 Can for Russia).  Russian natal moon conjuncts S. Korean natal Sun.    -r, mt. shasta, ca

  The confrontation, beloved, with the power elite of Babylon, the Chaldeans themselves, is a confrontation which this reincarnation of the lightbearers must once again face in order to counteract the forces of anti-freedom....Therefore let neither prophet nor representative of the people nor ministers or pastors or rabbis nor those who lead a nation in any way consider that these Chaldeans, now reincarnate as the Soviets, and the conspirators from the West who support them, will change their tune or their designs.  Remember that they have been around this planet for aeons, and they have been warring against others of other bands of fallen angels in their rivalry to attain supremacy.  And in these wars of the gods take heed, beloved, that you are not caught in the crossfire....
  We also draw the lines for you of who are the reincarnated Chaldeans and the Assyrians, who are those who are the manipulators East and West who must be seen for what they are and not confused with the true shepherds and anointed ones who are the only ones in earth whom you may trust to lead you and to comfort you and to be more concerned for your welfare than their material conquests or their gains of war.....
  Beloved ones, these demons rush through the troops of the Chaldeans and the Assyrians and the fallen ones of the earth.  The demons rush through them--and ere they plunge headlong to their own destruction they destroy many children of God in their wake.  And this is the result of the rupturing of the astral plane into the physical octave by the misuse of sound and rhythm in the earth in this hour.
-Elohim Cyclopea:  7-5-1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles

-antahkarana, Sindelar’s all-seeing Eye

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