Thursday, June 30, 2016

The golden age of perfectionment and purity that you envision cannot manifest in the gross, dense matter

  The golden age of perfectionment and purity that you envision cannot manifest in the gross, dense matter into which you have formed yourselves.  Therefore do not look here or there for the coming of the kingdom of God as through an outer technology, for the kingdom of God and the golden age must be an etheric civilization interpenetrating the Mater civilization.  And therefore the way of life of souls who will enter into this platform of reality is a new conception whereby the City Foursquare that descends out of heaven from God must meet also the ascending City Foursquare which is you, beloved, in the ritual of your resurrection.      -Elohim Purity:  9-18-1977 via Messenger E C Prophet
  I come to you late in the cycle but not too late.  I did not speak at the turning of this cycle on September 4, for had I spoken, beloved, you would have had locked-in to your four lower bodies this fourth secret ray.  At that hour you were still as shorn lambs; and beloved, you were not prepared to receive such an intense fire as is the fourth secret ray.
  Since its wisdom is the antithesis of the passions and the misuse of the sacred fire and since you have not diligently sought the binding of the dweller[-on-the-threshold] that represents all of those momentums, it was considered [and decided] by the great Cosmic Council who has sent me this night to forestall the locking-in of that secret ray [then] into this body and Community.           -Serapis Bey: 12-29-1990 at RTR, Montana via Messenger ECP
  [One should note from the above that the whole grand cycle of the 14 stations on the cosmic clock of the crucifixion of the Mother and her seed takes 14x14 months, or 196 months, which is 16.333 years.  Yet at this point of the 4th secret ray initiation, due to run September 4, 1990 through Nov. 3, 1991--14 months--Serapis & the Cosmic Council intervened and set back the cycle for four months; hence it ran from 12-29-1990 to 2-28-1992--14 months.  So we need to add four months to the whole grand cycle, hence it runs for 16,667 years totally.  So we reached the same point again of the 10:30 line initiations after 16.667 years from 12-29-1990--on 9-4-2007.  That fourth secret ray initiation (at 10:30 on cosmic clock) then ran 14 months to 11-3-2008.  The fifth secret ray initiation then followed the next day and ran for 14 months.  Serapis is a master of math and geometry.         -r., mt. shasta, ca]


-Maha Chohan

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