Wednesday, June 22, 2016

fire is the quality of regeneration that descends from the heart of God to uphold His perfection in man

  Often the outer world, lacking yet in the knowledge of the inner sciences, is of the opinion that spiritual power because it is invisible is ineffective in fighting against physical organisms.  I want to tell you, beloved ones, that the power of the Spirit and the power of prayer—the power of the invisible world—when properly harnessed and called into action by embodied mankind can produce many so-called miraculous corrections of disturbing conditions than most people would ever dream possible.
  We can understand how those whose faith is rooted in visible things can deny that which they do not see.  But on the other hand they do not see the wind nor can they measure with their eyes the impact of heat.  When they are in an air-conditioned room they need a thermometer in order to determine the temperature outside even when they can see through a window.  There are many stars in the sky that they do not see with the naked eye but by the use of powerful telescopes they can confirm their existence.  Mankind cannot see into the heart of an atom yet they have learned to split the atom and to unleash its energies.  Using scientific instruments they are able to extend their vision, yet in times past many of the now visible things were invisible and considered but theory.
  Those of us who function above the physical sciences in the ranges of the great cosmic light do not need to take these things by faith, for we can see them clearly.  It is you who are embodied upon the Earth in a sphere of relative limitation who require faith in order to accomplish as we do in this realm of light.  The burden of proof rests then upon those who require it.  Many outer conditions can be brought under effective control by the power of the mind and Spirit of God when faith enables man to step forth and to perform that which without faith he would never consider possible….
  But the balance of power always depends a great deal more upon the host consciousness than upon the donor consciousness.  Some individuals are so strong that they automatically repel any form of vibration that is foreign to their God Presence or their own positive state of mind.  Such spiritual fortitude is of course most desirable and should be cultivated by every student of the light.

  The strengthening of one’s aura requires an invocation to the sacred fire.  Only the fire element, blessed ones, can withstand the impact of earth, air and water.  The fire element is the highest of the four elements and in a very real sense it is capable of consuming the other three for it is the bridge between matter and Spirit….fire is the quality of regeneration that descends from the heart of God to uphold His perfection in man.  Therefore regeneration is the greatest protection anyone can have….we urge that more worthy goals be put before the eyes of the young.  Do not saddle them with your own burdens and doubts; teach them to reach for the stars.  So shall the ageless magic of God be manifest in the young of heart.         -Prince Oromasis:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:32
resurrection flame surrounding heart chakra

-by Auriel Bessemer, ~1971

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