Friday, June 17, 2016

the two most dangerous points [of vulnerability] on the path of initiation

 Thus the beginning and the ending of the mission of the Lord--the forgiveness of the waters of the human consciousness till they become the wine of the Spirit and the spiritual consciousness--must be that "this mortal must put on immortality, this corruptible must put on incorruption."  Therefore in the cycle of the night and the day may you come to the point of embracing the Spirit of the Resurrection by fearlessness flame, fearlessness flame, fearlessness flame--the very presence of divine Love.  Divine Love will embrace the Spirit of the Resurrection, that great being of God from the Central Sun who may seal you if you first seal yourself. 
  I give you then the two most dangerous points [of vulnerability] on the path of initiation. The [first is the soul] being out of alignment with the will and the law of God on the four o’clock line--and with God as love, as wisdom, as power.  [The initiations of the flame of God-obedience charted on this line in polarity with the flame of God-vision on the ten o’clock line] involve the use of the all-seeing Eye of God to behold the divine Lawgiver and to embrace Him.  [It is spiritual blindness caused by selfishness, self-love and self-pity charted on the ten o’clock line that produces] the out-of-alignment state with my heart as I also sit on [the four o’clock] line waiting, waiting for you to come into my heart of Taurus.
  I AM the Buddha, with Godfre, keeping this flame for you, beloved.  Do not circumvent this [10/4 axis] any longer.  By the violation of the all-seeing Eye of God through the ignorance [or the ignoring] of the Law--by your failure to study it or by your defiance of the Law, having knowledge of it yet going against it--you may still lose everything though you feel quite safe and content in our Western Shamballa.  This then must needs be corrected.
  Blessed hearts, I pray you will seek Cyclopea’s all-seeing Eye of God to correct misconceptions, misstatements, misalignments.  Give Cyclopea a twenty-four-hour cycle to answer a round of decrees to that mighty Elohim of the Fifth Ray to enlighten you, to correct your vision that you might see what you should see.  Each time you decide to cross the line of the Law [of Love], beloved, give a round of Cyclopeas and see what you see in twenty-four hours before deciding to go ahead with your ill-conceived plans that may seem so right in the moment.
  Now beloved, the second [point] of vulnerability by which you may also lose all is the eleven o’clock line.  Whereas God-obedience is the key that unlocks the Western Shamballa, so that flame of God-victory (charted on the eleven o’clock line) does unlock the door to the Retreat of the Divine Mother.  [For the Divine Mother] does not receive anyone, no matter what their supposed standing in life, who yet retains the momentums of resentment or the need for revenge or retaliation and their corollary, that despicable state of [self-]ignorance which sinks into envy and jealousy [for want of that Self-knowledge in Christ which knows that all things are possible in God to the one who knows himself as the manifestation of God].                -Gautama Buddha:  12-31-89 at RTR, Montana

-Gautama, Amitabha--as in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

                                     -all-seeing Eye by Sindelar

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