Saturday, June 11, 2016

where the people at last having overthrown the yoke of human delusion and all the forces that have sought to divide them

  And as I come to you tonight it is to bring about a clear awakening and awareness, a clarion call that passes through the starry night and speaks of far-off worlds—a clarion call that speaks of far-flung empires of light where various cosmic evolutions are approaching the throne of graceful deliverance for entire planetary bodies, where the people at last having overthrown the yoke of human delusion and all the forces that have sought to divide them have entered into that spirit of harmonious oneness which God has designed in His great intent of fiery purpose for the planetary body Earth.
  I AM Cyclopea!  I AM Cyclopea!  I AM Cyclopea!  And I AM flooding this place with cosmic light.  I do not care what mortal opinion holds of me; I do not care what individuals think of our Messenger.  I do not care what dense strata of matter ponders of infinite Love—infinite Love shall not be damned up, it shall flow forth.  I decree it tonight….
  I tell you, beloved ones, the Lord is in His holy temple, and He Himself is about to undertake the task of actually cleansing the Augean stables of all the awful accumulation of mortal debris coming about because of the war machines of the world, even the machines that long ago began to function through the House of Krupp and therefore produced that which is known even at inner levels as human corruption in the world of form.
  We tell you then that all of the activities that have taken place in Monte Carlo when Mr. Zaharoff was there functioning in the world and creating munitions pacts of darkness to bring about the destructive activities of what you have called World War I and also the activities that produced the strange interlude of World War II as a prelude to the present VietNam conflict and others that have been produced in the world—all produced by human greed—are themselves actually deprived of their power by the Word of God that sweeps now through the Earth with the power of the Infinite from the very highest realms of Eden where the Tree of Life is standing forth to dispense healing to the nations of the Earth….

  Decree then with me within the forcefield of your blessed beings for the freedom of these little ones of God that they may grow up into the world and find there a better world than that which is now existing.      -Elohim Cyclopea:  12-29-1969 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Mark Prophet

-antahkarana; all-seeing Eye by Sindelar

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