Sunday, June 19, 2016

Gov. of India: Quarantine facilities against zika virus will also be set up at all major entry points to India

6-1-2016    Sensing the emergency, the government of India, with an approval from the Health Ministry; had published guidelines to avoid and fight the Zika virus:
1. All citizens, especially pregnant women, must refrain from travelling to the affected countries.
2. All international airports and ports will display signage showing information on the disease. Quarantine facilities will also be set up at all major entry points to the country.
3. All travellers must report to the customs for medical check up if they are returning from the affected countries and suffering from illness.
4. All travellers who are already in the affected countries should strictly follow protective measures, especially during the day to prevent mosquito bite.
5. Rapid Response Teams (RRT), comprising a microbiologist, an epidemiologist and a medical specialist, have been set up at central and state surveillance units.
6. The government-run Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) will track reports of acute febrile illness through its community and hospital-based data collection system. It will investigate such cases occurring to people who have recently been to the affected countries.
7. Delhi-based National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has been identified to be the nodal agency for investigation of Zika virus outbreak in the country.   
-Indian biochemist (Devika Sirohi) at Purdue U. helping the fight against zika virus

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