Sunday, June 26, 2016

Now we begin through the student body and through the principles of illumination to knock the scales from the eyes of men

  We long for the hour when the hour when the devotees being altogether on the path will number all among mankind.  Thus all things will be a matter of moving from glory to glory as the Spirit of the Lord literally propels men toward the destiny of immortality…. 
  While the ashes of destruction eddy around a decaying society the magnificent cosmic creation is already being blueprinted.  And how glorious it is!  It conceives not only of the current renovation of humanity but also of a future time when every little child will at birth begin the process of initiation.  In reality birth herself is an initiation for it is in that moment when the breath of life is renewed that the Cosmic Mother begins the process of tutoring Her children.  When there is gross interference on the part of the old world order it is always an attempt to stultify the vigor of the Spirit and to sunder the holy thread of contact between the realm of the immortals and those who tarry in the dusty world….
  The struggle has waxed hot amongst the vainglorious apostles of orthodoxy who do not see how the Keystone was knocked out of the arch of reality.  They suppose themselves to be doing God’s service in their archaic meanderings….It is fear of personal loss that sustains their rigor mortis.  We encourage freedom from the vain ideas they have sought to implement….We who come from immortal realms to give our all to all rejoice only in the constructive spires that unfold the latent divinity of all men….
  Now we begin through the student body and through the principles of illumination to knock the scales from the eyes of men and to show forth as never before the inner esoteric processes whereby the living Christ is unfolded within each and every man.  It is to the Spirit of resurrection that we dedicate ourselves.             -Serapis Bey:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:15 
  The flame of the resurrection is a unique contribution of God to each and every man.  Its exclusivity is discovered only when it is claimed by the individual, then he becomes unique as God intends, his life a significant contribution to one or more facets of the Divine Whole….The vileness of the world will remain as it is until it passes away through a change of consciousness.    So long as any individual lingers in his cups of shame so long will his world remain outside of the manifestation of the perfection of God….
  Those who are on the path have the comfort of contact; those who are outside the holy circle are the despairing ones even when they acknowledge it not….Myopia is a strange disease.  When men are convinced of their own superiority and of the superiority of the intellect they too frequently ignore the mandates of reality.  Today greater understanding of the principles of life and truth, free from the distortions and unrests of mortal rebellion, is urgently needed….

  Those who seek to save their own lives and to establish without God a perfect social order will soon find, one by one, that they have failed in their understanding of life’s purposes, for the kingdom is not temporal but eternal, and the life of man is not for just a few short years and then extinction.  Attainment and service are advantageous because they lead the way to eternal life when they are harassed to the stars of cosmic law.         
-Gautama Buddha:  Pearls of Wisdom  12:16
in Prayer and Meditation, 1978
rose campion





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