Monday, June 13, 2016

Love is the union of Alpha and Omega

190.  through a gap in the nerve substance any intruder can penetrate, beginning with obsession and ending with cancer.  Yet the nerve substance can be protected only by psychic energy.  This training of psychic energy will be the true prophylaxis of humanity.  At least a pure thought can be applied, thereby protecting the entrances to the nerve spheres; even such a simple measure will be useful.  Also, psychic energy will be the best purification during the period of a hidden disease.  But terrible is the decomposition of the nerve substance under the influence of drunkenness and all kinds of vices.          -M:  Hierarchy 1931

77, 169.  It is bad to begin to pity aloud the one who is obsessed,or to condemn his contradictions.  The strong and striking command or isolation can ease the fate of a weak heart, because through weakness of the heart obsession creeps in.  The fire of the heart singes all woolly visitors....Of course it is difficult to conquer obsession especially because after obsession the gates remain open to visitors for a long time.  Very intense observation is needed to protect the one who has admitted an obsessor through irritation, which opens wide the door.  The heart is the best protection against obsession, but one must watch that the heart should not fall asleep.              -M:  Heart 1932

205.  Even the cross itself has no strength without the heart.  Even the purest prana will not penetrate a wrathful heart.  Even aum will remain as naught before a deceptive and treacherous heart.       -M:  Heart 1932

165.  The world suffers from halfway measures and suffocates from indulgences--yes, yes, yes!  Lightning of the spirit can cleanse space.       -Morya:  Fiery World 1935
  Love is the union of Alpha and Omega, and prayer is the release of the energy of that union. ...
  I AM Mary, the Mother ray, and I come now with grids and forcefields of the hour of victory and of the victory of the Mother-flame within you.  Do you understand that a forcefield is a field of energy that is condensed, concentrated according to a particular pattern, a molecular pattern, as photons of light converge for a cosmic purpose?
  A forcefield then is a grid of God’s mind; it is like a strainer with a definite pattern and design.  And as that strainer is placed upon the chakras of each one, the precious heart chakra, the energies of that chakra flow through the grid to release to all life everywhere a certain blueprint, an imprint of the mind of God.  This is fohatic light!  This is energy of the Great Central Sun!  This is the dedication of life by the Lords of Flame from Venus!…We come then bearing grids and forcefields from Omega for each one—a peculiar people with a peculiar pattern, so a specific invocation, so a divine calling.  So let the action of the light then flow. ...
  So let the original 144,000 who receive the grid, who keep the momentum and who keep true to the Law of Life be counted as the fiery core of the causal body, as holding the torch of the virtues of the Cosmic Virgin in that fiery core.  And let those who follow thereafter then be in the succeeding circles of the causal body until the entire planetary home, filled with light and with the light of the Keepers of the Flame, is drawn into the sacred fire of the ascension and the hallowed circle of the aum.      -Archeia Mary:  2-28-1975 at Los Angeles via Messenger ECP

-Messenger ECP, Archeia Mary, ascension coil

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