Tuesday, June 7, 2016

the emptiness of the dream that is without God

  All men are not equally sensitive to the ministrations of the Holy Spirit, for all have not exercised their spiritual senses with diligence and gratitude for blessings felt but not seen....But true spiritual experience can come only through contact with the macrocosmic world of Spirit, and this interchange between the macrocosm and the microcosm of man's being is dependent almost entirely upon the development of one's spiritual faculties....
  As long as mankind are attached to the things of the world the things of the Holy Spirit may seem as foolishness unto them.  But when through the testing experiences of life they come to realize the emptiness of the dream that is without God the search becomes for them one that is valid.  Each step attained is then recognized as a striving toward the perfect hope of God for every creature....
  Through the ministration of the Holy Spirit the severed strands (of reality) are once again united and the body of divine radiance that composes the invisible garment of the servant-son is once again placed before him as the means of his goalfittedness for a lifetime.  If he is able first to perceive and then to accept these graces, the development of the Christ consciousness, the eschewing of evil and the exaltation of hope will be accomplished in him as he exclaims:
I AM free!
I AM free from all mortal density
I AM free from delusion, confusion, doubt and discouragement
I AM encouraged by the spiritual care for me
That manifests through the consciousness of the Good Shepherd

...I pray O God that this understanding may be sufficient unto me
That I may become as a little child
To receive the crumbs that fall from Thy table
And to recognize them as seeds of magnificent cosmic potential
They are like tiny jewels from the earth
Yet like flowers these spiritual gems unfold,
Become a cosmos radiant with hope for every person

Where I AM Thou art
O God I AM Thyself
Crown me with the delight of Thy Law
In my inward parts and in my outer actions:
O Holy Spirit, deliver me!                -Maha Chohan:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:4

  Men should understand that although their surrender to God be complete, following surrender they must wait for the fiat of bestowal that is pronounced by the God-Presence as a restatement of the blessing given by God at the birth of His offspring:  "Thou art My beloved Son:  this day have I begotten thee."  This takes place when one has relinquished the control of his four lower bodies to his Christ Self....The heart of the Christ is brimming with the creative essence which pours out the unifying experience that identifies him with Life, him with the Alchemists and the Alchemist with him.      -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:13

-Rembrandt:  The Polish Rider (detail), ~1655

Shasta from the northwest

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