Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The priesthood was involved in favoritism and guarding the great secrets from the people

  The star of the east is the light of the I AM Presence within which guides the soul to the state where in loving adoration he is able to humble himself as an individual manifestation of God and perceive the universal Messiah in eternal living nativity within himself and others….In the Father’s plan no favoritism is bestowed, no escape from responsibility is possible.       -Kuthumi in Corona Class Lessons, 24, 1986

  Gautama came in at an hour when Hinduism was at its worst state of decadence.  The priesthood was involved in favoritism and guarding the great secrets, the mysteries of God, from the people thus keeping the masses in ignorance.  The caste system had become a means of imprisonment of the soul instead of a means of liberation through dharma….Jesus did exactly the same thing through the same power—the power of the eternal Christ.       -Messenger ECP:  Inner Perspectives, 32, 2003
                   Judgment Call by Jesus Christ:
In the name of the I AM THAT I AM I invoke the Electronic Presence of Jesus Christ:
They shall not pass!  They shall not pass!  They shall not pass!
By the authority of the cosmic cross of whitefire it shall be
That all that is directed against the Christ within me, within the holy innocents, within every son and daughter of God--by the Nephilim gods, their genetic engineering, population control and contrived wars slaughtering the sons of God and children of the light on the battlefields of life--
Is now turned back by the authority of Alpha and Omega,
By the authority of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, by the authority of Saint Germain!
I AM THAT I AM within the center of this temple and I declare in the fullness of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood that those who then practice the black arts against the children of the light--namely the entire interplanetary conspiracy of the fallen angels and their mechanization man--
Are now bound by the hosts of the Lord, 
Do now receive the judgment of the Lord Christ within me, within Jesus and within every ascended master, 
Do now receive then the full return, multiplied by the energy of the Cosmic Christ, of their nefarious deeds which they have practiced since the very incarnation of the Word!

Lo I AM a son of God!  Lo I AM a flame of God!
Lo I stand upon the Rock of the living Word with Jesus, the living Son of God:
They shall not pass!  They shall not pass!  They shall not pass!
Elohim!  Elohim!  Elohim!
  Christ forewarns the wise of the factors of failure on the part of the people of Good that spell danger and imminent doom if we do not tangle with them now:  1) failure to control the reincarnated laggard Atlantean scientists..., 2) failure to deal with the destroyers in the earth in every class and rank whose earmark--like the mark of Cain--is always the denial of God-truth..., 3) failure to confirm the Lord's judgment of the dead who clutter the earth with their cults of Death, who serve the gods of sin..., 4) failure to overcome personal and planetary fear by the perfect love of the Holy Ghost who has delivered into our hands the full power of the Word in the dynamic decree to the violet fire and the mandate to use it.   
-Messenger ECP:  Lost Teachings on Finding God Within, 1993

 -Goddess of Liberty, Messenger ECP, Maha Chohan; Jesus Christ & Saint Germain, as in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

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