Saturday, June 18, 2016

Man must go within and find that Law

  …with the coming of mercy there are those who understand mercy as the gentle rain from heaven, and there are those who receive it as hailstones that are the destruction of the outer form.  The difference is in the consciousness of the individual rather than in the consciousness of God….
  Now you must take that Law--claim it, prove it, make it your own by assimilation and then you will see that all else that is unreal will give way and every particle of matter will come into alignment with the great Law of Spirit.  This is the sacred science of the Christ and the Buddha….It is not enough that God has written His Law in the inward parts of man.  Man must go within and find that Law and decipher it and write it for this century and this moment!  The rewriting of the Law of Perfection of the soul involves the adaptation of relative life and existence on earth to bring it into conformity day by day to the perfection of life….

  Hear then the Word of the Lord:  that the balance of the absolute perfection of God must be held in mind even while you retain the awareness of relative existence and the place to which your own karma has brought you,  the place of imperfection which is only temporary--temporary until you have seen that the law of alignment is greater than the law of the out-of-alignment consciousness                  -Kuan Yin:  5-8-1977 at Pasadena via Messenger of the Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet

-by R. Hawkins
                               -11th century China, at St. Louis Art Museum

                                   -in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

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