Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Movement is the universal power of the Great Central Sun Magnet

  Men have excused the foul conduct of this generation on the grounds of ignorance.  But what kind of ignorance is acting, blessed ones?…I do not think it is ignorance but an ignoring of social responsibility.  I think it is a failure on the part of those who should know better to stress the ethics and morality of cosmic Law.  I think it is involvement by great minds in the trivia of dogma, sophistry, intellectual argument and impracticalities.  And I think that it is a most complex competition which places multifaceted splendid elements of a civilization in opposition to one another.  For alas the pitting of two benign groups against each other often produces the third banality of ridiculous struggle.
  Linked as I AM to the Universal Mother and upholding as I do the high standards of the Ancient of Days, your beloved Sanat Kumara, I propose that the world should examine itself anew.  In what direction is humanity going?…The idols in the marketplaces remain in vogue for a time and then pass away.  Each man rises meteorically to his zenith and then—as a falling star— flashes and dims out.  The Lord has need of you.  The world has need of you and you have need of the world.  By universal loving cooperation the picture of universal harmony can be framed and made real….
  The real that’s within you is Spirit and flame
  Controlling your form in dear Being’s name—
  You go forth to win as knights of the light
  And banish the dark of stupidity’s night—
  For wisdom was given to help each one rise
  Your life pattern beauteous descends from the skies….
The power of better example belongs to the strong.        -Meta:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:28
  The falling seeds speak of promise.  Out of harshness and misunderstanding are tenderness and wisdom born.  Men lament their transitory nature, but let them understand that the very nature of the transitory makes possible the way of light.  Those who climb to the stars should understand that until their feet have left the highest rung and they stand upon the star of light’s attainment they remain in transit.
  Movement is the universal power of the Great Central Sun Magnet as it draws men through the processes of nature and spiritual evolution toward a higher goal.  Let men learn to discard feelings of struggle and involvement in sense consciousness….Like never-fading flowers the permanent body of man—his luminous body of light—is the eternal hope that, rising in the human heart acting as compass-needle, enables man to chart his course over the troubled seas of life.  And the seething of discord, the seeming triumph of the temporal, is as naught once the race is run.  
  To cast your anchor beyond the veil means to fit yourselves to progress—recognizing where you are and where you are going establishes contact with the higher way and enables you to come up over discordant conditions because your anchor is already cast into the goal-fittedness of the master’s plan for you….

  While you are here/ Remember I AM near….We did not say it was easy, for it was not easy for many of us.  But to us it was the only way.        -Rose of Light:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:29
  Moreover there do abound on this planet false hierarchy impostors of Lord Maitreya.  Watch out for them and remember that I, Morya, have warned you, for I love you...."Command these stones be made bread.  Cast thyself down the mountain.  Worship me and I will give you the whole world."
  Beware, beloved.  These temptations are cleverly disguised in altruistic aims and goals.  If your threefold flame be developed and balanced you will see through them by the inner intuition of the heart [even] when the outer mind is confused and may fail to perceive the Real and the unreal....
  With the sign of the ruby ray, with the signet of the ruby lodestone I impress in your memory my words that you might arrive at the day of your victory and know that it is the day of your victory and know that on that day--whether it be in a fortnight, a year or ten--you shall remain so fixed in the secret love star of Victory that no subtlety or subterfuge or beguiling tempter shall cause you to move...from the center of your first love.   -Morya El:  6-30-1988 at RTR, Montana via Messenger ECP

-Amitabha Buddha, Morya, Lady Kristine, Maitreya

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