Sunday, July 23, 2017

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  Dear Liberty,/ Wouldst thou, canst thou
The chastening of this wayward generation undertake?
Perchance a new colossus of direction
Will give freedom limb and voice to make.
The speed of lightning imprisoned give mankind….
Tis not too late if Freedom’s sons will rally,
Raise the banner with determination
To go forth and tread upon the serpent’s head!…

This is an hour, gracious ones, of deepest summoning when each one should ponder as to just what he can do for the cause of the light, taking stock of those precious assets which life has vouchsafed to him within his very hands and power….Today the planet is in the throes of a death struggle which is not always apparent to the unobserving or the unalert….

  Smart argument  and wit/ Have often made a line of it,
A smacking impact out of fact
That seems so smug/ And yet does lack
The balance of the cosmic Law—
Perfectioned mind without a flaw,
Where love does balance wisdom’s flame
And power glows by God’s own name

As the challenge of this day stands before you remember well my words and inscribe them upon your heart, for I am the exponent of freedom for this planet for two thousand years and I desire with the greatest joy of desiring to say from the depths of my heart:

  Lord God of Hosts, Lord God of Hosts,
Thou who hast strung out the Pleiades 
And gladdened eyes of little child,
The wise and the foolish all are Thine—
The cruel and the mild

  There is no greater urge or goal/ Than holding freedom in the soul
Of all the world and every man

  Let us do then what we can/ And daily make an effort greater
By God’s great love let all walk straighter
On the path as Freedom’s friends—
Beauteous hearts who will defend/ Value line and worthy mission
By the power of Christ decision

  Christ before me, light my way,
Christ behind me all the day,/ Christ above me as I pray,
Christ within me lives today

  Freedom’s flame where’er He goes,/ Holy Spirit like a rose
Opening its tiny bud,/ Its scent releases all Thy love
And hallows mind and being all
By love’s great service/ For which I call

   In the bonds of freedom’s love and valor I remain affectionately and obediently yours,        
                                   Saint Germain            Pearls of Wisdom 11:7

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The perfect love of which I speak is the love that emanates

     The perfect love of which I speak is the love that emanates from the Father/Mother God, from the very core of true being.  And it is this love which when invoked through divine decree by the children of God will dissolve and consume on contact all fear and doubt, anxiety and frustration and the sense of aloneness which mankind has evolved through the consciousness of separation from the Source of life.

The veil that hung in the ancient Hebrew temple between the holy of holies and the holy place is symbolical of the veil of the divine Mediator that guards the perfection of God from the imperfection of man.  This is the veil that is sanctioned by God to protect the altar of the sacred fire in the most holy place where only the high priest, the Christ Self of each one, may enter.  This veil prevents the penetration of the holy of holies by those whose consciousness is yet to be raised for the ritual of entering into the Christ mind.

There is another veil that separates a man from his God.  It is an energy veil that is a forcefield of mortal thought and feeling which mankind weave out of their own discord.  This veil has become a wall of partition between the evolving soul consciousness of man and the great God-flame that focuses the life energy of the Real Self within the heart.

Thus man has barricaded himself from the mercy seat and the ark of the testimony of his own Christ-identity.  And this energy veil has for centuries effectively deprived him of the truth of his own being and of the Presence of God.  Therefore it is man himself who must rend the veil of his own mortal consciousness--of which he alone is the author--ere the wisdom of the Law can be imparted....

Many of mankind's recurring experiences have been undesirable, therefore in the awareness that so-called evil can befall them men are apprehensive about their future.  They question whether they will attain success and whether they will be able to retain success once it is meted out to them.  The memory of past failures then keeps alive in the present the records of fear.  Understanding the Father's true plan is ever beneficial in eradicating fear from an individual's world. ...

Truly it can be said that there are islands of dense substance, or psychic pollution, located within the consciousness of mankind.  Under certain conditions, always accompanied by an outburst of emotional energy, these islands--again, conglomerate globs of fear and the compounds of fear--rapidly unite with the mainland of negation in the mass consciousness of the world, at the same time amplifying the momentums of negation within the world of the individual.  This results in a great inrush of tides of unhappiness caused by an intensification of these qualities and conditions which are quite the reverse of the heavenly plan.    
                               -Maitreya, in Science of the Spoken Word, S. U. Press, 1983, chapter 3
     The creative power of the universe that emanates from the highest source is given to the earth beneath in order that man may learn through the alchemy of meditation to change, as your beloved Gautama has indicated, the dust of his world into the destiny of the Eternal.  The stars are his portion as is the magnificent God-flame within your heart.  The miniature sun of illumination within is the golden pot at the end of the rainbow of light's extension into your world.  Where light is there God is, daubing the many colors of the pure white light into a kaleidoscope resembling Joseph's coat of many colors....

When it comes to synthesizing into action the rays of love and power, the pink and the blue, there is born the radiance of the violet flame.  Also called the royal purple it shows aborning within the consciousness the sense of the mantle.  God has caressed and blessed the individual.  Now he must wear the mantle of diplomacy, the robe of tact and of judgment.  He must mediate as best he can for lesser men, for those who have not yet advanced to his level of attainment.  Whether man, angel or master he must serve the cause of freedom delivering men from the bondages they themselves have created.

No thanks must he expect but only the holding in grateful heart of the feeling of gratitude for more service in order that tomorrow he may give in greater measure that which he has given in lesser measure today.  Saturday--the day to pause and consider the ritual of freedom.  Transcendence then is the nature of the light....Let us aspire!  Let us lift up our heads, for our redemption draweth nigh.  From Wisdom's fount may we drink.     
                               -Kuthumi:      Pearls of Wisdom 11:17               (by Schmiechen, 1884)
Your thoughts must become chalices into which God can pour the truth about Himself, and when that truth is known within the framework of the relative as more and more upon Earth aspire toward their ascension they will find that removing veils is a joyous experience.  We do not deny that it can be difficult, for men have often identified with the veils they have created.       -Kuthumi   Pearls of Wisdom 11:18
-gateway to Taoist temple in China
 -Ruth Hawkins, artist

                         -chakras purified, aligned, harmonized, intensified, in auric field of forgiveness

forgiveness comes and is sustained by your own effort to right every wrong

1)      Listen, my children, to the words of the Initiator, Maitreya.  For I will speak to you of a simple idea which unfortunately appears complex because the children of men prefer to think of themselves as mature adults.  Yet although they sometimes act like children they cannot always find in their hearts the needed simplicity which the Great Law requires of them to become as a little child that they might enter into the eternal kingdom.

I am therefore about to discuss the efficacy of decrees--not only in the removing of fear but also in the removing from the consciousness of mankind every discouraging and disparaging condition which they may ever have to face.  For the Word of God is power:  it is the divine decree which man gives in unison with the voice of the Eternal One who proclaims the eternal Law of his being.      
                        -Maitreya:       Science of the Spoken Word, 1983, chapter 3

2)       Mankind’s indoctrination with the Luciferian spirit of rebellion is no part of the instruction of the living God.  The force of rebellion is chaotic and robs man of his peace.  How glorious it is when mankind pursue the outworking of the harmony of inner spheres in their lives and in their associations with others.  Then they are able to clear the way before their own advancement in life and to perceive the universal intent as it manifests perfection’s die.  Thus are stamped upon the human image those aspects of the Divine that carry man back to his own Eden of perfection, at the same time propelling him forward in those adroit manifestations of life that show forth the self-mastery of the adept….

In the past many among mankind have sought to develop their spiritual powers long before they developed their spiritual wisdom.  When people do this it becomes necessary for the Karmic Lords to fling them back upon the shores of life until such a time as they are able to follow the prescribed path.  Therefore I urge you, one and all, not to overlook at any stage in your development the use of the violet transmuting flame….

By commending yourselves unto the Good Shepherd of Righteousness, by commending yourselves unto the Laws of infinite perfection manifesting in your finite realms you begin the process of correctly using the highest Laws that are outworking perfection so beautifully in our sphere.  May I extend to you divine felicitations upon the path even as I pray that you will ever keep open the doorways of mind and heart to the unfoldment of both the universal will and the universal purpose.  Thus a God-star born in your heart as a miniature forces of the Great Central Sun will become the diamond-shining mind of God through the impartation of those points of awareness that are so closely identified with the cosmic compass of universal purpose.  I am striving with you for your development upon the pathway of devotion and service to the causes of the Brotherhood and the one Cause of God which we seek to glorify.        
                                         -Sanctus Germanus:     Pearls of Wisdom 15:26
3)      The blueprint is a mathematical formula, a precise pattern patterned after the Cosmic Egg.  The blueprint of life contains, as the seed contains within itself, every characteristic of the Spirit that the soul is intended to anchor in the world of matter-form.  And all that is required for the physical outpicturing of the matrices stored in the etheric computer, in the mental faculties and in the emotional body must be anchored in the seat-of-the-soul chakra, in the seed and the egg and in the chromosomes and genes.

Other aspects of man’s spiritual nature and of the blueprint of life are anchored solely in the etheric body and can be released into the form and form-consciousness when the fervent desire of the soul to transcend its limited mode impels the descent of the grace of the Holy Spirit, imbuing the form with the flame of that Spirit and superimposing upon the atoms and molecules of selfhood the glow of higher being.  Those then who would espouse the Mother-flame and fulfill the mandates of the flame here on earth must be prepared to reinforce by the will of God anchored in the will of the individual mind, by fervent and holy prayer, by fiat, decree and invocation, by affirmation and visualization all that God holds in store for the lightwaves of a planet.  

This can be accomplished through meditation upon geometric forms, the structure of crystal and the harmony and rhythm of classical music.  By listening to the sounds of nature with the inner ear the mother is able to perceive with heightened soul sensitivity the structure of all things living. Inasmuch as all that exists in and as matter-form was fashioned by the Creator after the designs of the Spirit, the meditation on perfect forms prepares the soul to make the leap from matter molecule to Spirit molecule.  That leap is a necessary part of holding the immaculate concept, and that leap made daily in consciousness will one day be the giant leap of the soul into the arms of the I AM Presence through the ritual of the ascension….

The eternal fiat spoken by Jesus as he descended into form--“Lo, I AM come to do Thy will, O God”--is a perpetual mantra that conducts the energies of being into the perfect matrices of life.      

-Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 17:51

4)     God wants us to affirm our being as His and His as our very own.  It is our fiery destiny to be one, i.e., to share in His universal oneness.  This we accomplish day by day by confirming his Word--I AM--in our mantras.  The science of the spoken Word is the means to our soul’s union with Spirit….For God’s energy enjoys the mighty work of making you whole, and He wants you to enjoy a fruitful life as you strive to set all life free.                                
                         -Messengers M and E Prophet:  Science of the Spoken Word, 1983, chapter 18

5)    When you feel condemned and unworthy as though you are unable to accomplish anything that is worth being present in the Lord remember Kuan Yin, remember mercy.  Call forth the fires of mercy and say:      In the name of Jesus the Christ, in the name of my own Christ Self, in the name of my own beloved I AM Presence I call upon the law of of forgiveness.  O God, I desire to make peace with Thee this day.  Forgive my wrongs and injustices, my iniquities, my selfishness and sin  Forgive me O God and give to me opportunity to right every wrong, to requalify all that has been misqualified, to transmute that which has not been the perfection of the fulfilling of the Law.

When you have called upon the law of forgiveness, when you have gone to the Christ Self who officiates as the priest at the altar of your heart then be at peace.  Know that the flame of forgiveness comes and is sustained by your own effort to right every wrong.   

                   -Kuan Yin:   Science of the Spoken Word, 1983, chapter 19

(great politicians) are when they let the government be upon the shoulders of Chris

You see, he (John the Baptist) had an extraordinary commission that only an ascended master could perform.  His rebirth on Earth was a special dispensation.  By contrast some quite ordinary people I’ve known go around telling people that they‘re ascended masters reborn.  Or they say that  Maitreya’s taken a physical body.  This they’ll do to impress you and to gather a circle of devotees around themselves.  So I want you to know that better than 99 times out of a100 it’s simply not true  And whoever’s telling you this may be a member of the false hierarchy or somebody who’s been duped by it….

One time I asked God what does the word Government mean.  He said “That’s rather simple. The G stands for God and the o-v-e-r stands for over, the m-e-n for men, and the t as the sign of the cross means in Christ—“God-over-men-through Christ.”…

And so they (great politicians) are when they let the government be upon the shoulders of Christ--Christ in them, Christ in you and me, the hope of glory, in our government.  And so they’re not truly God’s overmen when they rule by the human ego….Well, don’t get the idea that right now God isn’t constructing a new world just because this one’s falling apart, because He is!  And He’s constructing a new you too, only it helps a great deal if you know it.           -Messenger Mark Prophet, in Lost Teachings on Keys to Spiritual Progress, S. U. Press, 1994, pp. 270, 283

Mobility means you are defining energy in cycles of awareness of God and you find yourself in the place where God desires to release the greatest concentration of light at a particular point.  Mobility means moving for the masters, moving in service, being able to respond to the Holy Spirit, the wind that bloweth where it listeth.  So is the coming of the Christed ones.  This movement begins with elasticity of consciousness….

Now meditate upon identity as a sphere.  This is the only way you will be able to penetrate all of cosmos and all of time and space; you are a sphere.  Standing in this fiery core know that you can as energy, as light go out in all directions if you choose, when you decide.  You can burst forth, and with God-control and even-measure you can expand in all directions and fill all time and space with this energy.  Now for this concentrated energy let us give again:  I AM Who I AM.  I AM Who I AM!  (3X)…

Shells of restless tides reveal/ The golden ratios 
In universes twinkling from afar

Life in me beats freely;/ I see a tree or man
Walking into reality/ As robin’s egg in spring,
Holding cosmos all inside—/Does bring to mind a Sun.
The warmth of love from above/ Makes me sing of Source

Far greater than I understand…      
-Messenger ECP:  7-5-1975 at Lake Siskiyou near Mt. Shasta
-part of the Eight Immortals by Josie Grant, circa 1979 at San Francisco's Chinatown
298.  Do not separate the invisible world from life. The invisible power should be understood as the main impetus behind spirit-creativeness.       -Morya:  Infinity 1, 1930

380.  At present there is no one who does not need courage.  Only utter madness whispers that all will find order by itself--this cannot be!  Because the dark ones have set aside the basic principles not knowing how to govern them, one should walk undivided in everything.          -Morya:  Heart 1932
-La Tourelle, Colorado Springs, headquarters of Summit Lighthouse 1966-76

nature and man shall be one

-chart of the I AM Presence

The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein.  I AM God Tabor and I have come with the angel devas of the mountains and of the pines of East and West, of the Rocky Mountains and of the Himalayas, of the Alps and of the great Pyrenees and the Andes.
I come with the light of the fiery core in the heart of the rock, in the heart of nature, and I proclaim the unity of the God of nature and the God of man.  Not only do I proclaim the unity but I cause the action of the fusion of the sacred fire that is in the heart of man with the sacred ire that is in nature.  I challenge before you in the plane of Spirit and the plane of matter all elements that cause mankind to be divorced from nature. I say there is a vein of darkness that has existed for far too long upon this planetary home--a vein of darkness, of the dark deeds of mankind’s doings that has separated him from the Spirit Most Holy in nature.
Let the veil that hung between the Holy of Holies be rent in twain--the veil that separated the consciousness of man from his God. This is the day the Lord hath made for the unification of the God within and the God without. I say, O mankind: be still and know that you are God in manifestation, that you have the oneness of life and the potential of reunion with the flame of the Divine Woman and Her seed.
Let Earth send forth the praise of the glory of God!   Let fire and air rejoice! Let the waters tremble with the music of the spheres! For I am come for the fusion of the four quadrants of mankind’s consciousness--as above so below.  And I declare from this day forward there shall not occur that separation, that division, but nature and man shall be one.
Do I imply that man should return to the level of animal?  Nay, I say: let man be raised to the level of God and let all creatures also be raised into the awareness of the Holy Spirit.  And the lion shall lie down with the lamb, and there shall be peace. Therefore I come with the ray of transmutation that is the fire of the Holy Spirit to consume mankind’s lust and carnal nature and desire to kill and be killed and to bring harm to elemental life.
If mankind would live in peace with the birds of the air and have them form the cross of the Christ as they did for Francis of old then they must come into harmony with all of nature. Do you know that when man partakes of the flesh of his fellow creatures he takes into himself a portion of elemental life which ought not to be within the sacred temple of Being? Man then finds himself at enmity with animal life. And there is fear and division where there ought not to be, and wars are perpetuated. And when man goes into nature he considers that he should become as the beasts of the field.
I say, let all of that be past! Let those who love the light come to the feet of the Buddha, the Lord of the World, who harmonizes angelic life, elemental life, human life in the one flame of adoration of the Motherhood of God.
I AM Tabor, God of the Mountains!  And upon the mountains there was given to Moses of old the tablet of the Law, the Ten Commandments. Have you thought of the test of the ten pronounced by Mighty Victory as having begun in ancient time when the Ten Commandments were given to Moses for the salvation of a people and for the alignment of their energies with the Holy Spirit?  And so the Law was given, and upon the foundation of the Law came forth the grace of the Christ Consciousness. And it is ever so when mankind harmonizes his consciousness with nature and with the laws of nature: then he comes into union with all of life.
Until you sense the oneness of life you cannot maintain the harmony that will give you dominion over the earth. Harmony of all life, of all cells in the Body of God is the answer to all of mankind’s problems. Do you not understand?  The angel devas who keep the balance of the mighty forests tall upon the mountains and the hillsides of life, holding the balance of the intensity of mankind’s own effluvia in the cities of the world--these angel devas and elemental builders of form wait with arms outstretched to receive man into the heart of a tree.
Have you thought upon the concept of hugging a tree, of pouring forth the love of your heart to a tree and feeling the love return in the immense cycles of the building of the tower unto the skies, the mighty pines of life?  How often do you pour forth your love to the birds of the air?  And do they come and eat from your hands?  Or do they fear you because they sense that you have partaken of their very flesh?
When will the reconciliation occur?  When will mankind surrender his desires and be content in the oneness of the consciousness of the Holy Spirit?  Earth stands at the cusp--yea, the doorway of a golden age and at the portals of life the mighty consuming fire!  And each man and each woman who would pass that portal must walk through the fires of the Holy Spirit and be baptized by the sacred fire and thus be renewed to be received into the kingdom of our God.
All initiates of the sacred fire must come to the place where nature is the God-control of the Christ-flame and where the God-control of nature is found within that flame.  And when you come to the place where harmony with nature is of all importance to you you will learn the gentleness of the ways of life, the gentleness of harmony with all life. And the love of God will flow through the heart chalice, through the very pores of your being, through the fires of the mind.  And angel devas thousands of miles away will return the impulse and all of life will be a constant flow of the mighty tides of Being, and you will feel the energies of self flowing into nature, being raised and being purified and sent back to you as the authority of the Christ. For you stand as that authority in the midst of nature, and all of nature rises up to serve the Christed one.
O mankind, heaven waits for the alignment of your bodies and for the desire to wax strong within you to receive the Holy Ghost that you might be transformed and walk the earth as masters of life to perform those feats that were performed of old by Elijah, Elisha, by Enoch, by Christ!  Would you walk upon the water?  Do you not know that the water desires to have you walk upon it?  Do you know the thrill of the elementals, the mighty undines who guard the tides of life and the great seas and the waters under the seas and the great flow?  Do you not know that they rejoice in man’s rejoicing in his communion with water?  Their joy is to serve you, O mankind of Earth!  And your joy must be to serve with them, to command the life-essence of the Christ to flow to the elementals, to infuse them with rejoicing and newness of being and fire and the Spirit to bring the Earth into a golden age!
I say, walk upon the hillsides and in the forests,  walk in nature and among the flowers and make nature your dearest friend.  For in the blending of the energies of mankind and elemental life there is to be found the key to the golden age.  Do you not realize that the separation of man and nature has been a plot from the very start?  Yes, I say, a plot, and I do not consider that that word is overworked.  I consider that the forces of darkness have plotted again and again in a mighty conspiracy of darkness against the children of the light.
They shall not prevail, I say! For the thunder from Mount Horeb thunders forth this day! And the thunderings that go forth are the mighty lightning of the transfiguring energies of the Godhead that roll and descend into the heart of the Earth to give that balance that all life requires to move into the spirals of the transfiguration.  As Christ was transfigured before his disciples so I say to you and you, be transfigured before mankind! Be transfigured before the beings of the elements! Show forth the radiance that is in the heart!  Show forth the mastery of the Christ and go forth as conquerors of life!
There is no power anywhere in any time or in any space that can hinder the mighty flow of the God of the Mountains and of the destiny of the sons and daughters of the flame to reunite with that flame! I say to you, one and all, accept the victory! Accept the victory this night of the spirits of nature! Accept the possibility of your own victory in this life! Be sure as you stand in the flame and as you invoke by the power of the I AM name, the Presence of your divinity, be certain, be fearless and know THAT I AM GOD in the heart of the flame!
I shall release now certain energies of the sacred fire and the inner fires of your being.  And my angel devas assist me, and these energies shall be released in each one here and across the planetary body who has a certain attunement with the Christ consciousness.  And it shall be for the release of light to a mighty people and a mighty nation and nations and races and those who are willing to bear the chalice unto the hour of the fulfillment of the cycles....
Cherish well moments of communion. For one day you will long for that communion, and it shall be a memory-- and the fires of Mem will be the source of contact that will carry you into an unknown land.  And you will yearn for the succor, and your memory will tell you that I, Tabor, have spoken and that I have come in the Presence of the Comforter to establish that comfort within you that shall be unto you the flame of becoming in the hour of greatest need.  I AM the God of the Mountains!   And I return to the heart of my retreat in the Rockies where I shall send forth to you at any hour that you make the call in the name of the Christ the rays of the diamond shining mind of God that shall be the lifeline and the salvation of your soul!                      -Tabor:  4-28-1973 at Los Angeles via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
So God has desired to nourish the feminine aspect of your being that is the soul consciousness.  And thus He has sent forth His angels to carry you on wings, the wings of a great eagle, to that place in the wilderness known as the Royal Teton Retreat where I AM and where many stand to feed the soul consciousness, to nourish the feminine ray aborning within you.
And thus you know me and you know my face, as of old in China we sat upon the banks of the river and discussed the flow of life, the eternal flow that gives to man the sense of eternity. And the stick that floats upon the water as the bark of life is indeed the vehicle of the soul that travels along the streams of eternity, stopping here and there to rest against a rock, to gather with the leaves and other sticks as they twist and turn, enfolding and enfolding down the river of life.
And thus the great Tao is realized in you as you have come from China and from my schools where you have been embodied, now to incarnate upon Western soil and here to bring forth the flower of the golden lotus and to understand the currents of life, of Alpha, of Omega, of the yin and the yang, and so to balance a life perhaps too passive in the active outreach for the mind of God, for the action of God by wisdom's flame.
Illumination is the illumined action. And so you must take the flowers of illumination gathered of old in China and bring them now as a bouquet to the role of the feminine ray unfolding upon this soil.      
                             -Lanto:  4-29-1973 at Los Angeles via Messenger ECP
Hearts afire with God-determination, I salute you in the flame of the direction of God which I AM by invocation, by authority and by dominion.  I am called the Great Divine Director for God gave to me that name, a name whereby mankind might identify with the cosmic spirals of divine direction that are initiated within His consciousness and within my awareness of that consciousness.
I am the founder of the House of Rakoczy.  And in our mansion in Transylvania, where there has been established on the etheric plane a sacred temple of the Maltese cross there are enshrined records of past civilizations of glory and blueprints for a golden age to come....And thus the seventh ray, the fanning of the fires of freedom, continues behind the iron curtain and without.  For mankind above all yearnings, above all desires, yearn to be free. The quest for freedom, the thirst for freedom have provoked many a revolution and many an uprising as mankind have sought to overthrow oppressors of one form or another. ...
I say then it is time for freedom to be enshrined with God-control.  When freedom is found within the soul of a man or a woman--the freedom enshrined as an opportunity to elect to do the will of God--then do you know what takes place?   Freedom in the soul becomes a magnet, and to that one is given God-power!  And God-power--do you know to do what with?--to initiate spirals of God-direction.  Thus by embellishing and ennobling the fires of freedom within the soul and within the heart you may earn the reward of the all-power in heaven and in earth that is given unto the Christ to give to whomsoever he will. 
And so you see how mankind have lost the opportunity to have the power that freedom requires as a backing, as a thrust, as a motivating, activating principle.  Mankind by their misuse of the energies of the violet flame have lost the ballgame!  And they are completely out of the ballpark, as you would say....
All cycles begin in the house of twelve (o'clock).  And I am the authority for that house for this solar system, this galaxy and for yourself as well.  I enshrine the God-power that heaven desires to bequeath to you.  But heaven waits to see what you will do with the fires of freedom.  And therefore as a testing action of the Great Law there is given to you this night an extraordinary amount of the fires of freedom that come forth from our retreat in Transylvania.  To you is given the violet fire in excess, in abundance, to do with what you will.   For I have determined that you shall go forth from this conference with the buoyant joy of the freedom to be in truth that which you are--a God-free, Christed-free solar being commanding cycles and energies and worlds within worlds!
And so you shall go forth--somewhat like prodigal sons of old.  For God gives to you this night a portion of the inheritance of freedom.  And after a fortnight the Lords of Karma shall observe the record of your works, your thoughts and feelings to see what you have done with the fires of freedom for mankind, for self, for country, for elementals, for life.  And then we will see what portion of God-power can be given unto you, what portion of the omnipotence of God can be entrusted to your care.
Yes, this is the testing of a group of devotees.  It is also the test of certain members of Hierarchy who have stood to sponsor you.  And I am in a position to say, being a member of the Karmic Board, that it would be well for you to pass the test if only to support those ascended masters who are supporting you.  For they are the dearest and truest friends that you will ever know.  They are real and I AM real, whereas those who live in illusion, who support illusion, who sponsor illusion, they themselves become a mirage upon the deserts of life....
And so for every evil under the Sun either there is a remedy or there is none.  God has provided a remedy this night to balance the pouring-forth of the vial of man’s karma.  And this is the remedy; this is opportunity, this is how God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that the world through Him might be saved. The Son of God is the Sun of Christ-awareness in each one.  This is my Body which was broken for you; and thus the Only Begotten, fragmented into a million billion starry bodies, became mankind’s individualized Christ-awareness.
Go forth, I say, and claim the Earth!   All that the eye can see--claim it from the height of Megiddo.  And behold, claim it for the Mother, claim it for the Cosmic Virgin!   Claim it for the Divine Manchild!   For the Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.
It is our privilege to stand at that place at the hour of the twelve where all cycles of God-goodness and God-power begin and where all cycles end.  And thus it is the position of Alpha, the beginning, of Omega, the ending, and of the culmination of all cycles of manifestation.
I AM the Great Divine Director.  If any man requires divine direction let him come to me this night or any night of the year to ask what God has in store for him.  And as you ask so you shall receive the plan divine as a scroll within the soul that shall unfold to make you whole.  This is the Law and the prophecy that shall not fail.  Ask and ye shall receive.
If you would know all that God has in store for you, come to me and I will be your mentor on the path until you are surfeited in the direction of God and you say:  O Great Divine Director, let me go!   Let me go forth to live the direction of God and to study under another hierarchy of light that I might also learn of God-love/God-might, God-mastery,/God-light, God-control, God-energy and God-obedience, God-will and God-wisdom, God-illumination and God-harmony, God-gratitude and God-victory, God-justice/Godly-virtue and God-power; God-reality every hour, God-vision and God-mastery, the energy of the free, God-victory, God-victory, God-victory!      
-Divine Director:  4-29-1973 at Los Angeles via Messenger E C Prophet   (by Sindelar)
All the way down to the individual family unit in society mankind are becoming intolerant of the lie, for they know that without truth as the divine standard civilization has no foundation and there is no  place where the Christ consciousness can be precipitated.

This then is the power of the spoken Word, and when you call to the power of Cyclopea and Virginia for the release of the all-seeing Eye of God, when you claim your identity as one--one with every other servant of God upon earth,one with every servant of God in Hierarchy in heaven--then there is a power that flows from the Elohim….Based upon the momentum that you have generated in the giving of your invocations to the all-seeing Ee I predict that the rising momentum of light that will shatter the darkness will come after the new year if you continue and intensify, magnify and multiply your calls.  For now there is among the student body a movement for exposure, a movement for the light, a movement for vision.  And above all disciples of the ascended masters desire to see God as He is….

I say, be relentless!  Pursue Truth in all of Her glory!    
 (by Sindelar)
                        -Elohim Cyclopea:  8-12-1973 at Santa Barbara via Messenger ECP

Friday, July 21, 2017

thus the shaft of righteousness shall be a two-edged sword

-gold plate of the Romonovs
And in all cases I say patience.  Out of the domain of tranquility are born the most valiant offerings.  By stilling the mind the passions of adversity are understood as passing.  The morrow will be valiant:  we will it so.
The difficult will is the one tied to selfishness.  The fervent will out of tranquility will give birth to an idea, and that idea will drink deeply of the cup of fervor--thus a fervent will is born.  It cannot fail to acknowledge the old electric engrams.  Like lightning they flash forth and in the glare of their appearing, as at noontime, the most hidden objects appear--but their desire to crawl and hide or to masquerade cannot prevent the penetration of the lightning....
But only the stone, the white stone of absolute truth, can honestly convey that which is.  Morya shares the avalanche of progress sweeping away old structures and ever preparing for the new.  Yet I speak of the hidden room of preservation.  The wise ones also save the best images.  These understand the difficulty in forging a new structure.  Modification of the old is also possible, for out of the modified image a new icon is made and stands in place of a pariah....
The cherishment of hearts is our religion.  Even men of the cloth, men supposedly clothed upon with light, dare to vituperate, to allow their minds to flow with world hatred.  They say “We are God’s children,” as though they were fenced in by the idea....Certainly Love is wise.  Is it wise to be self-deceived, to be encased in the rigors of age-old hatreds?  Embodiment after embodiment the same mistakes are faced.  The Lords of Karma hope for triumph and individuality.  If heaven can be perfect in patience, should man be less perfect?...
That the deceitful ones come seeking to enter in and to entice the noblest orders does not mean that the principle of rejection should close all doors.  Even traitors have been trapped by God’s love.  Be truly illumined, thus the shaft of righteousness shall be a two-edged sword.  Hastiness in construing the words of the Lord does not guarantee accuracy nor does long pondering.  Sometimes the fires of the heart must be contacted....
Jealousy is the root cause behind most conflict--who else desires to provoke save the provoker?  Let God’s love shine, it is the strength of the Sun, it is the strength of the soul it molds.  Many are the forces that seek to form the soul; glory is its pattern and strength is its asset.  As it chooses wisely it may garner strength.  Surprising even to the self are the hidden assets; in moments of trial men garner these assets.  They draw upon hidden springs of divine wisdom and inspiration. They cultivate the acquaintance of souls long gone before them upon the pathway, for lingering gems have been dropped by the hands of saints.  Spurned throughout the ages by men of lesser vision these by reason of their immortal nature remain glowing coals from heavenly altars....
But unless man initiate his own individual fires, and that quickly, the world may encounter universal fires it knows not of....The thread of contact is fragile; so may be the thread of perception.  In some it grows to a cable of universal strength, in others it snaps and with it the one contact....
Let the mockers mock. In every generation the earth has received their bones. Now the Body of God requires assembly; more workers must be recruited into the vineyard.  In every way shall the path to our abode be mounted.  And the wings shall fly and the clouds of dust shall die down, the clear air reflecting stillness.  The hopes shall soar and the dark ones be no more.  The Light of the Ages voices triumph; the paltry images, no longer paltry, have been remolded.
The mercy of God in enduring is not required to fit itself into the mold of human sympathy, for the time has come for the dividing of the light and the darkness.  Wise are those virgins whose lamps are trimmed, who have bought oil, who have established themselves unto God as seekers for reunion.  Tender is the Himalayan musk, but most fragrant are hearts filled as a fiery chalice with seeds of light and trust and joy.            
                    -Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 14:52

Sun goes into Leo at 8:16 a.m. PDT on July 22, 2017.  Sun conjuncts Mars, Sun is at one-ninth of circle to Venus, and Sun is square to Uranus.  Could be dynamic.   (One may call:  In the name I AM THAT I AM, dear Serapis, great seraphim and cherubim, beloved Lords of Karma:  may there be the modulation of the light frequencies from the solar hierarchies of Cancer to Leo in the greater good, by the grace of the Spirit, amen.)

early globalist games by FDR and Stalin

Thomas Fleming: The New Dealers’ War, 2008:     These 2 following excerpts partially cover Battle of Warsaw, 1920,FDR-Stalin Churchill meeting of late 1943 at Tehran, and late Dec.1943 KGB-OSS meeting at KGB hq:




at p. 339 of Shadow Warriors by Bradley-Smith, 1983:

Donovan, OSS chief, met Fitin, KGB chief, at Moscow in late Dec. 1943 to help arrange coordination of the two secret services and the secret hand-over, per FDR-Stalin secret agreement at Tehran of Nov-Dec 1943, of Eastern Europe nations to Soviet Union.  KGB and OSS chiefs’ meeting was arranged by Molotov and special ambassador to S.U. Harriman.  General Deane was US military attache at Moscow and was doing likewise.

Maria Gulovich, OSS Heroine of World War II by Sonya Jason, 2008: