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an ancient Chinese tale about the Elusive Decrees

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654.  Let us recall an ancient Chinese tale about the Elusive Decrees.  A man passed by the dwelling of eight blessed ones and noticed that they were strangely occupied.  One of them was rushing about attempting to jump upward.  When the passer-by asked the reason for such exercise he answered "I am catching the Elusive Decrees."  Another blessed one held his hands over the fire and referred to the same Elusive Decrees.  A third stood in an icy stream and spoke of the same Elusive Decrees.  Thus eight blessed ones strained their forces in striving to the higher decrees.  The passer-by thought to himself "If even those who have already attained beatitude must strive so vigorously to cognize and catch the decrees then how much greater tension must I exert lest the higher will escape me!"  
  In this story one can perceive several useful concepts.  First, the state of greatest tension can indeed assist transcendental receptivity.  Second, having already attained initiation does not necessarily relieve one from the danger of failing to fulfill the higher ordainments.  Third, one must welcome all forms of tension in order to enter into accord with the higher world.  How often the Elusive Decrees flash through space and return again to the treasury of the unapprehended!  It is surprising how great a breach of convention it is even to speak about Elusive Decrees.  Some smirk of ignorance, some reprove in pride, some take offense in cruelty.  Thus each one in his own way ignores the decrees-- subtle decrees vanishing into the ether.    
-M:  Fiery World 1933
49.  Since times immemorial the chalice has been a symbol of Service. The gifts of higher forces are gathered in the chalice and given from the chalice. The symbol of the chalice has always stood for self-sacrifice.  Whoever bears the chalice bears achievement.  Each lofty deed can be marked by the symbol of the chalice.  Everything most lofty, everything for the good of humanity should bear this symbol. The chalice of the grail, the chalice of the heart which has dedicated itself to the great service is a most cosmic magnet.  The heart of the cosmos is reflected in this great symbol.  All images of heroes of the Spirit may be represented as bearing the chalice. The whole universe is reflected in the chalice of the fiery Spirit--the chalice contains the accumulations of centuries which are gathered around the seed of the Spirit.      
                      -M:  Fiery World 1935

They want all of us enslaved to debt, they want all of our governments enslaved to debt, and they want all of our politicians addicted to the huge financial contributions that they funnel into their campaigns.

2-21-18   The goal is control.  They want all of us enslaved to debt, they want all of our governments enslaved to debt, and they want all of our politicians addicted to the huge financial contributions that they funnel into their campaigns.  Since the elite also own all of the big media companies, the mainstream media never lets us in on the secret that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way that our system works.
Remember, this is not some “conspiracy theorist” that is saying these things.  This is a Yale-educated attorney that worked inside the World Bank for more than two decades.  ...
This system did not come into being by accident.  In fact, the global elite have been developing this system for a very long time.  In a previous article entitled “Who Runs The World? Solid Proof That A Core Group Of Wealthy Elitists Is Pulling The Strings“, I included a quote from Georgetown University history professor Carroll Quigley from a book that he authored all the way back in 1966 in which he discussed the big plans that the elite had for the Bank for International Settlements…
  "The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences."  by 
Mike Snyder
5-23-16    In terms of a cozy relationship between banks, the media, and politicians, the U.S. is just as bad as Greece.  While the banks are privately owned, the whole central bank apparatus is there as a backstop to the big banks.  It is no coincidence that Treasury secretaries typically come from Goldman Sachs.
In terms of the media, we all know how that works.  Sure, there is criticism of politicians, but the system itself is never questioned. ...We don’t hear a lot about a relationship between the so-called mainstream media and the banks. Where would we hear it from – the mainstream media?
But even here, the media generally doesn’t question the banking system that obtains profits in the private sector, but then has its losses covered when things turn down.  We don’t hear any significant questioning about the central bank and its monopoly over the money supply and its continued bailing out of banks.
5-31-2016    Below is a list of these six corporations along with a sampling of the various media properties that they own.
Universal Pictures
Focus Features
USA Network
The Weather Channel
Golf Channel
Esquire Network
Universal HD
Comcast SportsNet
Universal Parks & Resorts
Universal Studio Home Video
The Walt Disney Company
ABC Television Network
The Disney Channel
Marvel Entertainment
Walt Disney Pictures
Pixar Animation Studios
Disney Mobile
Disney Consumer Products
Interactive Media
Disney Theme Parks
Disney Records
Hollywood Records
Miramax Films
Touchstone Pictures
News Corporation
Fox Broadcasting Company
Fox News Channel
Fox Business Network
Fox Sports 1
Fox Sports 2
National Geographic
Nat Geo Wild
FX Movie Channel
Fox Sports Networks
The Wall Street Journal
The New York Post
20th Century Fox
Fox Searchlight Pictures
Blue Sky Studios
Time Warner
The CW
Cartoon Network
Turner Classic Movies
Warner Bros.
Castle Rock
DC Comics
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
New Line Cinema
Sports Illustrated
Marie Claire
People Magazine
Comedy Central
Paramount Pictures
Paramount Home Entertainment
Country Music Television (CMT)
Spike TV
The Movie Channel
TV Land
CBS Corporation
CBS Television Network
The CW (along with Time Warner)
CBS Sports Network
CBS Radio, Inc.
CBS Television Studios
Simon & Schuster
Infinity Broadcasting
Westwood One Radio Network

99.9% Of The Global Population Lives In A Country With A Central Bank

  Even though the nations of the world are very deeply divided on almost everything else, somehow virtually all of them have been convinced that central banking is the way to go.  Today, less than 0.1% of the population of the world lives in a country that does not have a central bank.  Do you think that there is any possible way that this is a coincidence?

the heart that is riveted in a rigidity of a belief system


     The joy of acceleration of light is incomparable!  Only witness those who have my my fire upon them.  Blessed ones, they cannot be known by any outer standard or classification or labeling; they are anywhere or everywhere in the sea of life….For the fire cannot be denied nor can the overlay, as a glassiness, fail to expose non-diligence in my path….
  Blessed hearts, my angels and the ascended host have truly sought--and they have pursued--every means to reach and contact the heart that is riveted in a rigidity of a belief system that does not allow for the resurrection presently and an ongoing daily accretion of the fire of the rainbow rays of God….People are sincere in their orthodoxy--O, beloved, such a tragedy of errors….I tell you, it is indeed lawful to pray for gifts and graces unto all, for every call is adjudicated by the will of God….
  Precious ones, there is hope unto all, there is grace unto all….And I may choose to anoint and ordain one among you to deliver my Word, and none may deny my right….Blessed ones, neglect me not; I have been neglected for two thousand years.  This day I affirm:  my mission shall not be aborted!  It shall no longer be aborted, for I AM here in the flesh of my servant and in your hearts….
  This work of truth shall swallow up error.  And when seen as the keystone to all teachings of the ascended masters it provides you with a foundation and an open door for speaking to people and groups as out of the Holy Spirit, for when in your heart the truth is set, the Holy Spirit shall play upon you… 
  Therefore beloved, seek the initiation of the sword and understand that it is a fire fashioned by the Divine Mother out of your own sacred life-force rising from the base chakra to the third eye.  Therefore beloved, the sword that is taken from the stone of matter is a spiritual fire; legend would have it that it is a magic sword.  Beloved, the spiritual fire does dissolve on contact all unlike itself.  Know then that as I pray so I also act that you may do likewise.          
                 -Jesus Christ:  4-19-1987, Easter, at Dallas via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet; see link above for complete dictation.

                                                 -eye chakra; Maitreya

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Humanity must suffer very much before it comes to an understanding of the advantage of unity.

 273.  Humanity must suffer very much before it comes to an understanding of the advantage of unity.  Most destructive forces have been directed for the purpose of obscuring embryos of unification.  Each unifying agent is subject to personal danger, each peacemaker is disparaged, each worker is ridiculed, each builder is called madman.  Thus the servants of dissolution try to drive from the face of the Earth the Banner of Enlightenment.  Work is impossible amid enmities.  Construction is inconceivable amid explosions of hatred; fellowship is battling with man-hatred.      
                                                            -Morya:  Community 1926

370.  The most subtle consciousness has the best receptivity.  The most striving consciousness can affix the imprints of its thought.  Creative power is affirmed by the centers possessing subtle receptivity.      -M:  Infinity 2, 1930

31.  It is said that Abraham walked before the Lord.  Let us understand this as full cooperation.      -M: Fiery World 1933

351.   Besides narcotics people have invented many obviously frightful substances which instead of being health-giving bring on spiritual death.  Masses of poisonous vapors are choking the cities.  People devote much thought to the production of many substances which should be considered far more deadly than narcotics.  Narcotics bring harm to the addicts themselves, but deadly gases torment everything that lives; one cannot condemn narcotics enough, but also one cannot sufficiently condemn such murderous inventions.  People formerly at times fell into error for the sake of illusionary ecstasy, but nowadays they are completely unashamed to kill the intellect and spirit of their near ones, calling this killing an attainment of science.      -M:  Fiery World 1934

228.  The civine Fire manifests its sparks in all existence.   Concealed are the potentials of these sparks, and even though they are invisible yet they must be accepted as the basis of all manifestations.  One must accept this spark as a link in each center of the organism. ...Each divine spark inhales and exhales fire which serves as a unifying agent.  
-M:  Fiery World 1935

419.   How can we remind people of their responsibility and duty?   I say, by repetition, and though people cannot stand it they need such constant reminders.  It is difficult to remind without repetition . But we have been trained well in this, and are able to repeat while always adding something new.  Sometimes a single hint can add newness to a whole sentence.  We must learn to continually propel the spiral of fostering useful principles.    -M:  Supermundane 2, 1938

   What is this goal of thy being--(to be) cleansed, purified, God-taught, truly the Word present?  The goal, beloved, is that thou thyself be our magnet in the earth magnetizing the little ones, the ones who are caught, caught truly in the intense tide of the temptations of the world, caught up in the magnetism of the senses.  They are not fed by God.  They have not the wholenes of the Holy Spirit; they seek it by outer means.
  Beloved ones, you who know the temptations and the experiences of life understand full well what is this pull of which I speak.  It is a counterweight and an antimagnet conisting of the entire momentum of nihilism--the denial of God the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Mother--the entire counterweight of those who have chosen the left-handed path and stolent the light of the Mother to enshrine it as a way of death to be followed by the many.     -Jesus Christ:  11-22-1984 at Royal Teton Ranch North; at pages 3-4 of the above link
              Shastina summit

Mt. Eddy


KGB Grabbed Russia via Maskirovka; What Central Bankers Are Pushing

10-30-16    Russia, however, has a history of operating with a more complete inclusion of elements of political power and influence as well as Operational Art that ties combined arms to campaign objectives.   It is so important to Russian doctrine (that) they have used and continue to use the term, Maskirovka—the art of deception—to elevate the complete set of actions and conditions that fall short of war that enables battlefield victories to be decided before tanks and infantry close in battle.   It is Maskirovka, and the complementary technological changes to the character of warfare now and in the future, that make Russia the significant resurging threat to regional stability, NATO, and the U.S....
To be clear, Maskirovka does not have an equivalent U.S. doctrine, such as Military Deception.  Maskirovka is much more encompassing than just tactical deception measures as I learned early in my career.
from K. Dawisha:  Putin's Kleptocracy, Simon and Schuster, 2014:

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The Unelected Central Bankers of the World Making Worldwide Decisions
    Mark Carney (above) and Francois Villeroy de Galhau have called for action by financial experts to deal with the risks of climate change, at the first conference hosted by a high-level group of central banks and supervisors dedicated to the subject.
The Central Banks and Supervisors Network for Greening the Financial System, or NGFS, held its inaugural international climate risk conference for supervisors at the Netherlands Bank on April 6. 
  When the Leaders of the G20* met in China in 2016 they highlighted the necessity to scale up green financing.  They also endorsed efforts to “provide clear strategic policy signals and frameworks” to target this objective.  The question to what extent central banks can and should contribute to this momentum is moving up policy agendas worldwide.
  Against this background, the Council on Economic Policies and De Nederlandsche Bank are organizing a workshop on “Central Banking and Green Finance”.  The event will convene researchers from academia, central banks, and other non-academic research institutions on November 28-29, 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

9-9-2016    The G20 has highlighted the necessity to "scale up green financing" in partnership with the private sector in order to shift trillions of dollars from dirty to clean investments.
9-9-2016  G20 countries are not doing enough to mitigate climate change and must work harder, climate experts urged in Beijing as leaders of the world’s 20 major economies gathered in Hangzhou.
The Group of 20 (G20) economies must ratchet up efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions, shift away from investment in coal towards renewable energy and reduce fossil fuel subsidies.
Current pledges made by the 20 countries, which account for 75 per cent of global carbon emissions, fall far short of a target set by last year’s Paris Agreement to keep the rise in average global temperature “well below 2 degrees Celsius”, said a report by Climate Transparency, a consortium of think tanks.
7-27-16   A G20 meeting gathered Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors on July 23-24 in Chengdu, China, and concluded on a Communiqué affirming the focus of the G20 Green Finance Study Group (GFSG) on green finance.
It is the first year that green finance is an integral part of the G20 agenda.

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The heart must be sealed in fire


    The heart must be sealed in fire as the fire of protection and perfection against the dissonance of the world, the jangled beat, jealousies, hatreds of men.  These attack the hearts of the innocent and unwary….Truth must be emblazoned upon the consciousness of those who would heal….
  And wherever a prayer is spoken, wherever there is faith in a higher power we work through the dexterous hands, the skillful hands of surgeon as well a chiropractor and all those who have dedicated themselves to the reestablishment of the divine flow within the four lower bodies.
  I am concerned now in this hour that there shall arise up among you those who have greater facility with the flow of the emerald ray through the hands.  For the action of the healing ray working together with the secret rays coalesces in form the healing manifestation that comes forth through third-eye vision of the immaculate concept.
  O ye of little faith, you who see not and do not believe, can you not cast aide your doubts and fears for this sacred moment of our communion?  Will you not allow me, your Cosmic Mother, to hold the vision and to believe the vision that I place before you?  That is a vision of the great flow of healing power and healing truth through your very form, centering there the God-awareness of light and light-patterns that hall be the healing power, healing love, healing wisdom for millions of souls who can be touched by your devotion through your invocation and through your dedication and to the establishment of a higher form of life….
  Our words are the Words of God.  They are a chalice of light; into this chalice of our words you pour your heart’s energy, and thus there is a meeting of the energies of heaven and earth, as above so below at the level of the Christ….
  When you omit the ritual the repetition of the cycle is not complete.  And so the anchoring of the focus that is intended is weakened, the structure is weakened.  Thus you will understand in the dawn of the Aquarian age how mankind will solidify and make permanent all of their endeavors through the ritual of divine art and divine science, through the power of the spoken Word which you learn in the ascended masters’ Teachings.
  When mankind learn the action of rest in the flow of light through the throat chakra, through heart, through head and through hand then they will experience the miracle manifestation of permanency that come through the fire of the Holy Spirit….I place my flame now upon your heart, merging the fires of my devotion to truth with the fires of your threefold flame to give you the impetus of divine healing.  In your patience possess ye your souls….
  I could tell you instance after instance where those of you who are gathered in this room have been given the burden to carry for a world leader, a great figure who is holding the light for the Brotherhood on the world scene.  And in the quietness and humbleness of your abode and your service as you have invoked the violet flame, as you have invoked the circle and sword of blue flame you have carried the weight day after day for these individuals who are walking on the frontlines of the battle and who do not have either time or  inclination to pray and yet are held in my heart, in the heart of God, as noble souls who work the works of Christ on earth….
  You see, allegiance to Christ only begins with an affirmation, but then it must be continued through works…. 

      I AM within your heart the love of the Mother, the compassion of the Mother, the mercy of the Mother for all mankind,     
(by Ruth Hawkins)
     Archeia Mary:  9-2-1973 at Atlanta via Messenger E C Prophet     

an honet Russian fighting in Donbas speaks of MH17

23 Jul 2014    
Rebel commander Alexander Khodakovsky of the Vostok Battalion speaks during an interview in Donetsk.  Photograph: Maxim Zmeyev/Reuters
"The question is this: Ukraine received timely evidence that the volunteers have this technology, through the fault of Russia.  It not only did nothing to protect security but provoked the use of this type of weapon against a plane that was flying with peaceful civilians.
"They knew that this Buk existed, that the Buk was heading for Snizhne," he said, referring to a village 10km west of the crash site.  "They knew that it would be deployed there and provoked the use of this Buk by starting an air strike on a target they didn't need, that their planes hadn't touched for a week.
"And that day they were intensively flying, and exactly at the moment of the shooting, at the moment the civilian plane flew overhead, they launched air strikes.  Even if there was a Buk, and even if the Buk was used, Ukraine did everything to ensure that a civilian aircraft was shot down.”

4.47pm   The US ambassador to Ukraine has tweeted an image of what the US alleges to be a Russian training facility at which Russia equips separatist forces with heavy weaponry before sending them across the border.

Here is imagery of the #Russian training facility for separatists very near the #Ukraine border. #MH17 
2:18 AM - Jul 23, 2014
9-29-16    In summary, the JIT concluded that a BUK missile was behind the MH17 crash and that the BUK was brought into Ukraine from Russia.  After the crash, the JIT (Joint Investigation Team) claims that the BUK was then sent back to Russia.
The JIT concluded that the BUK was fired from the village of Pervomayskoye (Pervomaiskyi), held by rebel forces at the time of the incident…east of the approaching MH17.
The findings are “being backed by the US data, which evaluated that the launch site was located 6km south to Snezhnoye,” which at that time was controlled by rebel forces, the JIT says.
The US data is not being disclosed for verification.
BUK missiles are not simple little missiles. They require some heavy duty radar equipment to accompany some very large missiles system.
The spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry Major-General Igor Konashenkov asserts that “No Russian missile systems including ‘BUK’ have ever crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border.”
7-17-17     After July 20, 2014  Col. Vasily Geranin’s name became public once the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) published an intercepted call between Bezler and Geranin on the downed MH17. …Also his apartment in Kubinka, a town located in the Moscow Oblast, was searched and it was said that many more illegal arms and weapons had been found.  At the moment of detention, Geranin was still an active military counterintelligence officer but after being placed under arrest he was fired from the GRU, with the time of his firing being backdated.  The fact that the GRU officer was arrested may be an element of a larger operation conducted by the Russian forces and its aim is to alienate witnesses and to destroy all evidence before the trial planned for autumn this year in the Netherlands.  it was revealed that on the night of July 16 to July 17 Russia introduced some restrictions for civil aviation flights in Russian airspace, nearby the Ukrainian border, at a height below 16,000 metres, which exactly corresponds to the maximum reach of the Buk missile system.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has collected and shared evidence connected to the crash.
–       17 July 2014: Shortly after the crash of MH17, the SBU posted what is purported to be intercepts of conversations between different separatists discussing a plane that they shot down and later their surprise that the plane was a civilian passenger aircraft. In one of the conversations, a man (identified as separatist Igor “Bez” Bezler) reports to another (identified as Russian GRU colonel Vasyl Geranin) that “We have just shot down a plane.”[8]
       25 July 2014: In an additional intercepted conversation shared by the SBU, two minutes before MH17 was destroyed, one separatist (identified as “Naimanets”) reports to another (identified as Igor “Bez” Bezler) that a plane has been detected flying overhead.[11]
–       17 July 2014: RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service describes a VKontakte post attributed to separatist leader Igor “Strelkov” Girkin published on VKontakte at 17:50 Moscow time (less than two hours after MH17 was destroyed and shortly before reports began surfacing that the downed airliner was in fact MH17) in which he writes: “In the vicinity of Torez, we just downed a plane, an AN-26. It is lying somewhere in the Progress Mine. We have issued warnings not to fly in our airspace. We have video confirming. The bird fell on a waste heap. Residential areas were not hit. Civilians were not injured.” The post was later removed from the VKontakte site.[13]
–       8 November 2014: In its report “Origins of the Separatists’ Buk: A Bellingcat Investigation,” Bellingcat, a group of citizen journalists that investigates current events using open source information such as videos, maps and pictures, attempts to determine who (i.e. pro-Russian separatists, the Ukrainian military or others) was in control of the particular BUK system believed to have destroyed MH17. Bellingcat’s MH17 investigation team finds that “there is undeniable evidence that separatists in Ukraine were in control of a Buk missile launcher on July 17th and transported it from Donetsk [Russia] to Snizhne on a transporter. The Buk missile launcher was unloaded in Snizhne approximately three hours before the downing of MH17 and was later filmed minus one missile driving through separatist-controlled Luhansk.”[17]
–       19 March 2015: Jeroen Akkermans, a correspondent for RTL News, visited the open MH17 crash site in November 2014 and collected metal fragments that were determined to belong to the payload of a 9M317 BUK missile. The ammunition fragments were turned over to the Dutch Safety Board for use in its own ongoing investigation into the cause of the MH17 crash.[20]
–       16 May 2015: Dutch NOS national TV and leading daily De Volkskrant jointly published their findings on the probable route the Buk installation traveled in Ukraine on the day of the downing of MH17 (17 July 2014). The NOS website story includes an interactive feature describing in detail the route followed by the trailer carrying Buk, as well as the route followed by the Buk itself (after it was unloaded from the trailer) to the location from where the fatal missile was fired (a hilltop called Saoer Mogila, near Pervomajsk).[24] On the news show Nieuwsuur on 16 May, NOS correspondent Gert-Jan Dennekamp said that all info is pointing to the conclusion that the Buk missile was supplied by Russia and was fired from rebel-held territory southeast of the crash site.[25]
7-18-14  The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) has released audio purporting to show pro-Russian militants in eastern Ukraine discussing receipt of sophisticated antiaircraft weapons and the crews to man them from Russia.
The SBU believes the weapons were used to shoot down a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet on July 17, killing some 300 people.
The first of the newly released conversations purportedly took place on July 14 between a commander in the self-proclaimed "Luhansk People's Republic" and an alleged officer of Russian military intelligence (GRU) by the nickname of "Oreon."
In that conversation, the Luhansk commander says, "We already have the Buk and we will shoot them [Ukrainian military planes] down" and Oreon responds, "Yes, I know that.”

With Sergey Dubinsky’s identity as “Khmuryi” confirmed beyond all reasonable doubt, both in his additional discovered posts and confirmation from his friend Ivan Okhlobystin, we can now provide additional analysis regarding Dubinsky’s role in the transport of Buk 332 on July 17, 2014 through eastern Ukraine.  As this analysis will show, Dubinsky was a key–or perhaps even the key–figure in organizing the transport of Buk 332 from Donetsk to a field south of Snizhne on the day of the tragedy.  Furthermore, this additional analysis confirms the authenticity of the intercepted telephone conversations involving Dubinsky published by the SBU on July 18, 2014.  Some details of these calls were previously under dispute or unclear, such as references to downed jets and Gvozdikas in a call between Dubinsky and “Botsman,” but a closer look reveals that even minor details in the calls can be verified through open source materials.
The following sections will provide both a summary and detailed analysis of the five calls involving Sergey “Khmuryi” Dubinsky published by both the SBU and JIT, along with additional commentary on some of the additional details provided in a slightly extended version of a call published by the JIT.

Dubinsky in Intercepted Calls Published by the SBU

Intercepted phone calls published by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) reveal numerous details about Dubinsky’s role around the transport of Russian Buk 332 on July 17, 2014. The day after the downing, the SBU identified Khmuryi (Dubinsky) as “Sergey Nikolayevich Petrovsky, born 1964, officer of the Russian GRU, Igor ‘Strelok’ Girkin’s deputy of intelligence, who was in Donetsk at the time of the intercept.”  We now know that some of these details are true, and some are a bit off–namely, the year of birth (1962, not 1964) and his last name (Sergey Nikolayevich Dubinsky, not Petrovsky, which was his pseudonym in the DNR). Additionally, in one uploaded version of the conversations, the SBU duplicated information from a previous call (see summary of the fifth call).  The SBU provides the number of the telephone that was intercepted: +38 063 121 3401.  Two of the original videos published by the SBU can be accessed here (Ukrainian) and here (English). Dubinsky speaks at the following times in the video: 1:33 – 3:524:15 – 5:22.

Summary of the first call (9:08am):

In the first conversation, Dubinsky speaks with “Buryatik,” a separatist soldier who has never been identified with certainty.  Buryatik asks Dubinsky (Khmuryi) where to load a Buk-M1 (which is called a “beauty,” “Buk,” “B,” and “M” at different points), which was taken by Buryatik from an unidentified location to Donetsk.  After asking where to unload and hide the Buk from the truck it was towed on, Buryatik confirms to Dubinsky that the Buk came with a crew.  Dubinsky tells Buryatik that there is no need to unload and hide it, but instead said that it has to go “to there” now.


  • The time of this call (9:08am) is provided in the English version of the SBU video, along with the JIT’s video from March 30, 2015.
  • It is unclear from the call if this “crew” (экипаж) came with the Buk from Russia, was a group of separatist soldiers, or was a mix of the two.
  • The destination for the Buk mentioned by Dubinsky is presumably a field south of Snizhne, or another place meant to provide air defense cover to the area.  This is quite logical for the time, as Ukrainian jets conducted airstrikes in the area around Snizhne at that time.  The most well known example of this was an airstrike hitting an apartment building in Snizhne on July 15, killing 12 civilians.  Satellite imagery further documents the presence of a Su-25 ground attack fighter in the area on July 16, 2014 (see coordinates 47.951409, 38.828687).
  • video published on March 30, 2015 by the Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team reveals a few extra seconds from this call, as detailed at the end of this article.

Summary of the second call (9:22am):

In the second phone conversation, which begins at 2:12 in the embedded video above, Dubinsky agains speaks with Buryatik.  He asks if he brought one or two Buks.  Buryatik explains that there was a mix-up with the transfer, as they did not have or were not willing to give/loan a second vehicle to transfer another Buk with.  “They” unloaded the Buk from the truck they transported it on, and the Buk crossed the border on its own and was then transported with a truck. Dubinsky then tells Buryatik that the Buk will be going to its destination with tanks from the Vostok Battalion.


  • The time of the call (9:22am) is provided in the English version of the SBU video.
  • Dubinsky expected a second vehicle with the delivery, though it is unclear what this would have been.  It would be safe to assume that Dubinsky helped coordinate the transfer and use of the Buk, as he had some previous idea about what would be delivered, and Buryatik knew to call him for where the Buk would be moved or hidden.
  • It’s not entirely clear what situation occurred when Buryatik described “the mix-up that they had” (у них там пошла непонятка).  It is possible that he expected another transport vehicle to be used to take another Buk, or that “they” would conduct a portion of the transport themselves.
  • The identity of “they” is unclear, referring to those in Russia who brought the Buk to the border.  Buryatik never gives many identifying details, but we know that they had contact with the separatists, may have included crew members (see analysis of previous conversation), and they transported the Buk to the border.
  • The exact crossing point for where the Buk crossed the border under its own power (“она своим ходом (…) перешла через полоску”), or where the transport vehicle was parked on the Ukrainian side of the border, is unclear.  Of the possible candidates, an illegal border crossing point between Severnyi, Ukraine and Donetsk, Russia at 48.352967, 39.942758 seems most likely.  For more information, see page 47 the Bellingcat report “Tracking the Trailers” and pages 11-13 of the Bellingcat report “Russia’s Path(s) to War“.
  • In an interview with the now-defunct separatist news outlet icorpus (but saved on the blog El Murid), Dubinsky mentioned how he was allowed to take 3-4 tanks from the Vostok Battalion on the day of the downing of MH17: “…when I was going to Stepanivka, right before the Boeing crash, [Vostok Battalion commander] Khodakovsky called me for some reason instead of Igor Ivanovich [Girkin, “Strelkov”], and told me: “If you need to, you can take 3-4 of my tanks.”  And I took them, because I did need to.
  • The transport of the Buk with the Vostok tanks did not take place exactly as explained.  Arnold Greidanus and Ukraine@War (also see here) have done extensive analysis on the Vostok convoy that travelled along roughly the same route as the Buk, but at different times. Two videos of the Vostok convoy can be seen below:

Summary of the third call (9:23am):

Dubinsky speaks with a different person, “Sanych,” in the third call, starting at 2:43 in the previous embedded video. The SBU describes him as a fighter of the DNR and a deputy of Khmuryi (Dubinsky).  In the call, Dubinsky tells Sanych that “my Buk-M” will go with “your guys,” and that the Buk is on a transport vehicle now.  He asks Sanych about where to take it to place it in a military convoy.  Sanych says to take it to the Motel roundabout.


  • The time of the call (9:23am) is provided in the English version of the SBU video.
  • Buk 332 was parked at the Motel roundabout for some time (as filmed by a driver in this video), before it left eastward through Makiivka (filmed here), Zuhres (filmed here), Torez (photographed here), and finally Snizhne (filmed here).
  • It is interesting that Dubinsky referred to the Buk as “my Buk,” again indicating that he was a key figure involved in acquiring and transporting the weapon from Russia.
  • A key part of these intercepted calls is how we can see which separatists knew different instructions.  Here, Dubinsky does not know where Buk 332 should be taken to send it off in a convoy, but he does know the ultimate destination and that it will be with or near Vostok tanks.

Summary of the fourth call (9:54am):

Dubinsky speaks with a new, unidentified person who is only described as a “DNR terrorist.”  Dubinsky tells this person to call a man called “Bibliotekar” (The Librarian), and that he will find “you know what” at the Motel roundabout.  The unidentified person affirms that he knows what “you know what” is.  Dubinsky then instructs him to take “only those who came back, how ever many you need for the escort, and leave the rest behind here.”  He then tells him to go to a spot near Pervomayskoe, and check a map for directions to the area.  Once the unidentified soldier reaches the area near Pervomayskoe, Dubinsky tells him to set up and unload the remaining people he has with him.  His tasks is to be in reserve and to guard the Buk-M that the person is transporting.  He closes the call by saying that a man named Gyurza (The Viper) will also be at this location.


  • The time of the call (9:54am) is provided in the English version of the SBU video.
  • The question of Bibliotekar’s identity has never been answered with any satisfaction.  Many have investigated the question, but no one has answered who he is for certain.  Some have guessed that he is a Russian soldier, perhaps from one of the intelligence services, though without any specific individual in mind. Others have pointed to Fyodor Berezin, who once served as a Soviet air defense officer, was called the “Russian Tom Clancy” by the New Yorker because of the science fiction and military books he authored, and served as the Deputy Defense Minister in the DNR in 2014.  That said, it’s unclear if Berezin was in Donetsk at the time, and may have been in Luhansk, per his own LiveJournal posts. However, it would be a mistake to assume that “The Librarian” must be the call sign for a literary or bookish person–for example, “Bibliotekar” is a type of monster in the popular Ukrainian video game/Russian book series “Metro 2033,” which is where Arseny “Motorola” Pavlov’s “Sparta Battalion” took its symbol from. Resolving the issue of Bibliotekar’s identity would also settle some of the central questions surrounding the downing of MH17.
  • It is unclear exactly what Dubinsky refers to when he says only “those who came back,” but it is possible that he is referring to the fighters in Girkin’s ranks who came back from Sloviansk about two weeks before the downing of MH17.  These men would likely have more fighting experience than those who had only been in Donetsk and nearby cities.
  • The people described by Dubinsky are likely those who followed Buk 332 in the escort from Donetsk to Snizhne, though not all of these vehicles were still in the convoy by the time it reached Snizhne.  For example, in the Makiivka video from around 11:00am, the escort vehicles include a black Peugeot 3008, a UAZ-469 jeep, a grey 2010 Toyota RAV4 with a modified spoiler, and a dark blue Volkswagen minivan.  In the Snizhne video, shot just a few hours before the downing, only one vehicle is still escorting the Buk.
  • There are two “Pervomayskoe” villages located next to each other, and just down the road from the location where Buk 332 launched the missile that downed MH17. One village, closest to the launch site, is “Pervomaysky,” while another village just one field to the north is “Pervomayske.”  It is unclear which one Dubinsky was talking about, but a separatist checkpoint was located in between Pervomaysky and the launch location, likely indicating that this was the village he had in mind.
  • The identity of Gyurza is not entirely clear, as it is a common call sign for soldiers.  He was likely Dubinsky’s deputy in the DNR’s intelligence service.  Novaya Gazeta reported in 2015 that Gyurza was a former French foreign legionnaire, but this claim has not been independently confirmed.

Summary of the fifth call:

The fifth and final call, from the late afternoon or evening of July 17, 2014, is between Dubinsky and “Botsman,” identified by the SBU as an officer of the Russian GRU. Dubinsky tells Botsman that “we are near Marinovka” and things are not going too well.  He says that things aren’t so great because they are under constant Grad fire, and that they had recently shot down a Ukrainian Su-25 jet.  He mentions that his forces received a Buk-M that morning and that things will be easier now.  Dubinsky goes on to say that Ukrainians are trying to escape from Zelenopolye, but to break through they have to go through Dubinsky and his forces.  He also mentions that “yesterday” (July 16) they shot down two Su-25s, and another today.  At the end of the call, Dubinsky says that “in a couple of hours” he’s headed to Donetsk, and that three Gvozdikas are waiting for him in Donetsk.  He will then take the Gvozdikas back to “here” (Marinovka).


  • The time of the call is given as 9:08am and Dubinsky is described as in Donetsk–both of which are clearly false.  The SBU almost certainly copied the top part of the first call for making the introduction frame for this call, only changing “Buryatik” for “Botsman”.  Dubinsky describes his current location as Marinovka in this call, and the call was conducted after the morning and a shootdown with the Buk.  The exact time of the call is unclear, but was likely in the late afternoon or very early evening soon after the downing of MH17, but before it became widely known that a passenger jet was actually downed.

  • The identity of Botsman has never been determined, but Dubinsky describes a series of men who used the call sign in a September 13, 2015 post on   He mentions a Botsman who was a deputy to Bezler, another who was the deputy commander of the 3rd Brigade from Horlivka, and a third in the “Viking” battalion of the DNR.  Of these three, the first is the most likely candidate for the person on the call.
  • There was indeed a large-scale battle near Marinovka shortly before the downing of MH17.  On July 16, the day before the downing, a video appeared showing Igor “Strelkov” Girkin and Aleksandr Borodai in a field just northwest of Stepanivka, speaking about the fighting near Marinovka.  A Strela-10 anti-aircraft missile system is visible in the video.  Separatist forces moved into Marinovka during the day of July 17, and reportedly captured at least a portion of the village on the 16th.
  • The shot down and damaged jets described to Dubinsky can be partially identified.  He mentions downing two “Sushkas” (Su-25 jets) the day before the call.  On July 16 at around 1pm, two Su-25s were hit, but only one was actually downed.  Reports from separatist sources on that day indicate that the Su-25s were bombing near Savur-Mohyla– just a few kilometers from the eventual MH17 launch site, Marinovka, and the location where Strelkov conducted an interview with an anti-aircraft missile system in the background.  Dubinsky was mistaken about the third “Sushka” that was shot down on the day of the call, as it was not a fighter jet he had first thought.  The only plane that was shot at or downed that day was Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.
  • We are able to identify the three Gvozdikas that Dubinsky mentions:  three unnumbered and unmarked 2S1 Gvozdikas that travelled from Luhansk to Donetsk on July 15, 2014.  A convoy accompanying these three Gvozdikas was filmed and photographed numerous times, as described in this Bellingcat investigation.  These three Gvozdikas were seen on July 15 in central Donetsk around 7:00pm.  Three of the same vehicles in this July 15 convoy–an UAZ-469, a 2010 Toyota RAV4, and a dark blue Volkswagen minivan–were in the convoy on July 17 that accompanied Buk 332 through eastern Ukraine.  
This article was collaboratively researched and written by the Bellingcat  MH17 Investigation Team, with contributions from the Conflict Intelligence Team.
Our first short glimpse into Khmuriy showed that he needed a much closer look.  So we went to Velyka Novosilka village, located in the west of Donetsk Oblast. That is in Velyka Novosilka, where Sergey Dubinskiy spent his childhood.  He also had lived there for several years before the Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine. People who know Dubinskiy have told us about his “timeline of achievements” and much more.
From their words, Dubinskiy’s family was well known in Velyka Novosilka.  The terrorist’s father, Mykola, worked as an engineer, his mother, Kapitolyna, was a teacher.  Both are deceased.
In the eighties and nineties Sergey served in the Soviet Army, and then in the Russian Army. In 1985-1987 he was the deputy commander, and then the commander of the reconnaissance company of 181st Motorized Rifle Regiment in Kabul, Afghanistan.  He was even awarded Order of the Red Star and Order for Service to the Homeland in the Armed Forces of the USSR.
In 1997 Sergey Dubinskiy retired and lived on a pension with his family in Rostov Oblast (Russia) till 2002. Later he divorced. He has a daughter of the first marriage and an illegitimate son. In spring 2002, being a retired lieutenant colonel, he was recalled for military service by the personnel department of the North Caucasian (now – Southern) Military District (SMD), to serve in North Caucasian Combined Forces of Russian Army. In 2002 – 2004 he served as a company commander of the 974th headquarters company (military unit #22727), and as the reconnaissance commander of 194th commandants tactical group. In 2004 he retired again, but his personnel record got lost, so on paper he remained in service. At the same time he succeeded to apply for and receive a pension, however, a Russian court ruled to claim it back (this episode became the starting point for Khmuriy in his Donbas war story).
– In 2005 moved in to live to his mother in Velyka Novosilka village. His ex-wife kept the flat, which he received from the Army, so he had no place to live in Russia, Dubinskiy’s childhood friend said. – He lived with his mother at: 56, Sovetskaya St., apt 11. He had no life there. He was blowing pension on alcohol and women in few days. Then he would putting the lug on his mother (her pension) or would try to tap his friends and neighbors. He was drinking heavily, so neighbors called him Drunk Roger. After a period in Velyka Novosilka, Dubinskiy moved to a summer house in Storozheve village. He lived there approximately till June, 2014.
In 2011 – 2012 Dubinskiy faced a run of bad luck. A spot audit at SMD military units found that his pension payments were not properly documented. The ensuing legal proceedings resulted in a court ruling obliging Dubinskiy to pay back the money received. After that ruling Dubinskiy appealed to SMD headquarters for restoring of his personnel record and properly document his military discharge and pension payments. To solve these issues, in March 2012 he visited the SMD personnel department. There he was directed to the commander of military unit #11659 (the 22nd Special Forces Brigade of Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of Russian General Staff) for reinstating in service and proper military discharge procedure.
In April Dubinskiy finally achieved his aim and retired, this time in the rank of colonel. Thus, during all this time actually spent in Ukraine, Dubinskiy was fictitiously employed at his military unit.  Apparently, Dubinskiy had such privileges for a reason.  With that, he had been enrolled in the ranks of the invisible GRU force in Ukraine, which was under manning and preparation for aggression against Ukraine.  Dubinskiy rapidly went to Russia in June 2014, whereas his Second Chechen War buddy, Igor Strelkov-Girkin promptly appeared in Slovyansk as the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Army Deputy Commander, with. On the occupied Ukrainian territory, Dubinskiy formed a special forces company and an intelligence department headquartered in Kramatorsk.  He went on to forming and heading so-called Main Intelligence Directorate of the DPR, on the basis of these groups.
In the beginning of 2015 Dubinskiy left the DPR and moved out to Russia.... However, we know that after Dubinskiy’s departure to Russia his track was lost.  For a while.  Until we succeeded to find his new address in Russia, where he lives with his family:
Russia, Rostov Oblast, Aksaysky District, Bolshoy Log village, Molodezhnaya St., 4B (the house coordinates: 47°18’15.8″N 39°54’49.7″E).
Material prepared by Oleh Baturin and Dmitry Lisunov, Europrostіr, NGO; translated by Evgeniy Kalashnik, edited by Artem Velichko