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Fukushima & Pacific; Iranian navy; Agni

12-2-2016      Fukushima 2011 nuclear disaster has contaminated the world's largest ocean in only five years and it's still leaking 300 tons of radioactive waste every day.
An energy map provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows the intensity of the tsunami in the Pacific Ocean caused by the magnitude 8.9 earthquake which struck Japan on March 11, 2011. Thousands of people fled their homes along the Pacific coast of North and South America on Friday as a tsunami triggered by Japan's massive earthquake reached the region but appeared to spare it from major damage. REUTERS/NOAA/Center for Tsunami Research/Handout (UNITED STATES - Tags: DISASTER ENVIRONMENT) FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. IT IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS

11-24-17    Iranian Navy will soon be sending a force to visit Latin America and the Gulf of Mexico, a newly-appointed naval commander has said.  The move will be a demonstration of the country’s ability to project power far beyond its shores.
In his first press conference in Tehran since being appointed, Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi
said that Iranian naval forces will cross the Atlantic, stopping at friendly South American countries, before flying the Iranian flag in the Gulf of Mexico, local media reported on Wednesday.
"Our fleet of warships will be sent to the Atlantic Ocean in the near future and will visit one of the friendly states in South America and the Gulf of Mexico," Fars news agency quoted Khanzadi as saying.
III, v, 5.       economy is opposed to madness, and madness is opposed to spirit-knowledge.                 -Leaves of Morya's Garden 1925
127.   All who realize consciously the community move forward.  And there cannot be communities opposed to each other                                                                                                       173.   We are opposed to exclusive specialization; in the best construction of a collective this condition finds its place.          -M:  Community 1926
366.  Why should our warranty be understood narrowly?  The treasure should be carried in daily life more wisely and applied more broadly than is customary.  Searching for a broad application of the Teaching will give experience to the hand.  But one can easily destroy an expected result, for our voice from afar is like a whisper of the reeds.     -M:  Agni Yoga 1929
388.  At times opposers are closer to the truth than those who mechanically affirm the letter of the law without understanding its meaning.      
                                                  -Morya:  Supermundane 2, 1938

DOD paying a milion contractors, civilians, uniformed personnel to fill back-office jobs

12-5-2016      The data showed that the Defense Department was paying a staggering number of people — 1,014,000 contractors, civilians and uniformed personnel — to fill back-office jobs far from the front lines.  That workforce supports 1.3 million troops on active duty, the fewest since 1940.
Robert “Bobby” L. Stein, former chairman of the Defense Business Board. He serves as managing director of Chartwell Capital Management and president of the Regency Group. (Thomas Hager/Courtesy of Chartwell Capital Management)                       

The lever of the valve is opened by your decree

          -La Tourelle, headquarters of the Summit Lighthouse 1966-76

         And therefore recognize the meaning of being a servant of God.  It demands your total being, your total consciousness--all of your love, all of your life and more!  For the price is very high, and all that you give to God is given back to you in return, and this is the Law of the Tithe which comes forth from the very heart of Alpha and Omega.  When you give forth your energies in decrees God must return to you that which you have given….…as you decree realize that all within your sight and those whom you cannot see can receive of the body of God, of the Holy Spirit through your simple call....The prayers of your Holy Christ Self can be reaped in the world of form only as you appropriate them and ask that they descend into your heart’s chalice.  For all that occurs in the macrocosm is destined to descend into the microcosm. 
  The lever of the valve is opened by your decree, and until you make the call the valve is shut and nothing can come forth to you except the allotment for your embodiment of the pulsation from the Mighty I AM Presence.  Anything in addition to that, the expansion of your heartflame and all that you need to have and do and be to go forth to the light must come forth because you invoke it, because you decree it and because you accept it unflinchingly on behalf of the service of the light….
  Do you not know that you are lawmakers for your own world just as the Congress of this country is the lawmaking body for this nation?…Therefore as you define in your world the sphere of your activity remember that all law that is based on the infinite conception of God will fulfill in you your victory, the fullness of your service and the mighty ascension in the light….And if you will ask, beloved ones, that the electronic Presence of the master of your choice be superimposed over your form before you go to sleep at night you will find that throughout the hours of rest all of the momentums of light of that ascended being can be absorbed into your consciousness, into your four lower bodies by the power of the electrode upon the spine--the ascending  and the descending currents of God that formulate the magnetic forcefield which is the focus of the great cycles of Infinity within your very own Presence….
  Will you do this with me this year, each of the 365 days that are to come?  Will you do this, beloved ones?  Stand and pledge yourselves to the light and realize that as your Cosmic Mother I will amplify whatever calls you make….For in His Spirit is the victory of the light….
  Rejoice then that the heavenly Father has prepared for you a way of salvation that mankind can receive the glory….Look forward then to the resurrection of all life.  Go forward in the name of the Christ, go forward in the name of HIs flame and bear within you that diamond heart that is my own, that is the heart of beloved El Morya, that is the heart of the will of God….And no riptide of emotion however great or small will be able to deter you from your course which is the course of freedom--it is the cause of freedom, the cause of victory.              
  Develop then that courage and determination that says “I shall not be moved!” and then go forth to conquer….And I AM with you alway even as is my Son and the Presence of the Holy Spirit.  As you receive our radiation this day and the sublimity of the rule of the Holy Family realize that this Trinity of manifestation is the true meaning of the threefold flame within your heart.  For in the balance of the Father, Mother and Son principles you attain the glory of your victory; receive it then                  
(by Ruth Hawkins)
                    -Archeia Mary:   12-31-1967 at La Tourelle, Colorado Springs via Messenger of the Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet
  -Messenger ECP

Dec. 10 dawn

 predawn Arcturus

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you must be ready to receive that offering that is given to you from on high

    Consider then that as you approach your fellowman each one is still in the childhood of attainment and must be so regarded.  By this attitude the ladies of heaven maintain a permanent state of grace in loving understanding and consideration for the evolutions of this planet.
  You recall the statement “Never underestimate the power of a woman.”  I say to you, do not underestimate the power of the divine feminine, of that ray that is anchored in your heart from the Divine Mother or the power of the ladies of heaven to effect change in the world of form….
  Beloved ones, it is so important that equality not manifest among mankind as competition.  Equality is the opportunity to rise to one’s own God-source in the administration and outpicturing of one’s own divine plan fulfilled.  How important it is especially for disciples on the pathway of attainment to understand that they are never competing with one another but only with their own momentums, striving to overcome and to arrive just a little bit ahead of the mark where they perhaps another time had failed….Beloved ones, it is never your true Self that is out of harmony with the universe, for your divine Identity is the Mighty I AM Presence and in that you must stand and face and conquer every situation that would array itself against you.  The soft voice, the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit is the only presence of the creative force of Life within you.  The holding to and clinging fast to that vine of divinity will work wonders in the world of form for you.  
  And whenever you are amidst the tempest, as beloved Jesus was in the boat and the sea roared without, remember that you can simply say “Peace, be still, and know that I AM God!”  And you can call to your Mighty I AM Presence, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood or an individual ascended being and say “Mighty I AM Presence, take command of that situation!” and know that all will be well.  Then turn your attention to God and go about your daily activities.  Do not feel that you must strive with opposition, for the forces of light, the powers of Michael’s band and of all the archangels stand ready to go forth to do battle for you as you continue to press forward toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus.
  Remember that, beloved ones, you do not need to struggle:  the hosts of the Lord are encamped about you and they indeed go forth.  And they are the conquerers.  But remember that in this world you must always consider that the manifestation of God is sometimes of necessity tempered by the conditions of time and space; at other times instantaneous precipitation is possible.  Therefore expect the immediate, but be willing to wait in patience in the possession of your souls for the fulfilling of the divine within you.  It is true that saints in the past have lost initiations and have failed tests because of impatience.  Your patience must be tried, for it is the trying of your faith, of your momentum and your dedication--and this must be tested in all ways.  For to give you the full power of the kingdom all at once, as beloved Ray-O-Light explained to you, would mean that with that added power you would have double the karma or triple the karma or whatever increase that power would mean to you.  And so you must be ready to receive that offering that is given to you from on high.
  Your cup must be expanded--the chalice of your heartflame.  And this is an hourly process, it goes on continuously.  And you must learn how to meditate while you are about your daily tasks; this is so important….For if you are not in attunement with God at all times, how can He act for you in time of danger or crisis or opposition?  It means that in the presence of danger you must first make your attunement before you can receive assistance.  In the life of a disciple there is not time for this, beloved ones, attunement must be ready as an armor, as a sword of truth….Attunement is somewhat of a subconscious quality, it is begun with the outer mind, it is begun by its supplication, by the prayer to the Holy Christ Self to take command and continue the prayers and decrees of your heart throughout the twenty-four hours.  This is an important request and it should be made before you even rise from your beds.  You must say to yourself if you are to follow in the pathway of the Mother of the World and of the Christ: 
   “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, Father of all life, act on my behalf this day.  Fill my form; release the light that is necessary for me to go forth to do Thy will, and see that at every hand the decisions I make are according to Thy holy will.  See that my energies are used to magnify the Lord in everyone whom I meet.  See to it that Thy holy wisdom released to me is used constructively for the expansion of God’s kingdom.  And above all, beloved heavenly Father, I commend my spirit unto Thee and ask that as Thy flame is one with my flame the union of these two flames shall pulsate to effect in my world the continuous alertness and attunement which I need with my Holy Presence, with the Holy Spirit and with the World Mother.”  
  And then accept this in full faith, beloved ones, and realize that then the Hierarchy of Light may take over your form, your world….For you will be on guard in the vanguard of light; this is the requirement of the hour.  For as K-17 told you at the last class it is necessary that this group of disciples shall become the fuse that shall trigger the blazing torch of the flame of truth throughout the entire planetary body as a mighty catalyst of light.
  Do not underestimate your service to the light then, and realize that one with God is a majority for the entire planetary body.  And this is scientific, for we have proven it, we have demonstrated it….This knowledge which was known to us as we were the followers of the Christ has been carried hand to hand through the centuries, and it has not been lost.  And now this torch is given to the many in the outer world as the knowledge of the sacred fire which must be spread abroad….
  Remember that you are chosen because you have chosen….As you give to your fellowman so it is multiplied unto you….Steel your minds, precious ones, and realize that the discipline of the Law is the saving grace of mankind.  The discipline of the Law is mercy, for as you align yourself and your four lower bodies with the Being of God you appreciate that there are vast spheres of power that may be released to you because you are one with the Law.  The Law is not bondage; obedience is never a chain, beloved ones….The Law is a conscription of energy:  it defines what man can do and what he cannot do.       (to be continued)       
 (by Ruth Hawkins)
-Archeia Mary:  12-31-1967 at La Tourelle, Colorado Springs via Messenger of the Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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along Klamath River

 sunrise 8 December
 woodstove coals

 wild turkey along Klamath River

along Klamath River

to acknowledge it (Fire) as one's only nurture

40. The invisible world participates in earthly life much more than is supposed.  Advise that attention be directed to many small manifestations which are usually not even noticed.  Not striking and blinding manifestations, but those which the limited mind calls coincidence or accident--these construct unforgettable results.  

82.  It is difficult to annihilate an evil action.  So many superstructures and towers one would have to construct in order to muffle the shrieking of a malicious prisoner who attempts to make his way through each half-closed door.  Ask people how persistently they follow not only the evil but even unsuccessful thoughts and deeds.  The path of life is surrounded by the signs of actions revealed as uneradicated spots, therefore it is so wise to strive into the future.  In this flight one has no time to sully the white wings.

165.  To understand the common striving means to construct a temple of the New World.  To strive, mutually nourishing one another, will already be the understanding of the Teaching. Such striving will pave the path to the fiery world, but one must have the courage to look at Fire, to acknowledge it as one's only nurture.        

(N. Roerich  Fiat Rex, 1931)
                                            -Morya:  Heart 1932

                                               -Josie Grant:  8 Immortals, series, SF Chinatown mural, 1979
       The desire for communion with loved ones has often brought individuals into spiritualistic séances and the pursuit of the phenomenal.  We do not deny that there are many seemingly marvelous expositions that occur, many of which are outwardly inexplicable to mankind. But we wish to draw the line of cosmic demarcation in order to show that men who can produce phenomena or manifestation at will, who can invoke the spirits of the departed or enter the astral realm, who can transfer thought or receive extrasensory perceptions even of prophecy, are not necessarily holy or pure, nor are they necessarily vested with any specific level of divine attainment. Inasmuch as the exponents of these arts are not necessarily adepts themselves it follows conclusively that they are not able then to guarantee adeptship to others.

Unfortunately many individuals who are involved in these pursuits are sooner or later overpowered by forces completely outside the reckoning of their minds until the stability of their lives is interfered with and they are no longer free, if they ever were, but bound into a greater and greater bondage of confusion of ideas, concepts and a form of egomania that often takes possession of them at the precise time when they feel they are losing all control of their worlds.  When they feel that they are losing hold on reality they sometimes yield to a mass entity that promises to exalt their person while bringing them strange commanding powers over the universe.  Even if they succeed in demonstrating such control in various states of limitation, the Mephistophelian bargain is never kept and as in the opera Faust the soul is stripped of her opportunities for true reality.
The apostles have said that "the devil as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour."  There is no more deadly substitute for the true expansion of the soul than psychic indulgence and psychic power.  It does not matter, precious ones, whether or not people so connected are able to perform healings or even miracles. It is the state of the consciousness of the soul that counts.  It is the expansion of what El Morya has called "cosmic morality"--it is the absorption of the nature of God into one’s world that actually shows the stature of each individual to himself as well as to others....
The psychic world is the world of images.  It is a hall of mirrored forms, but these are not necessarily arranged in any form of order.  The modes of the inhabitants of the psychic world resemble almost the sea itself in depth.  A seemingly weightless condition persists there and forms may be tipped at any angle and piled up haphazardly as the substance of which dreams are made.  A sense of timelessness is also apparent, with the past, present and future all blending into a montage of incongruent ideas.        

                          -Elohim Astrea:  Keepers of the Flame Lesson 24
      Beware however of the penalty for engaging in automatic writing, in psychic activity and in all of those things that are contrary to ascended master law.  Take heed that you understand that there is no need for man to do these things that tie in to the psychic world. The Ouija board and many of these other activities bring mankind downward.  I tell you, there are few upon the planet who understand how to operate the cards of the tarot.
  You ought to understand then that the safest and best journey [course] for the elect is under the direction of the ascended masters.  It teaches you how you ought to study their words and to pray unto them, to call unto them, to seek initiation, to be a real person, to be a divine person, to activate the flow of cosmic energy within your forcefields by sounding the Word, by humming the majestic concept of the living Christ, by feeling the surge of the resurrection current, by entering in to the power within the Holy of holies of your own being.
  Men do not have to go outside themselves to find salvation, for the kingdom of heaven is within you.  And that kingdom that is within you is our kingdom.                                  
                                       -Maitreya:  3-25-1967 via Messenger M or E C Prophet