Thursday, June 2, 2016

We say: make the miracle and you make the pathway to our abode.         cellos; Bach toccata in D minor

solo violin 


  But the miracle of the child’s heart, even in countries behind the iron curtain, steadfastly reaches up through all of the drama of nature to hold reverence with life in the chalice of consciousness.  It is as though the beauty of a miniature star of hope glistened in the mind and being of the child….
  The glory of God that shines behind the veil, known to us of the angelic hosts, has the power in its penetration to transmute every trace of hatred, of shadow, of darkness and of stain in the world until at last the fairyland of cosmic wonder that God would make of all nature is seen by men; and as they glimpse this vision the internal nature of man is changed by nature even as nature continues to be changed by man….
  We say:  make the miracle and you make the pathway to our abode.  And it is truly the sense of the miraculous that enables man both to receive and to benefit from the simple ministrations of cosmic Law—the blessing of the healing of the mind, of the healing of the emotions, the healing of the physical body, of the healing of the memory body as the stings of past errors smart the consciousness of man.
  We say then, as we are preparing the Christmas gift to the children of Earth, bear in mind that the garment of the Christ with all of its ethereal beauty is already sheltering the heart of an infant humanity.  We say “infant” because with all of their scientific knowledge and their treasure house of natural resources mankind have ignored—in the coarseness of their thoughts and in their overconcerns for self and those immediately connected therewith—the need to feel a real world thought.  We speak not of a thought of union that would unite the world for the sake of political, economic or religious control, but we speak of the thought of union that unites each monad, each point of light with the Central Sun of cosmic innoence.
  If this “world sense,” this Wetanschauung were embraced by humanity then the natural order of all things, regardless of prevalent forms of government, would always make room in the inn of being for the Universal Christ; it would always hold a sense of obedient awareness of the voice of God speaking even in the most unexpected places.  If you will humble yourself beneath the Father’s love securing also His wisdom and recognizing the flow of His power your lives can be changed each day….
  It is our desire to fill the chalice of each one’s being with an increasing awareness of the Law of Love as it is taught through the ministrations of every avatar and promised one, and above all it is our desire to transmit to the world the sense of God’s love for the individual.  Men may worship at the shrine of the Christ in Bethlehem, but until they worship at the shrine of the Christ within themselves and see his abiding presence there—unfolding through the experiences of life—they may not be able to summon the wisdom, the love and the power to do the Father’s will in their daily thoughts and deeds.  It is even thus when men fail to recognize the presence of the Christ in themselves and others:  desecration and pain follow when only blessing is intended by God, ...Messias being everywhere.               
-Listening Angel:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:51

  In the words “He hath put down the mighty from their seats and exalted them of low degree”  (lLuke 1:52) are to be found the reality of the Law….Be not afraid to be united in purity and truth within yourself or with others, no matter what the name of the organization may be, for “not in name or fame but by My flame,” saith the LORD, “will I witness to all that I AM.”…By the will to win, men will outwit the darkness lurking in the caves, in the darkened recesses of the outer self.        -Jesus Christ:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:51

in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

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