Thursday, June 16, 2016

You cannot force people to love you or to accept you.

9-8-2015    A. Dwight Pettit, a Baltimore defense attorney, called the settlement a "great move on the part of the city." He said it saves Gray's family the "hassle of litigation" that might not be resolved for years.
Pettit said the settlement also could have bigger implications for the city.
"I've always believed that when the city started to pay real money, instead of money after caps, that we would see the issue of police brutality and excessive force be remedied and solved very quickly," he said.
Gray's family could have filed a lawsuit in federal court on the ground that his constitutional rights were violated, Pettit said.
-Sgt. Caesar Goodson trial in Baltimore, pretrial motions
  The energy you offered in decrees is a means whereby you--as the individual monadic expression of Deity--have invoked from the heart of the Deity the purity, the love, the devotion, the transmutation you desire for the earth….
  Beloved ones of the light, where are your loyalties?  They are to God.  And therefore when you come together into one place to solemnly offer the heart flames of your immortal beings to God through the power of the spoken Word this is to dignify all men and vest them with those garments of immortality which we wear….
  These are not won, precious ones of the light, without some measure of sacrifice because individuals have created through the power God gave them momentums which confine them to a certain habit pattern, and it is difficult for them to break the habits of the centuries and almost millenniums.
  But, beloved ones of the light, the flames of God are able to do for man that which he is unable to do for himself, and therefore the invocation of those flames is ever so important; and the work, the service to God offered by your decrees is important.  Let no one ever declare anywhere that the power of the spoken Word accompanied by a measure of the heart’s devotion and intent for good is not invocative of a manifestation of the divine will upon earth--for it is.
       -K-17, head of Cosmic Secret Service, at pp. 165-6 of Messengers M & E Prophet:  The Science of the Spoken Word, 1983
  And wherever racial differences are given power in this uninhibited age there is a strong possibility that violence and negative karma will accrue in the records of many lifestreams….Man must learn to live not in his externals but in his internals and above all to keep the inside of his vessel spotlessly clean.  Let all races heed this word for it is an admonishment as well as an indictment.  The furies released by mankind in racial disorders and riots instead of in putting forward the races that are behind will put them further backward, and every individual who has augmented the strife by thought, word or deed--seen or unseen, known or unknown--will surely pay the penalty for all of the karma he has created, and this applies to both sides of the fence….
  Each man possesses an infinitesimal drop of the ocean of Infinity.  He himself is intended to be a gatherer of more light as he makes his way along the homeward path and as the entire body of God expands throughout cosmos.  As long as he limits himself to race, regardless of the sense of injustice he may have, he is selling his birthright for a message of pottage….You cannot force people to love you or to accept you.  You can only expand the light within your heart and by noble and useful effort contribute to the wellbeing of the world community.  If violence is to continue unabated in the world it will be a long time before it comes to know the peace of Christ that passeth understanding….
  Men must learn to garner respect first for themselves and for what they do; then they must learn to respect the rights of others because they respect this freedom for themselves….Those who cry peace and safety but are filled with violent feelings are hypocrites and traitors to reality….Let those who would bring about a change in racial relations understand that all change begins within the individual.  You can never legislate respect, you can only earn it….
  We of India, mindful of the crux of all these problems, ask in God’s name that men consider who and what they are.          -Chananda:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:30  
 -Chananda,  chief of Indian Council, by Norman Thomas Miller, 2003  

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