Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The time comes when the avalanche cannot be turned back.

                As we survey the great land of America and envision in our heart from inner levels the mighty achievements, almost supreme in majesty, wrought by God and the Masters of Wisdom for and on behalf of this land, our hearts rejoice in the possibility of fruition; and we see, side by side with the cup of peril and trembling, the cup of fruition and victory. ...

You are here in America--some by birth and some by the destiny of your karma.  You find yourself in this place in time and space because I made a commitment to you in the hour of your birth that you would come to know the Teachings of the ascended masters, that you would meet those lifestreams who could impart to you the knowledge of the Law and the knowledge of your vow to serve the Great Law.  I promised you that you would meet my representative of the Mother-flame.

Why did I make this promise?  Because each and every one of you who is seated here tonight expressed the concern to me, as the representative of the Mother-flame, that you would forget the knowledge of the sacred fire, the law of your karma and your promise to keep the flame of Life; and you implored me to promise you that you would have the opportunity to know the Law. ...

It is America’s destiny to reveal the culture of the Mother to the world.  And the hierarchies of Aries and Libra, fulfilling the light of the heart chakra, come to the aid of those who have heard the call and felt the flame throughout Terra, throughout the four planes of Mater.  The hierarchies of the Sun come forth and their proclamation is this: that it is by the fires of the Holy Spirit and the all-consuming energy of your own I AM Presence that you will bring into manifestation the fulfillment of this fiery destiny.

Now therefore receive the assignment of the Lords of Karma, that assignment being to surrender a portion of misqualified energy into the flame that it might be transmuted, that you might have returned to you God’s energy purified to work the works of God on earth. ...The culture of the Mother is not to be despised.  The championing of the individual God-flame ought not to be misused through those who take advantage by greed of the system of capitalism and free enterprise.      
          -Goddess of Liberty:  introduction to volume 29 of Pearls of Wisdom
   Friends of light, you have waited for my certain word, and I have saved it for you.  Let none then hold it back.  For the keepers of the ffame have the right to know and, in knowing, to dare, to do, to be silent in the heart of God--and to know when and what message to shout from the housetops.
Economic debacle is foreseen.  Prepare.  Setbacks will be sudden.  Be not lulled by the heyday--many band-aids upon the economy, the money system, the banking houses.  These will not prevent the collapse of nations and banking houses built on sands of human greed, ambition and manipulation of the lifeblood of the people of God.  For they shall not prevail who have built their empires on the backs of the children of God who bear in their bodies the very blood of Christ.  The people then who bear that light may no longer be used as foundation stones for the Cain civilization....
Even as I speak, beloved, meetings unending take place. The enemy is prepared to survive a nuclear war--the United States is not.  Unless there be a remnant, where, where shall the Everlasting Gospel and the one hundred forty and four thousand appear?...
The time comes when the avalanche cannot be turned back.  Seeds of unrest and betrayal, seeds of the profligate ones, seeds of those who are unalterably tied to a pleasure cult of materialism who sleep already and know it not--these shall not be turned back [i.e., converted, to the light].  Some have already awakened to the light, and it has awakened in them their own evil.  And thus they are already in their everlasting contempt of the LORD.  These will not be converted by the Holy Spirit.   
                         (portrait by Sindelar, 1930s)
                           -Saint Germain:  11-27-1986 at L. A. Intl. Airport

-upper Sacramento River area

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