Friday, September 1, 2017

part 2 of Archeia Mary's dictation at Accra

            Do you understand then that there can never be complacency, there can never be a standing still, for once the cycle of initiation has begun in your life it is like a giant coil, a spiral--it has exactly 33 turns to the coil.  Beginning with a wide base as it rises it becomes narrower in the shape of the pyramid of life, and you will find that as you rise upon this coil of initiation as Jesus did in the 33 years of his final embodiment there is less and less room for the human consciousness.  For the walls close in and there is only room for the spirit, the soul of man.  And if you begin to feel a cramped feeling on the path understand that it is because you are rising on the spiral of initiation, and the only thing that is cramped is the human ego, the carnal mind, the human will, the human motive, the human intellect.  These then must be surrendered if the soul would go on and rise a step higher….

They (on planet Maldek, between Mars and Jupiter) understood not that in hating one another they were hating themselves.  And so the hatred they sent forth came back upon them in a mighty surge of explosive power….As you consecrate the hours to the threefold flame of love, wisdom and power so you will set the pattern whereby all humanity who follow after you, walking in your footsteps as they walk in the footsteps of Christ, might also learn the lessons of the Law of Cycles….

I have renewed the anchoring within my heartflame of the Electronic Presence of your own divinity and I shall carry that with me as a precious souvenir, as a precious token of this time we have spent together commemorating that moment in cosmic history when the Mother-flame returned to the continent of Africa.  And because you have been drawn here by the love of your hearts so I shall give to you, precious hearts, that special dispensation that you shall always be with me through the pattern and blueprint of your divinity which I shall henceforth carry within my heart.  Will you recognize then the mantra:  We are one--we are one--we are one--we are one--we are one [sung by Mary and congregation]….

If you will weld yourselves together as a mighty body of God upon earth inseparable in service, in thought, in prayer, in dedication you will see a mighty work done upon this continent which has never been accomplished before since the last golden ages of the blue and violet races….These are the precious words of oneness, for in the union you find the strength, the overcoming victory and the power that enables you to withstand all of the fiery darts of wickedness and all the temptations of the world….For that will give you the courage to move onward, to follow the three wise men, to follow the Christ and the Star of the East that shall come to rest over the continent of Africa  prophesying the birth of a new nation, a new people, a new beginning, a new resurrection, a new opportunity.  That is the star Afra!  That is the star born from Alpha and Omega!  That is the star whose energies shall flow in a mighty release to inspire the hearts of all souls evolving here until they too walking in his footsteps mount Bethany’s hill and rise into the ascension in the air--the return to the very heart of God, their divine destiny fulfilled.  So be it.

By the power of the Divine Mother I have spoken:  and I AM with you alway even unto the end of the age!        
(illustration in Prayer and Meditation, 1978)
                  -Archeia Mary:  part 2, 7-23-1972 at Accra, Ghana via Messenger ECP

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