Sunday, June 4, 2017

For He crumbles the towers of human vanity

-Shasta in Pentecost morning

172.  Useless is the leader who is not wise in battle.  Directing your steps toward the heights, I am arming you for life's struggles.  In giving you a Teaching for tomorrow I prepare you for a new life.  Avoid the dead in spirit--helpers come in growing numbers.       -Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924

You cannot by human cleverness do ought but mar the developing, latent image of Righteousness.  You must summon the faith that moves mountains of human misconceptions.  Steel yourself with alertness to the real and depart ancient bondage with her storied pomp.  There is enough joy to the world in reality that the fastidiousness of the senses can, must be shunned.

Where is the fair report?  Saint Francis summoned in peace, Saint Theresa summoned in constancy, Pythagoras raised the scientific symbol of wedded Spirit and matter, and Christ showed forth eternal hope.  Not in one but in many lives nobly lived do the celestial orbs flicker and blaze.  His Star knows many admirers but few who submit to the full course….Heart meeting heart hears the call for a just union….

Shall we desecrate any image He hath made?  Convey peace and goodwill armed with the might of spiritual adherence, loyalty to Being, true wisdom and holy strength.  Marvel in possibility and cherish the inner star.      
-Morya:  Christmas 1965 letter via Messenger Mark Prophet         (portrait by Schmiechen, 1884)
And I saw a new heaven and a new earth, For the first heaven and the first earth were passed away, And there was no more sea.                     -Revelations

Behold, precious ones, the new heaven is at hand and the new earth is at hand.  The newness of heaven is renewal of the Christ mind in man.  The newness of earth is the new civilization emerging because of the inflow of the Christ mind, and the “no more sea” refers to the stilling of man’s banal emotions and the acceptance of God-controlled peace in the hearts of men….

I say to you now in the name of the Brotherhood that is with me:  Go!  Be!       -Gautama Buddha:  1-1-1965 at Washington D.C. via Messenger Mark Prophet

      The joy and beauty of forever is made manifest in the ever-present now.  The dawn of cosmic reason comes in full-blown majesty to the individual, but it has always existed within the heart of the Infinite.  Comprehension then is to partake in holy communion at the altar of God of the nectar of spiritual illumination…. 

Now in our new year offering we would not give one whit of condemnation to mankind, for the infinite ocean of God’s peace is scarcely disturbed by the pinch of dust flecked upon the water’s edge and the accompanying ripples which appear as mountain waves of confusion to the gnats infesting the borders of infinity--near the shoreline where mankind’s castles in sand seem so monumental to the children of men….

Now we shall continue to offer the radiant hopes which have already become the fulfillment of all our dreams to you who dream a little as you sleep--as the gods are wont to do--but who are unfortunately in the main subjected to the ancient songs of the Lorelei (those sirens of the senses which lure men into a state of entrapment whereby the over importance of their human egos is dangled before them upon the thread of life bauble-like).  We advocate then a continuation of the flow of divine knowledge into the world of form for all mankind.  Let knowledge flow forth;…

Let all men know then that those whom God loveth He often chasteneth---His chastening is but for the pruning and perfectionment of every aspirant.  For He crumbles the towers of human vanity and perfects the saints through winnowing the grain of man’s creation and testing in the crucible of life its fitness to be used in the manna for all.  Each one receives these disciplines in that full measure to which he is entitled in that craft of divine sonship…..

I implore all then in the light of the fount of holy wisdom to hold in check those unregenerate impulses which are lacking in nobility and honor and to restrain the idle word and the senseless wanderings in the graves of human self-deceit and confusion from which you have already escaped.  I advocate a continual raising of the standards upon earth as well as the raising of spiritual banners….

The Brotherhood of Light determines once again with the impetus of the new year to evoke a steadfastness in all who continue to serve the plan, replacing a wavering sense of cosmic righteousness with a fervent discipline which does not brook human interference and with a staunch defense of the justice of karmic recall which, in bringing to mankind the understanding of the need of redemption for previous acts, seeks to give them eternal liberation and the purity of the divine concept.,,,  

I AM radiating unto all my flame of immortal peace,        
                Lord Gautama                       Pearls of Wisdom 8:1

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