Friday, June 30, 2017

when some individuals become aware of evil they become bitter and gravitate toward the extreme right or left

           I have seen, sadly, that when some individuals become aware of evil they become bitter and gravitate toward the extreme right or left in politics and religion.  Those who are fanatical, those who are extremist do not have the equipoise of the flame of the heart.  Instead of recognizing that there are forces of evil working through individuals, they personify evil and mistakenly believe that they must destroy flesh and blood.  We have all seen the result of such extremism in acts of horrific destruction--the perpetuation of wars, assassinations and terrorism.
           The propensity of human nature is to rise up in indignation, in hate and hate creation or in revenge against the oppressors.  This has often happened in revolutions and wars in which the children of light, manipulated by the fallen ones, have moved against their very own believing them to be the enemy.  Heads from all sides have rolled on the battlefields of life.  Children of light side by side with the mechanical creation have fought for the causes of the fallen angels because they have been brainwashed into aligning with absolute Evil while believing they were defending absolute Good.
           The power of the people is not gained through more revolutions of the kind we have witnessed on earth but by the enlightenment of the indwelling God Presence.  Within the heart of fire in the breast is the power to overthrow tyrants, to displace them by the Christ consciousness.  Unless we direct that light to challenge the consciousness behind evil the energy of evil will live on, even if the bodies of the evildoers are destroyed.  Therefore the lawful means for dealing with the fallen ones is through the use of the science of the spoken Word which challenges the forces behind the evildoers by the power of transmutation.  In this way one cannot mistake the enemy.
             When giving the Judgment Call (of Jesus Christ), the call for the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold, calls to the violet flame or any decrees or prayers it is essential to do so without any sense of vendetta or a personal need to exact retribution from the forces of evil, for a vengeful attitude of mind or heart will only bind a person to these fallen ones.  Therefore a purified heart is necessary.  And if at any time or in any space you are tempted to react humanly to the forces of evil remember that this is the most dangerous state of consciousness that you can entertain because you will become instantly bound to those against whom you direct your vengeance.  By calling upon the Lord with perfect love (and without anger, animosity, revenge or any vibration that is less than Christ-truth) we will see God’s justice, not our own, prevail on earth as it does in heaven.
              Over the last two thousands years and more the great avatars have left us a legacy that we are intended to embody in our confrontation with evil.  It is the attainment of the flame of peace as it manifested in the heart of Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha.  Therefore the only state of mind that is acceptable is one of non attachment, desirelessness, absolute love and absolute awareness that God Himself as the universal light will in his own time and space separate the tares and the wheat and then burn the tares and draw the wheat into His garner….
              Without the support of the people the power elite will have to stand alone, and they will no longer be the dominating force on earth.  Instead the sons and daughters of God and the Christed ones will be the good shepherds, the teachers, the deliverers, the healers and so forth.
              The Book of Revelation reveals a path of initiation that each soul in her season must pass through if she would ascend to God.  It is a study in the psychology of the soul and the testings she must master on her path to reunion with the Father-Mother God.    
                            -Messenger E C Prophet:  Fallen Angels Among Us, S. U. Press, 2010, pp. 258-60; see

ice/snow sculptures at Harbin, China

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