Wednesday, June 7, 2017

do not allow the world to fool you

Dear children who are self-disciplined and accepting the discipline of the Brotherhood, students of the sacred fire, do not allow the world to fool you.  And let no man take thy crown.  Each of you has earned a crown in this hour.  You will find that the earning of the crown is easier than the keeping of the crown.  And the light that is lost, which was so easily gained in the first instance, is not so easily gained again.
I think of attainment as the highest mountain that I see out of the window at the Royal Teton Ranch.  It is called Electric Peak because so many electric storms take place there.  It is shimmering white, pure white.  And the winds blow the snow and create the effect of the very mist of God, the very presence and image of Moses on the mountain as you look up and see the wisps and the forms of the cloud mingling with the snow that is thrust across the sky.  It is such a sense of movement of the sacred fire.
So I liken it unto your own attainment.  When you stand on the very peak of a mountain where there is snow and ice think of how easy it is to slide down the mountain that you have climbed so assiduously.  Think about how easy it is to be in the valley or where the trees still grow, before you come to the rocky place when every step is a cosmic breath.  And those of you who know mountain climbing know that it is an endurance test--the gravity of the earth, the thin air and the precision placement of each footstep.
I remember climbing Pike's Peak and realizing at the end, there was no other way to go but up.  I couldn’t go down; I couldn’t change my mind.  There was no route down.  It had taken six hours to reach that place.  And in the final thrust up that mountain you could not take more than three steps and sit down.
It is an amazing experience to feel the magnetism of the mountain, the air of God!   And the only thing that is real about you is your determination to reach the top because your life depends on it.  And when you get there you claim the victory and you keep it.    
-Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet:  6-20-1982 at Camelot, Los Angeles (to Summit University)

(photo:  the Messenger atop Pike's Peak, summer 1973, with a band of chelas to anchor the light of Mu for America)

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