Thursday, June 29, 2017

ISIS birthchart analysed

chart erected by Geoffrey Cornelius

Proclaimed at start of Ramadan 2014 by Baghdadi as its caliph.
Full cardinal cross of crescent moon, Pluto, Mars, Uranus--shows explosive nature.
Venus in opposite declination to Pluto; north node in parallel declination to Neptune.
Because Sun below horizon and opposite Pluto ISIS will tend to be underground 
Natal Moon has progressed (at rate of 13.2 degrees/year) this spring to conjunction with natal Saturn.
In June 2020 natal Moon will progress to conjunction with natal Neptune while by 2020 progressed Sun will be opposite natal Pluto--this will bring in very subtle and lasting changes to ISIS.
ISIS through natal Jupiter has resources, through natal Neptune has high intelligence and mastery, through natal Mercury has high alertness.  The natal Neptune-Venus square shows many home/family problems, complicated by Pluto influence.   Saturn in 10th house (aspecting Moon, Mars, Uranus) shows peculiar and changeable rulership/organization.       -r, mt. shasta, ca

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