Wednesday, June 14, 2017

a beacon guide breaking through the night of human consciousness

The depth of man’s inferiority, inefficiency, doubts and fears always stems from past momentums, either of the self or of infections carried into the self from other selves.  An understanding of the nature of the subconscious mind will assist the individual in solving his problems and in developing a greater level of God-awareness with its attendant victory and happiness.  The ministration of the Holy Spirit is intended to provide humanity with both the understanding and the vital determination that are needed to eliminate undesirable qualities--that they might no longer be subject to their power but only to the God-victorious thoughts that flow from the mind of Christ.  Thus the maintaining of a steady contact with the Godhead will assure each individual of the fulfillment of his original life plan.

Here on earth ascended master concepts have become so distorted from their original intent that they are scarcely recognizable in heaven.  People persist in the habit patterns which they established early in life through parental guidance, and as the years go by they continue to mimic the outer expressions of others.  Let them learn if they would be free from the bondage of imperfect molds that the buoyant nature of God must be welcomed into conscious as well as subconscious levels of being by embodied humanity.  This is a matter of uprooting weeds which have no place in the garden of reality and of cultivating the virtues implanted there which have been choked out by the incumbent growth.

Momentums are built as people go over the old patterns again and again until these patterns become so deeply rutted that it is almost impossible to eradicate them from the face of consciousness….Individuals fail to understand that where latent desire goes unchecked and there is an unwillingness to let go of unwholesome human conditions--often because such conditions are more familiar to the ego hence more comfortable than the unknown realms of light from which man has departed--there is a steady draining of energy into subconscious desire matrices that are not in conformity with either the true nature of the individual or his original life plan….

We advocate then in the overcoming of unwanted habits and conditions a recognition of the all-power of God.  “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth,” said the Master Jesus (Matt. 28:18).  The recognition that this power is given unto the Christ in every man as the just steward of his potential is essential, for God’s power with its attendant perfection is now and always has been available to man.  However man was also given the gift of freewill which he may use to effectively blot out the Holy Spirit which gave him birth even as he uses it to still the voice of conscience….The chastening of the Holy Spirit is the natural outgrowth of the conflict between man’s will and God’s will….

Earth is a schoolroom where the light of the Holy Spirit is intended to be a beacon guide breaking through the night of human consciousness and flooding all with the radiance of the dawn of new hope, always appearing, always directing, always making those determinations that recast the molds of life in the higher image.
        Devotedly I AM     
              the Maha Chohan    Pearls of Wisdom 13:33
Be patient, understand the need to strive not with a sense of struggle but with the sense of yielding to the great cosmic pressures of the inner light of true knowledge.  Man has often studied to show himself approved unto God, yet he has not always received cosmic approval for he has neglected the first principles of cosmic love:  he has poured love over himself while ignoring the flow of love as it applied to others.  The result is an inward dearth of the soul which he will not admit, and so in the sense of unreality he remains self-deceived.

Let man not hesitate to fall upon the rock and be broken lest the rock fall upon him and grind him to powder (Matt. 21:44).  Let man not fail to receive the reward of the Christ for true humility….

It is not enough that God wills it so--man himself should also understand the practical aspects of living the cosmic life.  He must make the determination that the heavenly glow shall be a part of himself, flowing freely from within.  No borrowing of another’s light is his but the joy of cosmic achievement born unto himself….no one can permanently retain a gift that he has not first earned and then shared:  “Freely ye have received, freely give” (Matt. 10:8).  One day out of the nobility of self-effort more and more devotees will come to us--a caravan of souls Christ-illumined, Christ-loving and understanding him.  Then the fruit of God-endeavor will replace all outer action, and the manifestation of the cosmic Life will begin.

                   -Kuthumi:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:45

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