Thursday, June 1, 2017

To have a friend at court, at the Court of the Sacred Fire, is greater by far

For the answers are not known in advance by the Messenger, who speaks by faith that the Holy Ghost will place the words in her mouth.  Year after year, week after week our pronouncements and our preachings through  both Messengers have been based upon this trust and faith of the Brotherhood in the One Sent and the One Sent in the sponsoring light.  You must maintain the same relationship with the I AM Presence as you see the Messenger maintain with us.  Your faith in the certain knowledge of what you shall do, what you shall put on, what you shall say, what your defense shall be must be implicit, even as our implicit faith is in this one at hand to deliver our Word to you.  Some things are the very rock of faith, the foundation of our trust; and when you tamper with this trust truly you tamper with your oneness with Almighty God.  And the very wrath of  that God is upon the fearful and the unbelieving who thereby lose their entrance into the kingdom of God because of their letting go of the fundamentals of the faith and trust in the divine-and-human relationship.

Faith in the divinity within the Persons of God is strengthening.  Faith in humans is disillusioning!  And you must not engage in it over and over again as your senseless idolatry meets with disappointment and disgust.  And the net result is that you walk away from the altar of God as though God had failed you, when in fact you have failed Him by trusting in things ephemeral and mortal!          
-Archeia Mary:  5-15-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles        
I say, do you not rejoice in Alpha and Omega, in the beings of the great cosmic councils who have conspired this day to deliver unto mankind this opportunity of victory through the hand of one who has long served the blessed Knight Commander, Saint Germain?  Precious hearts of light, by the very mention of his name you ought to stand in honor of this great soul who has delivered unto mankind the flame of mercy.  [Audience stands]  By his flame I am called forth, and many cosmic beings have come because Saint Germain has laid down his life, his causal body, his light momentum that you might receive the impartation of the Word.  Even the training of these Messengers is a dispensation of El Morya and Saint Germain that the Word might be continued, that mankind might have renewed opportunity from the hand of Portia and her cosmic flame of justice….

To have a friend at court, at the Court of the Sacred Fire, is greater by far than to have the popularity of the world and the mass consciousness.  I say, laugh at the consciousness and the mockery of popularity—here today and gone tomorrow.  Mankind is on a treadmill of pleasing the human consciousness.  Well, I tell you, you can never please the human consciousness, so you might as well cease your struggle and have the consciousness of victory over every aspect of the human.  Merge with the God-flame and as Morya says, “Let the chips fall where they may.”…

(Audience affirms with Mighty Victory:}  “In the name of Almighty God I will have my victory in this life.  I AM Victory, Victory, Victory!”

So be it.  That is the call that compels the answer.  My flame reinforces the fiat of your soul and is now a whirling golden fire, twining around your forcefield in the action of the braiding of light as the caduceus of Alpha and Omega.  So you stand in pillars of flaming victory.  So come the legions.  Now will you say, “In the name of the Christ I reinforce my victory by the legions of Victory?”  (Audience so affirms.)  So you have opened the door of consciousness; the legions step through and you stand in the electronic Presence of the golden ones with their golden helmets.  These are the hosts of light….I tell you, my legions are rubbing their palms with delight, ready to jump into the fray because you have ordained it by freewill.  Now see what these conquering heroes can perform through you as you walk the earth as victors of light….

I AM Victory!  I proclaim victory for you and all mankind!  Invictus, we are one!                -at Los Angeles on 3-27-1975 via Messenger of the Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet   

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