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To effect a faith in the invincible integrity of God one is to attune with it

    Blessed ones, faith stands as a shield, as an armor behind which the righteous and the unrighteous alike can afford themselves some measure of protection against mortal vulnerabilities….Let me say for the eternal record that an act of faith--as it was intended to be from the beginning--is an act of faith in the right use of the eternal principles of God; it in an act of faith in His manifest goodness, in His righteousness expressed, in the exaltation of all of His purposes into loveliness outpictured.  

The outer manifestation by any man or woman of a condition that is less than the total overcoming of a condition of pain, of sickness or of calamity does not necessarily indicate that such a one is forsaken of God; neither does it necessarily indicate because men are free of these conditions that they are in very deed ministers of righteousness.

Each man is truly judged according to his own work; the energies of his life are inscribed upon the pages of his own record revealing cause, effect, intent and motive of every thought, word and deed he has ever committed.  The mask of self-deceit does not then hide any man from the Eternal One, and only by great openness of motive, of intent to purity, to God-likeness can men escape from the nets and snares they do weave and have woven in the past.  Those who would first trick others must first be tricked by themselves.  Thus in this age of unfolding righteousness the hand of the Infinite One extends to His ministers and plenipotentiaries who bear on winged hand and heart a message of faith and love conveying absolute cosmic integrity.

To effect a faith in the invincible integrity of God one is to attune with it, to live according to that design is to manifest it, and thus does faith carry man to the portals of hope--but a hope that is not rooted in faith in God’s own integrity is no hope at all.  Moral dogmas are no substitute for the feeling of almighty Life that surges within the heart and declares that “The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof!” (Ps. 24:1) from one end of infinity to the other, from the beginning of each cycle unto the end thereof….

“Make straight the ways of the Lord” (Matt. 3:3), make straight paths for your feet, for many shall run in the hollowed contours of those paths, and in the wake of your own karmic walk you may yet leave footprints in the sands of eternal illumination for those who follow after eternal values.

        I AM faith in action, in the virtue of God’s mind within you!            
                                        Archangel Michael:                  Pearls of Wisdom 9:6
      The mystics of the world have often been scorned and scoffed at as have been the arbiters of science and alchemy--those who have sought to discover in the little known or understood phenomena the internal reaches of man’s being and the domain of his destiny.  As civilized man stands above savage minds so the luminosity of the teachings of the Christ, of the Buddha, of the high lords of the Incas, of the mysterious initiates of the past and present remain above men’s current devices to discern destiny, a shining star of hope to a world awaiting the dawn of a new age….

Cherish well then the need to rule your faith for the ends which each hour requires.  Project ahead the needs of the future for faith as you would plan wisely for supply, and learn to concentrate your faith upon the path of the near future.  Reins are also needed over the aspects of wisdom… The reins of love must also be bridled when dealing with both God and man…The command “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me” (Ex. 20:3) in higher manifestation reveals to the advanced disciple that the altar of God is the domain of the true Self where revelation and understanding go hand in hand into the kingdom of the Sun, and thus God is born individually upon the altar of the dawn within the golden flame of the Heart of cosmic Identity.

                     Graciously I AM          Meru        Pearls of Wisdom 9:7

Remember also the suddenness of the sowing of the seed of betrayal and the turning of a consciousness.  so also is the suddenness of the divine encounter and the conversion unto Christ.  Each one bespeaks that some thing, some very mighty thing has entered the world of the individual, something of the absolute order of things--absolute good or absolute Evil….Let it be so that on this Good Friday the victory of your love will see manifest where you are a multiplication by those fourteen stations 9of the cross) of the light in you by the light of Christ.

Blessed one, if the new lilies of sainthood do not appear each Eastertide then is the walk to Golgotha in vain.  He did it not for himself alone but for you, my child, and for you.  Therefore let your own life be the point of light that he will multiply.      
                                  -Archeia Mary:                4-1-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles (portrait by Ruth Hawkins)
Thus if souls will listen to me as I descend and will trust me and will come up that staircase (of chakras), great progress is made.  For in the Office of the Cosmic Virgin I do keep the flame, I do place my Electronic Presence around that soul as a swaddling garment of light in order that the soul may have the sensitivity and the development of the senses of the Spirit and of the chakras wherewith to perceive and to understand what it is that the Father or the son or the Holy Spirit will teach that soul.  Therefore when the teaching is concluded and the soul has enlightenment concerning her destiny and her karma and reason for being in this life it is as though the soul has been in the mountaintop experience, but the mountain is the point of Zion, of the mighty threefold flame and the Christ of the heart.  Then the soul must descend the stairway again, and I will accompany that one down the mountain, once again to the valleys and the plains.                                                                                             

                             -Archeia Mary:  12-24-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles   

chakras highly tuned

-Ruth Hawkins, Krishna and Arjuna, La Tourelle at Colorado Springs, gold plate of Romanov family

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