Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Shasta Valley photos; Greetings in the name of the Universal Spirit

-juniper berries
-shade, made in the


    Greetings in the name of the Universal Spirit, the harmony of perfection, the chord that unites and regenerates….All of the children of God are intended to abate the astral floodtide that would destroy a planet and an age.  All are intended to be inundated with the great cosmic faith that I AM, that I represent and that is also within themselves.  Implanted by God it requires only the key of recognition turned by right action and the initiation of discovery to be known by man….it is man’s own understanding that either opens or closes the door to the higher way of life.  Hence it is our responsibility to set the wheels in motion for the implementation of the open door policy, providing for a greater ingress and egress to the octaves of understanding to those dwelling in the corridor between the dark and the daylight….

Individuals in their outer sophistication often feel that they have discovered all there is to know about themselves—how wrong they are!…

Science is the handmaid of individual and planetary self-mastery, and faith is the open door to scientific discovery that no man can shut.  Faith is the bridge which the consciousness must build before it can traverse the abyss that separates the finite from the infinite.  Once crossed the bridge is no longer necessary and the arduous journey is forgotten in the joy of discovery and in the welcome of reality.  Therefore it is essential to give faith a chance, even if at first your motive be selfish; you need to open the door, you need to build the bridge.  You need to believe even if momentarily in order that you may become filled with grace and with the great cosmic potential of life that you really are….Let all understand then that true faith embraces the nature of Deity and that His nature unleashed within the being of man is a necessary part of the inner awakening of every soul….

I AM Michael and my purpose is to establish faith and goodwill among mankind.  There are many facets of the Law that stem from the divine root, and we are convinced that the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations (Rev. 22:2)….Faith is an activating force within the souls of men, it is a flame that may whirl as a giant deflector consuming the shabbiness of the mortal view or it may leap as lightning, breaking the rocks of opposition that are continually thrown in the disciples’ pathway….Let all understand that the spiritual potential of man is far greater than any phase of his present realization, that he is the repository of both time and eternity…Thus with this Pearl of Wisdom we reaffirm our faith in the virtue of the light of God that will never fail to establish itself in the souls of all who welcome and cherish it until all men are truly free.  Won’t you accept my spirit of God-victory through faith?  Won’t you give the hidden springs of your loveliness the opportunity and the power to manifest?  Won’t you be my faith in action?  I thank you.         
Archangel Michael
Pearls of Wisdom 13:47

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