Friday, June 9, 2017

The golden rule for the new age is one of inviolate tenderness which affords every part of life the just heartbeat of divine Opportunity.


Mounting world distress creates a sense of the desolate in men, especially in the more sensitive, and so as though they were upon hot desert sands athirst and without water they long for an oasis of peace or the journey’s end where the accouterments of civilization will once again assuage their thirst and bring them that release which they seek.

Now purity of concept is essential in both material and spiritual victory.  for if men were to obtain outward respect or stature by cruel or vapid means the karmic debt would exceed the recompense attained.  In spiritual matters it is impossible for men to acquire by wrong means, for the soul is always set back by the employment of wrong method.  It is most difficult, beloved ones, for the ascended masters to reach mankind when their own souls are unable to do so!…

Unquestionably each individual soul would act as self-teacher if its voice could be heard by the outer consciousness, if the sensitizing and purifying action would occur naturally or be encouraged enough so that it would understanding the message of the eternal mysteries imparted by the soul….

Every precious day I see/ As welcome opportunity/ To dwell in garden fair within/ Where God does triumph over sin/ And finds the way that leads me home/ And keeps me seated on the throne/ Of oneness with Thy purpose rare      
-Paul the Venetian                            Pearls of Wisdom 9:2
The admonishment “Physician, heal thyself!” would almost be satirical were it not for the fact that man can work changes of attitude and action right within his own world in order to appropriate for himself the glowing fervor of God’s own healing rays.

All may safely conclude that the great Physician--the Lord Christ, the Immaculate Concept of God, the Eternal Counsellor, the wonderful Prince of Peace, the Star of Hope--is the only Begotten Son of the Father, the light of Christ intelligence which sheds its beams across the pages of the ages right into the personal domain of every man and woman who can and will open the doorway to his own heart of Being and receive the light of the Infinite One through the inscribed Christ Arc  of the eternal Covenant.

Enigma may be observed in the divine manifestation but not in the divine intent.  It is indeed the Father’s good pleasure to give man the kingdom, for the allness of the eternal purpose is intended to be made known!  Much of the inherent mystery in self and cosmos is either protective or interlocked, and sometimes it manifests as a combination of both….The “interlocked” secrets of the universe resemble mighty historical and scientific works which are adroitly placed within the libraries of life.  It is true that some wisdom is needed to search them out, and thus they are interlocked within the fabric of time and space, available for the great adventure of discovery which is every man’s right.

Men ought not to be over concerned with those secrets of the universe which are under the protective custody of God and the heavenly hosts, but those who would demonstrate wisdom in her many facets ought to be able to devote some time to introspection and examination of their own motives so that they can clearly see those which are selfish and divest themselves of these hindrances to spiritual progress.  Strange as it may seem, selfish motivation acts to call a halt to progress at a certain point in the game of life; there is only one way to escape from such stultification and that is to remove the obstacle by removing selfish motivation from consciousness.  Without introspection individuals may often move on in the great stream of life and time, perpetuating their own errors and wandering in the wilderness of self-delusion and self-desolation….It is ever unfortunate when individuals become so short-sighted as to fail to recognize that they are the keepers of their own gate of progress….

The golden rule for the new age is one of inviolate tenderness which affords every part of life the just heartbeat of divine Opportunity.  No shallow-pan consciousness is the ascended masters’ realm….We stand with you in your resurgent desire never to capitulate but ever to conquer victoriously all that deters you from the full manifestation of the victorious law of your being, the Law of eternal Life.

For light, for power, for love--in freedom I stand!   Lovingly,    
Saint Germain                               Pearls of Wisdom 9:5

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