Thursday, June 29, 2017

that etheric octave is the living school of light and the Retreat of the Divine Mother

Dear hearts of living fire, the solar ring in this hour through our presence now is become yellow fire-rings surrounding cities and this place, this county and nation, and goes beyond this octave to ancient records.  Millions of rings of yellow fire now upon the earth are set in motion for the piercing of the veil and as an outer corona signifying that the Great Central Sun Magnet in all of the holiness of illumination’s flame pouring out of the Mind of God is truly focused in the heart of the earth.

And dancing around these rings are angels of light and also nature spirits.  And you may join them also.  For ring upon ring of light--this becomes circles of fire and the dance of Shiva:  Shiva as the Holy Spirit, Shiva as the purging and the judging light.
Thus these rings move.   And each turning then of life within this wheel of the Law does consecrate space and time, collapsing the evil that has ensconced itself therein.  For evil is an energy veil, and when time and space collapse so evil itself must collapse together with illusion.  This may take place first in the mind and the heart of the devotee, beloved ones, then in the hearts of many as nature and the four lower bodies of the earth become purified, as the ether itself penetrates the four elements and as the five secret rays once again have expression….

Contemplate thy reason for being.  Do not respond to me from an outer anxiety or even an outer or mental rigidity.  Do not respond from the human level of desperation or of fear or doubt or even of guilt.  Put all these things aside, beloved ones.  These are not suitable responses to an archangel’s call.

The call from my heart is to your heart and to your soul.  I have infinite patience; I am long-suffering and peaceful.  I desire you to come to the light only when you are ready not only for the light but for the persecution that its bearers must indeed bear.  Therefore, beloved ones, though cycles turn swiftly, the world karma is oncoming and very impatient.  I am patient, and you must also be patient with yourselves.               -Archangel Jophiel:  2-15-1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles
First and foremost the Inner Retreat is an etheric retreat…  And thus there has been some confusion as to just where the Inner Retreat is located at the Royal Teton Ranch.  Some have the idea it is here or there or only in the “Heart” or perhaps it is the entire Ranch.  Beloved ones, the Royal Teton Ranch is the physical focus of the true Inner Retreat, which is the etheric octave.  And that etheric octave is the living school of light and the Retreat of the Divine Mother.
Therefore those who would enter the [physical] “Heart” of the Inner Retreat must also understand the rites of passage into the etheric octave.  Believe me, beloved, it is necessary to follow the legions of Victory that you might pass through physical molecules and understand what being truly is in the Heart of that Inner Retreat--in the very heart of the etheric plane.  Therefore when the right hand of Maitreya is raised there is the turning back of those who may not come into the etheric octave, for they have not woven the wedding garment.

-Mighty Victory:  7-20-1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles

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