Thursday, June 8, 2017

the coil of energy is the scroll of Life, a golden scroll

There is a shortcut to God; it is surrender.  There is a shortcut to immortality; it is the death of the ego.  There is a way to purity; it is bathing in Mother Ganges.  Let the flow of Mother now be unto you purification for a purpose....

Beloved ones, I speak to you of an altered state of awareness whereby you enter into a flow where there is no longer resistance to the God I know.  For the God I know is the God that I AM and that God in you is ready to absorb, to assimilate and to become yourself.  See then there is a step-by-step process of salvation as the process is a coil of energy.  And the coil is the scroll of Life, a golden scroll upon which is written the sacred alchemical formula of Being in order that day by day you may pass through the process.  We call the process ritual.  Ritual is the walking of the path, the assimilation of the sacred fire with the burn, without the pain of the burn....

I am Lanto, I come to show you that the goal of life is sacred Self, that there is no struggle to become that Self but the stepping out of the uniform of humanism, the stepping out of the masquerade of the carnal mind.  All that is not yourself cannot bind you unless you give it the power to bind you.  Walk away from the old habits, the old patterns, the old man, the old associations.  Stand in the center of the whitefire core of your being.  Command that that circumstance that surrounds you now submit to the great God-flame within your heart; command by the authority of Almighty God and be free.

Do not submit to darkness but submit in humility to the light of God that affords every trial, every tribulation.  Be the obedient servant of the Law but not of the demons who would mock your humility and call you servile in that fear which is only the fear of the demons because they have not the salvation of God....Let the little mechanisms of the subconscious mind that have been instituted to protect a weak consciousness from reality now be set aside in part.  I call it forth for the lightbearers of this band across the earth.  I call it forth that you might see the debt to Life you owe, that you might command life and be free, that you might invoke the sacred fire and know that day by day you are transmuting the causes and cores of those conditions which heretofore you have denied....

Energy is God.  Every erg of energy that has passed through the nexus of your consciousness through thousands and thousands of years of incarnation must now be passed through the flame of the sacred fire, be stripped of the outer coating of human consciousness and sent back into your causal body of life.  This is the real challenge of life on earth--not creature comforts, not the attributing of success to those who have become adept at the manipulation of matter.          
-Lanto:  11-13-1977 at San Francisco via Messenger E C Prophet

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