Friday, June 2, 2017

a certain amount of pain has been necessary to wean you from the temporary pleasures of the world

There are some things that are to be endured in the earth and there are some things that cannot be tolerated, nor by God nor by His sons and daughters.  Therefore I am grateful that you are in the earth this hour; I have placed you here, beloved, but that which I could never do is to force your freewill or your hand to become devotees and disciples of Alpha and Omega in this life.  
You were surely God-taught.  You were surely received before Our altars in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.  You were shown the possibilities and the karmas and the pitfalls and your weaknesses and your strengths and the actions of past lives that did take you apart from the way, the straight and narrow way, and how you would confront them again--you would be tested, you would be initiated.

Now then the angel of the Keeper of the Scrolls stands before you, and in a moment and in a flash you can already review this life and see how you came upon, or I should say, how there came upon you fallen angels, cunning.  And the they have provided their drugs and all manner of illusory experiences, drawing you into the byways of the misuse of the light of your seven chakras.  That which they most desired to pervert in you, beloved, was and is the chakra of the Divine Mother, for it is the fount of life on earth and the fount of eternal Life that rises from the base-of-the-spine chakra to the crown and is activated and crystalized and sealed by the descending light of your I AM Presence.

Because therefore you call to your Mighty I AM Presence daily and hourly, and some of you even awaken realizing you have been making the call in your dreams--beloved ones, because of this we have not stressed to you Kundalini yoga.  For you are accomplishing the goal by the merging of the light of the descending action of your Mighty I AM Presence and the rising action of the Omega-flame within you.  And by the force of the descent of the Alpha-flame in you the Alpha-flame does magnetize and draw up the Omega, and therefore you find that there is a regulating and there is a balancing, there is a strengthening of the chakras.  And if you will follow the diet of the Messenger, of the Eastern adepts, beloved ones, you will know the strengthening of the corresponding organs and you will know that I, Alpha, with Omega will place more and more of Our flame in each part of the body and especially those parts that have the greatest strength.  Therefore know your strengths always, beloved.  They are a chalice for Our coming.

And I speak not only of physical strengths but of character strengths--the strengths of the mind, the will and the heart.  And also know your weaknesses and determine what is your greatest weakness, beloved; then go after it and remember that it will also be related to the weakest of your organs.  Thus you must bring up the whole manifestation of the four lower bodies.  This We seek--each one must become his own pyramid of Life.  Each one must raise up that coil of the ascension flame depicted in the book of Djwal Kul.

Yes, beloved, come now and understand where you have faced the fallen ones and where they outdid you because your teachers were not in embodiment and at your side from your earliest birth and from your childhood.  And then again when you have had teachers you have chosen to ignore them at a certain stage of your life and you would learn your lessons by experimentation and experience. Beloved ones, it is understandable that there are some things that just be learned by experience—otherwise We should all be placed in a box.  We should place you in a box and open it up when you are twenty-one years old!  Well, beloved, that experiment of Skinner never did work, never would work, but the fallen ones attempted it as one more means to drive the children of the light crazy.  Yes, beloved ones; therefore I tell you, you have chosen the world to be your guru.  And I ask you, how many here this day are through with have the world as your guru?  (“I am!”)

Well, it is a wise choice, beloved ones, for you have seen the world long enough and in long embodiments.  But even in this one a certain amount of pain has been necessary to wean you from the temporary pleasures of the world.   And of course you have had to be weaned from placing your trust in other individuals who would suddenly abandon you, taking with them the members of your family, your children, your belongings, and never be seen again!  And you in dismay have said, “How can this be?”  Well, it is because you have trusted in the flesh and you have not first trusted in God.  Had you trusted in God, beloved ones, things might have turned out better; and that is the lesson you should have learned.
There are some karmas that you must balance personally and that cannot be balanced in any other way.  If you come upon such a karma, go for it, drive into it.  Use your mighty sword!  Be diligent, give it your all!  If necessary lay down your life and take it again.  Give all of your strength each day.  Be restrengthened in the night and go for it again and again until you hear the mighty holy angel of God:  “Blessed one, you have accomplished this karma; it is fulfilled; it is concluded.  You may now step and move on with your life, it it is your choice.”  So, beloved, We recruit you where you are and We say, if you truly desire to receive the training of the Gurus of Maitreya’s Mystery School We shall give it to you as never before.  You must understand that neither the masters nor the Messenger shall interfere with your life one iota unless you request it, unless you implore Us and determine that you would like the direct contact and the direct disciplining and the direct love whereby you can be quickly delivered of certain elements of your lifestream that perhaps you are not even aware of yourself.  Therefore, beloved, if you would address your letters in writing in the physical octave to Me and to My beloved Omega and to the Messenger, stating what level of chelaship you would desire twherever you might live on earth....

Beloved ones, I address you now on matters of global concern, matters that must be dealt with by the Hierarchy of Light and by yourselves.  Your success in dealing with these matters does depend on the Guru-chela relationship that you keep.                   -Alpha:  7-1-1992 at RTR, Montana                 

and Egypt, 1972

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