Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The spoken Word is death unto the demons of pride and ambition

Shasta sunset

The reason that the spoken Word of God spoken by the Son of God within you is so viciously and so violently opposed by the fallen ones is that they have known from the beginning of their descent that all that they have created as a perversion of God has manifest through the perversion of the Word of the Son.

They have known from the beginning that when the sons of God, the Christs of God would once more walk the earth knowing who I AM and who I AM THAT I AM that they would intone the Word, that the real and living sacred fire would proceed out of their mouth as out of the mouth of God and that all things would be restored to cosmic reality by that spoken Word.  Now they know that that Word is being released even in these latter days by the Keepers of the Flame who are the ongoing disciples of the Christ and the oncoming armies of The Faithful and True.  Yes, my beloved, your dynamic decrees are the vibration of the One Sent, the messenger of God who is the Person of your own Christ Self represented by our embodied Messenger.  That vibration is the Word that neutralizes all programming and deprogramming of the fallen ones, all negative projections of outer and inner space, all currents of manipulation and mechanization whatever their source, known or unknown.  The spoken Word is death unto the demons of pride and ambition, of the cult of death and the false crucifixion.

The dynamic decrees dictated to the Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet by the ascended masters  are the greatest gift of the entire Holy Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, for they are the means to implement world salvation         
            -Archangel Gabriel:   Mysteries of the Holy Grail, 1984, p. 268      (Gabriel with Mohammed, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978

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